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Galiers wrote: »
no super hero landing T_T


Yes there is! Well, for males there is. The standing still "rearing" animation while flying on the ground and pressing spacebar will give you the hero landing. For females you do a slow 360 degree roll.

Wind-up key looks good on it
Dammit - copy/paste got me - fixed that typo now to read "non-dyeable"
We went ahead and released it already - news post will go up in a bit, but I wanted to get it released due to the quicker maintenance this morning.

Flight Skill book can be purchased in game from the Novelty Merchants in Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator.
RMHM and RMNM are returning in an update coming up, however that is not coupled with the release of the mech suits in any way. Our next patch has been announced for next Tuesday, January 30th and will be the Guardian Legion update. As soon as I have a solid date for Ruinous Manor, I'll get it out ASAP!

Also yes there will be loot box versions and direct sale bundle versions of the mech suits!
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
These ones will have passive buffs?

To my knowledge, no. I do not believe there is a Passive Skill, similar to what the dragons or phoenix mounts have.
We actually uploaded all the ones that I had IDs for from the previous store when the store updated and got wiped. I'll make sure unity stoles are in there now, but it may require a bigger audit of items than I can do right now. But thanks for the heads up.
They are now in the Dressing Room for you to see!

You can search "Flight" for the suits and visors/helmets. The female-only wings are searchable using "wings" or "airfoil"
How about tomorrow?
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