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The carpet mount is obtained by completing achievements for the Festival of the Sun.

Check your achievement list and complete the "Shouldn't a Festival Be More... Festive?" achievement to receive the Festive Carpet mount.
irgizmo on 09/17/2013, 10:40 AM - view
where do u go to get the quest for the carpet mount??

The quest requires you to be level 58, talking to the Festival popos in major cities, and he'll teleport you to Festival of the Sun at Tree of Wisdom. The quests are obtained from the NPCs there.
Summer doesn't last forever...

calebbryant on 09/17/2013, 11:39 AM
How can I obtain more Balder's Triple Charms? And how do I spawn more toy tanks? I ended up buying the toy tank kits but I don't have the materials to build more tanks.

The Balder's Triple Charms are obtained from quests... daily quests... so it'll require more than 1 day. Same for the toy tanks... if you do the dailies everyday, you will have the materials to create a toy tank every day. To create a toy tank, you'll also need to purchase a Sun Tank Kit from the NPC Todram in the Festival of the Sun.
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