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Where we were
It has been a hell of a ride since TERA went free. When TERA:Rising launched we expectantly saw our support queue volume increase significantly. It got to a point where we were not at all happy with the response time for our tickets, and the wait time for live chat.

This led to a tough decision. We took live chat down for a week (March 18th – March 25th) to focus our entire effort on the backlog of support tickets. During this time we worked around the clock to answer thousands of tickets, drank way too much red bull, ate way too much pizza, and reduced our average response times to less than 72 hours when the week ended. While we still were not happy with a 72 hour response time; it was an improvement from where we were. Live chat returned to service on March 26th with a slightly different schedule.

Where we are now
Since March 26th we have further reduced ticket response times to less than 24 hours, chat wait times have come down significantly, and all of the GMs that were here before TERA went free are still around.

Our Current Hours of Operation
  • Submit a Ticket: 24/7 open to everyone. We staff 24/7 to answer these as quickly as possible.
  • Live Chat: Tuesday – Saturday open to Founder and Elite: Noon – 8PM Pacific

We thank everyone who waited patiently for a response from us, and can’t wait to see you in game!
Sano on 04/17/2013, 11:25 AM - view
You know what I hate the most about support now? I keep getting answers that don't make sense so I have to demand a supervisor almost every other ticket to get an actual answer. The one that pissed me off the most was "Santa hats were never tradable, but by it off broker!" Seriously I'm not happy with support despite the times.

I looked into your ticket history under Sano, but do not see the santa hat question or any escalations to a supervisor. Perhaps you did this under a different account. Feel free to PM me the incident number if you feel any issue was handled incorrectly. We are human, and mistakes can happen. If something clearly wasn't handled the right way we want you to let us know.
Mite on 04/17/2013, 11:04 AM - view
Solomon on 04/17/2013, 10:59 AM

drank way too much red bull

So, how many wings do you have have now?

(Moving this to Off-Topic)

Please don't make me drool on the forums.
If you have any questions on moderation, PM me and I'll answer/take a look.
We're planning some stuff, obviously we can't do everything we want, but

CharlesTurner on 04/15/2013, 08:34 PM - view
All servers will be down on maintenance day. I'm calling it.

Yep, this on 5/5. :D
Oh you guys, you should all know by now that baiting other people with dramatic and non-constructive posts doesn't end well. :)
Let the dead thread lie in peace please. :)

Our community continues to grow. This time, fan site TERAfied interviewed Associate Producer Patrick Sun (AKA Treeshark). They talked about TERA: Rising, changes coming down the pike, and the path that led him to his role today. It’s a unique glimpse at what drives people in the video game industry.

So head over to TERAfied and check out the full interview!
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago
(*gently puts you down among fellow mystics* :) )
I've seen people from ALL servers misbehaving in game and the forums.

Even being "good" or "bad" is highly subjective. Are you "good" if you can only succeed with equally experienced folks? Or are you also "good" if you lead a group of newcomers and succeed as a group? Are you "bad" if you don't want to drop a non-level 60 from nexus group? Also surprisingly, a lot of the player nomination contest entries I've seen are from PvP servers.

I'm all for server pride but dividing people into groups and generalizing them is not helpful for the community. We're all TERA players after all, and should respect all types of gameplay and each other. :P
Founders and elite users should have the chat option during the live chat hours and although we had an incredible surge of support tickets/chat around TERA: Rising launch, we worked through the majority of them. So the ticket turnaround time shouldn't be too long now. :)

As for the chat issue your'e seeing, there are several possibilities. Assuming you're correctly logged into the founder/elite account, it could be a time zone issue and/or it could be due to a change in system clock. We recommend trying with another web browser or computer if you can. Also there is always the possibility that this is a bug, but we haven't had reports on this yet. Hope it helps!
You guys already know we'll always be behind KTERA in terms of information and content unless they hold back content and information for Korea, the reason being TERA is developed by a Korean game company in Korea. That said, when we have the content depends on a lot of things and how we choose to get the information out also depends on a lot of things. Dev resources are shared by all territories and we (NA) are one of the territories as BHS juggles them all. Sure, it'd be great to have the information immediately but as the NA publisher we have our own strategy and release schedule, which means we do our best to decide when it'd be most beneficial for our community and it's not always easy to predict what/when will be available for us. I don't know/have the details for the Kelsaik raid right now, but Knoxxer already mentioned that while the new bg and raid will be separate updates, it will be before the alliance update. More specific information will come when we have more to share, we'll be very excited to share it with you. ^_^

So let's get the thread back on topic and focus on the interview. No more derailing with who represents who. We can have a constructive discussion and leave constructive comments without generalizing anyone. Surely we can show a bit more appreciation for the hard work TERAfied continues to do for our community.
Thanks, Iniker! :)
Congratulations to the winners and thank you, Dragon.Rage and Raven Tail for hosting this!
It will actually be turned off on the 30th of this month, not the 23rd. We have always stated that this was an event for a limited time, and did not want to mislead anyone that this would be permanent.

That said, the response (and turnout) has been great for this. We will definitely want to bring it back, but me thinks that some tweaks need to be done to make it better (level of gear, suitable gear for classes).
Any time you see an inappropriate behavior or have a suspicion on botting (like this case), please let us know so that we can take appropriate action. Submitting a ticket is the best way for this but I got this one.
Heya Rebel, I'm sorry to hear that. :( If you've tried all of our suggestions in the FAQ, the best way forward would be to contact our Support Team for more personalized troubleshooting steps. Here is the handy link: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/. Hope the issue gets resolved soon!
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago - Reason: (Also locking this old thread)
Do not post personal information whether it's about you or someone else. This is the last warning for this thread to get back on topic without derailing it.
You've had your warning.
(Moving to Off-Topic)
The game account is supposed to be added automatically. I've added one for you manually and you should be able to log into the launcher now.
There will be an emergency maintenance at 10am to fix a possible server instability issue. All servers will be affected. Downtime is expected around 15 minutes.

Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago - Reason: forgot date
MegaMouseGW on 04/12/2013, 01:44 PM - view
Search for "TERA online complete client"
There are 2 of the results that I trust:


plus one from Softpedia. You will find more but not sure how safe they are. Uninstall the torrent version and use the complete client versions. Most likely after that you will just have to patch.

That link is not for us (EME). Do NOT use that link if you plan to play here. Do not use any link provided from other websites as our support will not be able to help you. Our client is not downloadable anywhere else but from our servers, and there is only one source that you should trust.

We offer 3 methods of downloading here: http://tera.enmasse.com/download

The Happy Cloud offers players the chance to play while the client is downloading after a certain amount is retrieved.

The direct full download will patch you up fully from zero.

The official torrent is offered for users who prefer to use bittorrent.

BUT this isn't what OP is talking about, only posting to negate MegaMouseGW's information.

Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago - Reason: quoted text edited
There's no need to shout.. :)

I'm going to leave the link here as well: Maintenance Today
Servers are back up, please close the launcher completely and restart it. :)
We are good to go now, please make sure to close the launcher completely and restart. Thank you for your patience! :)
Please remember to be respectful to all users and keep your posts constructive.

@OP, I'm sorry the ticket response time is longer than expected, I know waiting can be frustrating when you want an issue resolved. We try our best to get back to you as quickly as we can, but we had a surge of users and the amount of tickets as well. Thank you for your patience. :)
We're looking into this, thank you for letting us know.
If exiting completely out of the launcher and restarting it does not work, our suggestions are:

Step 1: Navigate to your TERA folder
Step 2: Delete the EN.version.
Step 3: Delete the Live-New-Launcher.version file in the TERA folder if you have one.
Step 4: Restart the TERA Launcher.

If this does not work please try the host file edit listed below:

Step 1: Right Click on your Notepad icon and select "Run As Administrator"
Step 2: Navigate to the HOST file directory: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Step 3: Make sure you have "All Files" set so that way you can see all the files in the folder instead of just .TXT files.
Step 4: Insert this line below the existing text (no # before the text): patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

Step 5: Save the file
Step 6: Restart your TERA Launcher
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago - Reason: more details added
So far our suggestions are (thank you for the reports/confirmations on whether it's working or not):

- Try restarting the launcher.

- Go to your TERA folder and double click on “EME Version Check”, then open the launcher.

- Make sure host edits aren’t in place. Delete the EN.version. Restart.
As petitions are against the forum rules, this thread has been changed into a discussion thread. Please make sure to include your thoughts on the topic within your post. Empty posts are a no-no. Thank you.

You’ve been working hard. You’re looking good in that swimsuit. You deserve a break. Now is the perfect time to complete your summer look. Make summer last forever with permanent shades! Permanent versions of the white sand shades, sanguine shades, ocean blue shades, fiery shades, and mirrored shades all go on sale for 50 percent off this weekend. The discounts start Friday, April 12 at 11 a.m. PDT and end Monday, April 15 at 11 a.m.
Hello folks,

As mentioned previously, petitions are against the forum rules and +1 posts don't contain sufficient content to promote healthy discussions. I'm closing this thread because the majority of the posts don't have enough content despite the explicit request left in the thread.

Currently all of our servers are located in Chicago area and other than the distance, we don't have a reason or explanation on the issue you've mentioned. :(
Hello everyone,

We will be streaming Tonka's battleground runs today at 4 p.m. Pacific Time and giving away Candyspinner pets.

Join us on TwitchTV!
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago
Make sure to sign in when you're watching our channel please. (For Candyspinner giveaways)
If you see inappropriate chat in game, please make sure to report so that we can take action. If you see inappropriate posts on the forums and report them, we will take a look at the reported posts and take action as well.

Also we are all a part of the TERA community. We can make the best of what we've got while we continue to improve. There will always be room to improve and we're aware of that as well. But in the meantime, please help us by promoting the behavior you'd like to see. :)
(Please keep non-English threads/posts in Languages section of the forum. Thanks!)
I'm afraid callout threads are against the rules. But if you see inappropriate chat/behavior in game, please make sure to report them so that we can evaluate them. We look at every report to take the necessary action. Thanks!
Currently not in our plan.
Congratulations to all winners and thanks everyone for joining us!
Let's keep this on topic and respect everyone's preferences. Thanks.
Actually people won because we liked their stories. Whether it be because of their writing style, skill, humor, originality, or unique perspective, etc., we stand by our choices and believe they are a good mix of different styles of gameplay our community enjoys.

Also I am personally not a hardcore pvp'er and I can assure you that this is not the case. We read every single entry in that thread in two days and gave away more pets because we really loved reading everyone's submission. Unfortunately because we are human we don't always agree on all things but that's also a part of the reason we continue to have a variety of events and contests! :D

P.S.: Also for your comment on the video contest, I've stated multiple times we could only accept original work including the sound portion. If you have anything more to say, PM me and I'll be more than happy to explain. :)
Love how everyone looks in this thread!!! My GM character is also a female amani! :D
@Korynn80, Account-related issues need to be looked at by our Support Team, which you can do by clicking on the "Support" button on top of the page (or the url I just linked :) ). I'm sorry you're having issues but our Supprot team will be more than happy to help.

@Hostage, To clarify, all winners posted their entries before the deadline. In fact, the latest winner we have is #769 by Bilei, posted on 04/09/2013, 11:34 PM. Please don't spread false information.
Heya Agathor222, there was an issue with the loot boxes but it's been fixed now. Sorry about that. xD

Be nice and stay on topic please.
We should be good for realz this time. It may or may not have been the coffee I spilled....
"Horntail" for my dragonette! (And extra cookies for you if you know what book it's from!)

Poor "Dinner"...
Espei on 04/11/2013, 11:01 AM - view
Minea on 04/11/2013, 10:59 AM
"Horntail" for my dragonette! (And extra cookies for you if you know what book it's from!)

Poor "Dinner"...

Yes, that little guy was surrounded by a horde of hungry Elins and Poporis.

.... Mm lamb chops. *drool*. Aw no, what have you doneeeeeee?
Grats on 60! Also make sure to do the rep dailies as they're a good source of gold (especially with elite boost). :)

Pets are now available in Valkyon Outfitters. Find the rambunctious Rambo, the enchanted prince, a carnivorous plant, and the darling Dragonette in the Mounts and Pets tab. Learn more about pets on our Adopt-a-Pet page and in the pets game guide. You can also preview each pet in the store items guide. Remember to buy pet food from merchants in game to keep your new companion happy. You also have a chance to find the sweet candyspinner pet in the pet food loot box!
The announcement for the maid loot boxes has been removed. For the pet boxes, we think it's a good way to let folks know of their arrival but they won't stay forever.
Since the suggestions on our FAQ page didn't work, I think contacting our Support team is the way to go. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. :(
Let's consolidate the threads on the same topic. :)

Super late? You necromancers are such kidders.
A dead horse AND a necro thread? Awesome.

There are no plans for the Jeweled Lion at this time. It's the current elite mount. When that will change and what happens to it afterwards is lost in the fog of war.
The graphics were prettified, but that doesn't preclude insanity on your part.
kogonotory on 04/10/2013, 09:06 PM - view
Monokrome on 04/09/2013, 11:00 AM
It's because female Amani are a rare sight. Here's my slayer. People stop, stare, then tell me how frightening I look. Hope this image comes out right...

She looks pretty to me ;3;

Indeed. She may be a hipster murder machine, but definitely a pretty one.
I'll check with WallyPark on this. I know he was working on clearing those up.
Could you please all the way out of the game (and the launcher), log back in, and then try the purchase again? That would help us verify the problem.
Okay. Thanks. I'll push back on this!
This is a dead horse, in a duplicate topic, that has been covered, and discussed to death.

TERA doesn't have damage meters. We have no plans for meters. If your focus is getting to the top of a chart, you're DPSing wrong.

The candyspinner is available through the Pet Food Box. It's not available for direct sale.
I've pinged Treeshark about this.
I've pinged Treeshark about this.
Thank you, Kultra.
This was a system issue on our end that was causing the "ghost" GM. Going to lock this thread now!
Hello, everyone!

We're going through the posts now (actually we started yesterday to make sure we had enough time!!) and we will announce the winners today on the forums. :)
(Moving to Off-Topic)

Hello, everyone!

First, thank you for participating in our "Tell Us About Your Pet and Win!" Contest! We were excited to see so many great stories! Some of them made us laugh, some sad, and some even made us hungry for dracoloth eggs!

There were a lot of really awesome stories so we just HAD to reward more than we originally planned, increasing the number of winners from 10 to 30.

Here is the list of winners:

  • Bilei
  • Firedonut
  • Dyveriate
  • Ksader
  • ShadowKhan
  • Finister
  • AbnormalAzn
  • Munchester
  • Lockjaw66
  • Chido
  • Kneive
  • Althexia
  • Kazu731
  • Divinerage
  • Mattimeo
  • AppleCider
  • Poleslider
  • Aggressor
  • OmecronBlazor
  • Kiwisu
  • Threaded
  • IvIandy
  • Viralee
  • Revolutionist
  • Croatoanic
  • Kaliko
  • RKneeSocks
  • FallenAnvil
  • ChibiJun
  • Halee

Congratulations to the winners! You should have received a PM from me containing the prize code.

We'd like to thank everyone again for sharing their creative side with us. Happy pet day tomorrow!
We've announced the winners here.

Congratulations and thank you for participating, everyone!
We encourage active and constructive discussion with more content with TERA as the focus. :)
Please keep your comments constructive. If you don't have anything substantive to add, move along to another thread.
While the situation doesn't sound exactly like yours, you might try this. CS uses this solution for other black screen issues, and it might help here.
Customer support can help with most any issue, but particularly in the case of account security, they're going to be thorough. File a ticket and reclaim your account.
Yeah, you shouldn't report non-English speakers. That's not against the rules and just clogs things up for the legitimate reports you do make.
Let's not create more duplicate threads, please. Redirecting to where your idea popped up.
I'll check on this.
Solomon suggested a couple of things, namely try clearing your browser cache and trying a different browser. See if you get the same result.

If neither of those get you where you need to go, I suggest you file a ticket so customer service can troubleshoot the matter with you.
You'll need to contact customer support, PZN. The forums can't help you resolve this.
And then we moved on with our lives and anime viewing.

Also see: http://tera.enmasse.com/introducing-pets with pictures and video and stuff.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
Alright we're passing this on to BHS to fix. thanks all!
They're permanent. :)
(Moving this to Off-Topic)
Okay. Name calling and capslock? Totally time for a stake...

Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules.
Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. The next one gets a lock.

If your updates aren't meaningful, they aren't necessary.
I asked our QA team to investigate this. It's not an issue we've been able to reproduce, but we'll look into it.
This sounds client-side to me. I suggest this diagnostic tool to get a handle on where the problems are coming from.
Okay. With the duplicate links of our duplicate links, I think the thread has run its course.

Good effort and concern for the community. Glad this problem had so many solutions.
Unfortunately, at the moment there's not much. I have requested additional report functionality to cover cross-server reporting and such, and I think that'll go a long way towards fixing this inactivity.
Ouch. The necro. It buuuurns.

This guide should answer your questions.
Hey Scard21...

I'll get you covered :(.

Pets are coming Thursday. We will have the page for it up later today. They will be character bound and $15 or under.
Divinerage on 04/08/2013, 01:32 PM - view
Treeshark on 04/08/2013, 01:28 PM
Pets are coming Thursday. We will have the page for it up later today. They will be character bound and $15 or under.

*slips dollar in pocket* So how about we change that Thursday to Tuesday :3

I checked my pocket and there's no dollar there. Thursday it is!
It's a placeholder. It doesn't work (right now) :(
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