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WinsonXd on 01/31/2014, 01:08 PM - view
but i purchased in the website \is it matter????

Both of our in-game and web store purchases are not delivered at the moment. :(
I blame Mudkip for being the cookie monster.

(Also moving this to Off-Topic section. :) )
Just reassuring everyone that we're working on this, and will continue to use this thread to update.
We're working on this, thank you.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: All servers are up. Please note that we will be sending out an instance reset scroll due to the server outages today. Please see more info [url=http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Instance-Reset-Scroll-Due-to-Server-Outage]here
Hello everyone,

We're sorry for the inconvenience with the server crashes today. Please note that an instance reset scroll will be sent to the characters that are online 15 minutes after the servers come up again. (The scroll will be untradeable.)

Thank you for your patience.
All servers are up. Please note that we will be sending out an instance reset scroll due to the server outages today. Please see more info here.
Update: 4:57 p.m. PST

Our in-game and web stores are currently under maintenance. If you've made a purchase earlier, please note that it will be delivered automatically after the system is restored. Thank you.
Update: 5:18 p.m. PST

Our in-game and web stores are open again, but we continue to work on the purchase delivery delay.
Your character has an adorable name! Welcome to TERA! Be sure to check out the AV server and Guild Recruitment forums for guilds and friends! :)
Sorry about the delivery delay, we're working as hard as we can to resolve this. :(
Thanks, Rozettt! His name is Oliver :)

@FearTheFork: I don't think my music dates me - 90's music will live forever!! The list of 90's bands I love alone stretches on forever. Actually, I listen to a lot of older music and classic rock and people who see my whole mp3 library tend to guess my age wrong by decades (which can be hilarious!).

What *really* tells my age is my first MMORPG: Dark Age of Camelot! That was many, many moons ago.
Access to all servers has been restored, with the exception of Tempest Reach, which should be available shortly. Thanks for your patience!
Edited by: Araya 10 months ago
TR actually just came back up.

I am Bob, aka Tonka, aka “Number One Archer NA”, aka the bearded streamer guy, aka the guy who is more than likely at fault for something breaking. My official title is “Event Specialist”, but that’s just what it says in the employee list. I like to consider myself the guy in charge of trolling Minea and Harmonia.

In a nut shell, my job involves me planning and participating in our Twitch.tv streams, coordinating in game events and tournaments, as well as contests! I have been the “Event Specialist” since August of last year, so you will likely see even more of me in the future.

If you have any questions for me, or have suggestions for events and twitch.tv streams, I’m a fairly open person! Feel free to send an e-mail to Tonka@enmasse.com. I love hearing from you guys!

I have been at En Masse for 3 years (On February 14th!)! I joined En Masse as a games tester long before TERA launched back in 2011. I have bounced through a few roles here, and landed at my current role of “Event Specialist”.
Before working at EME, I worked in technical support, both deskside and remote.

Time for some rapid fire facts about myself:

• I'm just about that action, boss.
• I am the youngest employee at En Masse at the ripe old age of 25.
• I have lived in the Seattle area my entire life, and plan to live here for the rest of it.
• I am married with no children, we just purchased our first home as a matter of fact!
• My favorite band is In Flames.
• My favorite CD is “The Artist in the Ambulance” by Thrice.
• My favorite genre of music is tied between Chillstep or Electro House.
• My favorite game is Suikoden III.
• My first MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI on the PS2.
• I played Socom 2 semi-competitively through Socombattles.
• My favorite movie is Pans Labyrinth.
• I wear a lot of hats.
• I have two cats.

I am a pretty open book when it comes to who I am and what I like. If you have any more questions, ask them to me live on our Twitch.TV streams! Now look at these pictures, aren’t they amazing?

This is my desk. We just moved seats, so it’s incredibly clean right now.

I don’t just wear silly hats on the Twitch.tv stream, I wear them IRL too.

I love you all <3

Edited by: Tonka 10 months ago
Hey Everyone!

This week, we will be enjoying the newest in game event, Root Stock and
Pond Faire! We will be running through the quests, doing some mini-games, and betting the farm on BAMs in the Bamarama!

Tune in to our official Twitch.TV channel to view the festivities!

See you then!

AV this week!
Yes, we do. While we may not catch them on the first report, we do get them eventually. Both infractions (AFK'ing or Botting) can result in a warning, game suspension, or permanent ban. The severity of action is dependent upon the situation, and specific account information that we research.
Our latest Vine video

Enjoy! :)
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
Hello all,

For a few hours on February 1-2, our service provider will be performing a maintenance on their end. We do not expect our service to be impacted during that time, but there is a small possibility of lag or disconnection during the specified time.

Maintenance Time:
10:01 p.m. PST on February 1 - 3:00 a.m. PST on February 2
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
Hello, all!

The folks who've been active in following the TERA stream on TwitchTV got a good introduction of the Community Team when we did the Community Team interview. :)

We also covered on what types of tasks each member of the team specializes in during the interview and someone suggested that it'd be great to have this information available on the forums as well.

So here they are! We are all here to be with you and make our community great, so please feel free to reach us through PM's, Twitter, Reddit, etc.! To see which community channels we are active on, please see this page.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago

I am Minea, the Community Manager here at En Masse. It is my job to encourage our community to grow and be healthy. My most important tasks are to gather and share our community feedback with the internal teams at En Masse and Bluehole Studio, and to share announcement/information with the community and looking after the forums. I am also involved in facilitating and supporting other community activities with Tonka and Harmonia, such as doing giveaways during TwitchTV streams and helping out with the Canyon Clash Tournament matches. Last but not least, my desk is between Harmonia's and Tonka's, and it is my job to make sure they are picked on at least a couple of times a day. If you have questions on fansites, guilds, or forum moderation (or if you just want to say hi!), please don't hesitate to contact me!

As for a bit more about myself, I joined En Masse nearly 4 years ago. I love Seattle, cold weather, and Harry Potter. My favorite colors are black and yellow (Hufflepuff pride!). The Harry Potter quiz we took says I'm like Dumbledore, but I relate the most with Umbridge and McGonagall. My favorite movie of all time is Sense & Sensibility and I like afternoon teas (the ones with lots of cake like this)! Some of my favorite games include Diablo, Diablo II, City of Heroes/Villains, and Plants vs. Zombies. If I could have a super power, I want the ability to control the state of any matter and change it into solid/liquid/gas form. This sounds too OP though, since I could demolish buildings (melt concrete, etc.) and stuff. So I am going to have to limit the area of effect into a reasonable size and have to be touching the matter to change.

Picture of my desk yesterday:

Hmm, the link works for everyone I've tested with.

See if our profile link will work for you? TERA on Vine

Darn those poporis! They sent us stacks of Valentine’s Day cards but only finished the front. Help us out and craft the perfect Valentine’s Day lines to put inside! Select one of the card art pieces below and add your words—poem or prose! Your valentine could be to your friend, your guild mate, or anyone. Submit your words by February 9 at 11:59 p.m. PST to community@enmasse.com,and include your character’s race and gender (to ensure accurate prizes). The top two submissions for each card art will win a festive new party outfit!


1. Submit up to 12 lines; no more than six words per line. Remember, this is a Valentine’s card, not a book!
2. Send submissions to community@enmasse.com. Include your character's race, gender, and which card your submission applies to.
3. Your submission must be TERA themed.
4. Limit of two entries per person.
5. All standard En Masse Entertainment contest rules apply.

Fifty Shades of Castanica

Yarn Work

Balcony Scene

Rabbit’s Tale

Mirror, Mirror

*All images can be viewed in full size, just click on the images on our News Post here.

Also adding the image album in case you want to use it for your Valentine. :)
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: Added the link to the image album
Good point, we'll plan to add a clarification text. Thanks! :)
Some say she is 5 feet tall, and you can only see the top half of her face on Twitch streams. Others say she's been watching too many Top Gear episodes on Netflix. All we know is she's called GM Harmonia!

I started at EME 3 years ago on the game testing team playing TERA. After that I moved to our support team and worked as a GM for quite a while, helping players with their technical problems and game questions. Now I work on the community team with Tonka and Minea. I do the social media stuff - posting information and answering questions on Facebook, Google+, Raptr, Reddit and Twitter. I also manage our FAQs to make sure we have the best information possible to help players find answers to their questions and technical issues.

I may be hard to spot in-game (an elusive elin GM!) but you can catch me on the streams sometimes playing Little.Husky, my beloved Popo. I definitely can't pick a favorite class - I started as a Priest and love healing in TERA more than any other MMO. Surprisingly though, I spend most of my time playing a slayer and berserker. I've been playing MMORPGs for nearly 15 years so it's strange that these are my first real melee characters! As mentioned in our community interview, I also spend a lot of time playing strategy games and open world RPGs.

Fun facts:
• I'm left handed!
• Last year I ran my first marathon.
• I own a ridiculous number of Doctor Who t-shirts.
• I live with my very own real life popori (pictured below in his everyday bow-tie) .
• A few of my favorite books are Mother Night, Catch 22 and Livro do Desassossego (The Book of Disquiet).
• My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
• If I have my headphones on at work, I'm probably listening to Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, or something eclectic.
• We all took the Harry Potter quiz and I got Luna!

And just like Tonka said, we moved desks yesterday so everything is orderly!

PS: Super shout-out to GM Discodolly who made the froggy and T-rex amigurumi on my desk!
@silenttwo: True!! :)

@Lunaus: That link will go to our Community landing page soon. For now, if you use the "Forum" breadcrumb it will take you back to the Forums main page :)
I think we need more pictures of Tonka in goofy hats, Minea's life story, and more pictures of Harmonia's popori.
PsychoSTINO on 01/28/2014, 01:49 PM - view
This threat is to clear up the possible misunderstanding of the Tera cash shops, since the difference in shops is not clearly stated on neither sites and I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made.

Notice that there are 2 Tera cash shops. The first is tera.enmasse.com where u can buy En Masse points (EMP) and the second is tera.gameforge.com where u can buy Tera Thalers (TT). It is important that you purchase from the right shop. If you play on the US servers, you have to buy EMP points, if you play on the European servers, you have to buy TT. I made the mistake of purchasing EMP points for a character on the European servers because I had more profit. The thing is that you can’t transfer these points nor your character, between US and EU servers because the companies who maintain the servers are 2 entirely different companies.

In case you did purchase your points from the wrong company, you can contact costumer support on their website and ask for a refund. I suggest ofcourse explaining the confusion and adding you’re proof of order as an attachment.

In my case En Masse refunded every single dollar, which is amazing. I didn’t expect a refund at all. They could have easily said it was not possible. What was I going to do? Sue them? I would probably lose even more money. But they understood I lost a significant amount of money, and helped.
Note that they also replied within a day or two, and kept me up to date with the refund. They were also extremely friendly.
This proves that the companies care about the individual customers, and do not neglect players who love the game and are willing to purchase something to support the game.
So props to En Masse for the incredible support!

I hope this prevents further wrong orders.

If this thread prevents one person from making this mistake in the future then it did it's job. Thanks, and glad we could help you out.
nekomin on 01/29/2014, 11:40 AM - view
Speaking of staff, i came back to play like a week ago after a long break and i've been wondering something. Where's solomon? Used to see him like every hour telling people to get out of lfg and since i came back i haven't seen anything like it. He almost felt like part of the furniture of ingame chat

I also add to the thread a great work to all the staff, i know more or less the hardships you guys are going through but you're still managing to conquer them. A huge pat in the back to everyone.

Still here. Still asking people to keep it out of LFG :)
Sometime in spring. :)
Thank you for your kind thoughts. We're obviously not perfect but we'll keep on trying. Always feel free to reach us through the forums, PM, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we love hearing from you. ^_^

(Also removing "EME" from the title, we try to pay the same amount of attention to all threads, not just the ones with our names in it. :) )
kirsch on 01/29/2014, 11:50 AM - view

Nice. I have to use this name now. Mwahaha. :D

We're lurking about, but we'll try to stop by more, I recently got very attached to my evil handsome castanic male character after our roleplay plot thickened, so that may not be as visible as being in game as the GM character. :)
What LancelotDL said is correct. :)

The actual time of the elite gift delivery will depend on your elite status signup/renewal date, but for February we have selected the EX-TRM mount.
Hello, Mayhew!

You seem like a polite and wonderful person, hope you find a lot of new friends and a perfect guild.

See you around! :)
No, please don't do this. This may/probably will/will cause your game to not function properly.

(Also it's against our Terms of Service to alter the game client. :) )
Level 160 means ilevel or item level 160. When you bring up your character's profile, at the bottom left of character (below the left ring accessory), there's a number displayed, that's the item level of your character.
Edited by: Aliila 10 months ago
Debit card definitely works for purchasing EMP. Location is also another issue for when purchasing EMP, make sure you are not in one of the regions that we don't support.

CitrusBunny on 01/29/2014, 03:59 PM - view
If you buy the character bound mount, you can take it out of YOUR item claim and trade the book to him.

However, if you buy the account bound lion, no, there is no way to gift it or trade it to him as far as I know.

This is correct. Only the character bound mount is tradeable, the account bound one shows up in the "Account Items" tab in Item Claim, and those items will be available to all of your current and future character created, but they cannot be traded.
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for putting something like this together.

I need to get my priest on TR to max level and maybe I'll join you secretly! :D


Do you have a reputation for kicking some serious butt in TERA? In honor of Super Bowl XLVIII, beginning now through maintenance on Tuesday, February 4, get double rep in Kumasylum. Go beast mode on those baddies! It’ll be like taking candy from a super-huge, freaky baby!
Edited by: Tonka 11 months ago - Reason: Tonka Edit: Kumasylum grants double rep to all players participating in the battleground, not just to winners.
Yep, LT is coming up just now, please give a few more minutes. :)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago - Reason: Confirming it's available now, I'm logged in with other LT'ers. :)
All of the servers are up and players are logged in.

(@Knnhcsir, Please try exiting completely out of the launcher and restarting it.: ) )
The current season of Crucible of Flame for each server is listed below:

• Ascension Valley - started on 1/25
• Celestial Hills - started on 1/25
• Lake of Tears - started on 1/25
• Mount Tyrannas - started on 1/28
• Tempest Reach - started on 1/28
• Valley of Titans - started on 1/28

We are working to consolidate the season for all servers and will update you with more information.
Oh ho ho, TR is being super adorable today! o7
You are logged into your forum account and are posting on the forums, so you should be able to contact our Support Team by selecting "TERA" and "I can't log in" option here. PM me if you can't access that page and we'll figure stuff out.

I understand that you are frustrated, but this is your last warning for making personal attacks on the forums. This type of behavior is a no-no.

You’ve had elite status for a while, and you really loved that jeweled lion mount. You miss it. You wish you could just buy it from the store. We know, and we’re granting that wish! Starting today, January 28, you can buy your very own jeweled lion mount from Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online—whether you’re elite or not!

We’re also changing our monthly elite gift. Sign up for elite status before Wednesday, January 29 at 6:59 a.m. PST to get January’s free gift: a dyeable steampunk outfit! Sign up after, or keep your elite status active, to get February’s gift: a character-bound EX-TRM mount!
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
As some players have pointed out, Shervanberry wine and the Sky lotus wine names are mixed. Thank you for letting us know!
Sorry if was confusing, we'll try harder to make it clearer next time. ^_^;;

Thanks for clarifying that, Lancelot! :D

We have some more information on the festival achievements.

1. "Please Drunk Responsibility"

: Shevranberry Wine and Sky Lotus Drink required for the "Please Drunk Responsibility" achievement list are mixed. Please drink the other to complete the achievement. This is a known issue and will be fixed next week.

This has been resolved after this morning's maintenance.

2. "Now All I Need Is a Lamp"

: This achievement requires "Shouldn't a Festival Be More... Festive?" achievement from the Festival of the Sun. Please make sure to double check if you have the prerequisite.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: Please Drunk Responsibility has been fixed to display the correct food item names.
A server crash has occurred for all servers about 10 minutes ago. We are investigating the issue and working on bringing all servers up right now.
Please redirect your comments here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Servers-are-down-103105
Please redirect your comments here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Servers-are-down-103105
Please redirect your comments here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Servers-are-down-103105
Update 6:41: all servers should be back up now.
There will be a maintenance tomorrow.

(moving this to the TR forum)
Please don't discuss activities against Terms of Service. This is a warning for everyone. :(

This week's regular maintenance will start at 7 a.m. PST on Tuesday, January 28. The expected duration of the maintenance is approximately 3 hours, as we continue to work on some backend maintenance as well. Rootstock and Pond Faire start after the maintenance, you can read more about them here, and here is our patch notes.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST on Tuesday, January 28.

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago
Hey all,

Thanks for letting us know about not being able to search for the Snowbelle suits at the broker. We plan to fix it next week. If there are other items that you can't search for, please let us know. Thanks.
(Let's chill a bit, you two. It's Friday and here is an image for you both.

I've removed names from the first post to avoid callouts - it's a no-no on the forums. I understand your frustration, but please report any inappropriate behavior through our Support Team instead of making callouts. Thanks.)
Welcome back!

So far we don't know when we'll have this yet, but currently the plan is sometime in spring. Of course we'll have more specific dates as we get nearer to the date and share it with everyone. :)

Guys, I know it's a repeat topic, but that doesn't mean you can't be a bit friendlier to a fellow player who sounds pretty excited about a new update coming. :(

You're right, CoF season didn't get reset last night. We're looking into this.

Festivals abound in the world of TERA from Tuesday, January 28 to Tuesday, April 1! Log in and join the fun! (Read on to find out more!)

Rootstock | Pond Faire


After years of war and rebellion, the Freeholds are finally free from conflict—and the farmers are eager to hold their midwinter festival again at long last!

Starting Tuesday, January 28, level 28 and above can visit the Freeholds to participate in a wide variety of country fair events and games—as well as placing wagers on the titanic clashes going on in the Bamarama!

When the event begins, you should receive an invitation to Rootstock. Just talk to Melsa, in the fairgrounds by Lein's Farm, to get started. After you run a couple errands for her, Melsa will get you started discovering the various attractions, so you can identify what most appeals to you and get involved right away!

If you're into mini-games, Rootstock has three offerings especially for you!


At specific times during the day, the BAMs come out to play! Talk to Lein (just west of the Rootstock fairground, at the entrance to the arena), and place wagers on which of two BAMs will win in a head-to-head match up. Start by purchasing gold tickets from Teena, Tayana, or Linu (the Bamarama bookies), then place your bets with them. If your BAM wins, you'll get a piece of the purse via parcel post: more gold tickets, which you can sell back to the bookies when you're ready to cash out! (You can also get gold tickets by completing the Rootstock daily quests that involve mini-games.)


Track down Digory at his farm, north of the BAM arena, to play this traditional Freeholds favorite. Just left-click to kick the hay bale. The longer you keep the giant hay bale away from the harvest bots, the more points you score! But they're fast, so you'll need to keep moving—and kicking—if you want to win. Top kickers earn Kick-Bale gift boxes and have a small chance to earn one the the following rare recipes not available at the merchant: Traditional Bleakfields BBQ, Freeholds Flame Salad, or Bleak Wings.

Pigling Rodeo

Way over in Lee's End, Tippani runs the Pigling Rodeo; talk to her to get started in your career as a swineherd! All you have to do is left-click on a pigling to make it fall in line—but you're up against the swineherd scarecrow, who steals your pigs (and your points). Top herders earn Pigling Rodeo gift boxes and have a small chance to earn one the the following rare recipes not available at the merchant: Traditional Bleakfields BBQ, Freeholds Flame Salad, or Bleak Wings.

If achievements are more your style, you'll want to shoot for "Now All I Need Is a Lamp"—an achievement that shows you have earned both the "Eat! Drink! Cook! Enjoy Rootstock!" achievement and the "Shouldn't a Festival Be More...Festive?" achievement. This is how you'll win the fabulous Moonsilk Carpet mount. You'll need to complete the following achievements to qualify.

All the Prizes Are Mine!

You need three gift boxes from each of the three Rootstock mini-games to earn this achievement. Kick butt at Digory's Kick-Bale game to earn Kick-Bale gift boxes. Round up as many piglings as possible in Tippani's rodeo to pick up Pigling Rodeo gift boxes. Finally, talk to Teena, Tayana, or Linu to get those Bamarama boxes.

Please Drunk Responsibility

But what would a festival be without liquid refreshments? Open the various Rootstock gift boxes (Kick-Bale gift box, Pigling Rodeo gift box, and Bamarama box) to get the drinks, then chug one of each to stagger your way into Rootstock's drinking achievement:

• Freeholds Root Beer
• Sky Lotus Drink
• Shevranberry Wine
• Lein's Dark Root Beer
• Digory's Honey Moongourd Drink

Good Eats

Of course, Rootstock is all about the cooking, too! Complete quests and games with various Freeholds NPCs to get recipes and ingredients for everything listed below—or just buy what you need from the fairground merchants:

• Floretta Soup—floretta, butter, milk
• Moongourd Muffin—moongourd, flour dough, salt
• Popped Cobseed—cobseed, butter
• Mudroot Salad—mudroot, cobseed, salad dressing
• Grilled Pigling—pigling meat, salt
• Lamb Bulgogi—lamb, taproot, flame pepper, special sauce
• Struthio Breast Salad—struthio breast, taproot, floretta, salad dressing
• Shevranberry Cookie—shevranberry, flour dough, sugar
• Half-Moon Croquette—mudroot salad, lamb, flour dough
• Traditional Bleakfields BBQ—cured pigling, sky lotus, herb-seasoned salt,
special sauce
• Freeholds Flame Salad—mudroot, taproot, cobseed, flame pepper, sky lotus, special salad dressing
• Bleak Wings—struthio breast, taproot, struthio egg, sky lotus, special sauce, salt

Stairway to Heaven

Find the Val Aureum Sky Pond, high above the Bleak Fields, and admire the view! Don’t forget to grab some sky lotus while you're up there! And if you take a moment to talk to Rachlae, at the base of the Sky Pond steps, she'll give you a quest that takes you on the grand tour of the Freeholds—during which you'll pick up a number of ingredients for various recipes—and you'll end up with a serving each of traditional Bleakfields BBQ, Freeholds flame salad, and bleak wings, just to get you started on your Good Eats achievement!

All done with the Rootstock games and quests? Get started on the questline.

Going to the Fair

Players level 28 and above automatically receive a message from Melsa at Lein's Farm inviting them to the Rootstock festival.

Get Back to Your Roots

Melsa teaches players how to harvest crops and cook great seasonal food. She also teaches the players about the Bamarama, the Kick-Bale mini-game, and Sky Pond. (Follows Going to the Fair.)

Create a Farmer’s Almanac

Millia needs help making a Farmer's Almanac. You'll collect several different crops to complete each page, then turn it back in for a reward. (Follows Get Back to Your Roots.)

Down on the Farm

Experience all the aspects of ranch life, as instructed by Rachlae of Bleak Fields. (Follows Get back to Your Roots.)

Finished those and ready for more? There are always the daily quests.

Dish Delivery

Talk to Melsa to find out which fair food she needs, then cook it up for her in exchange for more ingredients! (Follows Get back to Your Roots.)


You can play Digory's game as often as you like, but once per day he'll reward you for playing with three gold tickets! (Follows Get back to Your Roots.)

Sheep Herding

Poor Tagun just can't manage his sheep! Head out to Lee's End Stead to round them up for him, and he'll give you some lamb. (Follows Down on the Farm.)

Ranch Management

Filton's Dairy Farm is under daily threat from marauding hyenas. Visit Filton each day to protect his cattle, and he'll reward you with milk for your recipes. (Follows Down on the Farm.)

Pigling Rodeo

Talk to Tippani each day to herd some more piglings, and earn three gold tickets for your trouble! (Follows Down on the Farm.)

Rootstock doesn't end until the spring planting begins, so you've got plenty of time to go back again and again. And do yourself a favor and take the grand tour of the Freeholds. You'll be glad you did!

Pond Faire

Love is in the aire at Pond Faire! Players level 18 and up can join in the celebration as the baba (baby) tuwangis turn seven, grow up, and start their new lives. You can find all the happenings in Tuwangi Mire at the giant flaming frog bonfire and the pond below. You’ll find the festival full of drums, frogs, and tuwangis.

Jump in and see what you like! Maybe start with the mini-game.

Drum Away

Talk to Kukuta, the drum instructor, to start the game. Players have only one skill: drum beat. Three colored drums must be hit to drive away the correspondingly colored frogs as they approach. Like other minigames, getting the top rank earns you a special prize: a colorful frogspawn egg. Inside you receive one of three one-day frog mini-pets (blue, pink, or orange). Hitting just one drum too many times will break that drum. So no mindless mouse-button smashing!

If you’re into achievements, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Win the mini-game enough times, and you could end up with not just an achievement, but a permanent pet!


Just earn the rank 1 prize in the Drum Away mini-game and open it up!

Where's the Brain?

Win the Drum Away mini-game and get a one-day frog named Pinkie. Click each training book you get, because that increments your progress in the achievement. Collect and click seven training books to get a permanent Pinkie frog pet!


Win the Drum Away mini-game and get a one-day frog named Rusty. Click each training book you get, because that increments your progress in the achievement. Collect and click seven training books to get a permanent Rusty frog pet!

Mondays Always Get Me Down

Win the Drum Away mini-game and get a one-day frog named Rainie. Click each training book you get, because that increments your progress in the achievement. Collect and click seven training books to get a permanent Rainie frog pet!

Looking for a more structured experience? Work your way through the faire’s questline!

Pond Life

Players of level 18 and above automatically receive a message from the Mysterium’s pond expert, Krumu, inviting them to the festival in Tuwangi Mire.

Prepare for the Faire

Haroso, the tuwangi shaman, is concerned about a frightened baba tuwangi. Find a likely hiding spot, and use a drum to lure the tuwangi out. Then Haroso asks you to slay some dragons (tiny lizards) and roast their meat. (Follows Pond Life.)

Lilies and Drums

Vedobo, the pond keeper, needs two things to get the baba tuwangis ready for the ceremony: flowers and drums. He asks you to pick flowers and play the drums that keep the frogs away from the ceremony. (Follows Prepare for the Faire.)

Finished those and ready for more? Come back tomorrow! There are always the daily quests.


More frightened baba tuwangis...find a likely hiding spot, and use a drum to lure the tuwangi out. ( Prepare for the Faire.)

Slay the Dragons

Hunt bubu dragons for their meat and roast them at the giant bonfire (frogfire?). (Follows Prepare for the Faire.)

And the Beat Goes On

Help Haroso repair the drums by hunting miretoads for their skins. (Follows Prepare for the Faire.)


Play the Drum Away mini-game. (Follows Lilies and Drums.)

Floral Attraction

Gather pond lilies. (Follows the flower-gathering task of Lilies and Drums.)

Remember, a faire is best experienced with several visits, so make sure you experience all it has to offer!

Whether you’re in it for the frogs or in it for the BAMs, there’s a festival for you starting January 28!
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Confirming it's up again, sorry for that, folks. :(
True! My least favorite on my mystic was the frost giant guy. Maybe it's the way I kite/play, but grrr! :)
We're working on it, sorry folks. :(
The investigation into Johnny’s murder may be done but the public has also spoken. Lilah fooled the Family and the police but has been judged guilty by you, the TERA community.

Great job, sleuths! Enjoy this wallpaper depicting the grizzly crime as reward for your efforts.

Confirming LT is back up, thank you for your patience.
Hey guys, this is being looked into. Hang in there!!

Stay tuned for updates in this thread.

Update: Celestial Hills server is back up!
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Locking duplicate thread, please see:

Locking duplicate thread, please see:

These pictures are great, guys! Keep 'em coming! :D
Hey Everyone!

This week for our twitch stream, we are going to return to the land of Corsairs Stronghold. Queue up with me or against me, but make sure you queue up for fun and profit!

Make sure that you are following our stream and logged into your Twitch.TV account during the stream for a chance to win a very "Legitimate Business Suit"!

Tune in to our official Twitch.TV channel at 3pm Pacific time this Friday to view the fun!

Hey Thyon,

I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues! For technical help, please contact our Support Team so that we can provide personalized help. Please be sure to include the suggestions you've already tried.
I'd love to see more medieval knight-themed costumes. Templar, etc. It's a bit cliche, but *swoon*.
tsunderehatter on 01/22/2014, 05:56 PM - view
I usually say "Hello" when I get in a party and I usually don't get any kind of response, but I'll still always end with a "thank you" and/or a "good job." I won't normally just talk to people while I level, as I'm usually on a rather empty channel, but if someone talks first, I'll talk back, but that's never the case, especially not after the Lumbertown area.

Just letting you know, I also try to talk a bit and when people say hi back, it really makes my day. So thank you for doing this! ^_^
It was good seeing you in game yesterday, Arrafina.

Thank you for being such a positive influence in our community and good luck with the events! Hopefully I'll get to stop by in some. :)
CitrusBunny on 01/23/2014, 11:34 AM - view
Shh my child shhhh. *Pets your hair* If they are released today, it'll only be maybe another hour or two. Stay strong.

(They'll be out sometime later today. :) )
Just a few buttons to load TERA.

(Please remember that discussing any type of client alteration is not allowed on the forums. Thanks. :( )
We were tweaking some of the errors right now, but yep 880 is the elite price while the regular price is 1045. (News post will come soon now that the display errors are fixed. News post is up too. :))

Both the web and in-game stores are open. :)
Edited by: Minea 11 months ago - Reason: News post is up as well.

Every legitimate business man and woman needs a legitimate business suit. Starting Thursday, January 23, Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online will roll out dark and white suits and dapper hats for all races and genders. Elin characters can see if a bonus tat-sleeve suit suits their personality. And if your name is Mr. Yellow or Mr. Pink, don’t despair; the white legitimate business suits have dyeable shirts, so you can represent!

Accessories include our newest back-slot item—a gun* known as the “organ grinder”—fedoras of the black, white, brown, and gray variety, plus brow glasses in tortoise-shell, black, brown, or pink with a touch of bling. For those players who play the class joker, there’s even a clown mask!**

*Organ grinder is cosmetic only and does not fire bullets.
**Clown mask will not actually make you funnier.
counterpoint on 01/23/2014, 01:53 PM - view
The remaining small clean-up bugs I see are all related to the Elin Business Case lootbox. In the Web Store, the Stack of 3 does not show the Tattooed outfit in the item list below. In the in-game store, neither the standalone or the stack refer to the Tattooed outfit in the product description, though it is in the lootbox (per the web store).

(That aside, SSO was broken for me for the last 15 minutes or so, but it's fixed now.)

The tatooed suits are included in the box description for both web and in-game. :)

(Sorry... What's SSO?)
Okay, I should have double checked before I replied. xD

The missing icon will be added on web store, is added just now.

The text difference is not something we can fix until we get a new build, unfortunately. So it will stay that way at least for a while.

Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated.

(Ahh. That was weird. Glad it started working again.)
Yeah, they are all tradeable, They should be, so we just tested them again and made sure. Thank you for the surprise. :P
(Please use the non-TERA-focused topics in Off-Topic section of the forum. Thanks.)
The police arrested Bubba for the crime. They found Bubba's hat in the room with blood on it. The Family had a different suspect in mind and served their own justice: A bartender informed the Family of a drunken confession. Bruno was taken out into the desert and shot. In all this commotion someone made the mask disappear.

Has Johnny's killer been brought to justice, or did someone manage to outwit the Family and police alike?

Did you close out of the launcher completely and log back in? Give that a try.
The maintenance is still going, how is everyone this morning? :)
Welcome back! No worries, there's always someone who forgets it's a Tuesday. :)

Hey there,

Our servers are currently under maintenance right now, so that is probably why you are getting the error message. When the servers come up again, please exit the launch completely and try again.

As for the p2p option, we've taken that feature out. You can't turn it off since we don't have it on. :)


For technical issues, please contact our Support Team! They will be able to provide personalized technical help. Be sure to include the steps/measure you've already tried and as much detail as possible.
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Ahh, that's understandable, Vanquished. We'll try to choose better wording and take the maintenance under consideration.

Aecoon, dinner sounds good! What did you have? I'm just having tea here. :D

I don't think I've ever had Chef Boyardee actually. Will have to try, SilVayne!

Heya Star! Pancakes sound lovely! xD
Yep, they're still under maintenance. We update this thread under Server Status section of the forums. :)

Hello, Dead! I'm sorry that it's been frustrating. :( Unfortunately I don't know much about our server setup, but it's been quite difficult for us to get to the bottom of the lag. It's always much harder if the effect seems to be only some and randomly

Spike, aww, it seems like the maintenance hours were very unfortunate with the Vault access. I can't change the hours though, I'm afraid. I wish I could! :(

I don't know when the new class is coming, but Treeshark mentioned sometime in spring, Storm. :)

Pipedreams, make sure to get some rest! Those evil energy drinks will cause a mean crash. xD

*patpats Blayzy* There there. They're coming soon. They are awesome! :)

Aeline, ahhhhhhh not today. Soon, but not today soon! :)

No patch notes today, today's a backend maintenance.

Just a little longer, folks! :)
No..... +_+

But we've been hanging out here waiting for the servers to come back up if you want to join us - http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/12114-Server-Maintenance-7-10-am-PST?page=1

Kudos to you, Lizzard, for knowing how the female amans ride into battle!

*shameless plug of the coolest race there ever was, personally* :D
Confirming the servers are up, I see everyone logging in. *waves* :)
CH is back up, happy hunting!
D: We're bringing it back up as of right now.
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We're back up, sorry about that!
Updated at 12:46 p.m. PST:

We're cautiously monitoring CH right now. It may not be completely stable yet but it is up.


We're trying to wake it up, but the Celestial Hills server is enjoying its sleep too much.

We'll share news on whether we can entice it to open its eyes with delicious smell of bacon and pancakes.
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