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This troubleshooting guide may be of some assistance.
Happy to help.
Okay. This thread is now derailed. TERA: Rising is not returning to the subscription model. Don't trust rumors.
Keep the comments clean and constructive, please...
Sorry, NA TERA and EU TERA are published by different companies and we do not provide clients for other regions. :(
In the future, please include enough content so that there is no room for a misunderstanding and stay away from politics on the forums per forum rules. :(

And yeah, this is a private forums for a private company, so when it comes down to it, it won't be democratic.

We haven't received the nexus-related patch yet but we're trying to push it out this month. We'll also release some store items as well.

(Also keep the discussion on topic please.)
If you come across any offensive language, please be sure to report so that we can take appropriate action. But callouts are against the forum rules. :(
This is epic! Just looking at the red dots on the compass is cool. :O
Yeah, go ahead and resubmit. Your last entry will count for the contest.
Everyone should have gotten the confirmation email, just sent them out. :)
As others have pointed out, this really is a job for customer service. You need to submit a ticket. The forums lack magical interfaces to your inventory.

So, original question asked, answered, and thread derailed, so I'm going to stake this one.

Alaeria, i'm sending you a PM.
Moved to Off-Topic.
Only you can prevent necro threads...

There are several threads on this topic, so I'm locking this duplicate down.

The necro burns! Bad resurrection!

You do awesome work, Eziel. You're a credit to the community.
Game night? Looks more like Olympic night! Nice work!
RexZShadow on 03/01/2013, 09:02 AM - view
Lalaru on 03/01/2013, 05:11 AM
it is a symbol that aliens left for us to find a new world outside of tera! OMG!

You know the argons are basicaly aliens


Also you could use the trailer footage. How and how much of it is used is up to you though.

To everyone, who's submitted a video so far, you should have received an email response from us letting you know that we've received the video and it meets the video length requirement. Thanks! :)
Thanks for sharing the video with us!

Oh and also just making sure you know that we have a Guild Recruitment/Introduction Video Contest going right now, if you wanted to use your skills and submit something! :)
Treeshark, Tonka, and QA.Your.Face (aka GM SneakyBeaver from Canyon Clash tournament) are streaming on TwitchTV right now.

Watch us and say hi!

Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago
Martel on 02/18/2013, 10:55 AM - view
Ok so this thing isn't letting me update it again so I will be hosting the guide here: http://teratoday.com/guide/tera-online-archer-guide

He is talking, reading chat and playing in BG, that's a lot of distraction! :)

Wow... That 3v3 was brutal.
Yes, we are trying to get a better search function implemented. We recently made the search results to show up with the newest matches first too, so this is definitely on our mind! :)

Starting Friday, March 1 through Monday, March 4 at 1 p.m. PST, we’re cutting prices of convenient items to cut your travel time around the world of TERA!

Village Atlas —Teleports you to any city, town, or village accessible via pegasus.

This weekend, we’re offering Village Atlases with 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day durations at the following prices:

• Village Atlas (1 day) 275 EMP 132 EMP Save 143 EMP!
• Village Atlas (3 day) 495 EMP 242 EMP Save 253 EMP!
• Village Atlas (7 day) 770 EMP 385 EMP Save 385 EMP!

Travel Journal —Stores five (5) locations you can instantly teleport to. (You can only store locations you’ve already visited.)

We also offer the Travel Journal, which lasts 7 real-time days, at a discounted price:

• Travel Journal (7 day) 495 EMP 242 EMP Save 253 EMP!

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to stock up on these convenient fast-travel items!
Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago
I am able to watch it pretty quickly but we do have really good internet in the office... :(
It was a bug that we corrected, thank you for letting us know! :)
Locking this thread, check out the link in Cheg's post if you're looking for a code.
I'm just such a baddie haha
TERA is in a bit of a transition as all territories make the switch to free. It is slowing down content a bit but we hope to be on track here in the next month or two.

Next week we should be able to give more details on the upcoming March update.
We are still monitoring the economy. We look at percentage growth per day of available gold in the economy. The rate at which it has grown is greater than before the Rising patch but not signifigantly different, in fact every day it is actually declining.

Remember - without the need for spending a ton of gold at a vendor that means that naturally everyone farms less, thus generates less.

I am not saying there isn't inflation right now - because there is, but some of it is because things are still shaking out with the big changes in the patch, but the gold in game isn't growing at an unhealthy rate either.

Gonna close this bad boy since it is a necro. As an FYI don't always blame folks for necroing sometimes our search will return things that are old.

Our launcher team is working on saving the email - I don't believe we will be saving the password but I can double check.
Moved to PvP Forum.
Moved to Races forum.
Keep the comments constructive, clean, and on-topic please.
Moved to General Discussion.
Moved to Newcomer Discussion.
There's already a topic about this, so let's keep the discussion going there.
Personally I liked the combat speed/slayer of a slayer, something in between a warrior and berserker. Even though I'm almost exclusively a ranged class person it was a lot of fun, so try them out for maybe 20-30 minutes. (Also the same classes can have different moves depending on the races, so may want to see which animation you like the most. Loved the mid-air flip dodge of a castanic even though I love popo's... They just did a roll instead. :( )
Discussion of in-game moderation action is against forum rules. If you think you were banned unjustly, please submit a ticket.
Here is a great source for understanding the end game.

We do not enable P2P despite what the launcher says. Off or on it isn't working as we intended and slows things down so we just disabled it for everyone.
Moved to classes forum.
There's already a thread on this topic, so I'm locking this down.
For those who bought elite status, but it kept showing as pending, rather than active, Wallypark worked hard to track the issue down and kill it WITH FIRE.

Seriously, he used a Zippo.

If you canceled whilst pending, he's going to manually process the cancellation, so don't fear that it says "Active." You'll still get the days you paid for, but you won't be autobilled.

We're so sorry for the headache and grateful for your patience!
Prophesy, what server are you experiencing this on?
No worries. Thanks. I'll check that out.

Update: Visited locations on both servers. They're populated and active. Hopefully you won't experience this when you next log in.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: New inforama.
Moved to berserker forum.
Kilrnub, I'm checking into this for you. If I have questions, I'll PM you, okay?
Okay. This is between the OP and EME, so I'm going to lock this down.
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Lokai on 02/28/2013, 01:32 PM - view
This is sort of a pve and pvp question since i feel like its a hot topic for alot of people either dont know or understand what stagger is...

So please keep the comments clean and constructive.
I'm going to move this to the warrior forum.
Okay. I'm locking this down because of the personal attacks. There's no discussion, so let's move on. Some people on the Internet will be rude. Some will be awesome. Report abusive behavior and move on.
If it's honestly a different guild then it's okay. For example, if you're in one guild on the PvE server that you play with your school friends but in a different one ion a PvP server with a gaming guild you've been with for years, etc.

However, all videos should make an honest effort to recruit/introduce for a legitimate guild. So if someone creates or submits for a guild with a few people just to submit an entry (basically not interested in growing the guild/community), then I wouldn't say the entry met our expectations.

Everyone who've submitted a video up until about 9 a.m. PST this morning, please check your emails. You should have gotten a confirmation email! :)


We're sorry about the interruption, folks. We'll have an extra Nexus time at 3pm PST.



Servers are up and playable. Thank you!


Hello everyone,

Currently all of our servers are unavailable. We are aware of this issue and working to bring them back up. Thank you for your patience.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Updated information
Hey folks,

We're working on the servers being offline. I'll be updating the pinned thread as we continue working on them. Thanks!
We're working on this issue and we will be updating the status in the pinned thread above. Thanks!

We're updating everyone in the pinned thread above as we work to bring the servers back up. Thanks!

We're updating everyone in the pinned thread, thanks!

Servers are up and available. Thanks!
Servers are up and available right now and let's not post wild guesses.
The servers are up, thanks.
The servers have been up for a little while, folks!
You can, just reply to the email I sent you. I'll count the newer one. :)

(Just updating this post to let you know that we got the new link. Thanks! :) )
Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago - Reason: entry received
This is correct. You will just get double the XP, and it will not display as anything other than normal. The (+1000exp) is for rested XP.
You buy a physical box copy of TERA. The game code can be redeemed forwards for a founders account, then put the code in backwards for the Tawny Huntress pack. Once the code has been used, you may not use it again.

I hope that clears up any confusion with this
Moved to PvP Forum.
Moved to Suggestions forum.
Keep the comments clean and constructive please.
The store isn't down, but I'm sending you a PM.
Also, make certain you have Java and Flash enabled (and updated). Try another browser, too. If you're logged into any VPN or proxy service, that might also be a factor. If it's not, let's start narrowing down the problem.
And this has been discussed time, and time, and time again, so I will lock this.
Give this a shot.
Okay...this thread has run its course.
I have the word!

There will be an extra Nexus time at 3pm PST. Kill 'em all.
We're sorry about the interruption, folks. We'll have an extra Nexus time at 3pm PST.
There are no transfers off Lake of Tears at this time.

And I'm afraid there's no timeline yet as to when that will occur.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Updated.
Mmmm...tasty RP disease.
Let's keep the comments clean and constructive please...
Let's stay on topic, please. Don't derail the thread.
Please keep the discussion off-topic. If this thread has outlived its usefulness, then it's time to close it.
All non-English posts in Languages section please.
dirtyklingon on 02/26/2013, 11:44 AM
are we supposed to get any confirmation email back after submitting?

I've sent an explanation email to an entry that went much longer than the required video length, but I haven't for the other entries. But it's a good idea, I will do that today. :)
Sounds really fun! :)
(Check your email please.)
Don't post call out threads. Locking.
This thread is kind of ironic. Bash us all you want, but I don't see this going down a good path. Locking.
If you purchased an account bound mount, you have to log out of the game and launcher completely. When you get back in, go to Item Claim from your menu bar (not from the store), and then go to your Account Items tab.

That last part about not using the Item Claim from the store is a bug and will be fixed.
We have restored all the characters. Some still remain unrestored due to us needing customer involvement, but 99% of the cases are fixed.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Moving this to the Warrior forum.
The best we can do is point you here. If that fails, open a ticket with CS.
Hah! A for effort, though.
Moved to Suggestions forum.
I see what you did there. ;)
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