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@39HATFDXLY said:
dunno, never seen a mask from either and EM is basically the same as HM i think, just that he does the DPS check barrier less often in EM and has a timer instead

Iirc EM also has the reversed mechanic

I wonder the whole problem tho, i'll explain why:

I'm currently working in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, in the work zone we are in a modified shipping container that we use as an office waiting for instructions, so in that dead time i use the wifi there to play, and i get the problem we've been talking about, insane ping and disconnection, but when the shift is over and we go down to our cabins i use my mobile net to connect to Tera and boi... it works, a bit laggy cuz mobile internet but i can play, like [filtered] but i can, so what could be the problem here?

I mean, you could say "it's your ISP", but i was playing perfectly before the last week's maintenance and it went to hell after that, so i doubt my ISP changed something in such perfect timing with the maintenance, is it something on the receiving end of EME servers? who knows, but it's weird af
It's weird, everything was working good but after maintenance it all became like this, it can't be a coincidence, plus i remember this happened few year ago, but in a much larger scale, i even recorded a video of that time and now something similar is happening, something is wrong, and i'd say is not on our side, because nothing on our pcs or ISP changed

did you get any solution yet? @TakeMe1212
there's no such thing, unless u go 999 crit factor which is ridiculous, for starters there are too many stuff that comes into play when it comes to crit, party composition, priest or mystic, general setup like glyphs, crystals, rolls and a long etc. and since not all skills have a crit factor modifier is hard to make an assumption of how much would be enough, but if ur goal is to crit 100% of the time leaving aside optimal damage, just build as much crit as you can on every single source you can get it from
same is happening to me, i tested internet connection with other games or programs and it's fine, so the problem is Tera, did you download the new launcher? yesterday i played just fine, and today i downloaded new launcher and it started like that, unplayable ping and after a minute or so instant disconnection
Can't find the low and medium merchant in Velika, Master Supply is still there, were they removed?
Go with Slayer, is probably the most fun class to start in Tera, and the damage isn't really bad, is just that other classes are too broken lol
Karouselle wrote: »
She is beauty she is grace she'll slash monsters across the face.

It seems that she does it with her own face though...
This is a question for @Noesis and @Spacecats

Since we won't have RM addresed on this weekend event, do you have any information if we're going to have this later?

I mean, will we have triple drop exclusively for RMHM once the bug is fixed, or we will lose this chance completely?
4EXT7MPAYE wrote: »
AkariReap wrote: »
Pros: Beatiful game, excelent gameplay

Cons: Bad optimization, Producer and Publisher think with their [filtered], Massive Grindfest, Massive RNGfest, no Elin Valkyrie

Thank you for sharing!

Anything else you'd like to add?
When you say "Massive RNGfest", what exactly you mean?

Thank you again! :)

RNG means random number generator, basically something that is randomized so you have a chance to it, in Tera if you want to enchant your gear you're attached to RNG, if you're lucky you will enchant it quickly, if you're not it will take lots of time and effort and will dry your money, most of the good costumes/accesories or even innerwears come from RNG boxes, you have to open them and if you're lucky you'll get what you want in the first box, if you're not you'll open 100 and dont get anything
don't use the spacebar, as a reaper this is my bible, with any class, learn the combos and press the skill directly, do not use spacebar
Actually i agree with OP, im one of those non cheating players, i have around 70 clears on RMHM and im not the best yet not the worse, sadly bcuz of my bad RNG i could only get enough hankies for weapon, during double drop i was able to get a few more and have enough for my valkyrie weapon

now i was really expecting this event to be able to farm as many mats as i could, i was getting ready to make the most of this event considering i'll only have half saturday and sunday free bcuz of work, but i'll end up with nothing because of people who cheat

and those who defend the no triple drop RMHM, you're probably either alrdy full ambush or just don't care about it, maybe you're one of those cheaters who got [filtered] ton of mats and you don't care if the rest gets something or not, if you alrdy have your full ambush then just step aside and don't say anything instead of being a bit ch attacking those who play fair and are losing their chances here, if you don't care about ambush do the same

the smartest move EME could do here is just delay the event 1 week, wait until the bug is fixed and then include it on the drops
Pros: Beatiful game, excelent gameplay

Cons: Bad optimization, Producer and Publisher think with their [filtered], Massive Grindfest, Massive RNGfest, no Elin Valkyrie
I play Archer with 250ms. You Archer play with 50ms. Yo do more dps only because you can use Rapid Fire. I cant use that [filtered] because the animation suck like a auto attack.
With Injecting i can use RF and can compete against USA players.
So.. Stop with "Pls fix injecting", many people with ultra high ping can play like a USA player and now many people cry because EU-BR-Latin-ETC ETC players can do same DPS than USA Players.

Be Happy.

I never knew this was possible, I'd like to get an answer from EME as well, if they allow this as a "handicap adjustment tool" instead of a "unfair advantage tool" i might investigate about this and use it, i play with 200+ ms as well, and in a game like Tera 150ms makes a huge difference
Aetona wrote: »
> @9LWPWJK9D9 said:
> staffs of eme please stop creating multiple account to try and make yourself look better, thank you.

Why would they do that?????

Because they can't think for 2 seconds to realize that you won't [filtered] people (or at leats [filtered] way less) by delaying the event 1 week and explaining that you're doing that in order to have RMHM included into the triple drop instead of removing it from the event.

Like many people said, x3 drop this weekend, the only dungeon worth running during this is not affected, and there's no reward bonus (people with high tier lose their enchant bonus so the enchant event is worth nothing)

Everything EME does right they screw it a day later, any step they take is another reason to ask yourself why keep playing
The problem is that is not a title for the most hardcore players, is for players that have no responsibilities

I'm a hardcore player, I leveled ninja the first day, gathered a group of 5 and we rushed duns, some had to go and in the end only 2 of the starting 5 reached 65, it was a long 16hr ride

And I'd do it again for Valkyrie, but I can't because I have work on tuesday/wednesday, I don't have the time to do the grind even if I really want to, and some ppl can''t just take a day offor from their work

So a title for the most hardcore players? Nah, ia just a title for thosethe who haveis nothing to do on 11th
The people here seems to misunderstand the problem behind this

There's only one thing that we should have in mind: "if you're going to gift something, don't gift a piece of [filtered]"

As an example, you just started in your new job, and they give a small amount of money as a gift for xmas, 100 bucks, you started working on Dec 1st, so since you have been working for just a few days they give you 5 bucks instead, there's 2 ways to react at this... the first one is "oh nice, I got 5 bucks even thought they were giving 100" or the most common one, that you'll feel that they're kinda laughing at your face.

If you see a homeless person in the street is better to not give him anything than give him a piece of bread which has your saliva and you accidentaly dropped it into the floor.

If you're going to gift something, make sure is not [filtered], because you're going to annoy more ppl than the amount of people that is going to thank you, better dont gift anything.
I'm not quite consistent since i don't have a static party, but i can hold myself over 1m/s, there's ofc many situational stuff that can increase/decrease (if healers die and no ES/Auras or if i die, etc.)

also i play with 180+ ping so i can't quite use reaper at its best
Sup people,

Anyone knows what's the crit cap for reaper? mainly for sundering strike, i have +286 crit factor on my reaper and even with mystic reaching a crit factor of around 350 i've found myself having 70~80% crit on sundering (and most of those crits are ofc during reaping + brooch), which i think is too low for such high crit factor

btw when i'm running with mystic i don't use carving niveot, because nobody should need it, but the lack of crit even in that situation is just awful
Ginjitsu wrote: »
PastelGoth wrote: »
I don't mind having the 72 hour title... but the cutting edge title makes everyone silly. I'm glad they were gone... the Ninja titles were cute though.

Cutting-Edge and newbies titles are best of both worlds, it gives dedicated players and newbies something to work for!

Dedicated players? you mean p2w power leveled players.
I guess it's a mix, many people complained about the rewards being bad, and i think they're right, everything was obtainable in the past mongo event, so people has alk and feed in stock, the mount is not good and is pretty common (tier 4 rewards emporium has it), also doesn't fly...

and another thing is that the chance is awfully low, i've seen barely 3 people getting jackpots, and i was on for several hours since the event started. I opened around 150 keys too, got a Rainbow Mount from a strongbox but no jackpots, which makes me think EME set the rate incredibly low because they consider 2k feed/alka a jackpot too good

remember some of the past strongbox events, we had one with chance for 5 smart dyads, alkas and feed, etc. and not with a chance this low, ofc events are appreciated, but this one is a fail
Because 20 crit innerwears and x2 crit dragons are not p2w...
I want to ask about this

As most of the people know UHFTT was introduced during the old BAM-killing event, and has been activated a few times after that, however there's a major difference between it's first appearance and the next ones, and is that it doesn't work inside dungeons

The first UHFTT worked everywhere except BGs (iirc), so it was really fun to do some dungeons with that buff and some people even got a boost from it to clear dungeons they hadn't before (ABHM in that time), unlike now that it only works in open world

Why it became like this? for me UHFTT outside dungeons is pointless, there's no fun to kill anything with the buff since everything can be easily killed already, pvp is broken with it and those BAM spam event even if they're good it becomes a lag fest and you can't really enjoy the UHFTT itself, for example the WH server has UHFTT, and since it has special drops on dungeons the IM is restricted to WH server, that being the case why not allow the buff on dungeons as well? that'd make it actually a bit more interesting, because if you want people to test something in your test server first you have to make people interested on doing it

Give us back UHFTT inside dungeons
metagame wrote: »
last week there was a cs+fwc jackpot on friday during the stream with a special prize pool

this week eme is at pax and there won't even be someone managing a proper weekly stream around

Thx for the info
Quoting from Noesis notes:

"Also coming up in the near future is the v53 content update. A lot of people have been calling this the “slayer update,” and while there are some balance changes and tweaks, they’re not as large-scale as those for warriors, archers, and sorcerers. But there’s still some great stuff coming your way next month, including some special weekend events, and the opportunity to reserve a character name for our next big update and TERA’s next playable character class! Reserving a name in advance will grant you a variety of rewards when v54 arrives, including a free character slot and various other benefits I’ll go into as we get closer to the event."

I'd like to point this: "But there’s still some great stuff coming your way next month, including some special weekend events"

it's already the second weekend on march and the only thing we've had is small discounts on EMP items, with a new class about to be released where are the usual drop events, or a strongbox event that we haven't seen in so long

now, before you begin with the comments "let the people use what they got from the Kyra's event, the economy and bla bla..." remember that not everyone had the time to brainless farm kyras all day, not everyone had luck with the RNG on the event and not everyone has endless money to buy from other people the stuff that they got from the same event

I'm just asking where are those events, because a 25% discount on EMP items is not an event
I heard that location became random as well, is not the old bleakrock->tria->bleackrock (if that was the order i never knew it) but is random now, is that true?
Hello guys, i'm looking for an old video of a bug on RMHM where the souls wouldn't dissappear after lachelith reset and in the end she kills herself, can't find it on youtube
Sirekappa wrote: »
Yes good idea, lets destroy the broker to the maximum possible extent because kyra just wasn't enough. No but really, tone down on jackpot events and make an event that only provides untradeable items (NOT VM MATS, adding those would be literally mocking people who farmed their materials for ambush gear.).

You mean the alts of all those ambush guilds that farm rally?

BTW +1 on strongbox event, it's been a while since the last one, and i have lot of keys sitting there too
Hello people,

I've played Tera always with the same launcher, on a folder called "HappyCloud" (RIP me), now i read that is not going to work anymore, so i'm going to download the game again, the problem is that i don't know if EME already replaced the basic "download" button for a non happycloud one, which one of the options should i download? i don't like steam so torrent or direct download are my choices, are these two no happycloud?

thanks in advance
How can you say no to this?

the achievement for the 2 green lights in MCata is so [filtered] hard to trigger...
Please EME; hear ur own community, we need alks in this event too
Feii wrote: »
Lol the leveling was just one comment I made.
I still don't understand how you can argue ninjas not being OP.

Look at ninjas in terms of PvP, yes they're a cloth class but their mobility makes up for it. Not to mention, as I said before, their very low cooldowns. I have only played a warr to lv 20, but you can't compare a warrior's jump skill that uses resolve to the ninjas shadow jump which has a 5 sec cooldown (that can be even lower with rolls). There are similarities between some of their skills but there is a reason that warriors are closer to lower tier damage and ninjas are at the top next to brawlers.

They're a new class and their damage output is high, along with low CDs and many CC skills, and mobility. There's a reason why people are saying their OP, it's not just 'hype'.

Brawlers were WAY op than ninjas, even now

When Brawlers came out in any DPS meter u used the brawler didn't have less than 40% of the total damage dealt to the boss (unless it was a crap brawler vs good dps)

the amount of stagger and kd is beyond stupid (in fwc if u got caught by ground pound u were 70% dead), 50% heal every min, anti-death passive, 3sec stun (which if used into the air u cant reliatate for 3 seconds), and a stupid left click + right click animation that u could get away from anything easily

Brawlers were pretty much "u will die before touch the ground again"

And even after nerf (just before DS2 was removed) brawlers still with all the nerfs had at least 30% of the total damage dealt to the boss, BY THE TANK

Ninjas in the other hand have high damage, but is damage at high cost, not only for their squishyness, but also because it requires skill, many old-[filtered] lovers will say warrior requires more skill (even being the class with more iframes in game), yeah maybe, but that doesn't make the ninja an easy class to play

so yeah, like you say, Ninjas are OP, but not as OP as the other classes were when they were released
herni wrote: »
The problem is that every charge should hit 3 times, and the last one is the big crit

Im just hitting 2 times per charge so im missing a HUGE amount of dmg

do you have video where we can see that? i usually don't pay much attention, but im pretty sure i hit 2 times per charge, but sometimes even with chi bar full the third charge doesn't proc becuse "insufficent chi", i thought that was the problem u were talking about, but if u say that there should be 3 hits per charge then something is working wrong

there wasnt? LOL and here i was killing myself because i overslept and coudln't log in at time to find some wb xD
Well, Enmasse hasn't changed server's hamsters since 2013 so that might be the problem

there, not sure about the respawn time tho, i got after maintenance (good luck if you're in a pvp server)

also like Ricecubes said, use google, there are a lot of guides about world bosses (most of them are not perfectly accurate but useful enough)
I could enchant by banking the weapon and trying with a different char, still is pretty annoying
Can anyone tell me which are the current events?

I can see XP event (obvious), but i see can a Battleground Jackpot Event, and a flat "Event is Active" too

anyone knows on what consist the last 2?
I'm trying to enchant my weapon, is already awakened but when i try to enchant it i can't do it.


that is what happens, of course i have feedstock tier 9 and all 3 types of alkahest in my inventory
I feel that #4 place should be shared between reaper and slayer, slayers have a [filtered] ton of dmg
My Reaper

My Priest

I have more cute chars but those are the only two i have pics off
There are too many good places to visit in Tera, about music i'm in love with Yana's fight song
Reading the XP event that is going to take place from tomorrow until 6/6 something came to my mind

Usually we get an event like this before a new class is released, but not too long ago i saw a post about the issues that some achievements for the new class have, specifically the "First Ninja to Reach X Level on the Server"

In order to prevent any advantage from any source EME said that all XP modifiers should be unusable with ninja release (Buddy UP, Level 60 Scroll, they were even trying to do something about Elite 100% Boost) this to prevent any handicap between players

Now, in the Secrets and Shadows page you can clearly read "Coming in May 2016" so i hope a staff member can clarify this

Is Ninja release date going to be delayed?
Or maybe this XP event will be interrupted before June?
Or this event is programmed so it won't affect Ninjas?

srry for my bad english
Aetona on 04/07/2016, 09:39 AM - view
1 emp = 1 reward point, 10 emp = 1 reward credit. I don't know how many points you need to go from t9 to t10.

So 150 emp for a loot box is 150 reward points and 15 reward credits.

you need 750k points to go from T9 to T10, more than 6 grands...
Kwarlakggo on 04/05/2016, 11:21 PM - view
660 points per day.

660 x 18 chars = 11880 points per day.

1.5m / 11880 = 126 days

126 days needed if you start from zero and have 18 chars with good gear to run dungeons.
If you have 1 char only: 1.5m / 660 = 2272 days = 6 years?

Ha ha ha.

yeah specially considering you can have only 16 characters per server, also 1 FIHM in the best case takes 30min, and CS 15min (which is very unlikely) and let's add 10min for queue/lfg and 5 min to rest

you need 3 hours to complete 3 of each in 1 char, which means that doing it with 16 chars is physically impossible in this dimension

in the best case if you do it with 5 chars playing 15 hours a day (the 0.1% of the population maybe) you still need more than a year to go from T0 to T10

there's no other word to describe this system than stupid, oh, maybe there is one, RETARDED.
My only question is why you're not working in enmasse :C
saving just in case this is removed
I just want to say that's stupid that we need 1.5m points to go from tier 0 to 10, considering lvl 65 players have a cap of 660 points daily (due vanguard limit) that means we will need 2272 days to reach it, that's 6 years...

even if you short it by alts it's still a stupidly high amount of time
-Tier 2-
Strongbox Key x5 --- 450p

-Tier 4-
100% Rep Boost (7day) --- 895 p
Dyeable Steampunk Costume --- 2995p

-Tier 6-
Blessed Enigmatic Scroll Case x5 --- 1995p
Special Emote Kitchen Dance --- 1495p

Golden Dragon Helmet --- 25000p
Riding Skill: Super Sport Racer --- 4995p
just to clarify, each points requirement indicated there is a total? i mean, is basically 750k from tier 1 to 10? or it resets everytime you tier up?
from tier 8 to 9 is 300k
Sateva on 04/05/2016, 03:46 PM - view
Where does it tell you how to increase your Teir?

I don't think it calculated properly...

I've had elite status for a total of 2.5 years.
I have 13 level 65 characters.
I've been playing for 3 years.
I've also bought at least nearly 1k US worth of EMP in that time.

How the heck am I only T6?

same, i have 8 chars lvl 65, elite for around 24 months (some wre not continuous), and i've spent thousands (yes, thousands) on the game, i have only 129k points, that's no way correct
Ginjitsu on 04/05/2016, 01:15 PM - view
Tier 10 is not meant to be obtained in a day.

is not meant to be obtained in a year either
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You're mistaking the concept of RNG and there's where EME is tricking ppl to make them pass through this awakening torture

You have 100 numbers, and if you get any multiplier of 5 the enchant will success, that's RNG because the result will be random, but you have 20/100 chances of success

Now what if you have the same 100 numbers, but only if you get the number 22 the enchant will success, it's still RNG, but you chance of success will be only 1/100

In both cases you call it "RNG" but is obvious which one is a disadvantage, a completely "random" event doesn't exist, there's always a probability, and in awakening system case the probability is so low that is not a fair system.

This system is plain broken, i spent 2m gold enchanting my SF weapon to +15, considering price of Feed and MWA per try in my server i did around 200 attemps, a system like that if it's not improved it should be removed, because you're just hurting your own community
Enmasse, i don't know what are you waiting to start fixing this problem, there are already 2 topics (this is the 3rd one) about this issue and in facebook groups many people is talking about this issue

even the website is and forums are working really bad, and it's not the first time something like this happens

and here's a video so you can see how bad the problem is

Horrible Lag
The SAO game will be just like Microsoft Hololens, because with our technology is impossible to simulate the VR from SAO, in SAO the NervGear disconnect your brain from your body, so if you jump or kick in the game your body won't do the same in real life, and that's really dangerous, because a small mistake could lead into a no-return of your connection between brain and body, and that means a vegetative state, we're still far away of this technology

on the other hand i really would like to play a Touhou game in that Microsoft Hololens, my family will think i have an epilepsy attack
Hello people,

I live in South America so the ping problem was always present, high traffics hour was unplayable but improved with the time. When i switched from Lap to desktop PC my ping was always between 170-200, sometimes 160 when it was really good, sometimes 230 when it was bad, but since Brawler's patch it skyrocketed, now i never go down 200, right now i was playing and while a friend not too far from me had 160-190 i was in 270-360

I've tried different methods like WTFast etc, my internet provider says everything is okay, and ping should be now better than before considering the people who migrated

what can it be?
Actually i'm happy with this, because thanks to how easy is to gear up with decent gear, MWing, enchanting, etc. i'm able to use alts that i haven't used for more than a year because i didn't have the time to farm gear for them

done, delete please
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This GIF will never get old

It's a strategy, in CS you can win by time, this means that if you deal more/less damage to the anchorstone in a certain time the match ends

for example, if your enemy breaks the anchor stone in 8 minutes your team must destroy it in less time, because even if you destroy everything (outer gate 2min, mid 3min, inner gate 3 min) plus the 7min at the start, with those 15 minutes you will still lose at 8 minutes cause the enemy destroyed it in less time

When you see the "let them take mid" during defense is because your team's defense is pretty solid, and after 5 or more min the enemy hasn't been able to make a good progress (mid not taken, inner gate with a lot of HP, anchorstone with a bit of damage, etc)

in that case is a good idea to let the enemy have mid cause that means that they will gain 3 minutes, and considering how good your team is defending you will be able to hold them until time runs out

since the enemy wasn't able to destroy the anchor stone in 10 minutes, that means you will have 10 minutes to deal more dmg to the anchor than your enemy if you want to win

is basically get more time for your attack turn
Hello community,

As a reaper that started heavily hunting achievements i ran into a problem that reapers have to deal with when doing low lvl dungeon achievements and which other classes don't have, i'm talking about achievements for dungeons like BoL, SM, CR, etc. which says that you must hit X times a monster from behind, crit X times or KD X times.

For reapers the worst weapon is the starting one (and old reapers who started during WH patch probably don't have), a lvl 50 weapon that OHKO everything under lvl 40 (?), so for doing something like "hit 30 times X boss from behind" in BoL we have to hit, reset and then wait for the cd to end to try it again, which other classes can just use a lvl 1 weapon and do it in 1 shot

I haven't tested the KD achievements, so i don't know if the kd counts if you OHKO the boss, if doesn't work then there are some achievements that are impossible to get as reaper, that's why we need a lvl 1 weapon just for this, cause 30 runs of BoL for a reaper takes more than an hour and for other classes they'd just need 1 run

Always yours, a reaper who is tired of running and reseting tirelessly.
Are you relatively new?

because if you're not new you should know what happens every double drop weekend...
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