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@Asunai, You can submit more than one entry, but you only have two weeks for it, so how you spend the time wisely is up to you. :)

@Adenina, Yes, digital art is allowed.
Stopping by to clarify that currently we don't have a plan for a different type of server outside of what we already have.
Yes, please contact our Support Team as they are the only ones who can help you. :)
(Moving to Art & Media :) )
Hello folks,

Our Canyon Clash 2013 subforum is closing on Wednesday afternoon, November 27. After the subforum closes, it will not be available for posting or viewing.

I will move the threads with screenshots to Art & Media, but if you want to save any posts, please make sure to save them before Wednesday! Thanks.
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Hello all,

Live chat support will be unavailable on Thursday, November 28.

Please note that our ticket (email) support will still be available, and our standard chat hours will resume on Friday, November 29.
Hi FliP0,

If you're still having trouble getting TERA to launch, I suggest trying a clean boot: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796 and ensuring that you're running the launcher as an administrator. If this doesn't resolve the issue, you should contact our support team. Be sure to tell them all the steps you have already tried, and if you can provide the following files, it will help them find a solution for you as quickly as possible:

Hi Endlessss,

If you're still having trouble receiving your account armor emails please contact the support team for assistance: http://support.enmasse.com/tera.

There are a few simple things to check first, though. If you're using gmail, please check your "all mail" view. Some changes made by Google can cause certain types of emails to populate there rather than in your default inbox.

You can also verify that communications@enmasse.com is listed as an approved contact, or search your inbox for that sender.
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Hi guys I just wanted to confirm that this is a known issue from the most recent patch. You can follow the known issue thread here:


And GM Burble put together a few steps for a temporary fix:

"As a workaround for the ping tooltip display issue, you can uncheck the Show frame rate (FPS) option under Options -> UI Settings and then click Apply, and then restart your game client. This will prevent the ping tooltip from being displayed until the FPS counter is fixed."
Hi there,

The steps in this FAQ will resolve the issue:


If you have any questions or issues with the steps, feel free to contact our support team. A GM would be happy to assist you!
Hi BrysonE,

Welcome to TERA Rising! It sounds like you may just need to allow the game to download a bit more. That error can crop up when you haven't downloaded enough game assets to start playing. It can also indicate corrupt game files if the download has completed, so I recommend running the repair tool in the TERA launcher if that's the case.

We also have an FAQ for this error, so please review the steps here:

If you need any help reviewing the computer specs or with troubleshooting our support team is always happy to help!
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Hi guys,

If the repair function tells you that files need to be replaced they must be replaced - the issue you are describing here sounds like corrupt game files and you will not be able to play until that issue is resolved.

The repair tool must check all the files, and this can take as long as 45 minutes to an hour. It may also display a long patch time if it's downloading new files. Don't worry - this will speed up as the process runs.

If you have any questions about the FFFF:FFFF error in general, you can review our extensive FAQ that outlines many of the common causes of this generic error message: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/error-ffff-ffff-fatal-client-exception

The TL:DR version is: You must allow the repair function to complete.
Please make sure to create a constructive post with more content. Also please keep all non-English posts in the Languages section. Thanks.

Canyon Clash was intense, and now that everyone’s had a chance to relax, we were able to talk to the top two guilds and ask them a few questions.

Good Fight managed to win the last two out of three matches to take the tournament’s top place, while second place went to NorthKisBestK.

Match 1:

Duration 17 min. 28 sec.
Good Fight 37 kills, NorthKisBestK 70 kills
Good Fight 2837 points, NorthKisBestK 5000 points

Match 2:

Duration 18 min. 24 sec.
Good Fight 53 kills, NorthKisBestK 54 kills
Good Fight 5000 points, NorthKisBestK 4571 points

Match 3:

Duration 14 min. 29 sec.
Good Fight 73 kills,NorthKisBestK 30 kills
Good Fight 5000 points, NorthKisBestK 3067 points

See what both teams said below.

Interview with Good Fight

1. Going into the tournament, what were your expectations?

Going into the tournament, Good Fight’s expectations were to win the tournament.

2. When was the most difficult moment during the tournament?

The most difficult moment during the tournament would be during the first round of the semi-finals against SuperMacroLand due to them taking almost all of the naga reaver and teralith BAMs throughout the match. We were able to get one BAM, the naga reaver, thanks to Luminiscent (archer) at the end for the win.

3. Any memorable teams and moments from the tournament?

Most memorable moments would be the perfectly landed giga-chains into rain of arrows combos throughout the matches. The second match in the finals against NorthKisBestK is definitely one of the moments that couldn’t be forgotten, due to how close that match was. We lost the fight at middle pyre in the beginning, but we managed to come together and take it in the end. One of the most intense matches of the tournament and definitely worth watching again!

4. What were some of the other team’s strength? How did you overcome it?

Many of the teams kept us on our toes by either slowing and trying to stop us at every pyre or contesting BAMs. We overcome them by communicating and changing our strategies on the fly.

5. Who made the strategy calls and how did they decide which course of action to take?

Jeenathong, a skilled lancer, made the strategy calls. He was able to make great calls by reacting and adapting quickly to the situation depending on where the other teams were and where we needed to go as a team or individually.

6. The final three matches were extremely intense with a lot of going back and forth. How did everyone stay focused?

We treated it as if it were any other match. Everyone stayed calm and kept their composure doing what we do best: PvPing, working together, and communicating.

7. Going into the final matches against NorthKisBestK, your team had been undefeated throughout the tournament. How confident was everyone feeling?

Going into the finals, everyone was pumped and feeling good. We couldn’t wait to go against NorthKisBestK.

8. The second match was arguably the most evenly contested match of the finals with the closest point difference (5000 vs. 4571) and 54 vs. 53 deaths. What was going through your minds throughout that match? After the first match, how did you change and adapt your strategy?

We knew it would be a tough match after losing the first round. Our strategy didn’t change much, because we didn’t want to take any risks, so we had the majority of the team go mid while I went south to cap the pyre to even out the points, knowing NorthKisBestK would do something similar. It is a fairly common strategy used in Fraywind Canyon but it is also the safest.

9. Now that you’re officially the winner of the Canyon Clash 2013, what are your team/guild’s plans for the future?

We will keep on refining our skills in PvP for future PvP events.

10. Any tips for the new PvPers or other players who want to try the Fraywind Canyon matches?

Don’t be discouraged or afraid of Fraywind Canyon despite what people say about skill and gear. Just keep on practicing and grinding for that Nightforge gear!

11. Any words for your team members, fellow PvP enthusiasts, or En Masse?

I am very proud of my team members. Everyone did fantastic and followed instructions very well. Teamwork is key! Awesome job, and keep up the good work, Good Fight! To PvP enthusiasts, keep on practicing—we are always looking for a “good fight” in Champions’ Skyring! See you in there!

En Masse, thank you for all your hard work that you do for the TERA community and hosting such an amazing tournament. The weekend was fun filled and there were plenty of intense matches that kept people on the edge of their seats. I’m sure everyone else would love to see these tournaments more often, whether it be Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold...and personally I would love to see a Champions’ Skyring tournament.

Interview with NorthKisBestK

1. Going into the tournament, what were your expectations?

Ephy—Strategist/Member of Blacklist: There was no contest. "Our nation had already won the tournament before it even started," our great and glorious leader told us as he munched on his Fruit Loops, deciding which Baraka outfit to wear to the ceremony. We came into the tournament to win and leave the canyon with nothing but NKBK members standing there.

Axylus—Member of Blacklist: Going into the tournament my expectations were high. I know that my guild is a top tier guild, and they all strive to be the best players they can be. So getting to the finals was not something I thought was impossible.

Flow—Guildmaster of Blacklist: Honestly speaking, we went into the tournament to win. We expected Good Fight to be a top contender in this tournament and with the way Canyon Clash ended last year, we were hoping not to get blindsided by a mystery team.

Kim.Jong.Flow—Glorious Leader/Member of Blacklist: Preparing for any competitive event online is a stressful experience for all parties involved. This was no different for NKBK; we worried and fretted over the roster, our strategy, and especially our preparation. Once we were organized, we spent most of the week practicing and trying not to psych ourselves out.

2. When was the most difficult moment during the tournament?

Ephy: There were probably two equally difficult moments for us. One being our first match of the day against SuperMacroLand: All the matches we had white-capped pyres. For those who don't know, white-capping means to return the pyre back to neutral standing that belongs to no team. At the point, no team gains objective points for that pyre. In my dictionary, it means we failed to secure an objective because of poor decision-making or bad communication—which was the cause of every loss we had in the tournament.

Kim.Jong.Flow: Without a doubt, our very first match of the tournament against SuperMacroLand. Not just because we ended up losing, but also because it was the first opportunity most of our members have had to operate on a raid-strength level in a long time. We weren’t just trying to frantically snatch victory from the jaws of defeat—we were simultaneously evolving and altering our pre-game strategy on the fly.

3. Any memorable teams and moments from the tournament?

Kim.Jong.Flow: SuperMacroLand definitely represented some of the under-populated servers really well in Canyon Clash. I think their tenacity and skill make them my favorite competing team from the tournament. Our most memorable moment from the tournament was definitely our match against The LEGION. Not only was it the shortest match in the entire tournament by a long shot, it was also the first match where our original strategy finally had a chance to shine through in all its overwhelming glory.

Ephy: I want to give props to ERPvP'ers for nearly wiping us out on our mid-fight team in their first game against us, before we reinforced to control the mid-pyre. We had around five or so people left due their counter giga-chains by their lancers. Great counter-reaction play right there, hope to see you guys on the field in future events. And Mudkip (RIP I-19/Member of Blacklist), your hit-and-run sitting skills are unrivaled.

4. What were some of the other team’s strengths? How did you overcome them?

Kim.Jong.Flow: Teams like Starlight and ERPvP'ers were held together by their incredibly talented team of healers. Winning any fight in the middle of the map at the start of the match requires the utmost concentration, decision-making, and reflexes from the healers. When healers are playing at their peak performance, it really shows in how durable your team becomes over the course of the fight. To overcome an obstacle like this requires a team-wide effort to make the right decisions in terms of priority targeting. Every player must be on the lookout for opportunities created by their teammates, and capitalizing on them quickly is the hallmark of a championship team.

Ephy: Trust in yourself, and trust in your teammates. Have full confidence in your team and believe they can execute your every call. Also, morale is probably the biggest thing to keep a team moving. It was the shot-caller’s responsibility to keep everyone on their feet and making sure they're having fun at the same time. I'm very sorry to my team for making those extremely bad jokes, please forgive me.

5. Who made the strategy calls and how did they decide which course of action to take?

Kim.Jong.Flow: The Sun-Tzu of our team was one of our sorcerers, Ephy. His battlefield perception and quick decision making are almost without match in TERA. Our raid was broken into four similarly sized groups that all operated almost independently—Ephy was the one keeping track of all four of them and guiding them to the right places on the map at exactly the right time. NKBK definitely owes a lot of its success to Ephy’s foresight and clarity of vision.

Axylus: Ephy made the calls, with a bit of help from Flow when he decided to make calls that countered our opponents’ strategies and also gave us a lot of room for PvP, which was nice! (#PvPallday)

Ephy: No strategist is amazing without his or her companions. I couldn't have done it without my teammates there ready to flood the canyon. Sorry again, but I like cheesy things...except archers.

6. The final 3 matches were extremely intense with a lot of going back and forth. How did everyone stay focused?

Kim.Jong.Flow: Maintaining focus during the finals required every player to trust the rest of their team to be doing the right thing at the right time. You can’t expect players to perform their best if they aren’t completely certain that their teammates have the rest of the map covered. By the time finals rolled around, our team had developed such a great momentum working together that we were all free to deal with the enemies in front of us without ever stopping to wonder how the rest of the match was going. Special mention should go to the emotional heart of our team, Flow, who kept everyone focused on the task at hand and really helped create a winning atmosphere in every match we played.

Ephy: Ban (an honorary member of Blacklist)! Ban! Ban! Hueeeeesis (aka Oasis, guildmaster of Blacklist), Full.Resurrection and Myrista, both members of Blacklist—thanks to all our god-like healers pulling the weight so everyone could do what they do best: PvP.

7. Any tips for the new PvPers or other players who want to try the Fraywind Canyon matches?

Kim.Jong.Flow: Objectives are important to secure, but don’t let your desire to kill the Teralith force you into making poor decisions, like leaving a pyre completely undefended. Try to coordinate with your team before and during the match to make sure that when your team commits to one part of the map, other elements of your team are securing the flanks to prevent easy captures or steals.

Axylus: Some tips to new players out there. Although PvP is fun—and yes, it’s a PvP instance—don't forget about objectives. Always go for pyres and BAMs if they're up. Don't get distracted by swimmers. And if a fight seems like it's going on for too long, do what you can to bail because it’s just going to end up wasting time.

Ephy: Play reactively with a focal point. Always try to adapt to different strategies when dealing with something you're unfamiliar with. Not only that, you need to remember to play a style you're comfortable with. You can try something uncanny, but if it doesn't revolve around your team's strengths and weaknesses, it's highly unlikely it will go well. Understand that you won't always be fighting in desirable conditions, but you can change the flow of the game in your favor.

8. You won the first match of the finals against Good Fight and it was by the largest point difference. What strategy did you use?

Kim.Jong.Flow: Our team was extremely confident going into our first match, thanks to the momentum we had gained so far in the tournament. Our strength lay in our ability to brute force our way into winning every initial fight in middle and then capitalizing on that opening to generate an early lead. Thanks to our team composition, we were easily able to isolate and eliminate every high priority target during each engagement.

Ephy: And thanks to our supporters for the morale boost. It was because of everyone that we came in clashing headfirst into the opposing team filled with confidence and the thirst to fill the fields with flowers.

9. NorthKisBestK excelled in organized chaos and this is something that our commentators observed again and again during the matches. Why do you think this works so well for the team?

Kim.Jong.Flow: Our guild comprises entirely of Champion Skyring veterans, both old and new. A lot of our success was derived from the fact that every single player on our team was able to make the correct decisions about who they should be pressuring while simultaneously creating or exploiting advantages created by nearby teammates. During transition phases of each objective push, you can clearly see that we are very comfortable operating in small groups to accomplish a variety of tasks all at once.

10. What are some thoughts after the final matches? Knowing what you know now, is there any other strategy you would have used that may have brought different tournament results?

Kim.Jong.Flow: We were really pleased with our overall performance in Canyon Clash. We demonstrated that a balanced, well-coordinated team can accomplish great things with the right players involved. If we were to attempt the tournament again, we might make some small changes to our class composition against specific teams to counter their strengths, but otherwise we believe our strategy going into the tournament remains extremely viable.

Ephy: Me? I wouldn't change a thing besides explain my tactics a little more in-depth to my team. And if we were to go about it again, we could go 100-0. But that's not fun and not how we play. Because at the end of the day, victory is only truly victorious when we're standing in a pool dyed in crimson red.


Thanks to both teams for taking the time to answer these questions for us, and thank you all for an entertaining tournament!
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Today, in honor of the completion of the Canyon Clash tournament, I'm going to do some battlegrounds and ride on my plethora of piggies.

So check out the stream today on our official Twitch.tv channel and you may even be lucky enough to win a porker yourself! We will be live at 3pm pacific.

See you there!


I'll add that the 0008 error you received is a fairly generic connection error. So, this means when you contact support there might be a list of very "easy" stuff you will be advised to do such as reset router, connect to your internet directly instead of through a router, restart your computer, make sure your keep the launcher running while playing, etc. We will also more than likely ask you to ping our servers and send the report, or submit a trace route to us.

Most of the time the error resolves itself (so to speak) meaning that your connection with our servers stabilizes. Prolonged 0008 error messages tend to be a greater connection issue between your computer and the many hops it takes along the way to our servers. Sometimes it's related to your internet service provider, or sometimes there is software, such as a recently installed antivirus or updates that could conflict with a constant connection. Ways to test that would be to connect to your account from a different PC, or from a friends house to see if it continues.

I've looked at our server stability surrounding the time frame of your post and everything looks normal here, but you never know :).

Either way, I hope we are able to diagnose and solve the issue for you. Best of luck and we hope to see you in game!
Kanai on 11/22/2013, 10:15 AM - view
Which server will you be on?

I believe Tonka will be on MT

Pig mounts have come to TERA, and you can have your pick of the litter. Expect to see the following in our store:
• Waddles, a pink pig mount
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The sale starts Friday, November 22, at 11 a.m. PST, and ends Monday, November 25, at 11 a.m. PST.
Hey all,

While the article is an interview with BHS by a popular Korean game site (Inven), please remember that these are in development and they can change. We won't know until we get them.

Thank you for clarifying that, Drewafx. Good translations! :)
I think the best way to track this down would be to contact our Support Team with the diagnostic report. They'll be able to provide personalized help!
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Hi Wolyeon,

For this type of technical issue it may be best to contact our support team directly. They can review your diagnostic file to see if there are any networking issues. Be sure to attach this with your ticket: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/troubleshoot-tech-issues-with-tera-s-diagnostic-tool

Is this a new problem, or is there any consistency (ex: It happens most often after 6PM, it only happens on one game server, etc) to when it happens? This type of information can help the GM identify the problem for you.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the second Canyon Clash tournament! We had a lot of fun playing with you all on Wyrmgorge and watching the awesome Fraywind Canyon matches.

Here are some screenshots taken by the GMs during the tournament matches and also of the teams outside the battlegrounds. If you have screenshots of your own to share, please feel free to do so in this thread!

Be sure to also check out the highlighted tournament videos posted yesterday by Tonka!

Team Photos

First Day Matches:
Rounds 1-5

Second Day Matches:
Wildcard Round

Miscellaneous Hijinks
Thanks, Espei! Aliila took the screenshots of the wildcard and final rounds, and those from the first day were taken by a variety of us GMs. I just wish I had more of them, sometimes I was so engrossed in the match I would forget to take them!! /facepalm
Catch all the action you missed! We have highlighted every match, including all of the games covered on the alternate stream as well!

This post is not spoiler free, so scroll down at your own risk!

Round 1

The Legion vs. Ultra Penetrating Force - [Commentary]
Super Macro Land vs. NorthKisBestK - [Commentary]
Mana vs. Train Train - [Commentary]

Round 2

Touch Fluffy Tail vs. Team Zergis - [Commentary]
Ultra Penetrating Force vs. Nerdrage - [Commentary]
Good Fight vs. Train Train - [Commentary]
Starlight vs. SuperMacroLand - [Commentary]

Round 3

Mana vs. Digital Legion - [Commentary]
ERPvPers vs. Starlight - [Commentary]

Round 4

Zergis vs. Gravehide2013 - [Commentary]
Dream Team vs. Touch Fluffy Tail - [Commentary]
NorthKisBestK vs. PvE Server Noobs - [Commentary]

Round 5

Good Fight vs. Touch Fluffy Tail - [Commentary]
Gravehide2013 vs. Death By RP - [Commentary]
Train Train vs. Infamous - [Commentary]


Train Train vs. Dream Team - [Commentary]
PvE Server Noobs vs. Super Sashimi Pals - [Commentary]
Super Macro Land vs. The L E G I O N - [No Commentary]
ERPvPers vs. Mana - [No Commentary]


Train Train vs. Good Fight - [Commentary]
NorthKisBestK vs. ERPvPers - [Commentary]
Starlight vs. Super Sashimi Pals - [Commentary][No Commentary]
Touch Fluffy Tail vs. Super Macro Land - [No Commentary]


Super Macro Land vs. Good Fight Game 1 - [Commentary] [Cam 2]
Super Macro Land vs. Good Fight Game 2 - [Commentary] [Cam 2]

Starlight vs. NorthKisBestK Game 1 - [Commentary] [Cam 2]
Starlight vs. NorthKisBestK Game 2 - [Commentary] [Cam 2]


Good Fight vs. NorthKisBestk Game 1 - [Commentary] [Cam 2]
Good Fight vs. NorthKisBestk Game 2 - [Commentary][Cam 2]
Good Fight vs. NorthKisBestk Game 3 - [Commentary][Cam 2]
If you have any technical issues with TERA, please contact our Support Team. I'm afraid I don't have the knowledge or the tools to help with issues like this, and our Support Team will get back to you as soon as they can.
Hello there!

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with downloading TERA. I'm not sure what type of issue you're seeing, but the best way to resolve a technical issue is to contact our Support Team! I'm afraid I don't have the knowledge or the tools to help you through this but our team will get back to you as soon as we can. So please don't hesitate to talk to us!
Hello Youghyun,

Please try out our suggestions in the FAQ page, and if they don't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team for personalized help. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you find yourself spending time drawing your favorite TERA characters? When you see the loading screens, do you ever think, “I could do that”? Well, get ready for our newest contest.

Submit an original piece of winter-themed TERA artwork by December 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST, and you could win a Snowdrift mount for one of your characters! You’ll also secure a spot for your artwork on one of our loading screens, with your character name and server name displayed below the image.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Submission must be original art (sorry, no screenshots) sized 1920 by 1200 pixels, 24bit RGB in .BMP or .PSD format.
2. Submission must include your character name and server name for you to receive your prize. (You may also include an optional caption up to 160 characters, which EME may edit if necessary.)
3. Submit your entry as an email attachment to community@enmasse.com.
4. Your full entry must be received by December 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
5. Standard EME contest rules apply.

The top three submissions will appear as TERA loading screens in December, so hit the pencils!
If the suggestions listed on our FAQ page above by TwilightAngel doesn't work, please contact our
Support Team! We'll be more than happy to help!
Redirecting: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/111913-Extended-Weekly-Maintenance-at-7-am-PST
The servers are up and available. Thank you for your patience.
Hmm. I just checked mine and it looks like it's displaying the correct time.

Are YOU from the future?? :O
Hey Hikarii,

Thanks for sharing!! I'm glad to hear you had a great time, we did too :D

We'll get our screenshots up soon *furiously uploads*!
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It was a back end network maintenance, that's not directly related to the game client itself.
It was a great finals match, but I think enough has been said in this thread.

We're sorry about this, the battlegrounds have been restored approximately at 9 a.m.
Hello everyone,

This week's regular maintenance will begin at 7 a.m. PST on Tuesday, November 19. We will be continuing to perform network maintenance during this week's extended maintenance. Expected duration of the maintenance is approximately 4 hours.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST. Expected downtime is approximately 4 hours.

  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch or participate in TERA’s second Canyon Clash Tournament this past weekend! We had a great time, and we hope all of you did too.

On Saturday, November 16, participants battled through five modified Swiss-style rounds to earn a spot in Sunday’s elimination. Saturday’s rounds narrowed the field from 24 teams down to 12. On Sunday, eight teams first duked out a single-elimination wildcard round to set the elite eight for the last three rounds. Our streams are available to watch on our official Twitch channel.

Congratulations to Good Fight, who won the tournament and will receive 100,000 EMP and the “2013 Canyon Clash Champion” title. NorthKisBestK, our second-place winner, will receive 20,000 EMP. Each of the top-12 team members will receive Quackerjack, our stamina-boosting duck mount. Everyone who participated will receive a dastardly mustache.

Good Fight


Thanks again to everyone who participated or watched our stream! We loved having you and really enjoyed the tournament! To see how your favorite team fared, visit the Canyon Clash 2 website.
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PM'ing you, zebaz.

Also, Baka, those aren't automated messages. We don't share the information to respect everyone's privacy. Only the individual/s involved will be informed.

It’s time to score some points! All weekend long, Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online are featuring 50% and 100% reputation boosts for half off the usual price:

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The 50 percent discounts start at 11 a.m. PST Friday, November 15 and last until 11 a.m. PST Monday, November 18.
Hello Max,

In order to display the game character information, your forum account has to be the one with your game account. So right now you won't see any option.
The event is closed now, it was accidentally left open for a little longer than we planned (4 p.m. PST on 11/14 was our plan). Thank you for letting us know. :)
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This is a really cute character background! Good luck in your character's adventures! :D
Unfortunately it was intentional that the candies are character based, so I don't think they will be combine-able. :(
So does being delicious. Just sayin'!
The daily quest reset time and nexus times have been corrected through this morning's server restart at 7 a.m. PST. Thank you.
If you are experiencing technical errors and the FAQ suggestions don't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team for personalized help. The forums aren't used to provide support and I don't have the tools or the knowledge to do so. Our Support Team will be more than happy to help with your issues and will get back to you as soon as they can!

Also please note that as all other forum sections, the Bug Report is not for technical support and bumping a thread is against the forum rules. Thanks.
From the pinned thread on top:

Daily quest reset times have reverted back to 7 a.m. PST. Nexus times are incorrect as well.
- We're working to correct the reset times, will share more information as they become available.

>>> This has been corrected through the short server restart at 7 a.m. PST on November 14.
Hello Aerillian,

Sorry to hear you're having issues. For the Unknown File Error, please follow the steps listed in the pinned thread above. If you continue to experience an issue, please contact our Support Team and we'll be more than happy to provide personalized help as soon as we can. Thanks!
Hey there!

This is a pretty cool idea! As someone who learned English playing games too (Diablo!!!), I can say it was pretty helpful! Unfortunately I know nothing about Russian, but it sure sounds awesome! :D
As I've said in your previous thread, if you continue to experience issues, please please please contact our Support Team. Only our Support Team can help you with these issues. You need to contact them directly as the forums are not a channel of communication for our Support Team and I'm afraid I don't have the ability to help, only the Support Team can. Thanks.

For technical assistance, please contact our Support Team for personalized help! I don't have the ability or the tools to help, and the forums are not our communication channel for support. Our Support Team will get back to you as soon as they can. Thanks.
Hi guys, I see there are some new posts here indicating the FAQ steps did not resolve the problem - if this is true for you please contact the support team. Our customer support staff (GMs) are here to assist you if the FAQs do not resolve your issues or answer your questions.

The forums are for discussions within the community, not for direct GM assistance - for that you must open a support ticket or chat. Then a GM can help you personally and we'll make sure your technical issues are resolved.
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@DiegoSG, we have an FAQ for the networking error you describe, please give those troubleshooting steps a try: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/8001-0001-connection-error.

If these steps do not work, please open a support ticket and a GM can assist you with identifying the issues preventing you from connecting. Be sure to include your EME Diagnostic file so the GM can assess any networking issues!
starno1 on 11/14/2013, 02:59 AM - view
This Patch isn't Working, please fix it...

The patch is working, but some players are having difficulty with the "unknown file error". If this is the trouble you're having, please follow the steps listed in the first post in this thread. If they don't resolve the issue for you or you are having a different technical issue our support team is happy to look into it for you, just open a support ticket or chat!
Thanks for the updates guys!

@GoldX18, yes you will have to wait for the download to complete before you can repair. Once you run the repair if you are still having the server selection issue, please contact the support team and they can take a look at what's going on for you.

@Kelpie, FFFF:FFFF can be caused by a lot of things, but my first guess here is that you need to run the repair as well. That's the simplest thing to check for this error, especially if you've played TERA before and know your computer can run the game. Here's our FAQ for this error: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/error-ffff-ffff-fatal-client-exception.

If you want any assistance with the steps listed or they don't resolve the issue, please let our support team know by sending your EME Diagnostic in through a support ticket or live chat.

If you see progress being made (even slow progress), please let the launcher run. If it feels like there is no change and it's completely stuck without moving, can you contact the support team? There are a few files that should show the GM where the problem is:

Does your TERA character have a story to tell?

Check out the Vine video our creative team whipped up and then show us what you've got!


Download our kit with premade character, NPC, and prop cutouts and show us what you've got!
Hi Starno1,

I know how frustrating these issues can be, but I can assure you the patch is OK. That's the first place we look whenever there is any trouble. For the few remaining players with these errors, our GMs are happy to assist with troubleshooting. Just open a support ticket and a GM can help you resolve the problem.

Some players using the Happy Cloud service have reported missing a specific file, and if you replace the file, it may resolve the issue for you. If you installed with Happy Cloud please be sure to follow the additional steps we've added to our FAQ:
Download the missing file
Put this file in the following directory:
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zebaz1988 on 11/13/2013, 11:39 AM - view
i bet is the event server where the canyon clash will take place

EDIT: nevermind, i don't think that's the canyon clash server, more like i bet it was some sort of giveaway code that we weren't told of. or maybe is KTERA

Its the canyon clash server.
Edited by: Solomon about 1 year ago

• Daily quest reset times have reverted back to 7 a.m. PST. Nexus times are incorrect as well.
- We're working to correct the reset times, will share more information as they become available.
Hi there,

Yes, we have sent out the Rambo pet as a thank you for donating for the charity. If you could PM me with your name you used and the email address, I can look it up for you. Please note that if you made an anonymous donation, we can't see who you are and also please make sure not to post any personal information on the forums. Thanks!
Just wanted to let you guys know we're looking into this and it has also been added to our Known Issues. Thanks!

Jokes aside, we'll relay the feedback. Thanks. :)
Here is more information on the in-game Halloween events: Banquet of Blood

We had a bug with the cannons in the instance so the event will run till 4 p.m. PST tomorrow (Thursday), November 14.

One great way to find information on what's going on with TERA is to check out the News and Announcements section of the forum or our website.
Please try the suggestions on our FAQ page. If they don't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team so that we can provide personalized help!

We also have a pinned thread here in General Discussions, which is usually a good place to see if there's a hot topic for the day. :)
No worries! There are instructions on what steps to follow at the bottom of this FAQ page if you're having an issue contacting our Support Team.
Welcome to TERA, Deacon!

For tips for your specific classes, check out our Classes subforums! I also recommend making new friends and joining a guild for more fun in TERA. Oh and say hi if you see a GM in game! :)
As much as we'd love to support a Mac or browser version of TERA, currently we don't have a plan to pursue this. Sorry! :(
Hey Zebaz, thank you for putting your thoughts in a mostly constructive manner. We can't promise anything but we will get this feedback relayed.
You guys are so cute! *dies* ^_^
Any time you aren't sure what to do for any issue you're experiencing, please talk to us! We're more than happy to help! Our Support Team has the tools and knowledge to help you through the issues, please contact them and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Hello everyone,

We will have a short maintenance at 7 a.m. PST on Thursday, November 14. The daily quest and nexus times were incorrect, so we'll be correcting them with this maintenance. Expected downtime is about 15 - 30 minutes.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
Update on the incorrect daily quest reset times and nexus times:

• Daily quest reset times have reverted back to 7 a.m. PST. Nexus times are incorrect as well.

>>> This will be corrected tomorrow through the short server restart at 7 a.m. PST on November 14.
Hello all, this is one of our known issues for this patch. Just letting you know we're aware of the issue. :)
(Moving to Off-Topic as its focus isn't TERA. Thanks.)
Sepherus on 11/13/2013, 08:08 AM - view
none of this works because.
i cant get past the log in prompt

Hi Sepherus,

The log in issue you are experiencing is a pretty simple fix - it's caused by your Windows System Clock being set incorrectly. Please follow the steps here to sync the clock:


The steps listed in this thread are just for the unknown file error, if you experience any other issues please search our FAQ database for the correct issue or contact the support team for assistance as a GM is always happy to help and our support team is available around the clock.
Good morning everyone! Checking in to see how everyone is doing with this issue today.

I want to make sure that anyone who has not been able to resolve the issue with the FAQ steps has contacted our support team directly for assistance.

The FAQ steps provided here will resolve this error for most players, but some will need a more in-depth resolution based on their specific files and computer settings. If the general steps are not working for you, please contact our support team and let them know what troubleshooting steps you have already performed.
Smirwarf on 11/12/2013, 07:35 PM - view
Just starting playing 2 days ago, got home from work and now I cant play because when I ran the Repair tool it gets to 99% and says Not enough space? I cleared out another 15gb of space and still says it... cant really get rid of any other games to make double the space this game needs and really dont wana have to reinstall again. any other solutions?

Hi Smirwarf,

Were you able to complete the repair function overnight? If you're still having any trouble completing the full steps and resolving this error please contact our support team for assistance. Sometimes the "not enough disk space" refers to administrative restrictions on your PC, so I would also recommend closing the TERA Launcher and running it as an administrator just to make sure that's not the problem.
FuzzyWolf on 11/12/2013, 11:33 PM - view
I replaced those 3 files and my game was able to run but I can't connect to any servers..... trying repair now.

and I canceled it now it's giving me ffff:ffff error............

Hi FuzzyWolf,

The repair is a necessary part of this resolution - any modified or corrupt game files need to be replaced and all files need to be verified. It shouldn't take the full time listed (it speeds up during the repair process) so please do be patient. Unless you run the repair, you'll most likely continue to receive the FFFF:FFFF error as that can be a result of corrupt or missing game files.

If you have any questions or want any assistance, please contact support and a GM can help!
@Sankat, can you tell me what server(s) you are trying to access? Also, do you see an error, or does clicking on the server just do nothing?

@Ryuryu, the steps to resolve "unable to determine current version" are actually very similar to the steps you just did: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-determine-current-version. Please give these steps a try, and make sure you're running the TERA Launcher as administrator.

Some players have reported administrative issues on their computers that seem to interfere with reading the replacement files. This can be complicated to resolve, and if you're more comfortable using a language other than English our support team can help you (with the assistance of google translate!) directly if you open a support ticket.
Hi Xrail31,

You can't repair until you've completed the download, so let that finish and then give it a try. If you run into any trouble the support team is happy to assist!
Hi guys, this is a known issue from the recent patch that has been reported to the developer. Hang in there!

You can follow the status of the known issues in this thread:


Here is a workaround you can use for now, courtesy of GM Burble:

Uncheck the Show frame rate (FPS) option under Options -> UI Settings and then click Apply, and then restart your game client. This will prevent the ping tooltip from being displayed until the FPS counter is fixed.
Edited by: Harmonia about 1 year ago
@Hablion and Mastorga, are you both still experiencing this issue? My first recommendation is to try clean booting your computer to see if there are any conflicts going on: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796

If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact our support team and they can assist you. Be sure to provide your EME Diagnostic file so the GM can review your connectivity information: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/troubleshoot-tech-issues-with-tera-s-diagnostic-tool
@Kelpie, there are about 180 tickets in the queue right now, and GMs are assisting players as quickly as they can! Please be patient and we'll do our best to get this resolved for you as quickly as we can!

@Zygarde, a few players are reporting that this morning and we're taking a look into it. Can you open a support ticket and send us your EME Diagnostic file?

Just to be clear, you shut down your launcher completely, logged back in, and are still unable to select a server?
Hi Miranda,

Thanks for letting us know - I've heard that type of problem before (not being able to connect, refresh makes the selection screen go black). I'm glad to hear that a few minutes and a launcher restart resolved the issue for you.

For anyone experiencing the problem today, are the same steps working?
Hi Xienhiem,

Accounts are never deleted - if your friend contacts our support team and lets them know about the problem they can help.

If your friend uses gmail, be sure to have them check "all mail" and not just the inbox. Google made some changes and some players find their mails there instead!

Please have your friend contact us if those steps don't resolve the issue: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/i-can-t-log-into-my-account-help
Hi Zaerel,

The Halloween event ends tomorrow (Thursday, November 14) at 4 PM!
I'm sorry to inform you that you cannot subscribe to the Elite Status using paysafecard as the payment method. PaySafeCard does not support subscriptions with reoccurring payments.
It's for the Canyon Clash tournament. Only players accepted to the tournament are allowed on there :)
xrail31 on 11/12/2013, 11:44 AM - view

Yes the timer is not entirely accurate. It typically starts off really high but then quickly reduces to minutes. If you are installing the whole game that is a different story and that could take hours. If you deleted game.version on accident then you will have to reinstall the whole game.
Edited by: Solomon about 1 year ago - Reason: added clarity around patch times
xrail31 on 11/12/2013, 11:49 AM - view
I cant be installing the game all over again. I just replaced the three files it told me in the faq page and this is what happened

Then you should be good, and depending on connection speeds it shouldn't take too long. That being said with the number of people accessing the files it could be longer than normal, but not days or even hours.
Edited by: Solomon about 1 year ago
The wrong file is game.version. If you deleted this then you will have to download the entire game again.
D0nV170 on 11/12/2013, 12:05 PM - view
Well, the FAQ says to delete/overwrite it, so it wasn't really an accident. Maybe word that a little better because when I copied it over the old one, I got the 8 hour download timer. Yay.

I should clarify...if you deleted it and replaced it with the file in the FAQ then that is okay. If you deleted it and then attempted to patch without a game.version file then the whole game will download.

If you replaced it, and then run the repair it will take some time 20-40 minutes depending on connection (give or take some) because the repair functionality is checking all files to make sure none need to be replaced. So hopefully you replaced game.version and its the repair that's taking time.
elohel on 11/12/2013, 12:25 PM - view
What if you deleted game.version but then got it from someone else?

If it was from someone who had a working game.version then you should be okay. If there's wasn't working either or it was older then that could be an issue.
Edited by: Solomon about 1 year ago
(This type of threads belong in the Off-Topic section since its focus is not TERA. Thanks.)
Hello all,

Starting today, you have the option to register and/or sign into TERA using Facebook Connect.

If you have any comments, please use this thread to discuss. :)

Servers are available now. Thank you for your patience. :)
Yep, the servers are available now.
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