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Hello all,

There is a scheduled maintenance tomorrow morning (Thursday, January 16) starting at 7 a.m. PST. This patch will have a few small bug fixes and we will also be working on some backend maintenance as well. The expected duration of the maintenance is approximately 3 hours, but we will try to finish it sooner.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST on Thursday, January 16:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
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Hi there!

Thank you for the feedback! We have a great thread going on this topic already, redirecting to: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Thoughts-on-the-Kuma-BG

This make it a lot easier for us and everyone to track the discussion. Thanks!
(Moving to Art & Media section, I'm guessing this is a TwitchTV channel?)

You love running dungeons. In fact, the only thing that could make your dungeon experience even better would be if you got MOAR LOOT.

Clear your schedule, because we’re doubling the drop rate in all our dungeons and alliance vaults this weekend from Thursday, January 16 at 11 a.m. PST until Tuesday, January 21 at 11 a.m. PST.
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Servers are back up and you can log in again.
We are definitely not taking the recent outages lightly or ignoring them. Even when they go down we always strive to have the servers back up as soon as possible. What happened yesterday was worse and we are looking into how we manage a better response time as well as keeping our servers up.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. Outages frustrate us just as much as they do you.
Hello all!

This week's regular maintenance will be on Tuesday, January 14, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST. During this time all web services will also be unavailable.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately 3 hours.

  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
Servers aren't down but there are login issues. Will update later.
I was incorrect. AV was down. It's now back up. All other servers are also up.
A little bird (or a tall Tree) told me we'll have them sometime later this month. :)
Counterpoint beat me to it, but here are other fun videos in addition to Harley. :P
Kanai on 01/10/2014, 10:25 AM - view
Why do you guys always toy with my emotions! T.T

I had prepared myself for a long wait but.... *BOOM* Surprise! Time to make a male castanic *.*

Oh wow, yeah, I need to get one for my male castanic, Mineo. *swooooooon*

Welcome to TERA!

I'm going to move this to Language section as that's where all non-English posts go. :) )
We are delivering the items right now to the people that belong at the very bottom of this post: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/kumasylum-opens-and-elite-changes

This should all be done within an hour, and I'll post something when this is done.
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Klarity on 01/09/2014, 10:15 AM - view
Not sure if I understand correctly? If I sign up for elite status now, I wont get the steampunk outfit? (its past 7am Jan 9th)

A new outfit will be given out on the 29th. Should I just wait till the 29th then to get more bang for my buck?

You will. And when you renew next time, you will get the next item. The item (currently dyeable steampunk) has been added the monthly deliverables that everyone gets when they renew or sign up. On the 29th, that item will change.
Buffs will be distributed at the reset time of 4pm PST.

All deliveries are now done.
Urvinespiegel on 01/09/2014, 01:58 PM - view
I don't get it. why that date range? why not all active elite accounts?

I get the feeling I'm going to get screwed.


Because we are replacing the item on January 29th for the next cycle. How it works is that players get these items when they renew or sign up, so naturally everyone will get it over the course of 30 days. However, since this item will change on January 29th, players that signed up within the last few days will not get this month's item. The delivery is only to compensate for that.

AND if it turns out that you are a special case and you didn't get the items in the script delivery this morning, or when you renew later this month, you can contact CS and they'll verify and fix you right up.

For our first stream of 2014, we will be running some of the brand new Kumasylum! We will be running this on the Tempest Reach server, so get ready to watch some kumas action!

Like always, we will be doing this on our official Twitch.TV channel channel starting at 3p.m. pacific time.

See you there!

There are a couple things that stand out. If you receive "reliable source serving corrupt data" you can try the steps outlined here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/reliable-source-serving-corrupt-data

If that doesn't work
I'd recommend removing TERA and installing through direct download -- http://tera.enmasse.com/download instead of installing from disk. I'd recommend torrent or from us (avoid happy cloud since you are a previous player). A bit of history here, but a while back some players attempting to install from disk could not patch correctly and installing directly from us or through the torrent seemed to work.

You can always reach out to us as well. We'd be more than happy to go through these steps or any additional ones. If you do contact us (or if you have already) please include your Developer log files. Steps for getting those can be found here -- http://support.enmasse.com/tera/obtaining-the-developer-logs-and-diag-information-when-contacting-support

In regards to the time it takes. It is almost certain that it will say more than 7 days when you first start installing or patching. This is inaccurate and if you let it continue it will shorten as you continue to install (typically down to hours for the full client). This is a known bug in the estimated time calculation.
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Quoting Aliila from the other thread on the elite status bar

Aliila on 01/09/2014, 09:16 AM
Checking on this right now, thank you for letting us know.

It takes sometime for the bar to repopulate, so not all elite buff bars have been updated. Please be patient and wait a little while longer while the poporis continue to run on their hamster wheels.

Also make sure to completely exit out of the launcher and see if it helps.
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Feel free to send us with a thread move/lock request or edit out a double post, etc.

I don't think the delete option is necessary.

Elite players will be dancing around their servers with the discounts we have in store. Starting today (January 9) after maintenance, elite players can expect to see spellbinds permanently discounted 25 percent. To make it even better, strongbox keys are 15 percent off until January 16 at 11 a.m.—that’s a week of great savings!

Head over to Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online to take advantage of your elite status and get these items on discount.
KaraThrace on 01/09/2014, 09:40 AM - view
Hey Treeshark your link......

There was a period that messed up the link, fixed now. Sorry!
Starcass on 01/08/2014, 05:36 PM - view
Thank you. Had a lot of fun coming up with some of the names, a couple are old standbys though =)

I was thinking it sounded like star-cast............................... >_<

We are currently having an issue with our Live Chat support. We are working to resolve the issue and the current ETA is around 2 p.m. PST.

We'll update you in this thread with more information as it becomes available and we're sorry for the inconvenience!
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Live Chat is available again. Thank you for your patience. :)
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Checking on this right now, thank you for letting us know.

It takes sometime for the bar to repopulate, so not all elite buff bars have been updated. Please be patient and wait a little while longer while the poporis continue to run on their hamster wheels.
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Ok let's answer some questions.

The Jeweled Lion will go on sale by the end of the month. Elite's will get a pretty steep discount on it.

Yes, the new mount is side saddle (the picture shows a castanic female side saddle).

If you signed up or renewed Elite between December 30th and Jan 9th 7am, you will receive the new deliverables (30day Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk Costume). Everyone else receive the new deliverables as normal when they renew or sign up after that date.

Key sales? We'll see. Tradable Elite scrolls? We shall also see.
There will be one this month. Details to follow.

BUT it'll be a weekend (well, the normal thurs-tuesday). =)
Village Atlas's teleport you to pre-defined locations all over the world. A daily one was added to the 30-day one to help solve a problem where players with alts couldn't use the original 30-day atlas. A Travel Journal teleports you to 5 locations custom defined by YOU. So it has its own benefits itself, especially while leveling.

The Jeweled Lion mount will be on sale in both account and character versions. Sadly the side saddle cannot be changed on Razormane.

The free permanent item we are sending out is tradable. This is to allow you the freedom to sell it or keep it like the keys and spellbinds did. We will not always send out a cosmetic item, but that is just what we are starting with.

There seems to be some confusion about why we are sending out the dyeable Steampunk costume to only players that signed up or renewed within the time period stated. This is because on January 29th, a new item will replace the dyeable Steampunk costume for the monthly delivery, and those players will never be able to get the dyeable Steampunk costume unless we do this. Everyone else that signs up and renews will get their monthly deliverables (the Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk costume) when they sign up or renew after January 9th. This decision was made so that we cover the entire Elite playerbase, and not neglect 1/3 of it.
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Please use the existing announcement thread for constructive feedback. It's easier to see the feedback/discussion/questions + answers if we keep it in one thread. Thanks.

Currently we have no plans to alter our servers.

(Also please note that creating/using an alternate forum account is against the rules. And please avoid callouts as we want to pay the same amount of attention to all, not just the ones with person/company names. /thread)
A bit of background on this post. This short story by R.K. MacPherson is the lore behind Hands of Velika in TERA. It was originally published on GamerRiot.com, but the website is not available anymore. A community member (PoppyTheStout) has asked for the story to be available again and here it is. Thanks for the request, Poppy! :)


Blood covered my hands. I wanted to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, but the day started with me covered in gore, as I listened to the thief choke to death on his own blood. I checked his shoulder—he had the same brand as the others. Apparently, I’d made enemies. I wiped my hands on his tattered garb and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. No sense spoiling my own raggedy dress. I should have bashed him with my scepter rather than turned his knife on him. There’d be much less blood. I doubted I could fence the rusted blade for so much as a seed potato. Couldn’t sell this fool’s clothing either. Another bleak day in the City of Wheels.

I’m Kestrel. I used to be a soldier. I’m a mystic by trade, which means I can put you back together again or summon a creature to tear you apart, depending on my mood. I worked with one squad of soldiers for a long time. Served up and down Arun. Remember when farms dotted the Celestial Hills? Not many of those left. Remember when you could walk the trail through Oblivion Woods without wondering when the devas were going to ambush you? Yeah, I don’t either, but the stories sound nice.

We were on patrol in Poporia when a bunch of Stalker Company mercs ambushed us. We fought back, did all right at first, but the nimble little wretches overwhelmed us. I still remember Teline’s shrieks when they cut her down. The sound pierced my soul. I ran.

Turned out the military frowned on that sort of behavior. Drummed me out of the service, charged me with a whole scroll of crimes. They even shipped me out to some prison, but the airship crashed. I got out and never looked back. It’s not like I wore my name over my head or anything. I thought I could start over. I figured I’d be able to earn my bread. I’m a fair hand at healing, darned good at killing things, and can pull off a resurrection more often than not. It didn’t work out that way. Word traveled fast in mercenary and military circles, and I was as welcome as a castanic gigolo at a wedding.

I hoped today would be my last day of eating air and drinking wishes. I’ve watched this group of footpads for a tenday now. They called themselves the Claws. They’re organized, I give them that. Two stood watch for guards, two others ran interference, and the rest did the actual work. Two cutpurses plied their trade in the plazas, the enforcer and two brutes squeezed the merchants of Commerce Alley, and the boss watched it all take place. I don’t know how the Valkyon military missed this group, but I was going to take them down.

I resented people who tried to kill me in my sleep.


The plazas teemed with people, and the alleys were crammed with shoppers, merchants, and miscreants big and small. Crowds are best for this kind of work. It’s not like I could just become invisible, so I had to blend with the masses. It wasn’t hard. I was shabbily dressed, but so were most of them. It’s a mental trick as much as a physical act. I closed myself off to everyone, and drew my thoughts inward. Thinking very dark thoughts also helped. I’ve learned that if I seethed and glare, people melt away when I need it, and no one pesters me to buy quasi-fresh goat. It only goes so far, however. I still needed help to get past the lookouts.


“You want me to make the berserker mad? I can do that. What do I get out of it?” The ferret popori’s eyes gleamed mischievously as I laid out my proposal.

“The warm glow of helping someone in need?”

“Nooran’s friend in jail. Total misunderstanding. Didn’t realize amani are so sensitive about being called giants. Mystic summons friend from jail, Nooran helps mystic. That’s the deal. Done talking now. Yes or no?”

I leaned in close, nose to nose, with Nooran. “If you disappear without helping me, I’ll find you and summon a demon to slowly devour you, then I’ll resurrect you and start all over again. This will continue until it stops being funny…to me.”

Nooran swallowed hard and bobbed his head rapidly. “No problem. Nooran will keep his word just as human will keep hers.”

“What’s your friend’s name? Describe him for me. I need a mental image to summon him.”

Nooran spewed a barrage of adjectives and metaphors, most of which meant nothing to me. I finally got him to narrow it down to hyperactive rabbit popori named Girip. I opened my mind and focused the power—and with no fuss whatsoever, Girip appeared. Apparently, Girip was arguing loudly with someone back in the stockade, as he started cataloguing amani faults in brutal and blunt detail.

I glared at Nooran, who grinned at me, then shoved Girip toward one of the lookouts. “Tell him all about why you hate amani!” He winked at me and took off toward the second. “Good luck, mystic!”

Within moments yelps, laughter, and bestial giggles erupted throughout the plaza as I made my way past the lookouts. Their backups would try to find the source of the commotion, but poporis are fairly short and accomplished at causing confusion, so it would take time. The cutpurses would no doubt take advantage of the commotion to lift more bags of coin. This was the time to strike. I slid up behind the first pickpocket, a human with the ugliest handlebar mustache I’ve ever seen. His fingerblade flicked out and cut a purse-string as I struck him just behind the ear with my scepter. He grunted and dropped like a sack of tubers.

An amani loomed over me, blocking out the light above. I glanced up. His eyes narrowed, and he bared his fangs.

“This man’s a thief. See? I’m not taking the purses. Sit on him until the watch arrives.” I flashed him a smile.

The amani growled out a chuckle and did exactly as I asked. The cutpurse groaned as the amani’s bulk settled on him.

The second pickpocket saw me coming. I caught a glimpse of the dagger just before he lunged at me. I yelped and slid to the side. The crowd made it difficult to fight with spells—most of my good ones strike multiple victims—but I still had a few tricks up my sleeve.

I teleported past him and spun around before he figured out where I went. I cursed him thrice, smirking as his skin turned a sickly green, then hammered him with two magical bolts. The thief dropped to the ground, twitching, and the crowd panicked. I dashed over to the corpse, bound his hands to his opposite feet, and resurrected the miscreant. He’d survive until the soldiers arrived, but he wouldn’t be going anywhere.

I had to move fast or I’d be the one arrested. Citizens poured from the Plaza of Triumph and I hurried to keep up with them. If I could vanish back into the crowd, I could break off and sneak into the alley to catch the enforcer.

As I rounded the corner, my stomach plummeted. The enforcer—a sneering castanic—and his two muscular minions were waiting for me with their weapons drawn. Several poporis and a pair of amani crowded into a corner—presumably the merchants. The enforcer wasn’t interested in small talk. His twin swords flashed as he spun them for flair, then arced toward my throat as he attacked. The minions unslung their own weapons, a greatsword and greataxe.

“Only a fool crosses the Claws,” the castanic snarled.

The warrior was on top of me first, but I teleported past him and cursed them all. The berserker pivoted and slammed his axe between my feet, but missed, praise Velik. I summoned my avenger and let it deal with the berserker while I slowed the slayer and warrior. One on one, this was going to be a tough fight. Three on one was not going to be a fight, it was going to be murder—mine.

I blasted the warrior and slayer with a titanic smite, and felt a surge of hope when the warrior was knocked off his feet. The slayer swung his heavy blade in a wide circle that I leaped away from. My eyes flashed as I drained the Claws’ vitality. Blood-red batwings appeared in midair, pulsing as each heartbeat stole more of their life force and transmuted it into mana for me.

The berserker ignored my avenger for a moment and caught me off guard. I dodged most of his strike, but my thigh spurted blood and I found myself several meters from where I started. The pain was incredible, and my vision blurred for a moment.

I heard the roars and yelling, but it took me a moment to focus on it. My avenger continued to pummel the berserker while the merchants overpowered the slayer and warrior. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The berserker got my attention, however, with a blood-curdling scream as he swung his axe at my head. I rolled aside, felt a sharp tug on my head, and hopped to my feet to see most of my long hair lying on the cobblestones like so much straw.

He didn’t get the chance to reply. An arcane pulse struck him from behind and he died screaming. Behind him, striding calmly toward me, was the boss.

“You made quite a mess.”

I blanched and raised my scepter to attack but he held up a single hand and halted his advance. He cocked his head to the side to see the final retribution inflicted on the castanic and his heavy hitters, nodded approvingly.

“I’ve been trying to get the Claws to take their act out of the city for the past fortnight. I tried bribery, coercion—I even asked nicely.” He smiled.

I blinked twice. My leg ached terribly, so I dropped an orb to heal it. The surge of magic coursed through my limb and I let out a sigh of relief. “You’re not with them?” I finally asked.

“I’ve been shadowing them constantly, and meeting them occasionally. I can see how you’d get confused.” He held up a small pin—a blue hand on a black field. “I’m Lyall.”

“I’m Kestrel.” I walked closer, nervous but willing to hear him out. “What’s the pin?”

“A symbol. The law doesn’t always help the people it should. Velika’s garrison is severely understrength. Poverty drives people to the city where thugs like the Claws wait to prey on them.” Lyall slid the pin into a pocket. “We do something about it.”

“‘We?’” I parroted.

“The Hands of Velika.” Lyall jerked his head backward. “Let’s discuss this somewhere else. The amani and poporis will deal with the guards. You’ll never be connected to it.”

I followed him, intensely curious. I’d seen Lyall several times with the Claws. Not once did I think they were anything other than compatriots. Still, I could always resummon my avenger to beat him to a pulp if he had skullduggery on his mind.

“We work outside the law,” Lyall explained, “but in support of it. The goddess Velik laid down a commandment of peace among the residents of this city, but that hasn’t stopped gangs like the Claws from exploiting the innocent. It hasn’t stopped the intimidation and theft.”

I nodded. “Or the occasional murder.”

“The Falconcrest Guards are off on Shara. The remaining soldiers are few and far between. We fill that gap.” Lyall paused and looked me over. “You’d make a great asset.”

Heat bloomed on my cheeks. I hated myself for the hopeful thrill and the cold grip of shame I felt. I wondered how much of that Lyall could read. “You don’t know me.”

Lyall shrugged. “I’ve seen what you can do. You can fight, you can think, and you can act. Seems like a perfect fit for the Hands.”

I wanted to say yes. I wanted to accept his offer, to feel a sense of belonging once more! At the same time, I was afraid. Would my courage hold? Would Lyall be able to count on me? “I was drummed out of the military in disgrace. I’m an outcast. I’m not who you think I am.” Tears stung my eyes and I looked up into the clouds in an attempt to hold them in.

Lyall’s outstretched hand touched mine. I glanced down and saw the pin again, waiting for me to take it.

“Who do you want to be?”

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The game guide for Kumasylum is up.
Between [ img ] and [ /img ] (without spaces), copy and paste in the link.

Ex.) [ img ]http://25.media.tumblr.com/f1398480d903db14f02e7ce80cd30d04/tumblr_myfkmjJXt51qduylvo1_500.jpg[ /img ]

Take away the spaces and you see this:

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Most definitely in the future when it's time. But I don't have the official name for the new class yet, so it can certainly go under Classes in TERA as of right now. :)

(You could also have PM'ed me instead of creating this thread. :/ )
Hello and welcome to TERA!

Your character names are pretty! My favorite has to be Starcass though, it really has a nice ring to it!
Hi Onakun,

We have a support team that would be happy to assist you, which is the best option for technical issues like this. However, from the issue you're describing, it sounds like you may be using the streaming launcher since the TERA download is around 35 GB. Are you using Happy Cloud, or the traditional TERA Launcher (downloaded from the account management page or the middle option here: http://tera.enmasse.com/download )?

I recommend trying a clean boot ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796 ) and then running the TERA Launcher as an administrator. If this doesn't resolve the issue please contact our support team for assistance: http://support.enmasse.com/tera

Be sure to let the GM know when you submit your support ticket, and also provide your EME Diagnostic file and your launcher debug logs if you can. These files will be very helpful in identifying why the launcher will not work for you.
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Thank you guys so much for all the info. We are currently investigating this, so the more info the better and with lots of details if you can! Really appreciate all the help :)
One time on the EME twitch stream, i did very very badly.
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CitrusBunny on 01/07/2014, 04:30 PM - view
First of all, I must compliment the use of that dapper popori fella v

The item will be the same one as you would get from the store, so the attributes will not be changed. In the case of the dyeable steampunk outfit, it will come out of a smartbox.
To quote from a locked thread (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Changes-to-Elite-Status-What-do-you-think-of-it):
4. I love the fact that TERA will increase the hours of the boost, but how TERA will staggered it? " six total hours each day" will it build up in a day if I don't use them? I work 8-12 hours shift per day, I don't want to waste my boost, I hope I can activate all 6 boost in one sitting. And please clearly state when the boost will reset PST

Right now you have 1 boost of each type. That number changes from 1 to 6 after this change. You will even see that number say "6" instead of 1. You can activate them all at once (over the course of an hour due to the 10 minute cooldown), or whenever you wish. The boosts reset, along with everything else on the bar, at 4pm PST.
Asunai on 01/07/2014, 04:55 PM - view
Are we still keeping our atlases?

Yes. Anything not mentioned is not changed!
Zairel on 01/07/2014, 05:27 PM - view
that sucks i renewed on the 17th of dec i really wanted the costum only one i dont have. should be if people renewed after the 9th of dec.

You will eventually get it on your next renewal date. Since the item is changing at the end of this month, there will be players who do not get it at all. We wanted to take care of those players.

Question: Will every monthly costume be the **Dyeable** version?

Not always. It is not always going to be a costume either. We are going to pick an item worth around $10 or more.

Hey everyone! Treeshark here with two bits of news for TERA. First, Kumasylum opens tomorrow, January 9, after maintenance to all players level 30 and up. It’s the first battleground where players get to take control of a giant kumas and battle against other players. Kumasylum pits three player-controlled kumases against seven players who attempt to steal the kumas treasure. Find out more in our game guide.

Based on your feedback, the following changes are coming to elite status during maintenance on January 9.

On the elite bar, there are two major changes. Many voiced that the jeweled lion has run its course, and we agree. On January 9, we retire our beloved jeweled lion and bring out Razormane, an exclusive armored mount.

With a speed of 280, this gleaming armored mount will attract attention and lead the charge!

Next, we are increasing the boosts you get. Currently, everyone receives one each of the four hour-long boosts available (XP, Reputation, Gold Hunters, and Quest Gold). For a lot of you, this wasn’t enough to tide you over for a day, so we’re increasing that number from one to six, so each of the four boosts will be available for six total hours each day. They’re still broken up into one-hour increments, so you can choose when and on which character you want to use them. Use them all on one, or divvy them up across all your alts.

For the monthly deliverables, we are making the following changes. The strongbox keys and spellbind boxes will be removed from the deliverables. We are adding a 30-day travel journal, as well as a free permanent item that will change every month. To start, we will be giving out a dyeable steampunk costume for all elite status members.* We are also going to have more elite-only sales on items as well. Spellbinds will receive a permanent elite discount, and we’ll discount the jeweled lion when it goes on sale. In the future, we will look to put discounts on other items like keys and dyes, as well as costumes, mounts and pets.

Overall, I think these changes will cement the convenience that elite status provides you as a TERA player. With a new mount, more boosts, and new discounts, you can get more out of elite status than ever.

Look for these changes, as well as the opening of Kumasylum, January 9 after maintenance.

Treeshark out!

*All players who signed up or renewed elite status between the dates of December 30, 2013 to January 9, 2014 at 7 a.m. PST will receive the travel journal (30 days) and the dyeable steampunk costume on January 9. A new item will replace the dyeable steampunk costume for elite status players on January 29.
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(Let's get the thread back on track, folks.)
Redirecting to the announcement thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/Kumasylum-Opens-and-Elite-Changes

Please use the existing thread to comment on the topic, it's easier for everyone (including us) to keep track of the discussion/feedback. Thanks!
Redirecting to the announcement thread now: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/Kumasylum-Opens-and-Elite-Changes

(Heya Wolfy, the dyeable steampunk outfit from the first elite status item will have the same characteristic as what we have now, so yes, it will be tradeable. Just need to make sure the box is opened with the race/gender you want the outfit for, since it will be in a smartbox. :) )
Hi Chloe,

That's an odd issue that you're having there. Please be sure to run the TERA Launcher as an administrator so that once the files are downloaded you're able to install the game.

It looks to me like you have probably downloaded multiple copies of TERA, which quite honestly is not a problem we have seen with other players. This means we don't have an FAQ to address the issue and the advice given to you by counterpoint is correct: contacting support ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera ) for assistance is your best bet. That way a GM can assist you with locating the cause of your installation trouble and resolve it.

We do also offer 3 total download methods, if you're having trouble with one you can always try one of the others: http://tera.enmasse.com/download
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Elite status will get a makeover start 1/9. The Elite status bar will have 6 charges for each of the 4 different 1-h buffs per day instead of the old 1 charge per 1-h buff per day. Find out more from Treeshark's news post: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/kumasylum-opens-and-elite-changes
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Tazusa on 01/07/2014, 03:56 PM - view

And do the travel journals work in alliance territories? If so... OP!

You can't save locations within Alliance territories, so you can't teleport in, but you can teleport out of Alliance territories :)
Edited by: Aliila 11 months ago
Sorry about that, folks. AV is back up. We'll also get Colbrrr (the Wintera Token NPC) back up again soon.
Hey folks,

We have way too many topics and derails in this thread, not to mention some really offensive/inappropriate remarks were made by multiple people. Please remember to create constructive feedback/suggestions and follow the forum rules.

Also OP, I do think you were trying to give us feedback, but it needs to be done in a constructive manner that's not inflammatory or overly dramatic. You don't have to do those to make a point. Also this is the official forum of NA TERA published by En Masse. As such, please direct the discussion accordingly. Thanks.
No info yet, we'll be sure to post it once they're available.

Also this week's maintenance will be on Thursday, the post will be up soon (I'm working on it).

(And no bumping please. Thanks! :P)
Hello all,

This week's regular maintenance will be on Thursday, January 9, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST. We will be working on some backend maintenance as well.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately 3 hours.

  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. While we strive for 100% satisfaction, the unfortunate reality is that it doesn't always happen.

Please have some (more) patience while CS responds to your ticket in a satisfactory manner.

However, as you've admitted yourself, this thread has become a feeding ground for the trolls, so I'm going to lock it.
The schedule shows the server name and start time. All BAM spawns will happen in Velika Outskirts.
(Stay away from creating inflammatory/offensive posts that do not contribute to the overall topic, please. And please, if you see something inappropriate, report and move on instead of retaliating. This goes for both of you. Thanks.)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
Hello there,

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. It's always super cool to see a diverse group of folks enjoying TERA and games in general.

Since you seem pretty invested on AV, I'll move this to the server forum, hopefully it will help. Best of luck to you in your guild search and rock on! <3
Saw this late, but love the snowmen and fireworks! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :D
Confirming the name deletion and change doesn't work for soulbound items.

Also the ticket history being shorter, it's due to our backend service program change. :)

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to get your very own in-game friend? That waiting is about to pay off! This weekend, from Friday, January 3 at 11 a.m. until Monday, January 6 at 11 a.m., all our pets are 33 percent off.

• Pet: Dragonette
• Pet: Rambo
• Pet: Carnivorous Plant
• Pet: Prince
• Pet Litter Bundle
• Pet: Totes
• Pet: Cheeks
• Pocket Popo Party Pack
• ...and both pet food loot boxes!

Don’t wait! Head over to Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online to get yourself a pal worth showing off.
Redirecting the discussion to the existing thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/New-ElinsOnly-Class-Revealed-Updated-with-Details
(Folks, let's move on if you aren't offering helpful/constructive posts to the topic. Thanks.)

What better way to start off the new year than laying the smackdown on a whole army of BAMs?

Starting Saturday morning, January 4, at 10 a.m. PST, be on hand in the Velika outskirts for the arrival of a veritable horde of BAMs. Then, every hour, the action shifts to another server (with a short break at 1 p.m., because even giant, ravening monsters get a one-hour lunch break by law), and the fun starts all over again!

• Valley of Titans: 10 a.m. PST
• Lake of Tears: 11 a.m. PST
• Mount Tyrannas: 12 p.m. PST
• Ascension Valley: 2 p.m. PST
• Tempest Reach: 3 p.m. PST
• Celestial Hills: 4 p.m. PST

The battle is going to be fierce and brutal, so come prepared for the fight of your life! These BAMs are out for some serious payback. They don't feel pity or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop until you are dead or they are. So if you've got a favorite crystal, you might want to store it somewhere safe until the last BAM is down and the smoke has cleared.
AlmaBeoulve on 01/03/2014, 02:43 PM - view
Hm, will they be dropping any good loot? Also, what happened to the thread about CMs, GMs, and other employees / helpers? : - O

They may drop some, but with a lot of players participating, it may become difficult to actually get the loot for the team. If our past events are any indication, it will be chaotic! >: )

I forgot about the other thread, thank you for the reminder! :)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
What Ryou and Alma said. :)

I'll see you at 3 p.m. PST outside of Velika, Wolf!

(Redirecting to the announcement thread)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago - Reason: Foiled by Solmon's quick post. :(
Hello there,

Thanks for the suggestion! :) We do our best we can with the given resources. Some of the ideas we'd love to try out can't happen because it's just not possible for us to do it whether it's due to the tools or resources. We understand that not every event can be enjoyed by everyone, too... Like you mentioned, people have different schedules in real life. :( But we'd still like to do our best to have different events for the various members of the community, so I believe having this spawn event will still have a positive impact in our community. A similar line of thought goes to our other community activities as well. We will still hold art contests even if not everyone's an artist, and hold tournaments even if not everyone is competitive.

I agree that events can always be better and we will take the constructive feedback to improve it in the future like the time window. So always feel free to give us your ideas and suggestions and we'll continue working on bettering them. Thanks.

(Guys... Guys... When we have an existing thread, please use that thread to discuss the topic, like the announcement thread. xD)
Hello, OP.

Thanks for your thoughtful post. But in the future, if you have questions/comments on in-game moderation action, please contact our Support Team. Also please remember that we do not share the details of moderation action to protect everyone's privacy.

Please avoid callouts and discussion of moderation action on the forums as they are against the rules.
Wanted to stop by and clarify that we don't get to control the tax. :( I think it usually depend on the state, and personally I've always had to pay taxes on all purchases I've made for TERA. Even if En Masse gift card of some type was available at a store, you'd be paying taxes when you purchase them. (Yeah, I like even numbers too, so that'd be cool. :))
Hello all,

Sorry about the confusing statement, the event/token redeem NPC's were available until the scheduled maintenance this morning which was why it was to January 2. We'll work harder to make the times clearer next time.

We're also working to get the Wintera token exchange NPC's back in the game, but please note that this may take up to 1-2 hours. I'd also advise you to exchange the tokens as soon as possible since in case of a server restart for any reason, they will not automatically return. Also, the token exchange NPC's will only be available in game until our next scheduled maintenance next week.
(Shameless self quote to make this more visible. :))

Minea on 01/02/2014, 10:40 AM - view
Hello all,

Sorry about the confusing statement, the event/token redeem NPC's were available until the scheduled maintenance this morning which was why it was to January 2. We'll work harder to make the times clearer next time.

We're also working to get the Wintera token exchange NPC's back in the game, but please note that this may take up to 1-2 hours. I'd also advise you to exchange the tokens as soon as possible since in case of a server restart for any reason, they will not automatically return. Also, the token exchange NPC's will only be available in game until our next scheduled maintenance next week.
Here's a warning for creating non-constructive, inflammatory comments and/or personal attacks, Kistune, Tazusa, and kirsch.

@OP, You are warned for creating a callout thread when you really should know the rules by now.

And this thread is done.
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
FleurDeCerisier on 01/02/2014, 02:38 PM - view
Thank you very much Minea, I just logged in right now. But the Snowmans were not there yet. What time the NPC event will be back? I just dont want to miss it again. Thanks again for your response.

They are all in, I just double checked on LT. :) There is one in Freedom Plaza in Velika, and one in each of the alliance halls.

We'll have some in-game announcements letting everyone know about this as well.
Sorry about the confusion, guys! We'll try harder to make the duration clearer next time.

As Fleur mentioned, Colbrrr is currently available until next week's maintenance. But I'd recommend redeeming the Wintera Tokens as soon as you can and not wait until next week, since Colbrrr won't automatically respawn if there is a server restart.

Colbrrr is located in Velika's Freedom Plaza and each of the alliance halls.
(Hi there! Welcome to TERA! I'm going to move this to Newcomer Discussions, I think this thread will feel more at home there. :) )
Hi Violin,

This can be resolved by resetting the quest instance, or a GM can assist you as well. Here are the instructions to reset the instance yourself: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/how-to-reset-an-instance or you can contact our support team for GM assistance!
Glad to hear! Usually this type of issue can be resolved by resetting the UI in the options menu, or our support staff is always happy to help via a support ticket.
Hi Lotusblossem,

If you are unable to load one character after a crash it's most likely corrupt game files. Please run the repair tool in the TERA Launcher. That should resolve the issue blocking you from logging in. If you contact our support staff and provide the character name and server name a GM can relocate your character, however corrupt files will continue to make you crash in that location so I recommend running the repair tool.
Ah, you're welcome! Glad to hear it :D
Some images are TERA concept arts, so they might not be 100% accurate or complete.

And many loading screens were from a "Winter-Themed" fan art contest, and since it's still winter, they'll be around for a bit longer :)
Edited by: Aliila 11 months ago
We're investigating the AV outage.

Update: Server is back up.
Edited by: Burble over 1 year ago
The URL you listed is going away. If you've saved it you should replace it with http://support.enmasse.com/tera. This is the URL that we direct to now for support. From there you can submit a ticket if the bug is causing immediate game play issues.

If its just a general bug that you've found and doesn't impact your ability to play TERA then you can report it on the Bug sub-forum located here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/bug-report

As interesting as anonymous internet reports may be, you are simply trying too hard, OP. Your main argument isn't even supported by/related to your reasoning.

Also don't insult other people because they may have different opinions.
Hey folks,

I'm going to let this nearly 3-month old thread retire now. :)

As for the level up event in the future, we'll be sure to announce it when we have more information.
Welcome to TERA! I think it's adorable that you use your favorite pokemon names as your character names! :)
Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about the robbery. I can't imagine how it'd feel to have all the prized possessions stolen. Hopefully it's all settled now. :(

I have removed the email address from your posts since we request our users not to share personal information on the forums to protect everyone's privacy.

And good luck with TERA Talk! I've watched/listened to your first one and I appreciate how you enunciate things clearly and it seemed like you already had the topics to talk/discuss in mind, which was also great!

Hello, folks!

We've had a great year and hope you've all been having a great holiday season.

Use the code happynewyear in your account page for the "Happy New Year" fireworks to celebrate in TERA!

(Please note that the firework code gives 3 different fireworks - "Happy", "New" and "Year". The code is redeemable once per account.)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
If you see anything you think is inappropriate, please report it and we will be sure to review the case. There can also subtle but important differences depending on a situation.

(Also thank you for avoiding callouts for the characters. :) )

Let's not discuss moderation action or rules on the forums. Please stop. If you need clarification, contact us.

@Dum, We've already stated that "To be clear, AFK'ing in BGs can and has in the past lead to account suspensions and terminations." If we deem something is preventing others from enjoying the game and/or is against the spirit of playing the game, we will take action. We will decide what that is, as written in the rules. So please stop spam posting arguments on how something is or isn't against the rules. This type of behavior or attitude does nothing for our community. :( Also please stop posting random images unrelated to the topic or does not provide constructive content to the thread. Thanks.

@OP, Thank you for your constructive feedback with suggestions. It is a topic that we are constantly thinking of.

Now let's get the thread back on track.
Contact our Support Team to report and we'll take the appropriate action. Thanks.

For any in-game moderation-related questions in the future, please submit a Support ticket as it's against the forum rules to discuss moderation on the forums. :(
We don't share what type of moderation action is done to protect everyone's privacy.

If you have questions on in-game moderation or wish to report inappropriate behavior, please contact our Support Team with as much information as possible and we'll review the case to take appropriate action. Thanks.
All of the honorable mentions and winners' works are available on our announcement post.

Just click on the artwork you want to save and it will open up that image alone. You can click on it again to zoom in and view its original size. Then it's right click to save. :) (>> For Windows and with Chrome)
It will be back up soon.

Edit: It's up.
Edited by: Treeshark 11 months ago
yes we know and we are working on a fix.

Ok the losses in Fraywind and Skyring were off so we are fixing it.

However, Mayfair's score is still correct.

Previously the contribution was capped at 120 and win was 85. So that gets you 205. We doubled everything, so now the contribution is at 240, and the win is at 170. Since Mayfair got 15300, it was 153 pts added to get 323.

HOWEVER, after maintenance is over, we are going to double the rate you get points as well. So Mayfair would have gotten the 240 pts with 15300 score (306 capped at 240).

We will not be retroactively handing back points.
Edited by: Treeshark 12 months ago
MitaraiKeiko on 12/26/2013, 10:44 AM - view
What maintenance? Another one?

We will be doing a short one in 8 minutes to fix the problems raised in this thread.
There's an issue with Alliance ranking not resetting in 7 days. They are still on the 7 days cycle and will not reset until next Tuesday.

We are still working on fixing the cycle duration.
The points for losing in Fraywind and Skyring will be fixed. The rate of getting contribution points will also be doubled with the maintenance.

Also, we will not be retroactively handing back points.
Edited by: Aliila 12 months ago
There are a lot of gray areas in this matter, but for the most part we have not found anyone to really violate the spirit of the rules. Putting up your videos of TERA gameplay is fine. Having ads on the video is fine. Putting up our gameplay and calling it "Budaki4 Online made by me!" may not be so fine.

Anyway, we do peruse youtube from time to time, but it is see what the community has made and enjoy it and not with intentions of taking anything down. I came here because I think you wanted an official response, so here it is! Youtube away.
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