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Conversion rates and token shop prices will be published when maintenance begins on Tuesday, 10/10. Not before.
RKC wrote: ยป
Im soo confused and scared of the upcoming revamp

I really suggest you watch the livestream today if you can; I think it will help a bunch. I was scared too, tbh, but after Scott walked me through it all it actually made WAY more sense to me than the existing enchanting systems and gear chase.
Also, @Spacecats makes fun of me for writing posts like I write emails. I think I'm in the right. What do you think?

Today a few things have gone live I wanted to bring to your attention. The Arsenal page was updated with super high level information about the updated gear progression system going live on Tuesday, October 10th here: http://tera.enmasse.com/arsenal#gear

Also, Essential Mana has posted 2 far more in-depth guides (that will only get more and more updated as the build launches next week) on:

Gear Progression

Crafting Revamp

Tomorrow, on the weekly Twitch livestream, Spacecats will be joined by Scott James Magner, one of our EME gurus that will give us all a hands on walkthrough of what this all will mean!

We're getting excited to finally get this released to you next week!

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