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admonitu wrote: »
Whenever EME or BHS removes RNG per player request, they make the guaranteed cost way higher than the RNG average. There is no Winning with them. You may get away from the dreaded randomness and uncertainty, but you pay much higher for guaranteed success than you would on average with RNG.

Just pick your [filtered] poison. The MMO games like TERA are made by the screw up and corrupted country where people only know how to squeeze as much out of others as possible. We just need to lower our expectation rather than hoping they will meet our expectation.

I just have to weigh in and say this: you are absolutely 100% INCORRECT about your assessment of how items are priced. I can tell you as someone privy to the ACTUAL information about the RNG rates and all the prices that you have no idea what you're talking about. Your statement is only based on opinion and conjecture.
UdonPasta wrote: »
i miss the standard devilliciose (the cheaper one) from the list? or they boosted the old price of 20 buck up to 40 =x

That one is in Kyra's Potion Shack.
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