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Hold your horses everyone, it's going to take some time to get them all out.
Twowarned on 05/10/2013, 06:43 AM - view
Also what if we do the events on 3 different chars [diff char each event] will we get to pick which char gets the weapon skin? or are we SOL

The skin would be in your item claim so just claim it on the character you want the skin on.
Delivery just started on these. It'll be there for everyone within a few hours.
the FAQ is linked on the main birthday page at the time of posting.

Anyway, all of the challenge receipts for those who completed yesterday's challenge have been sent.
We missed the count of some repeatables and are looking into it. It shall be fixed shortly.
Glitterlance on 05/09/2013, 06:02 PM - view
Hostage, event FAQs are really cool:
However, the day following each challenge, you'll receive a confirmation receipt in Item Claim to let you know we've added one entry into the drawing.
http://support.enmasse.com/tera/may-event-four-to-score linked on http://tera.enmasse.com/happy-birthday-tera
Plus, they are rolling these receipts out. Not everyone who completed the challenge correctly will receive them at the same time.

What Glitterlance said is correct. And no worries, folks, we haven't started to send out the receipt raffles yet. :)
We haven't started sending out the receipt raffle yet, so no worries! :)

Here is more information on how it works, from our FAQ:

How do I know I've completed a challenge?

During the day of the challenge, you are responsible for tracking your progress yourself. There will be no in-game counter or announcement to indicate whether you've completed the challenge. However, the day following each challenge, you'll receive a confirmation receipt in Item Claim to let you know we've added one entry into the drawing.

To hunt the BAM, you have to think like the BAM. What better way to get into a BAM’s head than to wear its face?

You’ll find all versions of the dracoloth mask in the accessories tab of Valkyon Outfitters marked 50 percent off this weekend. The discounts start Friday, May 10 at 11 a.m. PDT and end Monday, May 13 at 11 a.m. PDT..
Hello folks,

Knoxxer, WallyPark and I will be running around on Mount Tyrannas server for some PvP action! It starts at 3 p.m. Pacific Time today. We'll also be giving away some Ice Touch weapon skins!

Join us! :D
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago
Make sure to be signed into TwitchTV (you can register for free) and watch the stream, the winners will be randomly selected from the logged in users in the channel. :) (You can be from any server!)
Thank you for fighting with/against us today! It was fun (I think)! xD
(Moving this to Suggestions section, let's keep the thread on topic, guys!)
Let's try to have a more content-filled threads on the forums. :)
All players that play on our servers are eligible.
Hi Zuca. Our customer support staff is generally deep in responding to tickets and do not have time to take to the forums. What you have done (submit a ticket) is your best route to go, and we do respond to every ticket in the order it is received.

Live chat hours are stated at the bottom of this page (http://support.enmasse.com/tera).

The Four to Score event is now over. Thanks to all that participated!

After the final challenge receipt (for the campfire challenge) is delivered on May 13, we’ll draw 100 names to win an Icegrip weapon skin and 265 names to win an Icetouch weapon skin.

Visit http://tera.enmasse.com for the list of winners after the drawing on May 13. These weapon skins are available in Valkyon Outfitters starting May 16.

And don’t forget, keep those challenge receipts!

While you can’t do anything with these receipts yet, on May 14, after our usual maintenance, you can find an NPC named Major Milestone in towns around the world. Visit this NPC to redeem those challenge receipts for cool new goodies!
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JaydenxStrider on 05/09/2013, 10:15 AM - view
Do you need to do level appropriate quests, or can you go back and do old old old quests you skipped that are like 30 levels behind you?

Any quest
ToytheElin on 05/09/2013, 10:40 AM - view
"If I complete all of the May 9 challenge on Thursday with my character Herp, and all of the May 10 challenge on Friday on with my character Derp, I will earn two raffle entries."
Going to go ahead and assume this counts for characters on different servers as well.

If Herp and Derp are on different servers, that is fine. Basically, your game account is only eligible for one raffle entry per day.
Yo, we just want you to complete any 20 quests to get credit for this challenge. If doing the same repeatable 20 times is your cup of tea, then go for it. If you want to make it interesting and level an alt to do it, that is fine too. If you know your daily activities of Tera in running guild/vanarch/rep dailies will amount to 20, then that's fine too.

We'll have the challenges displayed on our main website, on the in-game welcome announcement (which will have more information), here in the forums on our stickied post, and on our socials.
I just had a talk with him (GM Araya). He was misinformed. All quests count.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
It can be any type of quest so long as you complete 20 or more on the same character.

Treeshark edit: completing more than 20 doesn't make your chances any better. Also, the Challenge Receipts that you will be getting won't be IMMEDIATELY the next day. It will be a rolling delivery the next day, but you will get it the next day.

You'll be wanting to keep those challenge receipts as well! More details on this soon.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
We are having a quick restart on all servers to help stabilize the instance servers.

On May 9, all servers will be unavailable from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
It seems like there was a glitch with this. We've fixed it now so they will be available until 1 p.m. today. Thanks for letting us know!
Bird mounts are great because I like chicken and they taste like chicken. *builds a campfire*
All servers are available, please make sure to click on "refresh" if you haven't yet. :)

We’ve given you horses, cats, and even giant turtle-like robots. Now it’s our anniversary, and it’s time for something completely different! Ride high and mighty on Munchhausen, the mendacious traveler. Watch everyone stare in awe as you regenerate MP just by riding your mount.

Starting Thursday, May 9, you’ll find Munchhausen, our anniversary mascot, available in the Mounts and Pets tab of Valkyon Outfitters.
I'm consolidating this thread with an existing thread with the same topic: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Munchhausen

Also please note that all comments need to be constructive and free of callouts, personal attacks and/or racist remarks.
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Nice job! Looks like you guys had fun! :D
Could you try exiting completely out of the launcher (closing it) and logging back in? It should appear on the Account item tab of Item Claim.
Welcome to TERA! Make sure to try all classes to see which one you like best, even if they're usually the ones you don't care for. I've seen a lot of folks liking something that they didn't think they would, so it's exciting! :)
Congratulations on making 60! It's always more fun to play with friends. :)
@Qoog, This is a bug that seems to happen to certain race/gender combinations. We're still looking into this and trying to get it fixed by next week (Tuesday is our goal). Thank you for letting us know.
Sounds like an exciting event! Good luck and have fun! :D

Earlier today we revealed the first challenge in Four to Score: complete 20 quests on one character. Should be a piece of cake, right? We’ll be sending everyone that completes this challenge (and subsequent challenges) a challenge receipt, which you can find in Item Claim.

This means that if you complete every challenge this week, you’ll collect four challenge receipts. While you can’t do anything with these receipts yet, on May 14, after our usual maintenance, you can find an NPC named Major Milestone in towns around the world. Visit this NPC to redeem those challenge receipts for cool new goodies!

So keep those challenge receipts! You can use them to redeem exclusive items next week!
If you complete the daily task, you will receive a raffle token sometime next day. Also please make sure to hold on to the raffle as you will be able to exchange them with some cosmetic items later. :)

We wanted to include the newer members of our community to celebrate TERA's anniversary with everyone. The daily challenges must be completed within that day, and we will be revealing the challenges day by day at midnight.
This thread has run its course.

Please remember not to generalize ANY group of people. Good or bad, generalization/stereotyping is not constructive because a) if it's good, it takes away the individual's effort/quality b) if it's bad, it takes away the chance for people to be judged on their effort/quality.
The prizes we give out will be character based, and permanent.
Skilliard on 05/08/2013, 01:54 PM - view
Assuming that means they're bound upon obtaining, and they cannot be traded. Thanks!

Yes and no. The box you get at first is not tradable. The box will then turn into the weapon that is appropriate to the class you are opening the box on. That weapon will be tradable.
We're looking into this, thanks for letting us know.
Heya Valentwist! Welcome to TERA!

Since this is account-related, I think the best way would be to contact our Support Team. They'll be able to sort it out and we try our best to get back to you asap.
Unfortunately once you bind the weapon skin to one character, it is bound to that character only. :(

Lancers are a great class to play though, with active tanking, so I hope you keep playing it!
You should be able to change the assigned buttons to your liking. TERA officially supports Xbox 360 controllers, but hopefully this FAQ page helps.

To celebrate a year of TERA‚ we’re giving away 365 prizes!

For four days‚ May 9–12‚ we’ll reveal a daily task just after midnight PDT. Complete the day’s task before 11:59 p.m. PDT on the day it was issued to score one entry into the drawing.

Check out our anniversary event page for more details!

But wait, there's more!
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If you feel that the moderation was inappropriate, please let our Support Team know. We're human so we make mistakes, so we can review the case.

But please note that discussing moderation action is against the forum rules. :(
(Need to keep this thread civil, folks. Remember, no personal attacks on the forum please.)
We're working to resolve the issue, sorry about this! :(

(No bumping please..)
Aww, this is such a fun thread! /jelly :)
(I think this thread will get more visibility in Languages section of the forum. :) )
If you wish, you could try posting in the giveaway thread. I do think there's more demand than supply, but you never know.
Some of you need to learn what "no personal attacks on the forum" means.
We'll look into this but remember that personal attacks are NOT allowed on the forums.
On PvE servers, the guild leader can set the gvg setting so that they are open to gvg. (The default setting is "off" for PvE servers so it will need to be turned "on" first. If the setting is off, then you cannot declare gvg or have it declared on you.) But the guild leader does not have to manually "accept" a gvg challenge from another guild.

On PvP servers, this setting is always on and cannot be changed. :)

More information is available on our FAQ page.
Congratulations to you both!!! Definitely made my Monday morning to hear such a romantic story! :D
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The issue isn't forgotten and please let the dead thread lie in peace.
for evry post hear i cry
Hands down they have the best swimsuits!

Elite status just got better! Starting May 5, elite players will find three spellbind boxes in Item Claim each month. These new goodies are in addition to the 10 strongbox keys, 30 traveler’s insurance sets, and 30-day village atlas elite players have always received. This brings the value of elite status to over $50 in items alone! And as always, elite status still provides the usual perks and a sample mount.
The next time you renew you will get your Spellbinds. For Kitcalie it will be the 13th and for you, IronCloud, it will be the 27th of May.

Alkahest is vital for enchanting weapons and armor, and extensive alkahest is the most useful of them all. The all-inclusive nature of extensive alkahest enables enchanting at any level, including masterwork levels. We’re discounting boxes—and stacks of boxes!—of extensive alkahest for elite status players.

Extensive alkahest boxes are guaranteed to contain 16 extensive alkahests. They also come with additional random items—maybe even 16 more extensive alkahests! Starting Monday, May 6 at 1 p.m. PDT through Thursday, May 9 at 1 p.m. PDT, elite players can purchase extensive alkahest boxes in stacks of 1, 10, or 20 for 25 percent off.
Kelsaik's raid isn't temporary.
(Keep it on topic, folks. And no derails or personal attacks. If you don't have anything constructive to say, move along please.)

Our 50 percent off weekend sale gives your characters a boost from the start with affordable quick-start or premium quick-start packs. These packs contain useful items like a permanent mount (usable at level 1!), jewelry to equip at level 10 and 15, a 7-day 50 percent XP boost, plus dozens of consumable bonuses. The premium quick-start pack also adds two additional character slots and a bank expansion for accounts that have room to grow. Marked down, the premium pack is like buying two character slots for the price of one!

If you’re already mid-level, our level 30 supply pack offers bonuses and the fiery Night Mare seven-day mount for characters in the 30s. Our level 40 supply pack offers bonuses and the icy Sleipnir seven-day mount to characters level 40 and above. Both packs are also 50 percent off this weekend. The discounts start Friday, May 3 at 11 a.m. PDT and end Monday, May 6 at 11 a.m. PDT.
Hello folks, if you suspect a game exploit, please let us know directly.

The following is included in Rules of Conduct: Game Exploits: Your best bet here is to let us know about these instead of exploiting them.

Fight for your right to party—or at least your right to an abundance of awesome loot! This weekend from noon Friday, May 3 until noon Monday, May 6 PDT all dungeons in TERA: Rising will double the drop rate on bosses.

Party up and take out some boss BAMs!

See the TERA Anniversary event page for more information about our month-long birthday party.
Hello folks,

Tonka, WallyPark and I will be running Balder's Temple (normal mode) at 3 p.m. Pacific Time today. We'll also be giving away some stuff!

Join us! :D
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago
It will be on MT. :)
Thank you for joining us on TwitchTV! We had fun, hope you guys did too! :)
@Aiz, we will contact you directly about this situation. It is not a router or connectivity issue.

Since this is a personal account issue I will lock this thread.
Closing this thread since the OP's intentions were to disrupt the community with offensive and racist remarks instead of promoting a healthy discussion.
You already have multiple threads with the exactly same post all over the different subforums. Please say no to spamming.
The character may not exist in our font - otherwise I am not sure.
Our official webpage is now updated with a link to all the events we'll be running for the entire month of May. Also, something else from me.

We're celebrating the whole month, so don't worry, nothing ends today :).
Edited by: knoxxer over 1 year ago - Reason: Added links!
I would upvote this if I could.

Also, we will be implementing solo queues this month for 3v3's in the upcoming release this month.
The first week is an art contest, but the next 3 events this month will involve everyone. :)
The sections of the "Happy Birthday" page will light up when the time comes around for it to be revealed. Class balance changes are coming most likely with the 20v20's.
Soryon on 05/01/2013, 09:28 AM
I t seems that modding the host file does work, but you need to be sure to delete any previous lines that are tera related. For example yu did this once before, then you have an old line in the host file. You need to get rid of all previous lines and only add the new one.

I would recommend removing any previous edits for TERA to your host file first, and then try patching. If you still receive the error then you can make the edit the host file as listed here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-download-retrieve-manifest-or-metafile

Changing the host file is generally not a good thing because if we change this IP in the future you will run into this problem again.

Here is the edit you will want to make to the host file if patching normally after removing any previous edits does not work. patch.tera.enmasse-game.com
Edited by: Solomon over 1 year ago

Producer Letter—May 2013


It’s been a year since we first launched, and we’re celebrating TERA’s anniversary all month!

The game has evolved quite a bit in the last year. The introduction of Fraywind Canyon and our Canyon Clash tournament brought full-team combat. Our more focused Champions’ Skyring offered smaller teams the chance to duke it out. A raid dungeon—along with other crucial changes—improved the Nexus experience. Argon Corpus, Sirjuka Gallery, and the Crucible of Flame dungeons tested your mettle. Oh, and let’s not forget Ms. Shandra Manaya tearing up anyone who dared cross her path.

Of course, the biggest change was our shift to TERA: Rising, and making TERA free for all to play. We at En Masse decided to take a different approach towards free-to-play, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the changes. So, what’s next for TERA?

First, the entirety of May is filled with events to bring some birthday love to everyone. These events include the new Kelsaik raid coming in the middle of this month. It’s a lot meaner this time around, so you may want to grab a few more buddies to tackle it. I recommend around 10 or 20, but that’s up to you. After that, there will be a new 20v20 battleground coming in late June. This battleground is different than what you’re used to with Fraywind Canyon and Champions’ Skyring. You can ride a blimp to sneakily invade a castle, or you can fire cannons at your enemies. Most importantly, it’s not just for max-level players; all players level 30 and up will be able to participate and earn XP in this battleground.

Behind the scenes, a lot more things are changing. We’re looking for ways to bring content to our players faster, decreasing the gap between our release and Korea’s. Once some of the details are ironed out, I’ll share that great news. We hope these changes shorten the time it takes to get content out the door and into your hands.

Later this summer, a new alliance system arrives on our shores. As an upgrade to our current political system, players choose to align with one of three new alliances. Through these, players can control everything the political system handled before—like taxes and settings—but now, you can have your own training zone, summon BAMs, and lead raids into enemy alliance territory to steal their resources.

“But Treeshark, what does life after the alliance update look like?” I’m glad you asked!

Shortly after introducing the alliance system, brand new raid content will arrive as a series of dungeons. More weapons and armor will also be introduced with these dungeons, because we all know with great power comes great loots.

This is just an overview of what’s to come, so be sure to keep checking back to see what’s in store for TERA. Enough is never good enough for us when it comes to providing the best possible MMO experience. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Be seeing you,



For players who have wondered what the most popular race in TERA is, how many players of each class have died in PvP battle or how many monsters have been killed in-game (hint: it’s a lot!), En Masse Entertainment has released an all-new infographic to quench the fans’ curiosity. Other statistics, such as percentage breakdowns of character class and sex, most deadly enemies and number of guilds in the game have also been revealed. Check out the infographics!
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Nice mouse! (expensive too! xD)

(Moving this thread to Off-Topic)
Mmm coffee... /crave ;_;
Welcome to TERA, Kurokai! :)

Be sure to check out our roleplay server forum for new friends and guilds!
So cute and clean, Zoje!

(Also moving this to Off-Topic)
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MMORPG.com has published our anniversary interview celebrating TERA's first birthday!

En Masse Entertainment's TERA is celebrating its first year and the changes that those 365 days have brought. We managed to catch up to Patrick Sun to talk about TERA. It's a terrific interview that you will want to discuss in the comments after reading!

Check out the full interview at MMORPG.com for Treeshark's answers including what's to come for TERA!
Nice colors and font! :)
We are checking into this.

Are you guys located in North America?
Our official webpage is now updated with a link to all the events we'll be running for the entire month of May. Also, something else from Treeshark.
Thanks we will check into it.

Some say turning it vertical fixes that as well.
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Today we will be taking down the forums for 2 hours to fix a few of the bigger issues with the forums.

- EME icon will not direct you to the post each time.
- Performance updates - things should load faster.
- Tool fixes for our moderators.
- All inbox messages should show (it was stopping at 10).
I love all the servers equally.
(Moving the thread to Languages section)
(Moving to Warrior class forum)
(Moving this to guild recruitment section. And no bumping please.)
(Please do not derail a recruiting thread. Thanks!)
(This is a warning to keep the comments respectful and free of derails or personal attacks. Thanks.)
Hey everyone. We (En Masse) are the publishers for Tera in North America and Gameforge publishes Tera for EU. The discussion ends there.

Everything else is just 100% speculation and I'd rather not have that about this subject here. This thread is civil but I'm going to lock it to prevent something like this from perpetuating. You can go tinfoil hat crazy on other subjects regarding what is happening on our servers but I'll draw the line here. I hope you all understand.

I'll be outlining the path of future content later this week. We have a lot of stuff planned for next month and the months after that
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