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Hello, everyone!

While we at En Masse are very excited for ZMR, we're still fully committed to TERA. Let's keep the official forums focused on TERA and its community.

For ZMR updates, sign up here! Please visit the ZMR subreddit for ZMR-related discussions. Thanks! :)
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Good morning!

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Yes, we're on it!
Zemazta on 03/19/2014, 12:41 PM - view
Lets gather around CH and make a cuddlering to make it feel better

I like this friendly idea. :)

Server is back up now. I see folks on. :)
Silly Acair. :P

Locking this as the server is already back up.

TERA Producer Letter—March 2014

Hello, everyone!

It’s exciting times at En Masse Entertainment. As you may have heard, we’ve released information on our second title, Zombies Monsters Robots. If you’re interested in learning more, check out playzmr.com.

While we’re all excited about ZMR, TERA is heating up as well. We have a massive amount of content for the coming months as we approach our two-year anniversary.

First, I’m proud to announce that the federation bill store opens for business in a few weeks. This store contains all sorts of boosts, cosmetics, and many other items to reward you just for playing TERA. We’ll have more information on federation bills closer to their debut, including how to get them and what you can get with them.

Shortly after that, expect a limited-time costume event where players obtain coupons to get costume sets modeled after in-game armors. We’ll have different sets each week, and players can get coupons by running dungeons or competing in battlegrounds. This exciting event comes out in April, and the coupons will be available for just a couple of weeks!

Finally, you may have heard rumors about a new class coming to TERA. Well, it's true—and it’s coming in May! The new class, called, the reaper, will use chained blades to destroy opponents. This leather-wearing DPS class will use close- to mid-range attacks to dispose of foes. For those of you who have already maxed out all your character slots, good news—we’re expanding the max number of character slots to 12 and handing out one free character slot to all players! Along with the reaper comes a ton of updates to TERA that affect new and existing classes alike. Stay tuned for more info later this Spring.

Beyond the reaper, there’s even more content on the horizon. New gear sets and dungeons are coming, though we haven’t pinned a time to these updates just yet. There’s a lot in store for all of TERA, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

—Treeshark out
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Not very far out on that limb . . . ;)
The bunny mask is female only :(.
Its already done. We always pad our maintenance times just in case something happens.
Answers to a couple questions that have come up...

Question: Why can't you look at previous conflicts and then use that to determine a winner?
Answer: The most simple answer I can give is because that would not be fair in our eyes. While you may see it differently, and we understand why you would; it doesn't change our opinion that we should be fair to all alliances in regards to this. There will be more opportunities next week for your alliance to win.

Question: Will compensation happen every time something goes wrong?
Answer: No. Each case is different. In this case we felt a need to do so. That being said, It's an online service, and sometimes things happen that are not planned. Our focus when things go wrong is to find a fix and to prevent it from happening again. For this situation we decided to give out an average winning reward to those eligible. We hope you realize that we strive to do what's right for each situation as best we can, and while we may not agree; it is with this goal in mind that drives how we operate.
This is such a fun idea! Good luck! :D
Hello everyone,

All of the exarchs, commanders and echelons listed in the first post should have received their rewards in gems. Please check your parcel. :)

Did you catch all of the exciting action from the Skyring Slam 2014 Tournament? We had some epic matches throughout the tournament, but the final match between Team Brobro and Giga Ahh Shiba had everyone’s full attention throughout the whole three rounds.

Match 1
Winning Team: Giga Ahh Shiba
Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds
First Player Defeated: D.T by Gold

Match 2
Winning Team: Team Brobro
Duration: 6 minutes 22 seconds
First Player Defeated: Star by Sashimiii

Match 3
Winning Team: Giga Ahh Shiba
Duration: 12 minutes 44 seconds
First Player Defeated: Sashimiii by Gold

And with that, Giga Ahh Shiba became the first place winner of the Skyring Slam 2014. We’ve had the chance to catch up with both of the teams of the final match. See what they had to say.


Skyring Slam 2014 First Place Winner: Giga Ahh Shiba

1. Congratulations on becoming the first place winner! This was the first official 3v3 tournament by En Masse Entertainment. How does it feel?

Star: It feels great! I really enjoyed the tournament and was really glad that you guys hosted a tournament for 3v3s, as this is arguably the most competitive PvP in TERA and I feel like it deserves some more attention. I felt honored to even participate in the tournament, and even more for being the first winners!

Suntail: Winning this tournament was a great feeling. Each player on our team has been competing in Champions’ Skyring for about a year now, and we all have been waiting to prove ourselves the best among the top teams. The tournament being single elimination made for very stressful matches and made the win feel like a relief.

Haiimon: It feels good to compete in the first official 3v3 tournament. The Skyring arena has been quite dull lately with only the same teams queuing over and over. I think these kind of tournaments should be a more regular thing.

Gold: I am very honored because I got another number one title. But this time, the tournament made me play 3v3s to win, instead of just for fun.

2. What were the reasons behind the team composition for each match? Who made the strategy calls?

Star: Our team's five-man makeup meant it was pretty predictable—either we'd have a lancer and ranged DPS, or two ranged DPS (which we only did for the first round since it was risky). Our main goal was to have Haiimon and Suntail play an equal amount of games, which they did, because they both are competitive beasts and wanted very much to play the matches! I think we decided collectively who would be in the games, and everyone contributed to strategy. I am glad that ultimately, everyone on our team got to play at least one match in the tournament.

Suntail: Our main goal was to give everyone equal playing time throughout the tournament. Lancer is OP so we of course had to run with lancer for most of the matches. We were very confident going into our first couple matches and even decided to run archer/sorcerer/priest in the first round to mix things up. Unfortunately, after day one our priest, Guild.Member, was banned for an unrelated incident which forced us to run mystic for all of day two. We were going to play priest against any berserker teams due to the superior recovery, but since we had to run a mystic in the final match we decided to run lancer/sorcerer/mystic for chain CC potential.

Haiimon: Our team composition was picked because of the utility involved between the classes. Also, we are very familiar with each other's gameplay making the synergy strong between us.

3. What team or teams were you expecting to face in the finals?

Star: Since it was single elimination, I felt there was a good chance for some upsets to happen. Before seeing the seeding and the different teams involved, I was expecting 1 percent HP to be one of the teams in the finals, but after seeing the seeding, I thought Doge had a good chance at taking the bracket finals, and then they did it! After that, I think our team was expecting to see Doge in the finals (we were planning to play Suntail if it was them), but BroBro came in with a great upset.

Suntail: I believe we were all expecting to see One Percent Haych Pea in the finals, but they were upset early on by Doge, who also went on to be upset by BroBro. Every match was insanely close so we did not know who we were going to face until it was actually decided.

Haiimon: I expected to see Aura's team and Mayfair's in the finals. You can't beat the chemistry between the two teams.

4. Were you aware that you guys were the crowd favorites according to the small number of bracket prediction contest entries? Did you expect it, and if you did, did it affect the gameplay?

Star: I think we were aware just because all of our members are fairly well-known in the 3v3 scene. I didn't know if we were the favorites or not, but I did know that people had some sort of an expectation on us. Personally, the tournament made me really nervous and I was super anxious the whole time. I was afraid that my nervousness would put extra pressure on me, but in the end, the intensity of the matches caused me to focus more, especially as we got deeper into the brackets.

Suntail: I was aware that the majority crowd predicted us to win, and since our players generally compete at the top of the leaderboard it was somewhat expected. We used it as a morale boost to win each match and not be a disappointment.

5. Throughout the tournament, was there a time where you didn’t think you may not advance to the next round?

Star: Being a single elimination tournament, I knew anything could happen, so I definitely had that in the back of my head the entire tournament. I was really nervous after Haiimon got blown up in the second round vs. iHop and particularly right before going up against Cheese & Mtn Dew.

Suntail: I was personally confident that we would win going into each match. The only time I was actually nervous was during the third round of the finals because it was very drawn out and anyone could win at that point.

Haiimon: Yes, during the first round and second round, I was a little scared—not going to lie. We ran sorcerer/archer/priest the first round, which was risky. In single elimination it's anyone's game. Everyone has good plays or bad days.

6. The first match against Team Brobro ended quickly at about 1:30 minutes in, with D.T being the first defeat of the match. What type of strategy did you use against a berserker, a class some may say PvPers are less experienced in playing against?

Star: If you are on the receiving end of a berserker's extremely scary axe, there are a couple things you can do to help you survive. First, and probably most importantly, you have to watch for the berserker's buffs. A fully-buffed berserker is literally unstoppable—he can't be staggered, knocked down, or CCed, so if you see those buffs make sure your healer dispels them! Second, try not to give them your back. If you know you're going to get hit or if you're stuck in Inescapable Doom, do your best to take it to the face, as this mitigates some of the damage. Also, getting caught in a knockdown chain usually spells death, so save your retaliate cooldown for when you're really in trouble. Don't forget that you can also use CC and your knockdowns to peel for yourself (if he's not buffed) in a jam! It's also best to have your DPS focus berserkers and try not to let them free cast. Also, remember not to be shy to ask for help from your teammates if you are in a tough spot! I definitely was not shy about that, haha.

Suntail: Berserkers are very strong and lethal when let free. Generally the best way to deal with them is to simply pressure them to the point where they can’t get any big hits off, and we attempted to do just that. I still feel that archer would have had an easier time peeling and kiting, but in the end we made it work with sorcerer CCs.

Haiimon: Our strategy was peel and deal. I knew if I could land a sleep and get healing debuff on D.T and mana tap the healer, it would control the pressure. It was not always that easy though, Bloodblight played a tighter game the second and third round, controlling me and beating me to the punch on CC's.

Gold: Focus D.T! Kill him! CC healer! Okay, I got him. No problem.

7. What advice do you have for folks who may be inspired to participate in 3v3 after watching the tournament?

Star: It is never too late to start playing competitively in 3v3s! Make sure you grab some good gear, then practice, practice, practice! Experience is a notable factor when it comes to being successful in 3v3s, so don't be discouraged if at first you don't do too well. Try practicing in 1v1, in Corsair's Stronghold, in solo queue, etc. (although CS and SQ are not good representations of the combat in team 3v3s, some practice is better than no practice, and it's a good starting place if you have no gear). Again, if you are starting from the ground up, I especially recommend dueling 1v1 against all of the classes, just to get familiar with possible combos and skills. Gear also makes a noticeable difference in non-equalized PvP instances, so make sure you have a good set before climbing your way to the top! Find a team that you can communicate well with, and you are all set to begin your Skyring adventure.

Suntail: Play solo queue! Now that there is equalized gear, nobody should be afraid to get into the arena and practice. Watching live streams will also help you learn some useful tips while playing. Once you feel confident in your abilities, grab people from your guild or LFG and queue for team threes for the best experience.

8. Any other thoughts/comments you have for your teammates or fellow TERA players? For En Masse?

Star: To TERA players, thanks for the amazing support and for helping to make this event successful! I'd also like to extend a personal thank you to supporters of my team and particularly to those who are fans through my stream (like Rupapap!). To En Masse, I cannot over emphasize the fact that I am so happy that you guys hosted a 3v3 tournament. It was fun, enjoyable, and intense to both watch and participate in the matches. I sincerely hope that you will host them again in the future. Thank you, En Masse! See you all in the Skyring!

Suntail: I want to thank my teammates for keeping cool and performing well throughout the tournament, as well as any friends and fans that supported Giga Ahh Shiba. Most importantly I want to thank En Masse for managing this awesome tournament! I feel that these tournaments are a huge benefit to the community and having more tournaments per year would greatly increase the interest in competitive PvP.

Haiimon: Thanks for the tournament En Masse, the only suggestion I would have for the future is more regular tournaments and double elimination. Overall, it was a smooth tournament—quick matches and no problems! Thank you!

Skyring Slam 2014 Second Place Winner—Team Brobro

1. Congratulations for becoming the second place winner of Skyring Slam 2014! This was the first official 3v3 tournament by En Masse Entertainment. How did you prepare and select the team members?

Team Brobro: Thank you! Our team actually didn't really prepare too much for the tournament itself, but we did play more 3v3s in general before the event. We had a lot of real-life commitments which didn’t allow us to play with each other at all due to conflicting times. In fact our healer, BloodBlight, hasn’t played since August, but he still played extraordinary well in the tournament. I selected my team to be filled with my bros, basically people who I can trust, to have fun with, and have a camaraderie going.

2. For each of the team members, what do you think their strengths are? What makes playing with them enjoyable?

Giraffee: First off I’d like to thank everyone on my team. I love these guys and this tournament really brought Team Brobro into true bromance.

Archrawr: Consistent. This guy constantly pushes himself to the limit even when he gets shot down multiple times. I can always trust Archrawr to play at a certain high level whenever we need him.

Sashimiii: Superfriend. Probably the most positive player I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing TERA with. When the team or player makes a mistake, it always laughs it off and creates a happy mood in the group. He never gets discouraged, even after a loss.

BloodBlight: Aggressive. Blood hasn’t played actively since August, but when he did come on, he pushed himself. Blood’s play style truly shined as the tournament went on. He made more aggressive calls/plays in order for our team to capture victory.

3. As the final match went on, each round became longer and longer with the general advantage of the situation going back and forth frequently. How did you stay focused and coordinated?

We were always focused from the start and never lost sight of the end-goal, which was to win it all. Many people doubted us going very far into the tournament, but we wanted to prove them wrong. During each game, nothing else mattered.

4. You did a great job throughout the tournament including the final match against Giga Ahh Shiba. Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would not let Tonka revise our original team name of “brobrobrobrobrobrobrobro,” because it severely affected our gameplay! Also I would tell Sash to not res while our healer is CCed, but other than that not much else. Overall we achieved our goal of going far with a non-lancer team and got many upsets on strong teams.

5. How do you feel about the tournament now that it’s over? What are your future PvP plans?

The tournament was simply awesome. Single elimination definitely kept it interesting because anything could happen. For our future PvP plans, our team will always be on TERA doing our own thing. Hopefully BloodBlight will be active enough so we can finally help him get some new gear!

6. What advice do you have for folks who may be inspired to participate in 3v3 after watching the tournament?

Don’t be afraid to go into 3s and practice. If you focus on improving your game, you will go far. You will win as long as you improve. Remember that understanding comes before mastery. Also find some bros to play with, to stay motivated and to create synergy with.

7. Any other thoughts or comments you have for your teammates or fellow TERA players? For En Masse?

Thank you again EME for creating such an exciting tournament, and really making this tournament meaningful to us. Thank you TERA community for creating the D.T darkhorse hype train as it really motivated us to keep pushing through. Team Brobro hopes to see more faces in team 3v3s. Shout-out to Bubblyfruit (BloodBlight’s fiancé) for keeping our only healer alive IRL while keeping us alive in game! Thanks, team!


Thanks to both winning teams for taking the time to answer our questions!
Hey folks,

As mentioned, we currently don't have a plan to implement a character or character name deletion. Some community members have made really great suggestions in this thread, so hopefully that'll help.
BigBadGingerBreadman on 03/18/2014, 04:25 PM - view
Didnt these get released already? i saw some elins with the ninja costume already O_O

Correct me if im wrong

Hello, Gingy (sorry, couldn't resist hehe!)

These items will be released this week, but the winners of the Skyring Slam tournament have received them as prizes a little while ago. So you're seeing the prizes. :)
I don't know yet, sorry. ^_^
All prizes have been sent out! If you won, you will receive your prize in your parcel. Congratulations to all the winners!
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We are aware, and working on it. Apologies there was not an official response sooner than this. I'll follow up to understand why no response was made earlier and see if we can correct that.
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Hey all,

I understand that it is harder to get a name you like as time goes on, but currently we don't have a plan to delete any characters to make more names available for others. As others have suggested, using the two periods that can be used within your character name may provide pretty good options that fit your character.
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208 so far and still trying for my Wonderholme weapon. :)
Narythena on 03/17/2014, 11:20 AM
Minea plays this game? o____________________o

I'll have you know that I have 3 level 60's (mystic, priest and sorcerer)- all personal characters that I leveled from scratch + 1 more 60 archer from .Levelup. :P
I don't think we've mentioned announcing the winners.. The prizes are still planned to be distributed today though. :) If that changes we'll update the contest thread and also when the winners should have their prizes.
Hey all,

We're still looking into this, I know and understand that many people put a lot of work into this and are very disappointed - honestly I would be too. But this is something unintended and unexpected that happened, and we'll update with a followup when we have more information.
2:48 p.m. PDT Update on March 18

All of the exarchs, commanders and echelons listed below should have received the rewards in gems. Please check in-game your mail. :)


Hello everyone,

On Sunday, March 16, the alliance conflict time did not happen during the scheduled time of 4 - 6 p.m. PDT. This was an unexpected occurrence due to the alliance term starting on one day and ending on another. In order to prevent this from happening again, we will be reverting the alliance conflict time to the previous schedule with tomorrow's patch. This will change the alliance conflict time to 5 - 7 p.m. PDT on Sundays, which is what it used to be before the daylight savings time adjustment.

Also, while manually creating an alliance conflict time is not something we can do and we have no way of accurately deciding what the outcome would have been after the alliance conflict, we do want to acknowledge your efforts for actively participating in the alliance.

After we verify the missing rewards at the alliance term's end tomorrow, we'll be taking the total sum of gold rewards for each exarch and commander rank of all three alliances (exarch, assault commander, defense commander, adjunct commander, and echelons I-III), and dividing them by three, then distributing the averaged amount to the ranked members. (Please note that this will be based on today's ranking since a new alliance term starts tomorrow.)

Gold Rewards Per Rank, for All Alliances:

Exarch: 3 diamonds and 2 emeralds (worth 32,000 gold)
Assault Commander: 1 diamond and 5 emeralds (worth 15,000 gold)
Defense Commander: 1 diamond and 3 emeralds (worth 13,000 gold)
Adjunct Commander: 1 diamond (worth 10,000 gold)
Echelon I: 4 emeralds (worth 4,000 gold)
Echelon II: 3 emeralds (worth 3,000 gold)
Echelon III: 2 emeralds (worth 2,000 gold)

To Sum Up:

- After the missing rewards are verified at the alliance term's end, exarchs, assault commanders, defense commanders, adjunct commanders and echelons I-III of all three alliances will receive the rewards above, based on today's rank (Monday, March 17).
- Once verified, the gems will be distributed before end of day Thursday (March 20).
- With tomorrow's patch, the alliance conflict time will change to 5 - 7 p.m. PDT on Sundays (which is what it used to be before the daylight savings time change).

We apologize for the missed alliance and also for our belated communication. We'll use this pinned thread as the designated update thread for everyone's easy tracking.
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GoukaNoKami on 03/17/2014, 03:08 PM
And what about the echelons 1, 2 and 3? all the echelons also deserve a compensation for this issue, I know is not easy to get high ranks but we also need our gold and this is not fair, just a bad compensation.

We considered this, but it's only the winning alliance's echelons that receive any type of gold unlike the exarchs and commanders. As we've mentioned, it's really not possible for us to accurately decide which alliance would have won or how many would have actually participated in the conflict by how much. So we've made the decision for exarchs and assault/defense/adjunct commanders only. I'm sorry this isn't the answer you were looking for.
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago - Reason: Please see the updated post.
Hey everyone,

Sorry for the confusion, we were looking at the rewards from taxes, not the gold rewards from conflict. I'll update the first post to include the echelons soon. :)
The original post is updated. Thanks for letting us know about the incorrect information. :)
I enjoyed watching your video, OP. Especially liked that you fought a whole bunch of different BAM's and included the character's greeting in the beginning.

I'm going to move this to Art & Media subforum, this thread will probably feel more comfortable there. :)

I've love to see more appreciative/encouraging responses from the community as well. After all, he/she did put a lot of work/effort into create something fun for the community. :/
Thanks for hosting the event, was good to see the turnout! Wish I could have gotten to roleplay a bit more, but alas, the show must go on. :)
Good evening, Elfazel! Welcome to TERA!

TERA is a beautiful game with exciting combat, so hopefully you'll enjoy playing. Our roleplay server is Celestial Hills, and we have some great guilds that also like to roleplay. We recently did a guild interview with the Arete, and you'll also find a suggested list of roleplay guilds within the interview. :)
Kinthara on 03/17/2014, 05:41 PM - view
Anyone received anything about this?

Yep! But not yet, we'll be sure to update this thread when we've distributed the prizes! Sorry for the delay, we've been swamped with the entries. ^_^;;
You don't have to wear green to get double drop rates in dungeons :).

Costumes are eligible as long as you use the dyes we mentioned.
Fatwa on 03/13/2014, 10:37 PM - view
Rumor has it that if you gather around in green armor with a bunch of your fellow players, Dracoliths appear. Confirm/Deny?

Neither confirm or deny.
We do read these threads. This is what I've posted in another thread:

In your TERA directory, there is a tool called "EMEDiag.exe". This is a diagnostic tool that seems like it just checks your computer specs, but will also run network diagnostics as well. To get the network diagnostics, just save the test results to your desktop. It will appear on your desktop as a file called "TERA-Diagnostic.txt".

Similarly, you can just run a command called "pathping" instead of tracert. Pathping combines the ping and tracert commands together. Also, you want to use "diag.enmasse.com" as your destination and not "tera.enmasse.com". tera.enmasse.com is just our web server and not our game, so unless you are complaining about website lag, use diag.enmasse.com.

ALSO be careful about posting your results on here as your personal IP is displayed with tracert and pathping logs

The Tera-Diagnostic.txt file already has a pathping in it, as it is part of the diags.
We are reading the feedback on this so keep it coming. The price is higher but we do try to increase the value in the box accordingly.
Oh, why yes, yes there will be...
Hey all, this does seem unusual. We'll look into this.
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While I enjoy theorycrafting/lore discussion/roleplay topics, this is not a discussion that I think will help the roleplay community. Sorry.
(Moving this to Languages section. Please keep all non-English posts in Languages subforum. Thanks!)
(Please keep all non-English posts in the Languages section of the forum. Thanks.)
Makes me sad when I hear a story like this. I too have gotten rejected but as a non-Nightforge mystic. :(

Here, let's share a pie instead. Happy national pie day! :)

Heya Cheddar! Cheddar happens to be my favorite kind of cheese. :D

I'm on CH quite often, so hopefully I'll get to run into you sooner or later. :)
You, matey, deserve a good bottle of rum! :)

While I understand the wish to help the community, let's keep the forums free of callouts. It's really difficult for us or others to keep things constructive and drama-free when some find it very easy to accuse folks without proof. :(
The black screen login is a known issue. :( The current workaround is to exiting and restarting the launcher.
We will have more things announced very soon for this weekend!
Hey All!

This Friday, we are going to show off some of the new Ninja Cosmetic items for your viewing pleasure! We will be going through races and genders to make sure that you get a good idea of what they look like.

Stop by and chat about the Skyring Slam tournament as well! As usual, we will be streaming on our Twitch channel at 3:00pm Pacific! See you then.

It will not be April 1st.
jwander on 03/13/2014, 02:03 PM - view
I am thoroughly disappointed in the time this is taking. Tera has been on the back burner for quite some time. I would think some precedents would be taken to extend, save, or to illuminate NA Tera. This obscuring of release dates is rather disheartening and will lead to its overpass.

While I understand, I would like to clarify that we aren't sitting on this content. We just don't have the build yet.
SpiritedRocks on 03/13/2014, 12:13 PM - view
People still think tickets work when it comes to in game glitches?

While a GM cannot fix the issue if it requires a change to the code of the game we make sure that the glitch or bug is documented and is forwarded to developers. We can't guarantee that it's going to get fixed but letting us know is a good first start. Whether you do that through tickets, or in our Bug Report section of the forums we are happy to document it.
Edited by: Solomon 9 months ago
Counterpoint is correct. If you PC shuts down, blue screens, or restarts it is typically the sign of hardware failure and is your computer's way of saying something's not right so I'm going to stop. Could be bad ram, overheating, incompatible drivers, or even excessive dust build up. We cover this issue here in our FAQ with some helpful links on testing.
Edited by: Solomon 9 months ago
Servers are back up, thank you for your patience. :)
I'm already in Harmonia's fan club! Sorry! :(
(Moving to Races section)

You’ve slaved away in dungeons and broken records in battlegrounds, and while your armor is as good as it can be, it just doesn’t scream “Saint Patrick’s Day.” What’s a toon to do this time of year?

We anticipated this and put together the perfect loot box for you. Our Pot o’ Green loot box is now available in Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online just in time for the wearing of the green.

Best of all, elite players can pick this box up for 10 percent off!

Inside the Pot o’ Green, you’re guaranteed one apothecary dye, plus one of the following:

• Dyeable Princess Arin costume
• Me Lucky Hat
• Shellback
• William Tell’s Green Apple
• Olive Bandit Mask
• Emerald Eyeglasses
• Carnivorous Plant
• Green Honker Glasses
• Premium Alkahest (20)
• Extensive Alkahest (16)
• Spellbind (50)
• Master Enigmatic Scroll (10)

No matter what you get, you’re as good as green! This loot box is only available from today, March 13 until Tuesday, March 18 at 11 a.m. PDT, so get shopping!
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago - Reason: clarified the contents - they're all permanent items. :)
Treeshark on 03/13/2014, 11:18 AM
We will have more things announced very soon for this weekend!

Hello OP,

Currently we don't have a plan to change our current service. (Auto translate would be nice, but it's not something that we can develop ourselves).

Please be mindful of generalizing someone or any group of people. Thanks.
I'd love this too, welcome to my world. :)
Hmm. I haven't used Teamspeak 3 but my guilds use/d Ventrilo and Mumble. I quite like Mumble even though I still haven't been able to get the overlay to work. xD

Overall I believe they have all of the necessary features a regular guild would want. You could maybe have a vote within the guild? :)
Hey all,

As I've already mentioned in the other thread, generalizing a group of people is not what we want to see or encourage in the community. We understand that communication is important, but there are many people who use languages other than English in North America - I speak Korean myself. Learning to communicate with all types of people is a part of playing a MMO like TERA and it can be very rewarding as well. And while we'd also love some auto translate feature, unfortunately this is not something we can develop ourselves and I am currently not aware of a plan to create this. :(
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago
Our latest PvP tournament, Skyring Slam 2014, had ninja-esque items as the prizes. :)

Other than those, the items will become available sometime in the future. Near future, but not too near, yet not too far away. (Vague enough? :) )

This weekend, put on some green, take down some dungeon bosses, or get double credits in Fraywind Canyon! Maybe all three!

Starting at 11 a.m. PDT on Friday, March 14, experience the luck of the Irish by earning double credits in Fraywind Canyon—or double your drop rate in your favorite dungeons.

Here's how it all works:

Double Dungeon Drop Rate

Beginning Friday, March 14 at 11 a.m. PDT and continuing until Tuesday, March 18 at 11 a.m. PDT, double your drop rate in all of your favorite dungeons, including the alliance vault!

This stroke of luck is only for the weekend, so grab some charms, tell your friends, and get ready to take down some bosses!

Double Credits Weekend

Also starting Friday, March 14 at 11 a.m. PDT, you'll earn double credits in Fraywind Canyon. Get in, get out, and get twice as much for your trouble!

Like the double dungeon drop rate, the double credits will continue to pour in until Tuesday, March 18 at 11 a.m. PDT. So don't delay! Queue up and get ready to fight!

Wearing o' the Green

Whether you choose to go for double drop rate or double credits, make sure you do it while you're wearing green!

By using one of the green dyes listed below, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win an awesomely green prize!

• Green Dye
• Verdigris Green Dye
• Spectral Green Dye

Lucky players will win either Me Lucky Hat (15 winners), a shellback (15 winners), some emerald glasses (15 winners) or even a Rainbow mount (15 super-lucky winners)!

Good Luck! But don’t jump the gun: Only using dye between 11 a.m. PDT on Friday, March 14 and 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday March 16 will count as an entry into the drawing.


1. Apply either green dye, verdigris green dye, or spectral green dye to any piece of gear between Friday, March 14 at 11 a.m. PDT and Sunday, March 16 at 11:59 p.m. PDT to be eligible for this contest.
2. Only one entry per master account.
3. Prizes will be distributed on Monday, March 17.
4. All standard En Masse Entertainment contest rules apply.
Heya OP,

Please refer to my earlier replies to your threads. Also the reason we can't develop this is because we're the publisher of the game, not the developer.

"Hey all,

As I've already mentioned in the other thread, generalizing a group of people is not what we want to see or encourage in the community. We understand that communication is important, but there are many people who use languages other than English in North America - I speak Korean myself. Learning to communicate with all types of people is a part of playing a MMO like TERA and it can be very rewarding as well. And while we'd also love some auto translate feature, unfortunately this is not something we can develop ourselves and I am currently not aware of a plan to create this. :("
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago - Reason: more explanation added
Sphero on 03/13/2014, 04:25 PM - view
Does this include the raids :O?

Thanks Enmasse

Yes raids too :)
I just submitted a ticket to test this, and it went through just fine. This means that at least one of our support web servers is working. The 500 error could come up if one of them is down, but you can refresh the links that Aeline posted, or try accessing them in a new browser and it should work. If you continue to constantly get this error let us know.
Mistakes happen. OP, you did the right thing by contacting support. Locking this.
Yep, this is a known issue with the current workaround being restarting the launcher.
Peorth on 03/12/2014, 06:12 AM - view
If you highlight the text inside that blackbox, you see a "105 authentification error" (just mouse click and drag over it)

That happens, because the launcher times out before getting a response from your dns server to find the ip address for accounts.tera-enmasse.com, thus not authenticating you with the server.
opening the launcher 3-4 times fixes this, since the ip-address then gets cached, launcher doesnt look it up anymore and the process completes before the timeout hits.

to fix this, go to : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
open your hosts file (no fileending, just hosts) and add: patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

this way your pc wont do a dns lookup.
problem solved.

Since there is a workaround currently, we'd rather not encourage this since if we ever changed our patch IP, people will experience issues. :)
X452 on 03/10/2014, 07:28 AM - view
Does Mr. Fancypants even own a swimsuit?!?

You missed Mineo in his fancy swimsuit in summer! :)

And very nice prizes, Miss Veronique!
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago
Hello folks,

In addition to our weekly Tuesday maintenance, there will be a network maintenance this week. It will last about 3 hours.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, March 13.

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
(Here is a reminder to chill a bit. Keep away from making personal attacks and inflammatory post please. Thanks.)
Hey there,

These suggestions listed on this FAQ page may help. If the first two steps don't work, please contact our Support Team as requested on the FAQ. Good luck!
We are aware. As others have mentioned you can keep it if you really want to, or just abandon it. I'm sure it will be eventually patched out, but I don't have a specific date on that.
AgnesDragonheart on 03/11/2014, 07:41 AM - view
My guess would be two weeks as the soonest, to a couple of months.

Love this time frame. You must work in gaming too :)

Edit: In no way does my comment reflect our true intentions for the proposed release date of the ninja outfits.
Edited by: Solomon 9 months ago

On Saturday, March 8, some of TERA's fiercest competitors battled their way through the first two rounds of our single elimination 3v3 tournament for a chance to win some awesome prizes. On Sunday, March 9, the remaining eight teams fought it out for a chance to be in the final four, and to vie for the top prize.

In the end, the powerhouse lancer-sorcerer-mystic combination of “Giga Ahh Shiba” faced off against the dark horse of “Team BroBro,” comprised of a berserker, warrior, and mystic. BroBro was able to keep up the pressure all the way through the third match, and gave a fantastic outing—however, Giga Ahh Shiba was ultimately able to seize victory and were crowned the winners of our very first Skyring Slam tournament!

Did you miss out on the epic conclusion to the Skyring Slam tournament? You can catch up on all the matches that you missed (or rewatch your favorites). Make sure to check out all our past broadcasts and highlights on our official Twitch channel!

Please join us here in congratulating the first place team, Giga Ahh Shiba, whose victory has earned each of their members a big ninja costume bundle and 3,000 EMP! And don't forget the amazing performance of Team BroBro, whose second-place showing , earned each player a ninja costume bundle and 1,000 EMP. And, of course, all the teams got to walk away with a prize just for participating—and some great stories to tell!

Hey Rueni, this is a known issue we're working to fix.

@Nijim, This thready may not be in the most appropriate subforum, but please keep the forums constructive and friendly. (Personal attacks are not allowed, please take this as a warning.)
Chronos5618 on 03/11/2014, 08:12 AM - view
I will keep that in mind. I made a Slayer but now i think i want to go zerker. Slayer feels so slow and weak.

Also try out the warrior if you feel that the slayer is slow...
What Counterpoint said.

Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge or the tools to help you out with this in-game issue. :(

Hope it gets resolved soon!
TR is back up and we see you guys logging back in, sorry about that!
Working on this right now.
Minea on 03/11/2014, 04:27 PM
Working on this right now.

Hey all,

While we are investigating the cause of today's Tempest Reach server crashes, Tempest Reach will be under maintenance.

No ETA yet, we will share more information as they become available in this thread.

Update: 5:40pm, TR is open now.
Edited by: Aliila 9 months ago
Updating the pinned thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Tempest-Reach-Server-Is-Currently-Under-Maintenance
We consolidate the threads on the same topic so that it's easier for everyone (staff and the players) to be informed of what's happening instead of looking through the several different threads. We will continue updating the main post with the latest information.

(And creating multiple threads on the same topic is considered spamming, which is against the rules :( )

We can keep each other company here, I believe we were talking about the Internet.

We're reopening Tempest Reach right now.
Hey there,

Unfortunately this isn't something we can see/help with. As Devam said, please contact our Support Team. They'll do the best to get back to you as soon as possible.
Welcome Liviari!
As mentioned last week, this is a known bug we're actively working to address.

Please don't do callouts on the forums. If you see inappropriate action in-game, contact us directly via
Support Tickets or Live Chat.
From the news post itself:

"You can buy a weapon dipped in the gold of the heavens directly, or if the celestial spirit moves you, try your luck with a celestial weapon loot box to win a weapon imbued with the spirit of the divine treasures!"

I personally don't think this is a case of misled advertising as we specifically mentioned both types of the weapon skins and how to obtain them. Also clicking on the store's new items page gives you images of the specific weapon skins.

We try our best to give a good explanation on the items, but we will try harder next time. Thanks for your feedback.
We're looking into it, but please remember that this is not something that we can do ourselves. We'll update you with more information when they become available. Please try to keep all of your posts with constructive content. Thanks.
(Moving this to Mystics section of the forums)
The match results can be viewed from the Brackets tab here. :)

As for the prediction contest, we've gotten at least 700+ entries, we're still counting! We're working on it, but I'm afraid it will be a bit while. Tonka is still recuperating from the intense Skyring Slam weekend, so I'm thinking we need to get him a keg of coffee a day for this week. Maybe two kegs..
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