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Going to PM you Aeornwy

Thanks for all the results :).

For you folks, that are NOT working still... keep em coming and let me know :).

Portrait on 02/09/2013, 01:46 PM - view
Still doesn't work i've tried everything that was posted on the forums tried all my browsers and still cannot pass the "review your purchase" (button does absolutely nothing)

P.S From Canada Tried changed the location to USA but didn't achieve anything

PM'ed ya.
Zasteba on 02/09/2013, 01:54 PM - view
I can confirm that it works!

Thank you :)
issun on 02/09/2013, 02:02 PM - view
still isnt working for me, when i try to purchase i even selected usa and stuff, i am trying to use paypal and when i confirm the payment on the paypal new window, the enmasse buy emp page just reloads and i dont get billed or anything, it goes back as if i never hit purchase

PM'ed ya
You can rez others, but GoR and VoR cannot be used. (3v3)
We'll look into this!
Canceling elite should not remove your remaining days. If this happens contact support.

Let's avoid call out threads with alarmist titles.
Founder's have priority in the queues. There is no plan to allow this for elites at this time. If queues continue after the first week of F2P we will consider other servers.

We will also eventually open up transfers to the new servers once they mature a bit more.
LittleNerdyOTAKU on 02/09/2013, 08:37 AM - view
I'd really like it if there were a place with the screenshots for every single item available so I know what I'm spending money on because I've searched the web and can't find certain items. :u Pretty please?

This should help some but eventually we will get a preview function in.

Sorry for the problems guys we are still ironing out some of the configs. We made some adjustments late yesterday that seemed to help quite a bit but obviously not everyone.

Trust us - we want your money - and want to get the issue resolved.
The other day I saw most Extensive Alk selling for much cheaper than MW Alk on the broker...

Just wanted to throw this up for clarification. Very valuable stuff.

Lots of good discussion here. The economy is shook up since the game update and the introduction of the store and will take a few days to settle into a trend. We are watching the data and will make adjustments accordingly.

As for fodder inflation I am guessing this weekend will bring those down with it being double drop at least temporarily.
The day ones are real days but some of the strongboxes have hourly ones which are in game time.
I put mine on the broker. Actually I said that but now I am not sure if the XP potion was a grab bag or lockbox that I had. I went crazy opening both and can't remember... hmm..

Regardless I posted the XP potion on the broker :)
The pattern is that it isn't working right... we will talk with the developers about the bug.
It is coming - heck previewing already exists in the game - just couldn't make it in to the store for our first version.

We do offer some store info here that may help.

We just launched the store and we are going to need the feedback. It will be quite obvious if we priced the items right because they will sell well. If we didn't they won't and we will adjust. Keep the feedback coming.
We want the preview function as much as y'all do. It is coming we just don't have a date yet.
Tax is added for US as well but it is added at the purchase and by state I believe. We have to build it in up front for non-US folks.
Nothing in the near future, maybe once we stabilize the free launch we can put some resources on it.
No more digital keys are available. You have to hunt down physical boxes. Amazon is the easiest.
Chat support isn't available (now) on Mondays and Fridays because they're our least busy days and we have to let the CS staff recharge their batteries. With the launch of TERA: Rising, the support team is officially slammed. Give us a chance to deal with the surge and you'll see things return to normal in no time.

Sorry for the delay, but it's not going to be permanent.
Moved to the Races section.
The forums are not a place to seek resolution to transactions. Contact Customer Service and they'll refund the inadvertant transaction.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
I am unhappy to see a thread about another thread that's a duplicate of many threads. Grrr.

I'm looking forward to listening to these. Should be a lot of fun.
Locking this thread down. Please keep your comments constructive and free of attacks.

I really couldn't say why that happened. I'm not with the CS team, but I know they're up to their ears with tickets to handle. I'm sorry you're frustrated, but callout threads won't help and are against the TERA forum rules.
I think the production team is monitoring the store over the weekend. I don't think they're quite ready to pronounce it stable, but once they do, you'll get your EMP. In the meantime, go kill pixels.
We are having a quick restart on all servers to address the server instability issues we've been experiencing in the last few days.

The following servers will be unavailable on February 8 from 10:30 a.m. PST to 10:45 a.m. PST:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page and pilot your spaceship! Thanks for your patience!
Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago
Yes, we want to have preview function too. :)

Answers to a lot of the questions can be found in the pinned thread here.
Yep, we haven't forgotten! We are making sure our store is stable and working properly for all, so it'll be after we've got that covered. :)

Join us on the Celestial Hills server at 5 p.m. PST on February 13 at the Mysterium Mansion outside of Velika to participate. Players from other servers are welcome—just roll up an alt and join in. This is NOT erotic role-playing, so please keep it clean. You’re breaking the ice in an awesome way, not turning the creepification dial to 11.

We’ll judge each entrant and pick the top three lad/ladykillers. The winners will each receive the kill BAM or black magic costumes!

Be there. ‘Cause no one likes to hear, “The effect of your charm has worn off.”


• When: 5 p.m. PST on Wednesday, February 13
• Location: Mysterium Mansion outside of Velika, Celestial Hills server
• Prize: Three winners will receive their choice of the kill BAM or black magic costumes.
• How do I participate?
  • Be present with your lines ready! We’ll form lines and call characters up to perform.
  • You’ve got 30 seconds to woo us with your epic role-playing and language skills.
  • Must be in character, with racially appropriate dialogue and quirks.

All standard En Masse Entertainment contest rules apply.

Dust off your character’s motivations, dig deep into the lore, and come up with the words to win our hearts!
Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago
Just wanted to make sure you guys saw this contest for Valentine's Day . ^_^

Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago
We're still working out the little kinks in our new store as mentioned in the pinned store thread. I'm closing this thread since we already know this is not limited to a location and the title is very misleading.
Cute squirrel tail!! Yellow is a good color for your character. :)
This could be it. (info from FAQ http://support.enmasse.com/tera/chat-channel-level-restrictions )

Chat channel level restrictions

On February 5th 2013, TERA will be relaunched and a subscription is no longer required for game access! With this change, after a lot of internally discussion and interaction with the community, decided to impliment a restriction on the chat channels. These restrictions will affect all characters, regardless of account tier.

Area Chat is now restricted to characters level 5 and up.
Trade and LFG chat are level 12 and up.
Global chat is now level 20 and up.

And no, the information is incorrect, Geserino.
EU and NA TERA have different publishers, we do not have any way to transfer an account to or from other companies. :(
Just wanted to update everyone in this thread that the issue has been fixed. Thank you for the workaround!
#3 with #2's outfit would be my choice, but they're all cute in their own way. :)
You guys REALLY need to read the rules before posting. Last warning.
Let's keep things on topic, folks.
We're sorry this is happening but this is not related to the number of users or our server quality. We have good equipment, but it's an issue we've been working with BHS to figure out.
If it's the number of users then it wouldn't happen at the same time because the number of users don't peak at the very same time every day.. And 9 p.m. PST is a bit late since it's 12 a.m. EST too. This is why we're figuring things out. It's not CCU or our hardware's ability to support the number of users.
We should be good, we're seeing users logging back in again.
The level requirement is 40. :(

More information on character transfers in our FAQ.
(Changed the image to the high resolution one as well. Thanks, Thor! :) )
I won't take it down, but I am going to move it to OT =).
If she is seeing the EU servers on her list, then she downloaded the wrong client. She would need to download and install the client from our website, via the account page.
I'm going to have to lock this thread since it's against forum rules to discuss in-game moderation. If you feel as though you have been treated unjustly by a moderator please put in a support ticket. I would be glad to review your case for you.
Locking since this is basically just a call-out thread.
The amount of rating points rewarded for a win in PvP Arena has been decreased.

We didn't miss this. We didn't include it because we never had Arenas, so technically nothing was ever changed for you.
The issue regarding charging skills for Berserkers and Archers being cancelled due to the high chance of stagger has been corrected.

This is the same as above. There is no reference point in NA to compare what stagger was like to what it was now. Safe to say it's better now than before.
The stagger/knockdown effect has been removed from Sorcerer's Void Pulse skill.

We didn't miss this either. The first patch notes had it in there, and then we took it out. The sum of if for the NA TERA is that Void Pulse has had no changes in regards to knockdown.
The movement increase speed of Glyph of Fleetfoot for Archer's Web Arrow skill has been corrected. It is now 10 instead of 12.

We might have missed this, I'll look into it.
The cooldown for Priest skill Kaia's Shield has been decreased from 75 seconds to 50 seconds.
The cooldown for Priest skill Guardian Sanctuary has been decreased from 40 to 35 seconds.

We didn't miss this. These are in the patch notes.

It can be a bit tricky when bringing over multiple patches, especially when everyone is readiing every patch note that gets made. It seems kind of silly, that if in the same patch notes page, we list "Now X does this" and then a few lines later, have it say "Well, X no longer does this." So we don't include the change to X at all. For the same reason, if in one patch, "Y gets +20 increase" and then later "Y gets a -8 decrease", what we end up putting is "Y gets a +12 increase".

I hope this makes sense.
Edited by: Treeshark almost 2 years ago - Reason: editing.
The patch notes posted by Kilrnub were from 11/8. That was the one I was responding to. We are NOT caught up to the 1/10 patch.
I'll dig further into the zerker and archer changes. To say something has been "corrected" can mean a lot, but I'll have clarification next week.
We started a tad bit late but dungeon drop weekend is in full effect now. It doesn't party how you get into the dungeon or with who.
After some verification with our test servers and live, I can confirm that the event is running as intended. It is a double drop rate, not just double drop, so keep that in mind.

If you noticed we didn't crash at 6pm today (and had every other day). We think we have an idea what is causing it now. We were on standby for both of these. Treeshark lost $5 in a bet to Wallypark (he thought it would crash at 6), of course he was happy to lose that one.
Even I clicked it.
It has nothing to do with capacity. If you have noticed the crashes have been at the same time. There is a glitch in the matrix and we think we are close to figuring it out.
We are aware.
UPDATE: The servers should be coming up one at a time now.

We are staggering server restarts to bring them all back up. The good news is that we think tonight's crash has finally logged enough information for us to identify the cause. Many of you may have noticed it was at 6pm and 9pm pacific time each day - which means something.

Hold on but we should be good and if our fixes work we can all cross our fingers for tomorrow at 6 :)
Edited by: knoxxer almost 2 years ago
We are fixing the issue. We are sorry for the problems but we are close to identifying the cause.
Rizon on 02/07/2013, 09:28 PM - view
knoxxer on 02/07/2013, 09:23 PM
If you noticed we didn't crash at 6pm today (and had every other day). We think we have an idea what is causing it now. We were on standby for both of these. Treeshark lost $5 in a bet to Wallypark (he thought it would crash at 6), of course he was happy to lose that one.

Who won the 9PM bet?

Certainly not you guys :(

Like I said hopefully this means we can address the issue and put it behind us. *waits for 6pm tomorrow*
Of course we have other servers ready - still from our original launch. We aren't at a need for capacity right now. The new servers are not full and the causes of the crash is not related to capacity.

As stated originally we will open new servers when we need to.
Gonna lock we have an official thread going now.

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DuckPVP on 02/07/2013, 09:36 PM - view
Open store while you're at it pls.

Working on it :D

We thought we would make it for launch but it didn't happen. QA decided they needed 'sleep'.

We are hoping for next week or the week after. First priority right now is the store.
We have up until their Jan 10th update plus a few other things after that. So a few weeks behind.
All servers are now back up.
We apologize for the instability and lag. We are addressing each issue one by one and are very thankful for your patience as we make this big transition in TERA.

To claim your 3 Strongbox Keys, all you must do is log into the game and get the item in your Item Claim. For those already in the game you will need to exit the game and close the launcher and restart the launcher and log back in.

This will be available for about the next 24 hours. 10:30pm Pacific to 10:30pm Pacific.
Edited by: knoxxer almost 2 years ago
Egg event is off for now.
We should have an update in early to mid March with some balance changes, bug fixes and optimizations. We believe the next big content update will be April or May. We gotta stabilize our launch of free first before we can really lockdown the future updates.
You must close out the game and the launcher, then relogin.
Should be there. Maybe she is trying the European version?
It is up we plan on monitoring and stabilizing it throughout the day. We will be providing the EMP to folks who bought the box once this process is complete.
It is up we plan on monitoring and stabilizing it throughout the day. We will be providing the EMP to folks who bought the box once this process is complete.
You can see the item's you can purchase in the game.
Hey Guys,

You may have seen but the store is up *phew*. It isn't perfect and we expect some instability today but it should be working. We will address issues as they come up and update this thread. Here is a start to the FAQ.

Game guide is up and provides more info on the items we are selling!

  • Once the store is stabilized, we will grant the bonus EMP to TERA subscribers and Collector's Edition players.

  • You purchase points on the web but you spend them in the game - long term we plan to have the item store available on the web as well.

  • The Elite yellow bar in the store is a discount – anyone can purchase the item but Elite members will get it at a discounted price.

  • We did a lot of research for our pricing, including community members, and hope it is a fair value for what is offered. We will continue to monitor your feedback and your purchases to help us adjust for the future.

  • All items are delivered via the Item Claim system.

  • If you purchase an account based mount you must log out of the game and the launcher and back in and then it will appear.

  • You can sort the items by 'usable' in the upper right hand corner. There are multiple pages of items so please make sure to flip through them all to check it out.

  • All temporary mounts are not displaying the time correctly in the item or the skill. This is a localization issue and should be resolved when we patch the game
  • (hopefully early next week). Please note that the skill will not show your time but it is ticking away in the background.

  • Sometimes account based mounts are not showing up if you access the item claim from the store and not from the menu bar. If you don't see it make sure to check the Item Claim through the menu bar.

  • Masterwork Alkahest is in some of the grab bags but isn’t a featured item. We are still trying to asses the amount that is naturally occurring in the game before making any further decisions regarding this item.

  • Most permanent items are tradable in the game. Mouse over the item in the store to know if it is tradable or not before purchasing it. All temporary items are not tradable.

  • We will be adding a preview functionality to the store eventually but there is no ETA as of yet.

  • Maid outfits will be available we *hope* in March if all goes smooth.

  • If you buy an elite subscription it can take a couple of minutes to activate. You can view the status in your account management page. You must re-login to the launcher for this to activate.

  • Our store works best in Firefox and Chrome but IE should work most of the time.
  • You must have cookies and Javascript enabled.

  • Over the next couple of weeks we will smooth out the design quirks.

  • Our billing partner is called Fatfoogoo - you will receive an email from them on a successful purchase to the email you entered on checkout.

  • Race, appearance, and name changes
  • (among others) are located in the Valkyon Outfitters store.
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    I hope this answers most of your questions. I will add to it as we go but going to close up this thread for now.

    It is under 50 cents a key for the biggest pack of 50 keys.
    They are under Account Services. We had issue on TR but it is resolved now.
    There are some oddities in IE and Safari. Best idea is to try in Chrome or Firefox.
    They are under Account Services. We had issue on TR but it is resolved now.
    rosaisabella on 02/08/2013, 08:42 AM - view
    I do have a question that I didn't find in the OP list.

    For those of us who are founders, we were said that we would be getting $10 (standard founder) or $15 (CE Founder) EMP. When will this be activated to our accounts?

    As soon as we stabilize the service we will start granting this EMP. It will show up automagically for you.
    Comes with your first purchase of EMP. Permanent and tradable.
    Make sure you are not blocking cookies as well.
    Fatfoogoo is our billing partner, they are actually still part of Digital River but they are a separate platform that deals in virtual currencies.

    You will receive an email from them if you successfully purchase a product and entered your email during checkout.

    I don't mind your viewpoint but lets not start a giant /signed thread. I edited your title.
    Fatfoogoo is our billing partner, they are actually still part of Digital River but they are a separate platform that deals in virtual currencies.

    You will receive an email from them if you successfully purchase a product and entered your email during checkout.
    Redirecting to this thread.
    Redirecting to this thread.
    Customer support and TERA Answers are the most appropriate forums for this problem. Please be patient.
    Redeeming a code from a physical copy of TERA at this point will grant founder status. It will not grant elite status.

    Hope this answers your question.
    If you've logged out and completely closed, not minimized, the launcher (It's a sneaky little app), then logged back in and you're still not seeing your keys, contact customer service.
    Please do read the forums and FAQs before posting duplicate question threads. Thank you.
    Moved to crafting thread.
    Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. Please refrain from them.
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