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Hello, @Tonii! My name is Xeryllia. Thank you so much for opening this Thread. I think we really need this. ^_^;

There's currently a general Elin Valkyrie Thread open right now with a Council Member, @counterpoint, (who I'm tagging so he can hopefully see and/or use our screenshots for further evidence), taking some of our concerns into consideration. This is a great concern of mine, too.

Because of this glitch, I was forced to choose another face after 7 years; of the twelve Face Types available to us, only Types 1 and 11 work perfectly. You and I share Face 9, which is one of the remaining ten that certainly do not.

(With Low Performance Dimming to minimize lighting distraction, here is how I would normally appear:)



(Just as you've demonstrated, this is what happens to us during Combat Mode:)





Because two Types actually do work, it mustn't be intentional, and it mustn't be ignored. In essence, they've given us a physically broken Class, albeit only from a circumstantial, situational place. It is, however, still important.

Compared to past arrivals, in the case of Reaper and Ninja, where our faces were altered for Class uniqueness, they were... uniform? All Face Types were affected, and vastly more acceptable than this, to say the least. Here, the majority of Face Types are contorted in unnatural ways, and to address your concern, (and mine, to an extent), if commercialism is the initial driving force behind the release, we should at least be provided with a Class that works completely, especially since they do intend to have us spend on it. But, spending on a cosmetic mask, hiding behind a Guardian/Onset Mask so we're unseen or to circumvent the glitch is not acceptable, and neither is having to spend on an Appearance Change Voucher. (Though, I already have one in case this is resolved. I desperately wish to go back to my original face. >.<)

At this time, we appear to be stuck with this glitch. I'm still hoping that this will be addressed and fixed for us; currently, we haven't heard back on how that's progressing. It's likely that there haven't been any meetings yet, so I suppose patience is in order.

Thank you again for helping to further push for a resolution! ^_^

colored sketch for Morrigancy!

colored sketch for Carn


whenever my elin goes into combat her face bugs out and its very ugly. I dont know if this was intentional but is there a fix for this? without spending money

You just need the flightsuit and the little book. Nothing more, nothing less.

Im having the same issue :( did u ever get it figured out Bojak?

@Xyrille said:
I tried it also in the EME launcher and it still the same, should I use IP changer to play the game?

If you're playing from a supported region, you could try it, but I would still send in a support ticket too so they can figure out why your IP is blocked.

bumpu!! commissions are open again <3

Main Story Quests Reorganization (Levels 11–64)
Main Story Quest Reorganization
We reorganized main story quests between levels 11–64.
We modified the recommended level to ease level congestion situation and re-organizing mission quests’ story groups.
We improved some quests, and added new mission quests to link the stories.
Recommended level for Argon-related quests which were in the “Argon War” and “Fire for Effect” story groups:
New Story Group Quest Name Before After
Apparition of the False Lok Cleansing Tirkai 59 35
The Vanguard Initiative Confident Support 59 60
Fraya's Fury Building a Mysterium 59 47
Hope and Anguish The Three Towers 59 57
Sole Survivor 59 57
Argon War Fire for Effect 60 64
The Goddess of War 60 64
Into the Heart of Darkness 60 64
Cyasma Spire 60 64
Finding the Flame 60 64
An End to War 60 64
Quest Progress Log

If a player has one of these quests, the quest log information for it will be automatically adjusted to the new information.
This will also reset the final quest of the story group.
*Any quests related to the final quest will be cleared automatically when the final quest resets.
*Note that some quests will not be automatically cleared, because completing them also completes a feat. Players should check their quest logs to see which of their quests are still active.
Story Quest Rewards Change

We improved the XP and rewards of story quests.

You can receive finished equipment as a reward when completing story quests.
You can also receive uncommon or rare glyphs as rewards.
The level 23 quest “For Valor Above and Beyond” now has “Flying Skill: Tulpar” as a reward.
We deleted the quest “Morick's Research Paper,” which was giving the same reward.
Players will also receive gold, enchantment materials, battle consumables, and crystals as story quest rewards.

Change in Vanguard Requests

We have removed some Vanguard Requests that duplicated story quests. The rewards for these requests are now included in the story quest rewards.
Change in Zone Quests

The mission quests listed below have changed to zone quests.
These quests will be deleted from the quest log, but players can take the quest again by visiting the NPC that provides the quest.
Story Group Quest
Cultists' Conspiracy Scruffy Kumas Herders
Cultists' Conspiracy
Mattin's Report (Formerly: For Valor Above and Beyond)
Sister Acts A Tale of Two Tails
Sibling Rivalry
The Domain of Witches
The Precocious Apprentice
Traces of the Gods Shakan, Not Stirred
Goddess' Truth
To the Wild Jungle A New Breed
Dagon's Treasure
Castanica Like a Brother to Me
The Long Goodbye
Smoldering Bloodshard
Balder's Refuge To the Garden of the Sun
Keepers of the Sun
Seren's Lake
Into the Light
Under Balder's Eye
Zone Quests no longer provide XP rewards, but we have improved the item rewards for completing them.
Developer’s Comment
Although TERA is a vast world with its own story, some of those stories don’t get finished. Players don’t always complete story quests, or they out-level the quest’s level, or maybe the player just skips the story quests altogether, to pursue a different way of reaching maximum level. When players don’t experience these stories, we feel, they’re missing out on some of what makes TERA such a rich and rewarding setting.
To address this, we decided to reorganize how the game treats certain quests. Our hope is that, by changing mission quests from level 11 to level 64, we can not just ease character level progression, but also draw players further into the world of TERA.
The main change we made was to tie together some “fragmented” storylines, to focus more on the argon menace, so that no matter how fast characters level up, the argons will always be a lurking danger that’s appropriate to the character’s level.
Meanwhile, in the process of improving the quests, we trimmed away some supplementary stories from main story quests, to put more focus on the main story. As a result, some of those story quests became zone quests.

That made us take a closer look at zone quests, and we concluded that the rewards for zone quests were obsolete, and quite useless for leveling up. So we deleted meaningless XP rewards from zone quests, and added goods or equipment tokens as rewards, to help users not just level up their characters, but their gear, more easily.


The tooltips of quest items have been enhanced to better deliver the quest’s story.
Certain items may drop at later points in quest lines than before.
The following quest items cannot be destroyed, but can be sold:
Memento of the First Sacrifice
Memento of the Second Sacrifice
Memento of the Third Sacrifice
Obtaining Equipment during Main Story Quests (Levels 11–64)

Monsters no longer drop relic pieces for weapons.
Weapons (including avatar weapons), armor, and accessories drop from monsters in hunting zones, or in dungeons.
Players now receive level-appropriate gear during main story quests.
Equipment Drops

The maximum enchantment level for gear gained during main story quests is now lower, but the stat increases for each enchantment level are higher.
Previously, enchanting equipment required feedstock and alkahest. Now, players need only one kind of material: Relic Fragments for enchanting weapons, and Relic Shards for enchanting body armor, handwear, or footwear.
We have increased the enchantment success rate to 100% at all enchantment levels.
Equipment Grade and Level

Because the level required to equip items has increased, we modified the equipment grades to Uncommon > Rare > Superior.
We increased the item level of avatar weapons by 25.
Crystal Slots

We increased the number of available crystal slots on gear according to equipment level (the level required to equip the gear).
All 4 slots are available for weapons at level 32, and for armor at level 38.
Random Equipment Option

When players obtain a relic weapon, it will have a single random option.
Armor and accessories now have a random option when the equipment is obtained (instead of an option that the player selects).

Level 58 or higher armor still lets the player select the option(s).
Soulbound Gear

Gear from story quests will be soulbound when acquired. The character can equip the gear without going through the soulbinding process.
Existing Story Quest Gear and Equipment

Relic weapons acquired before this update now have a “[Legacy]” tag in the item name. The stats remain the same as before.
Armor and accessories acquired before the update will also have the same stats as before.

Addition of Solo Dungeons
To prevent dungeon matching from becoming an impediment to progressing mission quests, certain missions will now have one-player dungeons:
Dungeon Name Related Quest
Necromancer Tomb (Solo) Freeing Kaidun
Golden Labyrinth (Solo) Fraya's Faith
Akasha's Hideout (Solo) Search and Destroy
Saleron's Sky Garden (Solo) Test of the God
Labyrinth of Terror (Solo) Labyrinth of Terror
Ebon Tower (Solo) Thulsa's Doom
Kelsaik's Nest (Solo) The Harbinger of Annihilation
Manaya's Core (Solo) An End to War
These dungeons only reward XP as a result of completing the story quest.
Killing named bosses in solo dungeons can also reward players with level-appropriate accessories and enchantment materials.

Dungeon Level Adjustment
Manaya’s Core (5-person) level has been adjusted to be a level 64 dungeon, due to quest route rearrangement.
*Argon Corpus remains a level 60 dungeon since users can complete the story quest “An End to War” without visiting Argon Corpus.

Vanguard Request—Dungeons
We adjusted the number of tokens awarded for completing Vanguard Request dungeons, as well as the items available in the token shop, and the price of those items.
The number of tokens has increased from 1 to 5.
The price of armor in the token shop has been adjusted to 5 tokens per piece.
Glyph Boxes and Glyph Tokens now cost 5 tokens.
Crystals are now available in the supplies section of the token shop.
For existing tokens, the supplies list and prices will remain the same.

Hunting Zones
Change in items dropped by monsters
*We adjusted the drop items for monsters in main story quests:

Monsters in hunting zones no longer drop relic parts or crystals.
Monsters in hunting zones can drop tokens, which can be exchanged for weapons, armor, accessories, combat consumables, armor, and crystals.
Hunting Zone Level Adjustments
We adjusted the zone level of the Argon Fields in Northern Shara based on the routes of quests in the area.
We also adjusted when hunting zone quests become available (and the recommended level for them) according to the quest’s region and zone level.
We also deleted or revised some zone quests as new Argon Mission quests.
Region Zone Before After
Val Tirkai Thrallhold 58–60 45–47
Three Towers 58–60 53–57
Tirkai Forest 58–60 32–34
Helkan District Khanovar Front 59–60 63–64
Val Kaeli Argonea 59–60 63–64
Granarkus 59–60 64–65
Changes in Vanguard Requests
*Solo hunting and gathering requests from level 11–64 will be deleted.
*We adjusted the number of tokens awarded for completing Vanguard Request solo boss kills, as well as the items available in the token shop, and the price of those items.

The number of tokens rewarded has increased from 1 to 5.
The price of armor in the token shop has been adjusted to 5 tokens.
The price of Glyph Boxes and Glyph Tokens has been adjusted to 5 tokens.
Crystals are now available in the supplies section of the token shop.
For existing tokens, the supplies list and prices will remain the same.
Developer’s Comment
Solo normal Vanguard Requests tend to share target monsters with mission quests. This often results in the mini-map being covered with markers, leading to confusion.

Also, even though solo normal hunting requests tend to be less efficient than solo boss killing request, Vanguard Request is unconditionally giving guides to the players, forcing inefficient growth route.

Therefore, we deleted solo normal requests, and adjusted field monsters’ drop item specifications so that players can receive substantial rewards while freely hunting normal monsters in fields.

I tried it also in the EME launcher and it still happened, should I use IP changer to play the game?

commission for Janna!

commission for Lexi!

Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation.


You can get the ID by going to the community hub page and then looking at the address bar up top of your Steam client.

Not that it's the actual NA player count in total, just those who are still using Steam. (Which, given the mess with the new launcher, is likely in itself a falling number on top of any population decline, given what a few people have said about no longer using Steam.) That there is a downward trend is likely very accurate, but the actual numbers aren't the actual totals.

For the sake of reference, the EU version:

I'm just wondering, I was searching steamchart for Tera steam user player count, and it pop'd up 3 versions Tera, New Update, The Next. Which one is the actual NA playercount?

Just couldn't resist <3

its also nice to know, you can again level-up by gathering (being pacifist) and there is no restriction to level - so lil Evelyn is already a gathering master :)
One thing I don't understand tho, why would you mix lvl 65+ mobs with 40 something, not to mention those high level are in the way to your quest, also some quests can't be completed, because of missing items, ... somebody was high as a kite, when doing work on quests and such. :s

It might be fixed one day.
I've mained a ninja since day 2 of ninja patch back in 2016. I've played nearly daily since then.
A big gripe and a minor one was with the leg interaction. So like humans/castanic and even other elins if they stepped on a surface that required one left to be higher than the other, there was animation for it. The leg interacted with the said thing.
Ninja on the other hand did not. It took nearly 4 years for them to fix that, but they eventually did.
There is hope, but I can't say if it will be soon or not.

I can't say when but guessing when apex came out, they updated the visual effect for reapers invisibility. Looks way better now.
But they however didn't change the invisible effect in quests. So the quests that make/require you to go invisible still have that scary look to them
while reaper has the much better look.

I can't say many notice what I do, I rarely see it on the forums.
But here is hoping they do.

I came here cause I'm having the same problem. Anything with go in it won't go through.

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Good Luck n' enjoy your time in TERA!

Damaged my Manaforce weapon at +8. 56 ore to fix it. Disassembled an entire bank page of greens and now have 40 ore. Not sure what they were thinking about any of this.

Are you playing from North America? There seems to be a note here that says in non-NA regions going through Steam might not work, and you might need to go through the EME Launcher. Otherwise, if you're playing from a supported region, you might be able to try this to reset your connection, and some of the other steps here. If nothing else works, send a support ticket and they can try to help.

DeutschDeutsch audio 02/16/2020, 06:32 AM Spenoza
Moin Moin
Sind die Sprachaudio Grad verbugt?
Teil komm auf Englisch, Teil kommauf deutsch

think character names need to be at least 3 letters

It happens when I start to play the game in steam. :(

Dont how to fix this tho.

3.00 minutes is the cd without cd reduction... Doubles the CD of one my most important skills.
Specially frustrating since i spent 65,000 gold and 300 Skill Optimization scrolls for a skill that heavily nerf my dmg output without any warning.

I feel like I have a lot of things to say.
I love TERA with all my heart since I saw first trailers. I'm a big fan of this MMO and just can't find better one, despite the fact that last year I'm logging in rarely. I adore the battle system, the World, races, classes, almost everything in this game. What I like most in this game - if you are evading - you are ACTUALLY evading. Server won't tell you that "NOPE! You are received damage, I don't care that you are hit that button" as it happens usually to Black Desert for example. Even with all that bad things happening to TERA last 3 years it's still best for me. This game have big potential but unfortunatelly it has bad developers. They are working on PUBG and AIR now and I'm not really sure that it's a good idea. I hate PUBG in general, I think that AIR is useless project, but it's just my opinion. TERA is going through its hard times now but I'm still hoping that better time will come. I don't want this game to die. Develops has a good game with developed world and setting so why are they doing that AIR (it lags in trailer btw so... you know) that no one knows? Maybe it will be better for them to port game to UE4 as NCSoft did for their BnS? In fact - BnS is NCSofts answer for TERA and for me TERA is better.
Sometimes just for amusement meanings I'm thinking about TERA main story and I realize that there are a lot of interesting things to do with it. Do you remember of Manahan for example? Why aren't we know anything about this character? It's important in game's story but develops are just lazy and don't want to think about this game promotion. They are just transformed it to money source and doing new costumes every few months, releasing new dungeons. They are forcing elins. I'm not a racist, I liked elins before they became mainstream. Last patch is pissing me off - elin valkyries? are you joking?! Why are they wrote lore then? Valkyries lore says that only castanics were valkyries in a number of reasons. Why aren't they porting reapers and ninjas for other races then? I miss times when we had Nexus. I miss times of hard Manaya and interesting backstory. As I said - I love this game and it's the best game ever for me but I'm losing hope. I wish that sometime this game will change develops or something. I guess that's the only way to save it.
So.. Why am I still playing? I have a lot of memories here, I love my characters, I can't find any better MMO with same battle system and live world. You can think I'm crazy but TERA world feels like real for me. I think that I'm not alone at this.

I killed the duke and mistakenly went directly to the Malgarios boss and got confused because after i kill Malgarios, the quest did not complete because i did not kill duchess so I went back and killed duchess and now my quest is stuck because it say I need to kill Malgarios and now I am stuck for 1 hour I joined the solo back but nothing respawn :(

What motivates me to play? Maybe events that reduce adventure coins, double drop, double vg, but even then ...

Tbh, I cant be bothered to play. It's just not worth the time investment. The grind is so boring and unrewarding at this point I'd rather grind irl to improve my irl stats


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@RonLaw said:
UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

Does this keep your party members' hp/mp bars in place? I've gotten everything else to stay where it belongs by staying logged in to one character long enough, but my party members' icons still reset every time I log out or change characters.

@counterpoint Have you let EME know about this yet? If you already have, maybe suggest they let their support people know too, since I just got another email wherein they seem pretty oblivious.

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Topic, try making a new character with go in it and you can't. Why is this filtered at all?

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Have fun leveling up XDD

i have a bug with my Reaper Xerana lvl 69.
Shadow Reaping Skill is 1:30 cooldown (without cooldown reduction)
i unlocked the Blackout effect in advance skills menu and the cooldown is now 2:30 approximately
Skill description still says 1:30 cooldown
and Blackout effect doesn't says anything about cooldown modification.
Effect reads:
You and 3 nearby allies receive a cloak effect for 4 seconds. Caster receives (Assassination: Shrouded Escape) effect.

Maintenance 2/18

We will be entering into a maintenance on all servers on 2/18 at 6:00pm PST (2/19 at 2:00 UTC), and have an expected downtime of 1 hour. During this time, we will be releasing a hotfix that will help to resolve client crash issues. As such, no additional content will be added at this time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!


  • Coming Soon.

I almost posted about the daily npcs missing myself. Then I found this thread. forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/33000/breaking-news-from-the-pora-elinu-press#latest

My last login were aboute 1 year ago and my characters were here but now they are gone.
Are the servers deleted old accunts or something?

Almost all faction NPCs that give daily quests are not where they are shown to be on the map. Example: I go to Velika and go to where the daily guest givers are and the map shows the green markers to say I have quests I can pick up but when I go there the NPCs that give the guests are not there. I have spoken to other players and it seems that 90% of the people I have spoken to are having the same issue.

there is a lvl 23 story quest that gives it, as a reward

I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs.
gmail login

eme handles NA region. swap channels to have aheaf in the correct location

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Thank you, Counterpoint.

I realize that there is a possibility that it may never be fixed, but, if they're at least made aware of it, (supposing they weren't, or haven't been), we might stand a better chance of seeing it working properly in the future, even if it isn't right away.

Thank you again!

Hi there! Been playing on console for a bit but noticed that after getting the Rule Southern Shara feat I never got the ps4 trophy.

Looking into it further I even followed the guide that Saru posted and ensured I killed the monsters in Northern Shara too and the trophy never popped. :(

(Link for context: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28224/shara-and-arun-boss-achievement-guide)

Anyone else having this issue? It’s the last trophy I need to plat... D:

its been a while since i played tera and i guess when i left originally i moved around some of the skills, so there some doubles and triple skills where they shouldn't be is there a way to revert them back to where they should be, im a gunner on pc

Only the Flight Suit is needed.

The Mechanical Flight skill says it's only usable when you're wearing the flight suit costume. Does this mean it works if all you have is the body costume, or do you also need a set of airfoil wings? If the latter is true, do the wings need to be the same type as the flight suit (so red airfoil wings won't work with the hornet flight suit)?

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I'll mention, but to be honest, if it isn't fixed yet in K-TERA, my hopes aren't super high. Still, doesn't hurt to ask. It definitely looks like an animation mistake. For now I definitely agree that something like Face 11 seems to be more acceptable.

Perhaps there is something of even greater importance we could have them look into...

I found this on Reddit a couple of weeks ago; I'm surprised no one has spoken about it yet. You'll find there's a slight distortion of this Valkyrie's face, though it's much more pronounced than it appears. I happen to share her same face type, 9, and the results are personally heartbreaking and distressing, since it's the same face I've had for the last seven years. Reaper, Ninja, and Brawler faces don't compare...


What they present is the transition from our standard idle stance, into Combat Mode, and then back out. What the video might not show clearly is that our eyes are pulled far below their set positions and inward towards the nose, giving them a concave appearance, as well as arcing the bridge of the nose inward and stretching the tip outward. The bug persists into our running stance, as well -- equally hideous, with our mouths forming a gaping maw. All of which can be previewed through the Dressing Room.

Of all of the possible face types, only Face 1 appears to truly work, and exceptionally well. None of the others do, though Face 11 appears to hide it far better than the rest.

@counterpoint, since you're on the Council and may be asking about these other details, could you please consider voicing a desire to have this fixed for us? It's so unnatural, and it just isn't right to have to choose between a new face, wearing a mask, or simply avoiding the Class altogether to avoid seeing it.

@RonLaw said:
UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

Yes, actually, this does seem to be different than what some other regions got (where it constantly broke even if you tried to apply the reset), so maybe we did get a somewhat-fixed version here... despite it breaking everything at first.

Well, indeed, what is the point in making this thread given your hypothetical?

The UI reset and private channels issue is something that is part of the base game that affected all regions, unfortunately. Can't force BHS to fix it just for us. As for ping getting worse, it requires more data and from more people to understand the root cause.

We'll have to check if there is anything even in the build that was adjusted for this. If there is, we'll have to ask if it's possible to add them. So I'm not sure about the odds of this happened, but we can look into it.

@Leilag said:
I started 2 Characters before Popori Brawler and now cannot advance them because story quests I was working on are nowhere to be found :anguished:

Couple things I discovered that may help a tiny bit while we wait for a response. Check your zone quest tab. some things may be in there. Probably no xp side quests but never know and maybe they might lead to another story line. Also, i discovered after trying 5 or 6 times to kill orisks that killing regular mobs my level or a bit higher gives a small amount of xp. Not very much. I went up 3% in about half an hour killing bears and moose in the area. It's a slow way to grind up to the next level where hopefully something will unlock. I do hope they change back to how things were a few weeks ago when quest were more than plentiful.

And all without permisson can send guild quest now, so range in guild is a meme now

I fail to see the issue here. The Guild Quest includes all bosses and BoL bosses are still bosses. In this manner people leveling for the first time or leveling an alt can at least contribute to quest.

If you are worried about people abusing an "easy" dungeon to farm tokens/exp/funds, there are far easier/faster ways. Ghillieglade also counts as a clear and it takes longer to loot than to actually do the dg. That and the fact that balance is based around a weekly maximum on tokens, so honestly, why does it matter what does/does not contribute? xD

Same issue. I have a reaper lvl 61. Storyline she was working on abruptly stopped 2 days ago at 70% of level. Only vanguard quests are fishing, hunting orisks, which are 63 and impossible for her or a dungeon with no solo mode. Have looked all over HIghwatch and Velika for anything with xp. Sier in Velika started o send me to Pori alan for that old storyline and lost his memory function right in the middle of it. I went anyway and found nothing. Heh, 2 weeks ago you had vanguard quests duplicating everything you were killing, from level 10 on up. Now you need level 20 just to hunt basilisks. 43 warrior in same boat. her story just stopped right in the middle. I logged at that point, exasperated. Not sure if she has any doable vanguard quests either. :(

They're in the fashion coupon shop. Speaking of which, there's almost nothing Elin valkyries can equip from the FC shop. Most leather costumes can't be equipped by valkyries, and the valkyrie-specific costumes are castanic only.

Anyone know where you get the permanent grow potions to make Elin's taller, and will it stop them from floating away while fighting in shallow water? I was going to make another Castanic valkyrie, but I think I saw Elins get special rewards for the event right?

just look at the comments and the amount of dislike.
nobody cares or is enjoying The elins rule Arborea.

honestly does it seems that this game is made for a bunch of perverts who like children

New Elin classes and costumes are what motivate me to log-in after looooong breaks. When Elin guaranteed costume boxes pop-up in the shop, I would drop money just to roll and see if I can get some nice costumes for my chars.

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The Elin Realms of Aborea

UI needs to be reset by us then click apply and it works fine.

@counterpoint said:
It's a known issue in this patch that all regions got and BHS hasn't fixed yet. In more recent K-TERA versions there were apparently some improvements to this, but these improvements weren't ported back. I don't think there is anything support can do about it either -- it's a bug.

You might want to let EME know this. Since customer support got back to me saying there was no problem on their end.

13) this looks fun, I wanna play this forum game
14) basically new, so I really not sure what the balance problem is, can one share, I started Mystic a while back still in 40's, still curious

@TrialMacameau said:
Then why they keep giving up patches that has these bugs ? I'd rather have them wait to release it rather than having us see these bugs and wait for a fix... cuz this is really stupid... Hence the IMPORTANCE of having a Test server for testing patches and find bugs that can be fixed before going live

Sounds like they knew they were going to get this bug, and it's nothing that a test server would help fix.

@PP597W94LA said:
should change the name of the game to "elin online"
because it looks like it's the only race they'll be importing

The elins rule Arborea

Maybe a New Melee class called "Weebles"

"Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down"

Hi everyone!
Its been years since I last played Tera, I tried so many games like GW2, BDO, ESO, but only in Tera i found things that matters to me like doing dungeons, gearing and fine PvP system.
I'm from EU region, but i swapped to NA because of massive p2w system that Gameforge pushes in every game, so I'm here to ask you, how is Tera now? How many ppl are playing? Is it difficult to find ppl for doing dungeons? And most important - how about p2w in NA version now?
Is there any sense of making brand new character and start playing again?

Then why they keep giving up patches that has these bugs ? I'd rather have them wait to release it rather than having us see these bugs and wait for a fix... cuz this is really stupid

Ladies and Gentleman... This is stupid
No description, just watch the following 3 images.

I had the same issue. Turn off any unnecessary running programs e.g. Razer Software (this was my problem). Then connect again to twitch prime, start game and check if you have the loot.

After update, UI got reset, all private channels gone and the ping is worse.

if EME was listening to the forums, which apparently they're not, i would likely make a post thats more civil.
something thats less whiny and more constructive. but whats the use of being constructive then the people in charge aren't listening.

should change the name of the game to "elin online"
because it looks like it's the only race they'll be importing

Inspired by their castanic counterparts, the elin have joined the ranks of the “choosers of the slain,” and now you have the option of wielding a runeglaive as an elin! Already have a valkyrie, and don’t want to start over? Purchase a Race Change Voucher from the TERA Store, and you’re good to go.

Here is the source http://tera.enmasse.com/events/crescent-sea

it clearly says we can use a race change if we don't want to make a new characters. I have the 24 hour titles on the current castanic valk that i love

@King1357913579 said:
sometimes the "Draconic roar" goes on cooldown twice sone after the hour cooldown is up before you can use it again it goes on cooldown again

Can you go into detail exactly how this happens, and what occurs?

It's a known issue in this patch that all regions got and BHS hasn't fixed yet. In more recent K-TERA versions there were apparently some improvements to this, but these improvements weren't ported back. I don't think there is anything support can do about it either -- it's a bug.

sometimes the "Draconic roar" goes on cooldown twice sone after the hour cooldown is up before you can use it again it goes on cooldown again

It’s a present that came with this patch. It will keep resetting UI when you switch characters or log off. No known fix.

Well, as a follow-up, I guess I do have to contact support because I can't put my UI back myself even if I want to. Switching between servers, I noticed a several elements continued to move, so I tried to manually move a couple things around. I switched back and forth between servers again, and the elements I moved had reset again.

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Several parts of my UI got moved with this update. In addition, all of my custom chat tabs are gone, and any changes I made to the text colors got reset. Is this something support can fix, or am I stuck changing everything back myself?
























Im sure i have a a bunch of untradeable ones another stack of untradeable ones and now my stack of tradeable ones are un tradeable.

Speculators get burned

Someone was complaining about Mystics doing too much dps a few days ago in a thread titled "Class Balance"

Still upset about the nerfs to arunic release. First they double the cooldown but only increase the damage by 50% and don't bother to increase the duration of the HoT to reflect the change. Now they straight up nerf the damage too. Why? Who is complaining about mystic's damage? If you're going to nerf the dps then at least buff the healing. Ffs

Taken from the EU patch notes, since it's exceedingly unlikely that we'd not get the same.
(Changed Reaper to Valkyrie, since it's not a Reaper skill and the translated patch notes also talk about Valk for that.)


  • Words of Judgment
    • Resets the cooldown of Holy Burst and Zenobia’s Vortex
  • Triple Nemesis – ‘Stigma’ EP
    • Increased effect duration from 12 to 21 seconds


  • Arunic Release
    • Reduced MP costs from 1050 to 700
    • Reduced damage from 9750 to 8287
  • Thrall Augmentation
    • Removed permanent MP cost during effect
  • Volley of Curses – Stigma EP
    • Increased effect duration from 12 to 21 seconds


  • Godsfall
    • Reduced cooldown from 5 to 4 minutes


  • Hits by any of the following skills have a certain probability to generate an Arcane Splash near the target:
    • Remote Trigger: 100% damage on explosive hits
    • Mana Missiles, Obliteration, Scattershot (20%)
    • Burst Fire, Bombardment (15%)
    • Burst Fire while Modular Weapon System is active (30%)
    • Arcane Explosion
  • If the Arcane Splash hits its target with Blast, Remote Trigger, Mana Missiles or Balder’s Vengeance, it will be destroyed and causes additional area damage
  • Modular Weapon System (level 69 skill advancement)
    • Doubles damage of Arcane Explosion when Arcane Barrage is used

So, for anyone who missed it, the Stigma EP now matches the duration of the corresponding skill, both now being 21 seconds.

It was designed to be one day only and with little notice so that there would be high pressure on players to purchase strongbox keys with EMP in order to have enough materials to actually benefit from the event. Also the event is misleading because even if your enchanting success rate is increased by 50%, the rate is still abysmally low and there is no failsafe. This event also is designed to get players to use up all their resources before gearing and enchanting become any easier. It's all underhanded tactics to make more profit.
Are you sure? There are tradeable and untradeable versions of strong bravery. I am unable to check right now but I'll update this post later today when I check my supplies.
Agreed. The new system was designed to reduce the value of elite status and create a new P2W solution via adventure coin. Add to this the abysmal drop rates, horrible enchanting system with RNG progress regression, and the ability for players to straight up buy enchanting material with EMP; you can see why players are quitting the game left and right.

Old system: run top dungeon twice (assuming you have elite), use reset scroll, run twice again, now locked out but can still do other dungeons
New system: run top dungeon four times (still need elite to do this), locked out of dungeons, log off or go fishing

And with the pitiful drop rates there's a 1/6 chance you got NO loot across those four runs, only guaranteed items from turning in vanguard quest.

The purpose of the 50% event was so people would pay for more strongbox keys to use in the strongbox jackpot event for the chance of getting 250x duranium ores or 20x improved dark shard feedstocks.

11) We all know that in the forum it is useless to complain and better disagree (if he does not know it and why it is a new forum).
12) I am the batman.

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