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TheMightySM on 05/12/2014, 03:24 PM - view
How about them patch notes?

Minea on 05/12/2014, 02:28 PM
We're working on some final rewrites right now, the current plan is to have it out at 5 p.m. PDT. We'll get it up sooner if it's all ready though, of course.


This week, you can receive double credits in Fraywind Canyon during our new battleground Power Hour!

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, all you have to do to earn double credits is participate in Fraywind Canyon between the hours of 5–10 p.m. PDT!

This is just the beginning! Each week we'll feature a different battleground in the Power Hour, so make sure to check our announcements for the upcoming schedule!
(Moving to Art & Media)

We’ve made TERA even better, with a new class with exclusive starting area, streamlined crafting with new ways to improve your gear, plus now glyphs are free!

Check out our latest patch notes for all the details!
If you haven't seen it yet, the patch notes are up now. :)
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago - Reason: So close.....
@BeKure, They will be removed from the Federation Store. The only convertable outfits will be the sterling outfits.

@Ryou, There is no separate box specifically for the reaper.

@Nekokoneko, Master glyphs for all classes will be earned through the instances. For reapers, however, there are no master glyphs as of right now.
I just opened the Guild Details and it works fine. Are you sure these are related?

Please see our FAQ page for the Insufficient Error.

This isn't really a bug, but if the suggestions listed in the FAQ don't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help.
ChaiVat on 05/09/2014, 08:52 AM - view
It's interesting that I can skip it all-together huh...oh well, I'll download it when I go to bed then :P

You can't skip it, but you can certainly play since this is just the pre-download part for next week. The patch that you're downloading right now itself is not active till Tuesday, which is why you can play! :)
MikaRen on 05/08/2014, 04:50 PM - view
So Im not sure if im the only one slightly confused about this, so maybe someone can explain to me.

In the short comic they released for the Reaper, they said that Princess Rida so devastated by what happened to Pora Elinu, she cried tears filled a river, and out emerged the reapers born from her tears.

Now in the short clip about the reapers, they state that an elin, part of the Bloodclaw Clan, grabs a pair of new weapons outraged by what has happened to Pora Elinu and becomes a reaper and vows to avenge Pora Elinu and more elins from the Bloodclaw Clan join her becoming reapers...

So which is it, were they born of Rida's tears? or born from a vengeful Ninja Elin....

Here is what I got from our loremaster. ^_^

"Yes, Princess Rida cried.
Yes, elins took up new weapons and made a vow of vengeance.
Yes, there is definitely a connection between the two.

Remember elins are primarily made of divine essence with a humanish appearance. And we’ve seen before what happens when divine essence is mixed with power, magic, and rage… *cough* Kelsaik*

Which of these is the truth? Truth is always in the eye of the beholder.
So the answer depends on whether you believe in the power of magic and the divine creating a causal connection, or whether you believe in the pragmatic and a coincidental connection."
We don't have the account wide tiger mounts now. It's not something we can make on our own.
Trollolance on 05/09/2014, 10:50 AM - view
It is not all of the patch,just a small part. you will have to log-in multiple times to finish the 2gb patch. I really hope EME could lets us download everything without forcing us to log-in repeatedly.

If you start to "play" before the preload is complete, the download will pause while you play.

But once you've completed the preload, the launcher just checks to see if it has been already completed when you log into the launcher again and you'll see the message "Checking Download".

You can leave your launcher open when you go to sleep, that's one way of finishing the preload with one try.
Trollolance on 05/09/2014, 11:18 AM
The preload is only about 1-2 mins to be finished downloading, I doubt it is 2gb. After that, it says "Ready To play" in the blue bar and stop downloading any patch.

However, if I close the Laucher and log-in again, the message "Checking Download" appears again, follow up by another 1-2 mins downloading time, then "Ready To play" again. Therefore, I came up with the assumption that the patch is divided into smaller parts.

I have noticed that the downloading time for each part is different. Some took me 5 mins, some were less than 1 min.

Can you try deleting Game_50to52 and restart the launcher again and see if it downloads properly?

Also, do you have very fast internet? Some of us only took several minutes longer.
(Moving this to Suggestions, with a reminder on being constructive, on topic and civil.)

Every time you log in now, the launcher will check whether the launcher is preloaded.

For you two, can you try deleting Game_50to52 and restarting the launcher?
Trollolance on 05/09/2014, 04:29 PM - view
Oh nevermind. After I deleted the folder Game_50to52 and restart the laucher, a super slow download happened. I believe this is the real 2GB patch i expected. It says it need 51 minutes to complete the download.

I would recommend deleting that folder to anyone who were experiencing the same problem.

Thank you for updating us on how things went, I appreciate it!
Eylse on 05/09/2014, 11:30 AM - view
Something like this.
I've been opening and closing then re-opening the launcher, and every time it seems like it's downloading, but the download only lasts a couple seconds. It's like it's not downloading the one big patch but little things?

Edit: Nothing in my TERA folder either. And now that I look at it - it just says "Checking Download". I don't actually install/download anything...

If you haven't yet, please try deleting Game_50to52 and restarting the launcher? This seems to have resolved the issue. (This is a folder in in your root TERA folder.)
SummerRain on 05/09/2014, 02:53 PM - view
that file doesnt show up anywhere in my folders, already tried relaunching the launcher multiple times, pressed the repair button, run as admin.

This is a folder that's located inside the root TERA folder you have the game installed.

@Yumiaaa, Are you actually downloading or does it say "checking download"? It should check every time you log into the launcher, so "checking download" blue bar progressing is normal.
Hey Everyone,

This week, Treeshark and I will be showing off the rest of the reaper patch. We will be talking about the glyph changes as well as some other changes coming in the May 13 patch!

Treeshark will also be answering some questions from chat, so come on by and get a taste of the Reaper patch. Who knows, you may even win something awesome (RAWR)! As usual, we will be live at 3:00pm Pacific on our official Twitch channel. Don't forget to be signed into your Twitch account and following the channel for a chance to win some prizes.

Immediately following the stream we will be streaming some ZMR, but this time we will be staying on the En Masse Entertainment channel. We will start the gameplay at 4:30pm, so come on by and you could win a ZMR beta key!

Edited by: Tonka 7 months ago
Looks like we are back under 24 hours this morning.
FaceKarma on 05/07/2014, 11:03 PM - view
Yea, a lot of games release on Tuesdays but I will never know why really. LOL

Game companies release on Tuesdays because...

Mondays -- Pushing a major patch on Mondays is never good because there's a chance there might be a change that wasn't seen the previous week that requires implementation. Not patching on Monday also gives companies time to prep everything (release notes, announcements, events, and any last minute changes to the patch. etc.). It's also right after the weekend, and people are getting caught up.

Tuesday -- Chosen because allows for maximum time during the business week in case something goes wrong with the patch. Servers aren't typically as busy as they are on the weekends, and pretty much everyone is in the office. Tuesday's aren't the most popular day to take time off of from a work perspective.

Wednesday -- HUMP DAAAAY! Releasing on this day only means that we have less time during the week. We also use this day for hot fixes if we need to take the servers down again.

Thursday -- Bad because we only have one full working day left to fix issues.

Friday -- Really bad because there is less than one working day left and the servers are more active meaning the patch will impact more people.

Saturday / Sunday --- Peak playing days. No one wants server downtime here. Plus, most of the company is off on the weekend.

And now you know why.
Edited by: Solomon 7 months ago
We're human so we make mistakes too. If you have a comment or would like to discuss an in-game moderation action, please contact our Support Team so that we can review what happened. In this specific case, please include the character name before it was changed along with any other details.

I don't have access to the in-game reports or tickets, I'm afraid. :(
Very evil indeed!

(If it makes you feel better, I also won't be able to play it until after work. xD)
In my experience with all servers, there are pockets of good players and bad players on every server. If you can find a good group of people you can bond with, I think that's the server you'd have the most fun in.

(We do have a guild fair coming up soon. :) )
(Moving this to Off-Topic as its focus isn't TERA. :) )

Good luck! I also agree that desktop > laptop for gaming for the vast majority of the time!
@Maginbolo and FlowerPetals, Are you guys still experiencing this issue? What is the error message you see when this happens? Could you contact our Support Team with as much detail as you can (including the error message and specs)? (This seems to be different from the minimizing issue mentioned.)

Starting Thursday, May 8, you can drop by Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online to pick up your very own tiger mount!

Choose from one of four brand-new big cats, each with a movement speed of 280:

• Baekho—the white tiger
• Khan—the armored version of Baekho
• Hobbes—the loyal and cuddly Bengal
• Sundarban—the fierce, armored Bengal

Get on over to Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online, and get your tiger mount today!
Aw.. I'm afraid there is no account-wide tiger mounts. xD
XDementedX on 05/08/2014, 12:06 PM - view
But to everyone else, a stuffed animal.

:D <3<3<3<3

There is no loot-box version or an account-wide version that I'm aware of. :(

Please focus on TERA as this is the Official TERA Forums. Thanks.
Hello Vesperalda,

It sounds like you've already tried the steps listed in our FAQ page. For personalized technical help, please contact our Support Team, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible!

(Player Guides section is more about advice on the game itself and not really about technical help, sorry for the confusion.)
(How helpful! Pinned your two threads. <3)
Awww yissssssssss, flying through the mountains. Literally!

Ryou on 05/08/2014, 04:08 PM
Yeah that's been there for a few years. In fact climp up higher and you can see a TOWN in the distance, but as you get closer it dissapears.

'Tis a mysterious mirage, nothing more!
You had me at Disneyland. :D

Beautiful firework shot too, good timing!

You won’t be able to create your reaper until May 13, but starting today—Thursday, May 8—you can start downloading the update. Here’s what you need to know:

First, this patch weighs in at around 2 GB, so be sure to have enough space on your hard drive. Second, when you log in, you’ll notice something downloading, but the Play button will still be lit (as below).

If you want to play TERA normally, preloading will cease while you play. It will only preload while the launcher is open, but TERA is not.

When preloading is complete, you’ll see that the bar looks something more like this:

Ryou on 05/08/2014, 05:14 PM - view
Minea I just have one question, and I hope it's something you can answer.

When you click "Play" this little splash screen comes up with some tera characters, and it says "tera" and then it dissapers when the game loads, if that makes sense...

Will that image be changing to the same one you posted above after the patch? (Except with some transparency and the rest of the image)

Also the classes forum still reads "Tera's Eight Classes", that should probably be updated...

Yes, if you're talking about the image with transparent background. :)

Subforum description has been fixed. Thank you. :)

We're still working on the patch notes, our plan is to have them ready on Monday.
Unfortunately we are still experiencing some CDN issue, so the pre-load haven't restarted yet.
Pre-load has started again. You will need to restart the launcher for the launcher to check for the pre-load content and start the download.
Hello Cotoco,

If you haven't yet, please contact our Support Team, this is an issue that only they can help!
Modding the client is against our Terms of Service. Please follow the forum rules and do not discuss it on the forums as it is against the rules to discuss this topic. Thanks.

The Power Hour is back! This week, from Monday, May 5 to Sunday, May 11, you can earn double credits in Champions’ Skyring.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, just participate in Champions’ Skyring between the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. PDT and you'll earn double credits. It’s that easy!

We feature a different battleground in the Power Hour each week, so make sure to check our announcements for the upcoming schedule!
Last year we did do it in Velika, and it was extremely crowded to say the least. ^_^;;
Hello, Rozen!

Yes, you will receive one character slot with the reaper patch. :)

(Also, there is no reason to be mean or rude, folks. :( )
What Ztoka said. The Support Team is the only one who can help, they'll respond as quickly as they can.
Hello all,

We have begun to preload next week's reaper class patch. Hooray! :)

While downloading the patch in advance, you may see "unable to contact reliable source" message on the launcher.

This does not affect your ability to play TERA right now as the "Play" button is functioning correctly. If the "Play" button on the launcher is not lit/clickable, please close the launcher and reopen it. The 'unable to contact reliable source' error is an issue we are actively working to get it resolved without any action on your part.

We also have the FAQ page that includes this information here.

Update: 5/7 6:20pm
We have encountered a CDN issue, and preload has been stopped for now. Current estimate is to resume on 5/8 in the morning, and we'll update when it's preloading again.

Update: 5/8 2:40pm
Unfortunately we are still experiencing some CDN issue, so the pre-load haven't restarted yet.

Update 5/8 4:15pm
Pre-load has started again. You will need to restart the launcher for the launcher to check for the pre-load content and start the download.
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago - Reason: 5/8 5:30 p.m.: Unpinning it as the preload has begun. :)
I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the new class. As much as I'd like all races to have access to the new class personally, I am not aware of a plan as of right now.

If's fine to express your view on a game aspect, but you must do it in a civil and respectful manner for other players. Please refrain yourselves from accusing other players, using inappropriate/inflammatory language, and also from using historically sensitive words such as Hitler or Nazi in your posts. These words are not light words to use as their history involves massive genocide in human history. I think it'd be a good idea for some in this thread to review the forum rules.
(We've had enough discussion on this topic - any class can be played poorly. There really was no need to resurrect a nearly 10-day old thread.)
Unfortunately we are not considering a non-staff moderation at this time.
(Moving to website/forum suggestions section)

I don't know how much helpful this would be, we already have a variety of different subforums and even the rant subforum will be subjected to the same rules.
We have a FAQ page for it. :)
We have encountered a CDN issue, and preload has been stopped for now. Current estimate is to resume on 5/8 in the morning, and we'll update when it's preloading again.
Hi Runespider!

If you're having a technical issue we have a support team on hand to provide assistance around the clock. We also have TERA Answers if you wish to look for a crowd sourced solution to an issue or question.

As Counterpoint indicated we have an extensive FAQ database for technical support. Searching that database for a specific issue or error code can get you the necessary troubleshooting or resolution steps (depending on the type of issue).

As always, our GMs are happy to help!

Search our FAQ database
Contact support for assistance
Look for community suggestions
Hi NaaBQ, please do contact support.

That error indicates that you are either playing from outside the supported regions or your account has been locked due to breaking the terms of service. A GM will be able to tell you more.

Sounds like you just need to reset the resolution that the game remembers. Here is an FAQ that will walk you through the steps:

Just because we have done CS and FW the most, doesn't mean we will never add in Corsairs or Kumas.

If we said we were going to switch back and forth between Champions and FW, then I could never add in Corsairs or Kumas if we felt like we should. Champions and FW are the priority in this event :)
Edited by: Tonka 7 months ago
Locking this thread because it has taken its course. I will clarify that we shouldn't get caught up with the word "solely". Feeding alliance kills is something we consider against the rules whether the account was solely created for that purpose or not.
We have a roughly 24 - 48 hours turn around on submitted tickets at the moment. If you are an elite or a founders member; the live chat wait times are essentially non-existent during our chat hours of operation between noon and 8pm pacific (Tuesday - Saturday).

There doesn't seem to be a particular issue that is causing the back up. There's just an influx of more tickets similar to what we see on a weekly basis with some Reaper questions sprinkled in there. We should have the response times back down under 24 hours before next week's Reaper patch.

Apologies for any delays; we are getting to everyone's question as quickly as we can.
Mount Tyrannas

King of P K [NA West]

Guild Requirements: Be a PKer.
Guild Contacts: Purgy(GM), Shotacon (Officer), Oogie.Boogie (Officer), Pharel (Officer)
Website: N/A
"Guild is pkers, we like to pk, if u like to pk come join, we like pking lowbies and griefing people!”

Vengeful [International]

Guild Requirements: Lvl 60, ilvl 165 and must use teamspeak.
Guild Contacts: Tyraelx (Leader) , Mengas (Officer) , Chachay (Officer)
Website: http://www.vengefultera.com/
"We are a guild mostly focused on Alliance Pvp and farming iBAMS while having fun on our TS.”

Touch Fluffy Tail

No particular focus
Guild Requirements: Must be from /a/, and a bunch of other stuff.
Guild Contacts: Tutturu (GM), Doll, Itai
Website: N/A
" ”

Enmity [NA & AUS]

PVE, Alliance PVP
Guild Requirements: Teamspeak. Level 60. VM1 or higher. Thick skin
Guild Contacts: Vina [GM], Ryou, Cults.
Website: N/A
"We are a guild that values teamwork and organization. We work towards common goals and help eachother gear up (ie, passing on key materials with a set rotation, all crafting materials go to guild bank, etc.) We have both a modicum of seriousness and fooling around when being serious isn't required. We also tend to make a lot of dirty and offensive jokes. If you like organization and have a sense of humor, we may be the guild for you. ”

Exotic [Northern Europe, NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, Iron Order questing
Guild Requirements: Racism isn't tolerated in the guild, it's simply a no no.
Guild Contacts: Ciix (GM), Dovie and Croux.
Website: N/A
"Exotic is a small but fellow guild, we're focusing on having people to know eachother(Everyone knows everyone), helping eachother receiving achievements and their end-game goals. ”

Absurdity [US, UK]

PVP, PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Teamspeak 3 is required to join Absurdity as it helps us get to know you better and teach easier. We are primarily recruiting level 60 players, but will make exceptions for players who can prove their worth.
Guild Contacts: Kirov(GM), Jinner, Gige
Website: N/A
"Absurdity is a medium sized guild focused on teaching new players (primarily level 60s) end game content. Our goal is to help gear and teach players who recently hit 60 and give them tips on all aspects of end game.”

Solunar [NA]

Alliance, GVG, PVE
Guild Requirements: Be able to use Teamspeak3 and be respectful to the honor of the guild
Guild Contacts: Tiny.Apple Puss.In.Clothes Titanium.Dogeyes
Website: http://solunar.enjin.com/
Guild Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ7c_86fZN4
"Harmony and united guild with North American as Chinese majority for running any content that requires teamwork.”

Fierce [NA]

PVE, PVP, Endgame, Leveling, Alliance
Guild Requirements: Be on Raidcall whiles online, Raidcall is required. Enter the guild with your most active character/main. Be on at least 3 to 4 days out of the week.
Guild Contacts: Ripchill (GM), Errai, Sir.Wsly
Website: Fiercemt.enjin.com
"We are a very active and social guild with a great community of players who respect and enjoy each other’s presence. Fierce helps new and existing players with all aspects of the game, if you have a question someone in Fierce will be able to answer it. We motivate and educate our guild members. We run all instances pvp and pve oriented, we are not exclusive to any particular department, and we enjoy all aspects of the game.”

Enixus [Canada, US]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Yensies (GM), Newfound, Direx, Twobitt, Dashies
Website: http://terarising.wix.com/enixus
"Our guild is only around 1 month old and has around 50 members, we are going strong and growing together as a team. Our guild is very friendly and active. Members are willing and open to help others to be better. We help with quests, gears, money and crafting. We maintain a positive environment and atmosphere for our players to enjoy Tera Rising. ”

Inferno [NA West]

Endgame PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Phenomir (GM), Eisu, Smo
Website: N/A
"We are fun and friendly and we are looking for people to help us grow and become a bigger guild. NO DRAMA THANKS!”

Mithril [Central, East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must use TS3. 18+ or mature players preferred.
Guild Contacts: Sajiko(GM), Yappie(Co-GM), Kyoubou, Barbelo
Website: mithril-guild.com
"Mithril is a large guild that focuses primarily on PvP with some PvE. We actively participate in double point BG nights, especially Fraywind Canyon. We have fun BG events such as Drunk Corsair's and we hold PvP workshops in the form of death matches. We recommend players looking to apply already have some end-game gear and be interested in PvP. We use TS3 and we're not shy.”

Blades of Time [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts:
Website: N/A
"People should join our guild because we have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game. We also are very helpful and more then willing to help new players lvl up and learn how to play better and be better gamers. The Guild always tries to make things fun for everyone in the guild.”

Embrew [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Just be active and if you know you're going to be inactive
leave a note next to your name. Other than that, we will take mostly anyone, new or old.
Guild Contacts: Zeiphon (GM), Falehan, Arunar
Website: N/A
"Why should people join? Simple, we're easy to get along with, outgoing to make sure
people have what they need, we are extremely friendly. And wanting to expand our family
to be bigger.”

Fatal Pulse [US]

PVE Main, PVP Secondary
Guild Requirements: Only requirement is to enjoy yourself in the guild and be active.
Guild Contacts: Oneenyan, Hide.Behindme, Undine.Ravesoul, Raissa
Website: N/A
"We are a friendly group of friends that want to meet more players that like to have fun while they do end game content. Fun comes first.”

Ideal [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: lvl30+
Guild Contacts: Lead: Civility/Hypersexualized | Officers: Giant.Chodere, Haeesa, Batboss
Website: http://ideal-tera.weebly.com/
"Ideal is a guild focused on creating ideal members. These people are smart, knowledgeable about their class and role, willing and eager to learn, and are skilled in both PvP and PvE. We're not a "niche" guild, as long as you love Tera, love playing with friends, and love playing with competent people who don't make you want to rip your hair you... then Ideal is right for you!”

Threat to Society [NA East]

PVPVE mostly PVP
Guild Requirements: Active players.
Guild Contacts: Keatta(GM), Seimlia, Navros, Krawnasaur
Website: N/A
"This guild is filled with blood thirsty slaughtering players looking for blood shed among lvling parties and dungeon grinding.”

Army of Elin

Guild Requirements: be an Elin!
Guild Contacts: Yuko(GM), Painwheel, Little.Ahri, Tsukareta, Earine, Deadly.Fox, Shizokaze.
Website: Armyofelin.proboards.com
"We're a community focused guild and try to keep a friendly atmosphere. we want every member to feel at home and make friends. so we can all have fun with Tera”

Phoenix Rising [International]

BG, Open World PvP, Hardcore Endgame PVE, Casual leveling of alts.
Guild Requirements: Must have Team Speak 3, and minimum ilvl 167
Guild Contacts: Tanky.Style (GM), Sky.Line, Morganne
Website: N/A
"Phoenix Rising is currently recruiting more dedicated people to join our ranks. Only a few guilds in Tera provide a specialized offering of endgame PvP content and we excel in this aspect. Our guild is blessed with the most loyal and tenacious group of core members on the server, and we are looking to add more mature and ambitious individuals who can actively benefit from our dynamics and contribute to our existing success.

If you are up to the challenge and open to learning, we will work with you on your specific needs to help you achieve your goals. This is not merely a marketing line or an empty promise. As GM of Phoenix Rising, I invite you to join us and see for yourself just how dedicated our members are to helping each other. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best CULTURE for learning and collective improvement that we can.”

Cute [NA, International]

Guild Requirements: Must be friendly and willing to participate in guild runs and events! Active Lvl 45+ :)
Guild Contacts: Milli (GM), Terin, Luxary, Ravenn.Shadowheart, Poptart.Cat
Website: http://cuteguild.enjin.com
"We are a friendly, helpful and fun guild who enjoy every aspect of the game be it pve or pvp, Alliance included. We have TS3 but it’s not required to join!”

Exiled Brothers [BR]

Exclusively PVP
Guild Requirements: Level 45+, brazilian
Guild Contacts: Commodoro (GM), Bvinx, Bayonetta.Sorc, JardecinoBrasil
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/exiledbrothers/
"English: Exiled Brothers is currently the top Brazilian PVP guild in Mount Tyrannas server (in numbers and quality). Even if we hold around 80 players, most of them are active, with an average of 30 - 40 players connected everyday. We are looking for more endgame/hardcore players (we are NOT looking for curious players or those who care more about getting Costumes over your own gear) If you wanna hear more about our guild, please look for Commodoro or another officer in global chat.

Portuguese: Exiled Brothers é atualmente a melhor guild brasileira PVP do Mount Tyrannas (tanto em número quanto em qualidade). Apesar de termos apenas 80 membros, a maior parte deles é ativa, e temos uma média de 30-40 players conectados todos os dias. Estamos procurando por mais players hardcore/focados no endgame (nós NÃO estamos procurando players casuais, curiosos ou que são mais preocupados com conseguir Roupinhas do que sua gear). Se quiser maiores informações da guild, procure por Commodoro ou outro officer no chat global. ”

Elin Protection Services

Leveling, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Tsuniko(GM), Shikatsu, Vavani
Website: N/A
"We're a new guild created to fight against the discrimination of Elins that have been going on in Global chat. But we also strive to help everyone, not just Elins, with the game”

Censored [NA Central]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Sakanade – GM, Tek.wolf, Usagi, Riuuka, Yunohu, James.Bondage, Krosis
Website: We use TS3 as a form of communication when online but also have a webpage which is only given out once you are a member.
"Censored is a close and friendly guild created from a group of friends who wish to invite others into their circle. We are a guild that enjoys getting to know our members while assisting each other to move forward in game. We get things done but most importantly we have a great time getting there. We teach our members the mechanics of PvE and develop each other PvP Skills. If you are willing to learn we are willing to teach. With the new wisdom in hand we only ask that you to show appreciation by passing on the knowledge to fellow members. We ask that you be Level 60 or at least very close. All Recruits that pass will be taken in as a trial base, the guild holds all rights to gkick at any given time. We do not have time for drama, loot thieves, nor members who will corrupt the value of the Guild in any way. But reallllly..

If you think you can handle the constant DJing of Krosis who sounds like he lives at a 24/7 club, like seriously how do you hear us talk dude, the afkness of Yunohu who is odd, friendly, and entertaining wrapped into one, the fear for your life cause Riuuka just KO'd you in 2 shots and you literary go "wtfreak just happened..", the soft spoken and loveable bunny of the guild Usagi..til you battle her then go afk cause theres NOTHING you can do, the former mafia like Canadian James.bondage who has the most random rants and crazy stories which seem too good to be true but i ain't questioning it!, or face the many many and i mean many links/websites/posts/images from Tek.wolf who seeks to put an axe in your head (proof: dead guildmates from "duels") or be a guildy to the Ranked AWESOME, the King of Censored, the PVE Masta, the derpy derrrpp of hues, the Saks and Nuts, Sakanade..you may have found yourself a place to call home. ”

Red Eagle [AUS]

Guild Requirements: Stick to the class you pick untill 60, level 20 minimum
Guild Contacts: Tenille(GM), Laciee, Jazznah
Website: N/A
"Red Eagle is a small friendly Australian guild. Willing to teach and help new players. We have a reliabe core of players that are on every night. In the end we just want to have a good time playing Tera Online.”

Fireeagle [BR]

Guild Requirements: It is required to use TeamSpeak 3 software whenever log into TERA and speak in Brazilian Portuguese language.
Guild Contacts: Etzel(GM), Hardymagnus, Hazen, M.O.V, Stormed.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/fireagleteam
"Finally a promising and 100% Brazilian guild opens recruitment to his countrymen in TERA Rising USA - Mont Tyrannas server !
The Fireagle is looking for Brazilians and players who speak in our language (Portuguese).
Brazilian players who speak English are also very welcome.
We will construct more than a simple guild, we will be a big TERA Brazilian community with you!”

H Y D R A [NA, EU]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Our only requirements is that you must be at least levels 50+ and be friendly and active. Also occasionally say "Hail Hydra" but not required :P
Guild Contacts: Geooo (GM), Demon.Eriny ; Shultzy
Website: N/A
"We are a very helpful and fun guild that enjoys bringing great people together to do exciting things in-game.”

Beck’s Privateers [International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be 18+, Mature, Participate on the forums.
Guild Contacts: Beck, Hanace (Can be contacted on website)
Website: http://becks-privateers.com/
"We are a well known clan on DayZ, and have a reputation for helping any player we see. If you want to be part of a brand new guild on Tera with great history as a community join us! We can offer you a friendly environment where you can level, pvp, or pve.”

Immortal Knights [International]

Guild Requirements: Level 58+ players and we encourage members to be active and be able to use Teamspeak.
Guild Contacts: Arashiyama, Eleynaa (Commander), Windflower (Commander)
Website: http://immortal-knights.enjin.com/
"Immortal Knights is a PVE/PVP guild that focuses on PVP and endgame raids. We pride ourselves on having a structured guild that is a fun, friendly, helpful and mature environment.”

Doki Doki [NA West]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Leader's Name - Neko.Assassin Two Leaders - Hipster.Hopster & Bravura
Website: N/A
"Doki Doki is a guild of close friends that always have each others backs and we keep the drama away. If you just like to have fun with good friends then Doki Doki is the place to be.”

Fairy Tail [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be Active, Friendly and willing to help guildies.
Guild Contacts: Barbie.Girl (GM), Temptress.Liara (Officer), Melviin (Officer)
Website: www.Tier1Gaming.com
"We are a Fan based guild trying to reunite all the Fairy Tail fans so we can take over the world!!..and...we also like to help newcomers ”
Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_7G_HeyEDE

Raindrop [NA]

PVE, PVP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: We accept ONLY mains of ANY level.
Guild Contacts: Johnee.blaze, Chronophobia, Amaya.Marie, Piyolon
Website: Raindrop-tera.enjin.com
"We help our members reach level 60 and then tackle end game content. We have a fun community that uses Teamspeak 3 and stay connected with a website.”

Allusion [NA]

Guild Requirements: Level 58+, Not strictly enforced if friend of a guild member or active to push through leveling fast.
Guild Contacts: Crystalys, Aicyone, Starberries
Website: N/A
"We're small group that focuses both on PvP and PvE.
We are looking to grow, gear, and strengthen our core through gear and skill in instances. We use RaidCall primarily for communication and are more than willing to answer questions or help where we can. We're also a more casual guild and our focus is recruiting players level 58+. We do have some lower levels but are trying to focus on getting more people directly involved.”

Lolicon [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: We don't have set in in stone requirements; naturally we would love lvl 60's but were not above taking in anyone. The important part is we like to talk and get to know you first and see what it is you want from us. So i would say the requirement would be to sit and have a chat so we can break the ice.
Guild Contacts: GM is Envy / 2 Officers: Steel.Balls and Pommy
Website: http://lolicon.shivtr.com/
"Lolicon is a casual guild that offers the same opportunities as a non casual guild.(Full End Game)
I would say our selling point is our attitude. We are a very welcoming guild.”

Cupcake [BR]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: The only requirement is to have fun!
Guild Contacts: Igneuz(GM), Itilya, Rapha.Tank, Olome
Website: N/A
"Our guild aims fun from beginning to end of the game. We like to help everyone! If you want to make friends, play with people you trust and always have someone to talk to, the Cupcake Guild is the right place!

Fun and Great Cakes!”

Knighthood [NA]

Guild Requirements: iLvL Requirement 168 to join
Guild Contacts: Fattus.Roundbear, Quetzcotal, Filipino
Website: www.Knighthood.us
"Fun & Drama free P.v.p.v.E”

Good Fight [NA]

PVP focus, Some PVE
Guild Requirements: Must have PvP armor (Strikeforce set Minimum, NF PvP preferred). Must be active in Champions' Skyring (Minimum 1400+ Rating). Must have title of Shandra Maniac. An attitude and behavior befitting of a guild (no destructive behavior and drama and ability to take a joke). Active participant in TeamSpeak 3.
Guild Contacts: Cyphon(GM), Jyujyu, Haught, Xilian
Website: N/A
"Our guild is one of the top PvP guilds on the server and rightfully so. We are well known within the community and are very active. We participate in many guild activities and this creates an environment for our members to grow and bond together. We only recruit the best players with the right mentality and passion to play the game of TERA, do you have what it takes to be among the best?”

Blacklist [NA East]

PVP (Specifically 3v3)
Guild Requirements: Blacklist is an end game guild so if you are planning on joining we expect full gear. Most, if not all our members, have 3 or 4 pieces of nightforge armor/weapons. We strive in having the best gear in the game with our item levels nearly all 170+. Our jewelry, rings, armors, weapons, etc are all rolled perfectly so this is mainly why we do not recommend undergeared players to join our guild. We would love to help people out in gearing but after gearing our own toons, and many of our own alts; we will probably not have the time or motivation to help new people gear out. Aside from the gear requirements, we do base any new applicant on referrals and comments from existing members of the guild. If you want any hope to join you WILL need to know someone already in the guild that can vouch for you before considered. Overall, we might have some elitest requirements but once you are in majority, if not all, stay in the guild.
Guild Contacts: Lucky(Co-GM), Flow(Co-GM)
Website: N/A
"Blacklist is a highly focused elite PvP guild. Many of our members have consistently been on top of the boards in champion skyring, fwc, as well as CS. Our primary focus is 3s but any aspect of PvP we strive to excel at. Our guild is very exclusive and tight knit so recruitment is usually difficult to get in but once you are in we work to improve all our members. ”

Exiled Legends [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Level 60; TeamSpeak
Guild Contacts: Cyclone (Leader); Racast (Leader); Azu.Nyan, Clox, Lord.Of.Darkness, Kissme
Website: http://exiledon.com/join-us/
"Exiled Legends is an active guild with friendly members who strive to progress the game play to the next level.”

Orden Del Temple

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Win! Win! Win! Protect me-Tyraelxx-at all costs!
Guild Contacts: Tyraelxx (GM), Coneeko, Heckzel
Website: N/A
"Orden dal Temple is a great PvP guild! We are not afraid of anyone! We like to GvG and we win them all! Join us in our conquering!”

The Struggle [East Coast and South]

Mostly leveling, PvE and BG’s for now. Will do end game content + raids in the future.
Guild Requirements: Must be fun and love fried chicken.
Guild Contacts: Sadatay, Quarbi, Matt.Chapman, Persaphonie
Website: http://thestruggleistooreal.weebly.com/
"New guild for those looking for a mostly casual guild that aren't know it alls who want to dictate to everybody exactly how to play. The Struggle is mostly for those who would like the experience of learning the game as you go with others in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.”

Tempest Reach

Cat Walk

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: All we ask is that you'd be active atleast a couple times a month, and speak english
Guild Contacts: Dore (GM), Maiis, Zikel.Wrath
Website: N/A
"Cat Walk is a very relaxed guild mainly focused on assistance of leveling and gearing up fresh 60's. If you're just looking for a very social, relaxed and helpful guild, Cat Walk might be the right guild for you.”

Brotherhood of Harth [US West]

Guild Requirements: You must be a person who can take a troll and a person who will not inflict troll upon others, unless you are defending someone being abused by the oppressor.
Guild Contacts: Hels.Hades, Harmony.Harth, Valenharth,
Website: N/A
"We are a new guild consisting of colorful and nice people, we strive to making our members enjoy their stay. Since we are still growing our pvp section remains idle, but once we deem ourselves ready we will ride to victory. We encourage people regardless of level to join us because we try to create lasting bonds between each other, and try our hardest to keep the guild community friendly and maintain the harmony. If you join you have several perks. Some of which involve calling anyone in the clan to assist you if you require aid, getting free stuff that we might not need that we acquire, the game's default benefits, and much more! We are freely recruiting, we hope you take us into consideration, and call the Brotherhood of Harth your home.”

Elins Master Race

Guild Requirements: be an elin & speak english
Guild Contacts: lyfa.yn, chemical.lace, potato.sol, darkvalkyrie, izanai
Website: elins-master-race.enjin.com
"emr is a friendly guild that focuses on the social side of the game equally as much as the game aspect. we accept all levels & skill levels and help out members when they require it”

Shake your bun bun [NA]

Leveling, End Game PVE,
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Gm- Sipy. Officers; Tjwalker . another point contact: Elin.Zerg.Rush
Website: N/A
"It's a fun, non elitist guild. Wants to build up to have members to run with all dungeons with.Teaching runs so people can learn and not just get carried. Hoping to help the game have a more fun community in the future.”

Sucka Punch [NA]

Guild Requirements: Level 50+, Open minded.
Guild Contacts: Barbie.Lee (GM) Rakugo (Officer), Alcipe (Co.Gm)
Website: http://suckapunch.enjin.com/
"Our guild is made up of mostly friends that joined together when our older guild disbanded. We are pretty close knit group and some even know each other personally. We do have T.S and actively us it, we also can and will do any and all content Tera has to offer at the current time. Our overall goal is to bring more people that would like to be part of our group and to make it even better.”

Joint Fighter Wing [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: None.
Guild Contacts: Wilcke (GM), Lorelynn, Hibi.
Website: N/A
"Welcome to the 501st! We're a brand new guild focused on helping our members achieve 60 and gear up for both PvE and PvP. Our goal is to one day get Vanarch, but for now we're focusing on training our members to be TERA pros. All races, classes, and levels are allowed.”

Castanic Brotherhood [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be level 60 (lower levels are allowed in if they can prove they have a level 60 character, or are a relative of some sort of a guild member). Must have experience in PvP at the least. Gear is not a major factor as we aim to help our members obtain it.
Guild Contacts: Alylia, Arakwar, Deumus/Jalilah
Website: http://castanicbrotherhood.enjin.com/
"Castanic Brotherhood is a "aiming to end-game" guild. We run end-game instances, steamroll in PvP, and want to get people involved in all of the content TERA has to offer. We participate in all battlegrounds as well as legitimate Guild vs Guild wars. We also participate in all dungeons ranging from ETNM to MCHM, KNXX, and WHHM. Castanic Brotherhood was created at TERA's launch day and has lived up until now. We strive to be the best guild offered to serious, mature, and determined players.
Looking for people to run that? Come with us.
Looking for people to help you get there and have fun with it? Come with us.
Want to hang out with funny and interesting people? Come with us.
Fight as one. Die as one.”

Angelic Exiles [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: We are looking for mature and active players!
Guild Contacts: Karichann (GM), Wifenstein, Malaika.Esme
Website: N/A
"Angelic Exiles is a newly formed guild, we are active and friendly. We welcome players of all ages. We are looking forward to progressing and growing into doing regular Nexus raids, Alliance PvP raids, and more! Come join us and have fun!”

Lunarsky [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: If you are looking for "family friendly everyone loves each other singing kumbaya environment" ...do not apply.
If you can't take a joke... do not apply.
If you are overly sensitive and easily offended...do not apply.
If your app looks like [filtered] and looks like you put zero effort into it...it will be denied.
Guild Contacts: Sliph, Lalaru, Hikari
Website: http://lunarsky.guildomatic.com/
"I am looking for people who are adults and can handle themselves in different situation and with different people and personalities without there heads exploding and going wtf emo on me. Lunar Sky is a very active larger guild and I don't have time to babysit you and neither do any of my members. We are a great bunch of people and we get along well with each other but we don't take kindly to drama queens and people who generally just don't "get it.”

Trinity Soul [NA West/Midwest]

Guild Requirements: We only have one requirement and that is be active
Guild Contacts: Aurora.Luna(GM), Heejin, Captain.Snuggles, Sokatara, Tsukimura.Mayu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TrinitySoulGuild
"A short description of your guild and why people should join it: Trinity Soul is a fun guild that loves to help people new and old to the game we are not a hard core guild we like to have fun and enjoy everything that is TERA.”

Mana [NA West]

Endgame PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Have to be knowledgeable about Mana and meet a certain secret requirement.
Guild Contacts: Manapot (GM), Semira, Mori
Website: http://got.mana.shivtr.com/
"We are infused with mana and in mana we trust.”

Starscape [NA]

Endgame PVE
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Sttar(GM), Xendar & Hexagram
Website: N/A
"Starscape is a friendly, active, respectful guild looking for players of all classes. We focus on endgame PvE, and are willing to teach any and all dungeons.”

Elin Crusaders [NA East/West]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Being an Elin or support Elin
Guild Contacts: Citrine.Light (GM), Onyx.Light, Brilliant.Blue, Strawberry.Heart, Milkian
Website: N/A
"Elin Crusaders are guild of a range of levels with people who love to help each other. We run something we call Sunday games where we give away gold and prizes every Sunday. We are a friendly, fun growing guild and we need you! Join us today!”

Elinu no Kishi [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be Elin, friendly and Active, that's it.
Guild Contacts: Presea.Combatir, Yuumei.Akira, Chs, Yuriaa, Gengar.The.Fallen, Taleyni
Website: http://www.elinunokishi.com
"We're the oldest (since TERA first came out) and only 100% Elin Only Guild, we're a large and active guild, willing to accept any friendly elin willing to join. Non-elitist attitude, friendly and helpful, and able complete all content in the game.”

Legion of Karas [Latin/North America]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Khaliev(GM), Marrie, Brahama
Website: N/A
"Even when we, the High Elves, swear not believe more in the "gods", the Core is a legacy of our god Karas. Legion of Karas seeks to protect that legacy from enemy forces and conspiracies within the federation. Help us in this task, no matter your race, become a legionnaire!

We are a guild in construction and we look for players who want to shape this space to become a family, enjoy the gameplay together and face challenges. Whether you're a new player who needs help or an experienced player who wants to share their knowledge, what is important is that you be friendly, mature, active and have the desire to stay with us. We want to become a multicultural space where Latino or Spanish could interact with other cultures. We will focus on PvE, Dailies Dungeons and Dailies CS. Thanks for your attention~”

Moist [NA]

Guild Requirements: Only requirements are to be 60 and have a vested interest in being the best on the server.
Guild Contacts: Monster.Energy(GM), Aeya (CoGM), Rexara, Orionic
Website: N/A
"We are focused on being able to get T15/VM3 soon after its release, be it PvP or PvE gear. We want to be the best and won't stand for anything less. We're willing to teach any dungeon thoroughly from ToT to MCHM, and provide thorough help to people who want to get better in any class that they want to play.”

Nightmares [U.S. Timezones]

Leveling, Endgame Progression, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Hammer.Of.Dawn, J.E.T, Air.Saves.You
Website: http://nightmares-guild.enjin.com/
"Strong bounds of friendship with a common goal. Being the best. Complete Activeness”

Pineapple Hurricane [North America]

Mostly PvE with frequent PvP
Guild Requirements: Be nice
Guild Contacts: Elinia(GM), Elly.Beane, Scadiatta
Guild Recruitment Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_VlQIBIfA0
"Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the game! We welcome any and all players as long as you meet our one requirement, be nice. PH is laid back and mature, no stress, no yelling, you can learn dungeons in a friendly environment. Most members are 60 already, so while we can help with leveling, endgame is our focus -- gearing up and completing dungeons! We're alt friendly, have no official voice chat, and are most active from 8pm-12am EDT during the week, later on weekends. PH stays small enough so we all know each other.”

Vocaloids [U.S. and Canada]

Mainly PvE with Alliance/Corsair’s Stronghold/Kumasylum PvP
Guild Requirements: English or Mandarin speaker. Active main characters (no specific level or class requirements). Respectful on guild chat (English only plz), willing to help others. Mature and 18+.
Guild Contacts: Apey.Poo, Sonatana, Kasugaro.Korumi
Guild Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_xC4YdeBvw&feature=youtu.be
"We are a casual PvE guild based in Tempest Reach. Majority of our players are Chinese/asian from either US or Canada, but we welcome players of any ethnicity to join, as our in-game guild chat will be English only. Our guild chat is very active outside of the game QQ Group: 129824962 YY:12454522, we will also host Skype group chats for those who prefer.

Currently we have daily MC training and gear runs and we are also expecting to organize static training runs on the upcoming game content, assisted with some of our core players who are geared with Nightforge sets. We ask that only committed players to apply, join the <Vocaloids> family today!

Lethal Shadows [International]

PvE, minor in PvP
Guild Requirements: We usually require players to be level 55+. During the guild fair and the week following it we will be lifting the level requirement and only ask that applicants be friendly, mature, and active. It's also a BIG bonus to be able to use TeamSpeak.
Guild Contacts: Immovable.Object, Umlimited.Arrows, Prion
Website: http://www.lethalshadows.com
"Lethal Shadows is truly a global guild with a core of MMO and Tera veterans who are eager to help others experience and triumph over the toughest content in Tera. We are a close knit group who love to have fun and constantly enjoy the game and each other’s company.”

Listed [Any]

End game and PvP
Guild Requirements: Able to Speak English. Be Active. Be Lively.
Guild Contacts: Perma.Frost, Kassir, Chillstep
"We are an all around guild mainly focused in endgame content. Some of us really enjoy PvP. We can teach you current PvE content as well as honing your skills to become better as a PvP player. Listed does not limit anyone, we will try to improve in all aspects of game play. Get Enlisted in Listed.

Dancing Knights [NA]

Guild Requirements: Po.Lizz, Umair, Noneavalible
Guild Contacts: Fuuu.Chan (GM),
Website: http://dancing-knights.enjin.com/
"We’re a small end game focus guild looking to expand our member base. We have experienced members that can clear all end game contents as well as do competitive PvP. We don’t mind teaching new players and hoping to do the new dungeons that is coming out with everyone :)”

This Game Is Too Hard [NA]

Casual Endgame
Guild Requirements: N/A
Guild Contacts: Skooma (GM), Bunnyfoofooo/Shadowsonic, Avau/Enne, Tep.Tep/Shinseiki
Website: www.tgith.com
" This Game Is Too Hard is a friendly and casual, but also very inviting place that we want you to be able to call home. We have our own Teamspeak 3 server that is often very active, even when things are not always super exciting in game. Our guild loves to have fun and make the best of the MMO grind. We participate in just about everything TERA has to offer, and we are always welcoming of lower level members looking towards endgame.
TGITH is active in Alliance content; we are loyal to Iron Order and we've hosted Exarch for IO many times in the past. We also host our own special guild event (with prizes!) each month. In the past these have been anything from low-level dungeon races, PVP tournaments, Secret-Santa, and more. Also, Catbug is our guild logo, what more could ask for?”

Wild Wolves [US, EU, AUS]

PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: N/A
Guild Contacts: Glamrendir (GM), Yuki.Minor (Co-GM), Auyrin
Website: www.wild-wolves.enjin.com
"Were a friendly, social, helpful guild everyone is welcome from newbies to the game to current or returning veterans. We help people get geared.
Wonderholme normal/hard guild runs and 5 man vault for example.”

Impact Blue [

PVE, PVP, Leveling,
Guild Requirements: Looking for mature members, No Profanity
Guild Contacts: Mako.Sato (GM), Aerdina (Co-GM), Jerkey, Zerkium,
Website: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/guild-advertisement-recruitment/topics/TR-Impact-Blue-Recruiting-CouplesFamily-Friendly-Guild
"Impact Blue comes from an anime Initial D. They were a 2 member racing team that had partnered together to form an incredible team. My wife and I have made a great team together but really enjoy meeting new people and making great friends. We don't want to grow the guild for the sake of growth but more to create a bond. My vision is to have a tight knit group of people that we can laugh with and just have a blast. ”

Circle of Tiger Power [GMT/BST & US UTC]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Members must have a open mind. Homophobi/anti Race talk is prohibited
Guild Contacts: Darknexy (GM), Shantel.love, Arkaid
Website: N/A
"Circle of tiger power Is a LGBT/Straight Fandom/Roleplay Friendly Guild open to all that want to Relax meet new friends and be social while Exploring the world of TERA and leveling.”

Neo Persona Collective [NA]

Leveling, PVE (End-Game)
Guild Requirements: Sense of humor, semi-mature attitude, willingness to learn and help, activity.
Guild Contacts: Diligo (Leader). Soggy.Mobert, Shima.Sakon, Precise, Ellision, Orasyn.
Website: N/A
"A mix of serious and social players. We're motley, we're friendly, we're stupidly adorkable.”

Protocol [US West]

Leveling, Teaching
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Streex (GM), Kitchen, Novamii
Website: N/A
"Players should join Protocol because we are a very helpful and friendly bunch. We don’t have many 60’s yet but we do teach Instances such as Wonderholme, Manaya’s Core, Sirjuka Gallery and more! We also like to answer whatever questions you might need an answer to.”

Story Time [NA East]

PVE, PVP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Apply on the guild website, make an attempt to get to know people in the guild and talk. You can't know if the guild is a fit for you if you don't try with us :)
Guild Contacts: Guild Leader: Snow.Eater | Officers: Rilesia, Reinara
Website: http://www.storytime.shivtr.com
"Story Time is a mostly casual but sometimes hardcore PvE and PvP guild. We like to do our instances, raids, and battlegrounds together and enjoy being our weird random selves on our Mumble voice chat server. We host events now and then and we're open to suggestions as well.We hope to see many new members join us!”

Critical [US East]

Guild Requirements: English speaking and able to use mumble.
Guild Contacts: Debilitate (GM), Elirisse, Ellezi, Slurpeee, Hidas
Website: http://criticaltera.enjin.com/
"Currently the guild is new, and looking to build up a good player base for future plans to focus on end-game and pvp.”

Flat Is Not Justice [NA]

Leveling, PVE, Helping Players
Guild Requirements: Play the game.
Guild Contacts:
Website: http://flatisnotjustice.weebly.com/
"We are a new guild dedicated to helping out new players learn how to play the game and learn new tips and tricks and eventually those same people help more new players.”

Mist Born [NA]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: don’t be a jerk
Guild Contacts: Kibanohoko (GM), Tyriea, Pixlie
Website: N/A
"We focus on PvE and levelling, but we do regular battlegrounds for the dailies for the gold and xp and the fun of it. People should join us cause everyone here is awesome. We are casual players, who take casual playing seriously! We like to have fun and play as a group, and just enjoy this awesome game with no drama. ”

White Damage [NA]

Endgame, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be level 60, motivated for endgame activities and willing to learn and follow the guild rules.
Guild Contacts: Panties (GM), Angrymonkey (Officer), Harujisoul (Officer)
Website: N/A
"We are a progressions guild that focuses on all endgame. We help people gear up in both Nightforge PvP and PvE. We are also willing to teach people in Manaya's Core Normal and Hard modes; as well as preparing for the newest patches that comes into TERA. We're friendly!”

Vegas [International]

Guild Requirements: English only! Has to be in voice chat for dungeon runs (at least listen).
Guild Contacts: Boboti(GM), Wolfthorn, Athentis,Corumm, Eluluu, Archangela, Halved
Website: https://www.facebook.com/vegas.tera
"Hot officer & Guild leader. Friendly & No drama. Teaching all lvl dungeons. WHHM gear runs. MCNM, MCHM teaching runs. We are preparing for new dungeons. All officers have ilvl 170+. Anime night every week. Guild Movie night every 2 weeks. Guild event(+Guild member B-Party in game) every month. Own Mumble server. We are active. We help and run Alliance quests.”
Guild recruitment video: http://www.twitch.tv/dark3ra/c/4099223 This is our last month guild event video. (Ester Popo event)

Hellfire Warriors [US East]

Guild Requirements: All welcome to join us and become a Hellfire Warrior.
Guild Contacts: Siks.Hellhound (GM), Vera.Beth, Arvion, and Cevendes.
Website: N/A
"We are a friendly guild who communicates through TeamSpeak and we all have a great time. We are helpful and Active so we will always assist one another.”

Prism [NA]

PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: LGBT or LGBT-friendly
Guild Contacts: Spaghetticat (alt: Spagetti.Cat), Soul.Syphon, Mickjiggles, Meowmeow.levelup
Website: http://teraprism.shivtr.com/
"Prism is a Tera guild for the LGBT community and our allies! The goal of this guild is to provide a fun, safe environment for Tera players to level, socialize, and play the game together. There will be contests with prizes (mounts, costumes, weapon skins) and hopefully we can get some fun pictures of us looking super spiffy.”

Ita Vanguard [EU]

Leveling & Endgame PVE
Guild Requirements: Members have to speak fluent Italian
Guild Contacts: Matsky (GM) Officers: Celidia, Ma.Va, Marween, Vergil.lv, Bergiol, Whoiam, Ilkilya
Website: http://itavanguard.forumfree.it/
"The only Italian guild on Tempest Reach. Our aim is to help each other improving and have a lot of fun as well. Help us increasing the Italian community!”


PVE, Guild raid every night at 7:30pm EST
Guild Requirements: Casual Players: lvl 55~60 character. Serious players: Register at website as well.
Guild Contacts: GM: Five.Star; Officers: Lazensha, Sibil
Website: Plusten.forumotion.com (Member only)
"Group of well-mannered players who enjoys progressive and organized Guild. Daily Guild raids and McHm training to get people geared. Experienced GM from game release.”

Real Virtuality [Ukraine]

Guild Requirements: our potential guildmates should be patient, positive and adequate but the most importand is to be friendly :D
Guild Contacts: Yoroi(GM), Vibz(Officer), Cilenia(Officer)
Website: http://real-virtuality.webs.com/
"We are a friendly international guild. In our guild people help each other.”

Naturals Election [NA East]

Guild Requirements: Level 40+
Guild Contacts: Bam.Bait (Guild Master), Bosterior (Officer), Smigle (Officer)
Website: N/A
"Helpful, friendly and highly active. We run PvE content daily and can help gear new level 60s. We do not require any sort of contribution from individual members.”

Brazilian [BR]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Luddu (GM), Zanziran.Horo, Lbarao
Website: N/A

Free Style [Spain, Hispanic America]

Guild Requirements: Use TeamSpeak3, be active and speak Spanish
Guild Contacts: Nishey (GM), Adenosino, Stavros
Website: N/A
"We are a hispanic guild, lvl 3 with over 150 active members. We are specialized in PVE (WH, MC, KN, SjG, etc.) and we do MCHM/MCNM training runs. We also use TeamSpeak3 to communicate.

Somos una guild hispana, lvl 3 con más de 150 miembros activos. Estamos especializados en PVE (WH, MC, KN, SjG, etc.) y hacemos training runs de MCHM/MCNM. Usamos TeamSpeak3 como medio de comunicación.”

House of Hos [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Rickwoofie
Website: N/A
"The House of Hos is a family. We raise each other. We teach each other. We learn from one another. Whether we're learning the art of prostitution, the mystery that is math, or the bureaucrats trying to take down our business, no matter what, we stick together. Rain or shine, good times or bad, in health and in sickness, we're there for one another. That's right; we're basically married. That's how bad we want you, you hos and you pimps. We need you. We want you in us (the guild, of course!). And we want you to join us.”

Honey Baked Ham [US East-West]

Leveling, Endgame
Guild Requirements: Fun and Nice
Guild Contacts: Xiayu (GM), Whacha (officer), Trishla (officer)
Website: N/A
"We are a fun and fairly laid back guild with fun helpful people. If you are new or old, we are happy to have you and hope you will stay with us and help each other out. Join us! We have ham!!”

Le Happy Merchants [NA]

Item hoarding, trader brokering
Guild Requirements: Able to be a happy merchant
Guild Contacts: Greenappie, Lemon.Iced.Tea, pearappie
Website: N/A
"If you like hoarding items, this is the guild for you!”

Reminisce [US West]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Prefer active members, but understanding to real life needs.
Guild Contacts: Prince.Bamboo Officers: Liliumn, Kitty.Miaou
Website: N/A
"We are a friendly guild hoping to find others that have an interest for late game PvE (dungeon runs/raids)~”

Zealot Gaming [International]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: No requirements to join, however if you register on the website you must be 16 years of age or older. Must be able to communicate in English.
Guild Contacts: GM - Matherina/Cartesia/Licht.Chat/Mathelina, Officers: Puff.Adder, Descent.Of.Dwayna
Website: http://www.zealotgaming.com
"Zealot Gaming is an international multi-game community focused on creating a fun, friendly atmosphere for gamers to play and make friends across regions and across games. We have an active website, a large active TeamSpeak3 server, and over 500 community members! We look forward to anyone who wishes to join our family!”
Recruitment Video: http://www.zealotgaming.com/images/logo_current.png

Team Mayhem

RP, Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: the only thing i ask if you wanna join our guild is that you have skype so we can get to know you. and be able to communicate during game play
Guild Contacts: Orachai, abyssus, zalnar
Website: teammayhem.enjin.com
"We are just here doing quests, leveling friends. doing instances. just having a good time. we all have eachother on skype. if people need a hand with quest we give em a hand. we do enjoy a little scrapping between guild members in the pvp area in velika!!”

Real Virtuality [Ukraine]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: our potential guildmates should be patient, positive and adequate but the most importand is to be friendly :D
Guild Contacts: Yoroi(GM), Vibz(Officer), Cilenia(Officer)
Website: http://real-virtuality.webs.com/
"We are a friendly international guild. In our guild people help each other.”

Firefly [NA]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: Be friendly & respectful!
Guild Contacts: Zombie (GM), Oceanman (Officer), Yeefi (Officer)
Website: N/A
"Firefly is a casual guild. Our members are geeks that simply want to have a good time! Most of us are on the older side of life. Our guild is great for casual gamers because there's no stress or pressure to pvp or participate in dungeons! However, such activities are welcome! The bottom line is: have fun & love Tera!”

May Die [Latin America]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: No requirements just join us!!
Guild Contacts: Leader name Lilynnette, officers Bloodycat, Mickyvainilla.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/484438495022983/484450948355071
"We are a very friendly guild and we enjoy help others. Somos una guild muy amistosa y nos encanta ayudar a otros!”

Touch Fluffy Tails [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP Practice
Guild Requirements: Must have some interests in anime, manga or any aspect of japanese culture: a weeaboo of any kind
Guild Contacts: Fluffy.Miyo (GM), Kalinda, Boothten
Website: N/A
"TFTs is a group of players who praise the t/a/il. All and any /v/isitors are welcomed as well. We do our best to gear up everyone and train them in the various endgame dungeons. While we do love to idle away our days, we're always ready to teach MCHM or to help with anything. Newbies and veterans are both appreciated and equals under our one and only mistress, lady Tamamo.”

Cruel [NA West]

Guild Requirements: Be interested in learning and active.
Guild Contacts: Saviik(GM), Dank, Deleena
Website: crueltera.enjin.com
"We're a fun bunch who like teaching people all the dungeons with a heavier emphasis towards pvp and gearing people up for it.”

Get Rekt [NA East, EU Central]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: You want to PVP (w/o this there is no reason for you to join us), lvl 50+ (we will accept under this lvl aswell, depending on the application and/or TS interview), must use TS and register/use our guild forums, must accept constructive criticism.
Guild Contacts: Fatalistic (GM), Critty.Myst/Critty.X, Inquieto, Khuthulu
Website: http://getrekt.shivtr.com
"Get Rekt is formed by an old community of MMORPGers. We have tested other games and also played Tera EU and finally decided to come here and see what NA has to offer us. We are not new to tera or unskilled. We are looking for people interested in PVP end game, who like a bit of PVE on the side, but not 2 much, people who use TS3 and are willing to apply on forums prior to joining. The reason we ask for an online application and then a chat on TS is that we want to keep this guild a small community, big guilds tend to be dramatic, meaning that we will select the players we let in our group. If you decide to join we have to offer: a very well build guild website with class guides+glyphs for PVP aswell as many dungeon guides, you will participate in PVP events, such as 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 or defend the president event. We offer experienced players that will gladly answer any of your questions to the best of their knowledge or direct you to a very good guide.
This is Get Rekt!”
Guild Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muVhjXOu738&feature=youtu.be

El Vendetta [NA East/Central]

Guild Requirements: We definitely would like friendly and active people. And due to the fact that no one in our guild knows anything but English, I regret that the only people we can accept are people who speak English. If anyone knows other languages and can still speak English, they are welcome to join.
Guild Contacts: Kiara.Nii (GM); Kurahashi, Atiey
Website: N/A
"We are a small guild of friends that have come from another game. We have pretty much always worked together, since we started playing at about the same time. We welcome people to join our guild. Our members are knowledgeable enough for guiding new players since our officers and I currently have at least 1 character at level 60 and are working or worked on more characters of various classes and races.”

Liquid [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be willing to put time in to learn,improve, and progress; This include PVE and PVP. Be active.
Guild Contacts: Mystletainn (GM), Reia (Officer), Rickitz (Officer)
Website: http://liquidtera.shivtr.com/
"We are one of the longest standing, active guild on Tempest Reach. We have skilled players in both PVP and PVE and can clear - as well as train in - all current content. We are friendly, mature, focused on progression, and have a website with scheduled weekly events and training session for those that are interested.

Currently, we are recruiting players for the Alliance, PVP, PVE, and upcoming content patch; If you are serious, friendly, and willing to learn we would love to have you”

Bladesymphonium [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Momijisalade (GM), Manyuu.hikenchou, Wulfenko.
Website: N/A
"People should join our guild since we're active and very helpful, it could be a good opportunity for new players to get some constant help. As for higher levels it'll be enjoyable since we do daily raids and dungeons.”

Nerd Squad Delta [NA-SW]

Leveling, Endgame PVE
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts:
Website: N/A
"Nerd Squad Delta is a small guild of friendly players looking for others to fill our raid teams. Joining us would be beneficial to newly level-capped players as we are willing to help them gear up for harder content. Our guild would also be beneficial to players yet to reach level 60, as will help them to reach level 60 as quickly as possible.”

Valley of Titans

The Devan Deviants [NA]

PVP, PVE, Occasional RP
Guild Requirements: Being Active (not just playing 1 time and then leave the game forever)
Guild Contacts: Couchman (Guild leader), Siennee (Officier) & Lexos (Officier)
Website: devan-deviants.graphforum.com (currently under work, room for improvement)
"The guild isn't populated by jerks, the folks in it are all people you can have fun with, they are always ready to give a hand whether it be to learn how the game works or in-game events (such as PvP, Instances, Pk, whatever). Always ready to have a fun talk with anyone, we mostly aim to have a good time! You should totally join us folks, since we are always thinking about stuff to liven up the gaming experience with everything the game has to offer! ”

Eternal Vortex [Latin America]

Guild Requirements: Enjoy Tera and play for fun.
Guild Contacts: Lamychan (GM), Chronoar, Zerkia, Adhi
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1470735856479696/
"Ok, we are a little guild a kind of family, we have teachers of all classes... we provide help to those ones that are new in the game, we help each other trying to grow as a guild, we have little events like "At lvl 30: Expedition to get a raptor mount", we like to play tera for fun... without messing around with other guilds or being annoying, we play for fun... and we'll keep playing tera for fun.”

Tradewinds [US West]

Guild Requirements: Must be active, we can understand if you have issues in RL but we can't keep people offline too long.
Guild Contacts: Leibe (GM), Thread, Exington
Website: N/A
"Our goal is to build a guild that everyone can join and call home, we're pretty new but we want to expand to have a bigger social influence.”

Catalyst [US East]

RP, PVP, PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: You need to be active and Teamspeak is preferred.
Guild Contacts:
Website: N/A
"Catalyst is a friendly, layed back guild who just hangout on Teamspeak all day and have fun with the game :D”

All Over You [US]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Tancred.Melodious(GM) Alantis.Vandal(Officer) iovely(Officer)
Website: N/A
"Casual PvP guild, looking for laid back players with thick skin and a good sense of humor.”

Panda Hut Express [NA, AUS]

Leveling, PVE, PVP (BGs)
Guild Requirements: A working brain, some sense of humor. Overall we like talkative interesting people. Guild people tend to be fashion conscious for some reason.
Guild Contacts: Guild leader is Takael (although I am more commonly on Tessalei). Two officers are Cake.or.Deth and Tiny.Moon
Website: N/A
"Fun guild with some nice events; including Funderholme Easy Mode (FHEM)”

Terafying [NA East]

Priority PvP, Raiding
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Grand.Khavatari (GM), Grimwood, Arbiter.Augustin.
Website: N/A
"Terafying is a new guild looking to recruit a core group of elite players. No gear requirement, no level requirement but you must be able to show a high level of ability in PVP and PVE situations. Are you Terafying?”

Ascension Warband [Central America]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: A minimum of around 5 levels per month. Anything less will result in consequences
Guild Contacts: Glaceuas (GM), Promethius,Lilax
Website: N/A
"Our guild will be comprised of a very elite play style where our lead members will focus on teaching, and helping to get to level 60 as soon as possible. With the main focus of grinding our members will have all access to high end gear dropped from boss monsters.”

April Rhain [ US West]

Guild Requirements: nope just make sure u can fallow rules an protect ur guild aswell as lower lvls ^_^
Guild Contacts: (Guild Leader) Wolfborn (officers) Tearney ,Bahamaut, Urieell, Noremorse
Website: http://wolfar.enjin.com/
"Greetings, This is a guild of honor an respect. we are also a PK hunting guild, we Defend lower levels an our own guild, if u are looking for a Guild that will protect u an take care of u then April Rhain is the guild for u) [ADD] ("April Rhain" is now looking for active members of any lvl or class we welcome warm hearts an helping hands for more info PM me or just apply”

Ursus [NA East]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Bartolomew
Website: N/A
"Our guild is just to dominate the PVE world of Tera, be known as the best dungeon conquerors in the server. Why should you join? Well, to have fun, learn to PVE, and get end-game items for doing it.”

Joker Empire [BR]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, RP
Guild Requirements: Livre para todos por enquanto.
Guild Contacts: Lylli (GM), Corine, Teyku, Hasin e Cesar.Motos (Adms)
Website: N/A
"Bem Vindos! Estaremos sempre dispostos a ajudar!”

FirstWorldProblems [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Te.He (GM), Azrael.Norith (Officer), I.Dont.Heal (Officer)
Website: N/A
"We are looking for players both casual and cometiitive for dungeons and pvp.”

Get Good [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Tancred.Melodious(GM) Fallen.Heero(Officer) Alantis.Vandal(Officer)
Website: N/A
"laid back pvp players looking to expand. If you join expect to GvG often.”

Clarity [US]

Guild Requirements: Level 60 main, Ilvl 165 min, understands English and can at least type it fluently, willing to come into Teamspeak for raids/GvG/PvP
Guild Contacts: GM- Breadys Co-GM- Nixxie Officer- Simultaneous
Website: N/A
"Clarity is a relatively small guild of people that like to play together, we are pretty laid back and chill. We are looking for people that like to play the game and have fun, while still knowing the basics of the current end game content.”

Panda Power [NA East]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Kyloe - Sayurie, Capitalism
Website: N/A
"Popori Pride, may Manaya be destroyed by 5 poporis (race change not included)”

Shurtugal [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: No level requirement, we only ask that you speak English and are active.
Guild Contacts: Princess.Twilight, Remiux and Timedriven
Website: http://shurtugal.guildportal.com
"Shurtugal is a large guild with alot of active players in it. We are friendly towards each other and enjoy competing or just hanging out. We have all sorts of people so its easy to fit in. Help is easy to come by and people are always online willing to help you if you need it.”

Esprit de Corps [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Any and all active players (a level 60 character and fluency in English is recommended)
Guild Contacts: Azurei (GM), Kryptonn (Officer), Pepperjackcheese (Officer)
Website: http://edctera.enjin.com/

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Esprit de Corps is the guild for you.

We are a guild that is rapidly progressing with many players clearing MCHM and getting their NF PvE and PvP gears.
We welcome all players as long as they are respectful and constantly striving to become better players.
We are especially interested in players that can lead in endgame PvP content since the guild has a fair share of experienced PvE players.


Hyrrokkin [NA]

PVP First, PVE Second
Guild Requirements: Must be fluent in English and willing to join our Teamspeak 3 server!
Guild Contacts: Nijm (GM), Drazoor (Officer), Xaix (Officer)
Website: N/A
"Hyrrokkin was founded in summer 2013 by four brand new lvl.60 players with the goal of discovering the endgame together. The intentions of the guild was to learn PvP and PvE through personal experience, not to have hands held. Throughout the last eight months, Hyrrokkin has made the leaderboards for all battlegrounds, reigned as Exarch over the Free Traders Collective, held every commander position in alliance territory, and has mastered all endgame dungeons. Recently the guild lost some of its ranks to real life circumstances and would like to bring in more members to enjoy the game with. We are looking for quality, mature players who aren't afraid of a little challenge!”

Vaettir [Midwest US and Canada]

PvE, PvP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Must be English speaking and respectful to others.
Guild Contacts: Roonlez, Elin.Pony, Yolo.Mcswaggins, The.Swaggie.Jr
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294500550713793/
Guild Video: http://youtu.be/yHTsJ2Fuf8Y
“Vaettir, is a close-knit PVE/PVP and leveling guild with a ghost theme. We do all endgame dungeon content, do deathmatches, pvp, and help each other gear. We use RaidCall to communicate by voice and run a facebook group outside of Tera. Come, join our ranks of all things supernatural. Haunt the land with us.”
Edited by: Tonka 7 months ago
Please e-mail your guilds to us please. To guarentee your spot, please apply through e-mail and follow the directions in our news post:


Thank you!

Gonna lock this thread to avoid further confusion.
Runespider on 05/02/2014, 04:14 AM - view
If I could make a suggestion, it might be a good idea to give codes away to the few people that go way out of their way to be helpful and welcoming on the forum.

I notice memoriesforlife is really nice to new players in the welcome section and always seems to post in a constructive way. If there are codes to give I'd say people like that should be getting them really, not randomly.

This is a good idea, and we sometimes do that. The biggest examples I can think of are the winter holiday postcard we've been doing and we also gave some out for those who posted their great stories in the Valentine's Day memories thread. It's difficult to involve everyone in a giveaway but we try our best to vary them so that we'll hit different folks. The last time we did a random forum giveaway was a very long time ago though, and I wanted to do it again for our forum community.

(I'm sorry for derailing the thread. xD)
Our Support Team will be more than happy to help with the request. We're available through tickets, or live chat for elite status accounts.
It started at11 a.m. PDT today. For more information, please see our event page here. :)
(Closing this heavily derailed thread, starting with my code giveaway. The OP intended it as a compliment for the artists.)
Please, no generalization on any groups of people. If you see inappropriate behavior in-game, please report the players.

MMORPG's always have been about cooperating with different types of people. I understand that communication can be difficult depending on the language, but I do think it's unfair for folks to generalize a group of people for a certain behavior, whether it's negative or positive. :(

Currently we don't have a plan to change our server setup.
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago - Reason: added the last line
Unfortunately only the new build (with the reaper class) will support more than 8 characters slots, so I'm afraid we are not able to increase the character slots automatically before the reaper patch. :(
If I remember correctly (90% sure) - After the reaper patch:

- Master glyphs will still be acquired in the instances and battlegrounds.
- The regular glyphs you haven't learned yet will be given to you automatically.
The two year anniversary events were more subdued this year due to focusing the attention on the incoming Reaper class. We are having two major Reaper related events here: http://tera.enmasse.com/reaper/events
Zairel on 04/30/2014, 03:43 PM - view
i think the guilds that wanna sign up for the fair should be given a bundle of those half day signs to help pick there spots and maybe a little advertisement or your guild name on them....

In order to keep things nice and organized, we are actually going to be assigning locations to specific guilds. We will release a map before the event.

During the event, the spot where a guild should be will actually have a sign there, already placed by a GM with some information :)
Hey Everyone,

This week, Treeshark and I will be showing off the brand new Reaper class! We will be focusing on the new leveling experience which will take place in a newly designed experience, just for the Reaper!

Treeshark will also be answering some questions from chat, so come on by and get a taste at the Reaper! Who knows, you may even win something awesome! As usual, we will be live at 3:00pm Pacific on our official Twitch channel! Don't forget to be signed into your Twitch account and following the channel for a chance to win some prizes!

Immediately following the stream we will be streaming some more ZMR at 4:30pm, so come on by and you might win a ZMR beta key!

Edited by: Tonka 7 months ago
Don't show Minea that cake. Actually, I'm going to tell Minea to look at that cake and try to influence her to go and find that cake, because it looks delightful!

Happy Anniversary community! We have been together for longer than two years, but today we celebrate the day we made our relationship serious (by launching a game of course).

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve waited on pins and needles for the official announce and launch date and—above all—your chance to try out the new reaper class. Well the wait is over! She’s coming on May 13! The reaper class offers a blend of close and mid-ranged combat, utilizing two chained blades to execute her opponents. And she’s bringing some cool changes to TERA that affect everyone.

New reapers start at level 50, and you’ll need a level 40 character on the same server to create one—but don’t fear! We put together some awesome leveling and XP events for those of you who need the XP.

What do you need to do right now to prepare for the reaper?

• Log in and level up for sweet leveling-milestone rewards.
• Play during our extended double XP event, May 2–13..
• Read all about the new class, gameplay, skills, and more.
• Check out all the other changes coming to TERA.

Find all these things and more on our awesome new reaper page!

You can see the reaper in action on Twitch on Friday, May 2 at 3 p.m. PDT.
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago
(Moving to classes section)
Is this a thread to discuss a guild's aptitude? No.
Is this a thread where you discuss your relationship with a guild? No.

This is a guild recruitment thread. Take all irrelevant discussions elsewhere please. You've had your public warning. Welcome to the forum vacation, everyone who derailed the thread after the warning.
What Mike said. :)

Since the reaper class starts at 50 already, it doesn't count.
Here is what Treeshark said during last Friday's AMA on Reddit. :)
The cake was the first thing Tonka showed me as I walked into the office this morning and I've been craving a cake all morning! ;_;

Happy Anniversary, all! We couldn't have done it without you! <3

MeruP on 05/01/2014, 11:09 AM
Thanks for the answer. What a shame... looks like my Reaper will be without eyepatch &gt;__

You can level a character to 50 that's not a reaper and give it to her later? :)

The permanent cosmetic rewards (black rose eye patch and classic feather hat) and gold boosts will be tradeable.

The boxes themselves and temporary items will not be, though.

Adding a link to our FAQ page on the anniversary leveling event.
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago - Reason: FAQ link added :)
(Keep your posts on topic and civil please. Consider this as a public warning.)
For more information, check out our federation bills FAQ here.

TERA’s second anniversary sales have begun, and we've slashed prices on the 2013 maid bundles by a whopping 65 percent off!

• Twice-Maid Bundle
• Maid to Work Bundle

Each day from Monday, April 28 at 11 a.m. PDT until Thursday, May 1 at 11 a.m. PDT, a popular item is on sale at Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online—and today it’s 2013’s maid bundles.

While you’re there, don’t forget you only have until 11 a.m. on Friday, May 2 to pick up these classic favorites, back in the store for a limited time:

• Blackheart weapon skin
• 2013 swimsuit bundles
• 2013 Halloween sets
• Boneshaker mount
We're always blown away by how talented our community is. Happy that you like it! :D


Here is a code since today's the anniversary day. I meant to do it earlier but I've been very busy! :)

Code for a Formal Dress Accessory Box: GF6LGDHLKHG47WXFKJLKPJFCL
Edited by: Minea 7 months ago - Reason: It was a one-time code and it has been redeemed. Grats to whoever took it!
I really like it! Great purple eyes with intense expression! :)


Leaving a one-time code for a formal dress accessory box here: 9DH9WMK6PCA9L9RNELJG6LPWM

If you see a message that says the code is not valid, it means the code has been redeemed already.
I'm not aware of a plan. We'll message accordingly if/when we have another. :)


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As others have said, I don't think you'll have an issue finding a group as a tank.

The warrior class can be a damage dealer or a tanker though, so that may be a more flexible option for you as well. :)


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I'm slightly confused by OP's thread since the character seems to be on AV. But either way, good luck with finding a guild to call home! - We also have a guild fair coming up on May 17!

(If this is intended for AV server forum, PM me and I can move it for you.)


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(Moving this to the reaper class section)
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I'd recommend trying out the different classes and getting a feel for how they each play. Certain skills have different animation depending on the race, so be sure to see which one you like the best. :)


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(A reminder, you must send in an email to register for the guild fair. Posting in this thread is not registering.)


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Hello Everyone!

This post will detail the official guild fair list. After the guild fair is over, this post will be converted into a living guild listing!

Here is the format that guilds will be displayed:

Guild Name [Guild Region (east coast, west coast, Brazil, Canada, etc.)]
Guild Focus (PVE, RP, Leveling, 3's, Etc.)
Optional: Guild requirements.
Guild Contacts: (GM) (Officer) (Officer)
Website: Guild Website
"Guild Description"

Ascension Valley

Initium Novum [NA West]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be active, social, and friendly.
Guild Contacts: Agitur(GM), Jerzec, Nezzers, Elrowiel
Website: N/A
"Initium Novum welcomes all looking for a fresh start new or old we strive to help each other while having fun”

Forbidden [NA]

Endgame PVE & PVP
Guild Requirements: vary on a case to case basis.
Guild Contacts: Frosts (GM), Volturi, AoUsagi, Exp, Meize, Hane.Junsei
Website: Under Construction
"We're a fun bunch of weird people who like doing stuff together. We run whatever dungeons people need for stuff, and are always glad to help out new members; TeamSpeak is our platform of choice for voice communications. ”

Nemesis [NA + International]

Guild Requirements: No level requirement. All are welcome.
Guild Contacts: Pumplestickle (GM), Kinx (Co-GM), Britta.Perry, Spankinstein, Rogue.Dubs, Erina.Mizuno
Website: Nemesis-HQ.enjin.com
"Nemesis is a well rounded guild. We're a melting pot of fun. Inside Nemesis, we forge friendship from scratch to everlasting. We dabble in almost everything from the beginning of Island of Dawn to the end of Manaya. We need you to join and help us against the new threat: Manahan”

Irevaia [Primarily NA]

Casual PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: No level requirement. Just gotta be active, friendly, respectful, and have an ambition to get better.
Guild Contacts: Ryurem (GM), Amile, Ylvy, Unlucky.Caster, Airesse, Nephiri, Schnepp, Greeed
Website: Irevaia.shivtr.com
"Irevaia is a Progressing Casual PvE Oriented Guild. We mainly focus on the PvE content of the game. We run nexus everyday and weekly wonderholme hard mode as a guild. We strive to build a community of players that can help each other to improve and better ourselves in the game.

Most of the core players focus on level 60 end game content, but we do recruit lowbies from any level range as long as you are active. We don’t recruit you based what level you are but your love for the game. If you’re new, we can help and teach you the game. If you’re experience thats awesome, come join us in our dungeon runs. ”

Nothing Vulgar [Everywhere]

Endgame PVE, Guild Events
Guild Requirements: Active lvl 60 members. If u are gone for more than 2 1/2 weeks with out notice we will have to kick u to make room for new members due to the 300 member cap on guilds.
Guild Contacts: Yui.The.Priest (GM), Aroh, Raelyana, Layy
Website: N/A
"Our focus is on PvE Endgame content and progressing while still having fun with guild made events outside of real game content. (Hide N Go Seek / Races / ect.)

I made this guild for people to be able to have fun while still progressing and improving in skill as they went through endgame content. We are active on our Raidcall channel (Voice chat) and really invest in getting to know each other and spending time together doing things like watching movies and anime when not raiding. ”

Eterna [NA East]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: Reapers are to be level 58+, Other classes are to be 60.
Guild Contacts: Sarumonin (GM), Dyscord, Rema
Website: www.ETERNAGAMING.com
"We are ETERNA. We focus on helping our lower members on leveling up, along with doing daily EndGame Dungeons! We do WHNM/WHHM, MCNM/MCHM, SJG, NEXUS and MORE! We are friendly, social and extremely active. We have 20-80 members on at one time depending on the time of day! We have a total of 200 members in our Guild and we welcome everyone with open arms! ”

Recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2uB-EfsjwI

Night Parade of a Hundred Demons [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be active, kind, and willing to help the guild.
Guild Contacts: Prince.Dexium (GM), Shennanygans, Fate.Chan
Website: N/A
"We are a kind guild that is willing to take players of any level. We are fun and love to do dungeons, PvP, Leveling, and Battlegrounds. We are an active guild and have a 2 week inactive period before we will kick. We are also willing to teach new players the ropes. We also have Raidcall for those who like to use it.”

Echelon [US West]

PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Javic(GM), Elunai.Minori(Officer), Wekid(Senior Member)
Website: N/A
"A fun, casual, and very friendly guild. All are welcome”

Muffins [US]

Guild Requirements: We only ask that you do your best to stay active and keep the atmosphere friendly!
Guild Contacts: Guild Master: Bey | Officers: Maddy.Young, Denken, Oobster
Website: teramuffins.enjin.com
"Muffins is a guild that has been around for almost a year. We have all grown very close in the time we've spent together. We are more interested in recruiting based on you as a player, rather than your level or equipment. We do our best to offer a place that you feel comfortable being yourself.”

The Secret Society [Canada]

PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Must be level 20+
Guild Contacts: Demurest (GM), Recoilplus, Master.Thief.Phantom
Website: N/A
"My guild is friendly and active. We need players in order to start our brotherhood.”

Sector Seven [NA, AUS, EU, Singapore]

PVE, PVP, Dungeon training
Guild Requirements: Since we are so large and Tera sadly limits how many members we can hold, you must be at least 40+ to get into the guild, unless its friends and family!
Guild Contacts: Saber.Mittens(GM), Fateliss, Skaro, Trisera, Ellyrian, Ladyrain, Yoshikazu, Lady.Erza.Scarlett, Maneko, Freefiya, Benn.Beckman, Treyar
Website: http://sectorse7en.enjin.com/home
"We are a huge family of friends that span over several games. Our guild is very large 200+ members with a lot of highly skilled players. We are very helpful and friendly, we are 18+ mature, our humor can go pretty dark at times. Our focus of communication is on a premium teamspeak server, we have events with many prizes, and all sorts of fun :) Join us! ”

Vitality [NA]

PVE, Leveling, RP, Social
Guild Requirements: We are an open family welcoming any and all players no matter their skill.
Guild Contacts: Eucleia (GM), Lia.jin, Cladeus, Soniasorc
Website: N/A
"A short description of your guild and why people should join it. We are a active and friendly guild welcoming all players no matter their level or background. We strive to provide our guild members with an abundance of kindness and support with anything they need. We are always open to new members and feel players will enjoy their experience in the guild!”

Dragon Rouge [Argentina]

PVE, Leveling, Family
Guild Requirements: Speak Spanish and be friendly (hablar español y ser amistoso) :D
Guild Contacts: Magurha (GM), Saraeneth, Karamelo
Website: http://guild-dragonrouge.foroargentina.net/
"In English: our objectiv is to live an amazing adventure together. We are not oriented towards endgame, but we are a big and friendly family. Join us and live this adventure!

En español: nuestro objetivo es compartir aventuras y crecer juntos. No estamos dedicados al endgame, pero si formamos una gran familia. Únete para poder divertirnos juntos!!!”

Laughing Demon [NA West]

Endgame PVE and PVP
Guild Requirements: Loyal.
Guild Contacts: Desvero (GM), Feyria, Arya.Scarlet
Website: Laughingdemon.shivtr.com
"Laughing Demon is a guild for the loyal, If you want a guild that will still be around, and active in a year then this is you guild.”

Infamous [NA]

Endgame PVE, Some PVP
Guild Requirements: Raidcall for harder dungeons, loot rules of everyone gets a piece before getting a second unless otherwise noted.
Guild Contacts: Luciealla (GM) Elinu(Co-GM), Jiang, Liraz
Website: http://av-infamous.enjin.com/home

Susuwatari [NA]

PVE, Corsairs’ Stronghold
Guild Requirements: Can understand english. Have Raidcall. Like to have fun
Guild Contacts: Aegis.Enforcer(GM), Taemika, Aedric, Darach, Icecremexp
Website: N/A
"We do things, many things, and have fun doing things. Join us in doing things with other people doing things. Things”

TheKings [NA West]

Guild Requirements: Atleast Lv30+, You can use TeamSpeak, Your Primary language is english.
Guild Contacts: Overlordking (Guild Leader), Cookieez, Shinoki, Evilink, Zee.bladez
Website: TheKings.guildlaunch.com
"TheKings have a long and prestigious history, We have been around for over 6 years, Travelling from game to game, Tera is our newest game and we plan to stay here for a long time! We're a relaxed raiding guild, Raiding at several points throughout the day! We also have a TeamSpeak in which we use to communicate with each other whilst raiding, PvPing or just having fun.”

Belfalas [NA]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Aerovor (GM), Alliea, Gennosis
Website: N/A
"Belfalas is a guild of friendly players, willing to teach other players how Tera works. The active players in Belfalas will always be happy to party up, and slay the enemy.”

The Fallen Legion [NA]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: There aren’t any requirements other than the ability to speak English fluently.
Guild Contacts: Leader is Fahanriel, Officers are Powersurge and Master.Gungi.
Website: N/A
"We are a very friendly guild who have no drama and help each other out all the time. We also accept all levels and races.”

Zephyr [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Orihso (GM), Ahrissa, Yazumi, Mukuu (Officers)
Website: N/A
"Zephyr is an english speaking guild looking to have fun with one another. While we generally do more PVP things, we are able to run most endgame dungeons if we need to. If you are looking for a drama-free, fun loving guild, Zephyr could be the place for you.”

NYC Kiss [NA]

Primarily PVE, little bit of PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: CF.Ian (GM),(Shigaa) (Hseju) (Louis) (Psychic.Solo)
Website: N/A
"This is a very friendly and fun guild, we love to help new comers to learn about this game quick and gear them up for dungeons. Come join us now”

Darkness Inc [US East]

Focus: PVE with some PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be a good guildie, and be active! we have no room for trouble makers.
Guild Contacts: Cahlida(GM), Talon.Grey, Unluckyxiii.
Website: http://www.darknessinc.shivtr.com/
"Darkness Inc is over a year old and has created a great place where members can make bonds and have fun here. We are One guild, One family! and as long as Tera is here we will continue to move forward!”
Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKemG6dJf9o

Frost Pheonix Order [NA]

PVE, Social, Alliance
Guild Requirements: Smile :), have fun with others and be respectful.
Guild Contacts: GM (Bloody.Paws) , Officers (Violet.Priest) , Or any members
Website: N/A
"Were a small guild who support each other trough anything, teaching something to others or learning it together, we like to help anyone who's in need. We also like to organize small events among the guild members, small fun games, group questing and even some more pvp oriented events. If you're looking for a more relax guild were you won't be forced to do anything, where people will be ready to help you or simply some good people to hang out with, then were the guild for you. ^_^”

Shadow of Legends [International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Only requirement is to sign up on the guild site and keep your drama on Second Life
Guild Contacts: Tyilae (GM), Fifths & Timerequiem, Arcite, Meowchi, & Hueyple
Website: N/A
"We are casual, mature, beginning to end game content, and comes with all the perks without all the drama.
Only requirement is to sign up on the guild site and keep your drama on Second Life.”
Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c81gc93tEuI

Illuminati Knights [NA East]

Guild Requirements: All levels and classes are welcome to join.
Guild Contacts: Ronin.Darkblade (GM), Echo.Darkblade (Co-GM), Latch, Bramoth
Website: http://illuminatiknights.enjin.com/
"We here at illuminati Knights are a fun level 3 guild always looking for the next great member to join our family we are a pve guild but don't fret we also have many member’s that run daily battle grounds for you pvp lover’s we also host guild events with prizes to the winner. We’re a growing guild of friendly and helpful players that play and talk in guild chat if you’re the type that wants to hang out and talk we have that covered all you have to remember is a you only get out of a guild what you bring so don't be afraid to come in and have fun.”

Dragon Rouge [Argentina]

Leveling, PVE,
Guild Requirements: Speak Spanish and be friendly (hablar español y ser amistoso) :D
Guild Contacts: Megurha (GM), Saraeneth, Karamelo.
Website: http://guild-dragonrouge.foroargentina.net/
"English: our objectiv is to live an amazing adventure together. We are not oriented towards endgame, but we are a big and friendly family. Join us and live this adventure!

En español: nuestro objetivo es compartir aventuras y crecer juntos. No estamos dedicados al endgame, pero si formamos una gran familia. Únete para poder divertirnos juntos!!!”

Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTj2ntvBfHM

The League of Assasins [NA]

Guild Requirements: You must be awesome O_O
Guild Contacts: Shyvanna.Lang, Kilalax, Earthaz
Website: N/A
"We are the league of assassins, the most feared of-- who am I kidding, we are bunch of friends having a grand ol' time! We are still a young guild, and haven't done much PvP yet, however we will be one day! We are looking for people to have fun with, that have a great attitude, and don't start dramallama. Levels range from 1-60 in our guild, so no matter what you need help with, whether it be PvP or dungeons levels 15-60, we have your back! :D Come join us in our adventures! <3”

Vigilant [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: LvL 40+ and active
Guild Contacts: GM: Tacodefender Commanders: Danora , lil.sadist
Website: N/A
"We aren’t just a guild we are a family willing to help one another no matter what.”

Pantheon Legion [US Central]

Newbie Friendly, Leveling Assistance, Dungeon Runs, Battlegrounds
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Ignasya(GM), Acionna (Co-GM), Lirries
Website: N/A
"Pantheon Legion is a guild dedicated to working together to make game play fun and entertaining! We are newbie friendly and will happily go the extra mile to assist our members in their quests. We're a nutty and fun group that would be more than happy to take in the goobers of the world!”

Flying Meat Reverse Tomahawk [US West]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: No requirements to join our guild.
Guild Contacts: GM - Buhlin.Nyun Two Contacts - Hera.Hax & Angelfil
Website: N/A
"A small casual, laid-back and helpful guild recruiting players of all levels to help our guild grow, including newbies. People should join because of our motto "Respect the Tomahawk. Toss the meat."”

Umbra Peccatorum [NA]

PVP , PVE , Leveling
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: : Fallenaman (GM), Jennacyde (CoGM), Deadlyaim, Dark.Sino, Curly
Website: N/A
"We are a fun and active guild who likes to be laid back but gets serious when the time arises that it is needed. All levels are welcome to join, must speak English.”

Legion of Elleon [NA]

Guild Requirements: There are no requirements to join our guild.
Guild Contacts: Mamitomoe (guild leader) Qarro and Casiopia (Officers)
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/legionofelleon/
"We just like to chat and enjoy the game as well as help each other out with leveling and getting gear.”

Demonic Domination [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Ehsaas (GM), ehsaas
Website: N/A
"People should join our guild because we r a fun based guild where we chat a lot about the most random topics like bacon with caramel flavor I know right it sounds good. LOL but we even do a lot of lvl 60 dungeons, we offer quest help, lvling help and we will even power lvl u. And did I say we chat a lot. Ohh yea I did lol but hey seriously join if u hav a tera character. WE are happy if u r lvl 30 and up but hey we don't care if u r lvl 1 or 11. I always the more the merrier.”


Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: The guild has few requirements besides being level 30; just come in willing to learn and we shall teach and assist to the best of our ability. We will help grind out equipment and Asuna has enough influence to get advice from some of the top players on the server for one's respective class.
We have a Raidcall that we all use to chat, hang out, and organize raids. Shenanigans abound, and everyone has a lot of fun.
Guild Contacts: Asuna.Yukito, with Lunaleh and Kokochan as acting officers
Website: N/A
"S A O is still forming, and as the goal is to become a very strong guild, we're looking for players that are ready and willing to learn and be very active in the guild, primarily from a PvP standpoint. We are more than happy to help out with leveling, as our guild requirement is right around level 30+ so that we can participate in Corsair's Stronghold with our members.
Asuna is a priest with a lot of PvP experience and drive to make the guild succeed along with mold players into skilled powerhouses. His hope is to one day to toe to toe with the current pillars of PvP on the server. Lunaleh be the main raid leader for PvE progression in the guild. Kokochan is the main PvP officer.”

Cloudnine [NA]

Guild Requirements: Fun, friendly, and helpful attitudes! Please be active, we'll miss you if you aren't. :D
Guild Contacts: Rhyalna, Nyllah, Yuka.Star
Website: N/A
"We enjoy having fun, helping out, and running dungeons and raids. We're looking for people who enjoy the same to grow with us.”

Harmonic [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Level 50+
Guild Contacts: Aurorial(GM), Fuzed, Kim.Jong.Vase, Noctenium, Rimuru, Rizuna, Tsubuki
Website: Harmonic-AV.enjin.com
"Harmonic is a guild that is interested in PvP/PvE-related content, as well as having fun with one another and laughing. The environment is lighthearted and drama-free, and there is always something in store each day. If anyone needs help with running something, there is usually somebody that is more than willing to lend a hand. Generally Harmonic shifts towards the PvP side more, as many of our members are geared and are more than willing to help others gear up. Also... every weekend, there is a livestream so guildies can get together, sit back, and enjoy one another's company as they chat and watch a movie.”

Altheos [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must be friendly and respectful to guild members, no level requirement but must be active
Guild Contacts: GM: Konoyona Officers: Kyaraki, Jo.Sho, Aeroja
Website: N/A
"This guild is founded by a tightly-knit group of real-life friends. However, it has grown since then and we have met many new friends! We're looking forward to meeting you and having even more new ones join us in our adventures!”

Guardians of the Light [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, Endgame
Guild Requirements: We try to get all members to signup on our website to access forums, helpful tips, and use our event calendar. We also ask that members try to do 1 guild quest from the mission boards a week to help us stay at a level 3 guild.
Guild Contacts: Extonia(Leader), Stridle.Warwitch(Master), Cuddlepuff, Naedelyn, Karcharias.Xaedan/Headan
Website: www.gotlgaming.com
"Guardians of the Light has been a guild for MMORPG's for 10 years, and we believe in Strength and Honor as a guild and on an individual basis. As a family and group oriented guild, we enjoy helping our members level, with dungeon runs/endgame content, BAMs, and, honestly, all aspects of the game. We are looking for new and experienced players that enjoy gaming and just want to have fun. We use TeamSpeak3 as a way to communicate, especially during dungeons and raids. Overall, we are a laid back guild and look forward to expanding and gaining new members!”

HeavenandEarth [NA]

Guild Requirements: Be Active
Guild Contacts: Amphisbaena (GM), Ryuzettsu (CoGM), Zenhara
Website: N/A
"We are a friendly growing guild looking for players level 20 to 60 to join. RaidCall included.”

The League [NA]

Guild Requirements: We do have an initiation process, but will clarify that when asked about it.
Guild Contacts: Bootycutters[GM] Sezoia.Yamamoto, Dartrusis
Website: N/A
"When we look for members to join our guild, we don't care about how experienced you are, if you're a noob or a pro player. We just ask you cooperate and well all get along. Were not hardcore players, but at times we can be, during instances, and BAMs. For those newer players, we have enough experience behind us to get any new recruit started off and guide them where they want to go. And for those more pro players, we try to strive to learn and adapt to the game, so the more expertise is welcome.
We're just a collective of causal gamers that want some fun and enjoyable people to hang out with and play together.”

Devotion [NA Midwest]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Frury (GM), Lurther, Charu
Website: http://devotion-teraguild.webs.com/
"Devotion is a small social guild looking to get bigger. All members enjoy having fun times, and enjoy joking around. ”

Guild Medevil [Central US]

Guild Requirements: Active in-game and on our forums, mature, and agree to our rules and regulations set in place.
Guild Contacts: Sarus [Leader in TERA], Mistafleas [Officer], Mea.Dow [Officer]
Website: www.guildmedieval.com
"Guild Medieval is multi-gaming community that focuses on the person behind the keyboard rather then the pixels. We hail from all corners of the world. We provide our members with a safe environment to game in. We currently have six different games that we have a presence in, TERA one of them”

Caballeros Templarios [International]

Guild Requirements: Our growing family don't have level limit, our only concern is the use of RaidCall to meet the other players and make our Tera experience way easier.
Guild Contacts: GM: Jammes, Contact people: Minecis, Xochan, Lucho.Pay
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/505205556268313/
"We are a group of friends with the same passion in common, a group feels-like family who enjoy meeting and playing online in a proactive environment, while one day we are so concentrated in a instance the next we can go and explore or just make raids PVP. Dedicated, friendly, helpful and game-enjoying orientated, always looking forward to new people in our group

Somos un grupo de amigos con la misma pasion en comun, un grupo como familia que disfrutan reuniendose y jugando en linea en un ambiente proactivo, mientras un dia estamos concentrados en una instancia el siguiente podemos ir a explorar o hacer raids PVP. Dedicados, amigables, dispuestos a ayudar en un ambiente de disfrutar el juego, siempre buscando nuevas personas en nuestro grupo”
Video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1tmf91_guild-caballero-templaios_videogames


Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Arobella (GM), Mekry, Sahnasta
Website: crestfallen.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=391020
"Crestfallen is a friendly guild that excepts anyone regardless of stats. We're currently mostly PvE but one day may start getting involved in PvP as the guild grows. Were a member of the enlightened union. We love to help people which makes us a great choice for new players.”

Legion del Caos [Central/South America]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Odina, Bastis, Skarlet.Flamewords
Website: N/A
"We are a family guild, the main langueage is spanish and We help people with gear progression. We do instances like WHHM, KN and be in the way to Manaya's Core. Don't have a level restriction to join and will be happy to find new friends on this server to enjoy the game and have some fun.

Somos una guild familiar, nuestro idioma es español y nos enfocamos en ayudar a los miembros con su crecimiento en equipo. Hacemos instancias como WHHM, KN y nos estamos preparando para Manaya. No tenemos una restricción de nivel para ingresar y estaremos felices de encontrar nuevos amigos con quienes disfrutar del juego y poder divertirnos juntos..”

Progenitor [International]

Guild Requirements: Only one: "Dont be a jerk"
Guild Contacts: Venelope(GM), Big.mcintosh & nipz
Website: Http://Progenitor.enjin.com
"To keep it simple, Progenitor means descendants of past leaders given purpose to surpass them. We are all progenitors and we created this guild not only to be known but to give everyone a chance to just play together, enjoy your time minus all the drama. That is what we achieved and if you want a similar opportunity we're handing out golden tickets to everyone.”

Havoc [Canada US]

Guild Requirements: Skilled, geared, and experienced. No drama
Guild Contacts: Trainwreck (GM), Shibaaa, Caligula
Website: N/A
"Our guild is not too big or too small. We have experienced players and top rank of AV server in both PvE and PvP. However, we aren't hardcore or elitist we just having fun playing game we love. No feeding, everyone has to earn what they want to get.”

Umbra Lunae [NA]

Guild Requirements: Active, friendly, respectful, level 40 or above is preferred.
Guild Contacts: Guild Leader: Karlanski.Koth, 2 other contacts: Twisted.Helix, Thulain
Website: N/A
"Umbra Lunae is a a small friendly guild looking for players primarily of level 40 or above to join our ranks. We run dungeons and raids together and help each other out. This could be crafting some gear to help a character out when leveling or running dungeons with them to help they gear up at level 60. Our numbers are currently small but we hope to grow to a sizable number for end game PvE. We are part of the Enlightened Union Alliance.”

Renascence [BR]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Speak Portuguese, be able to use RC and respect to the honor of the guild.
Guild Contacts: Wolligan (GM), Hunterxkillx, Tyano
Website: www.guildrenascence.enjin.com
“English: Come enjoy the best of TERA with the Renascence guild, with friendly players, active and who are ready to help you.
Is new and still below level 60? No problem, we are here to take all your questions.
Already an experienced player? Is near or already at level 60? No problem! Join us and come take part of one of the friendliest Brazilian guilds of the TERA Online."

"Portuguese: Venha desfrutar do melhor do TERA com a guild Renascence, com jogadores amigaveis, ativos e que estão prontos a te ajudar.
É novo e ainda abaixo do level 60? Sem problemas, estamos aqui para tirar todas as tuas dúvidas.
Já é um jogador experiente? Está próximo ou já está no level 60? Sem problemas! Junte-se a nós e venha fazer parte de uma das guilds brasileiras mais amigaveis do TERA Online."

Tyrant [International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be at least 15 years of age or prove to me or an officer that your mature enough to get invited. Talking on raidcall helps to get a better understanding of you as a person. Harassment, especially against female members will not be tolerated.
You should also be at least level 20 or show us that your dedicated enough that you will get to 20 in a few hours after inviting you. The higher your level the better of course.

Guild Contacts: Shield.of.Aegis, Sensuni, Valkhyrie, Respect
Website: N/A
"As a very old player on this game and having played many many games I have been in a lot of guilds, lead a couple or been in an officer rank.
I have seen ok guilds, bad guilds (no offence) and really good guilds. I wanted to create a new guild from all my experience and refine all my knowledge into one guild, where everyone can talk freely and have fun but still be united under one leader. We started as a small group of friends and have already grown to 30 members in the last few weeks. With a chill social guild atmosphere, a laidback raidcall, help and tips for ingame play we want too convince you too join our guild and band together for a fun experience. Help us grow and master endgame together!”

Secret Society [Canada]

Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: Must be level +20
Guild Contacts: Demurest (GM), Master.Thief.Phantom and Purelyamazing
Website: N/A
"My guild is friendly and active. We need players in order to start our brotherhood”

Valkyne [US West]

All Content
Guild Requirements: I only ask that you are ACTIVE (4 times a week or more) and speak fluent English.
We DO have a dedicated Raidcall so that is also available for those wishing to utilize it.
Guild Contacts: Trystikan (GM), Vampirical
Website: valkyne.enjin.com
"The Valkyne guild was once quite large. The former GM handed it to whatever random player who was on right after he cleared out the bank of nearly everything. That player handed it to me.
I was running a good strong guild, then had to take a month off for personal reasons, and when I came back, I found several members had left.
The guild is small, but I wish to make it bigger, and with another guild formed by one of my former members, we would LOVE to get together for a guild war (Neither of us has been in one, but would like the opportunity to do so, so keep that in mind! - This is NOT a requirement, just a mild desire)
We like to be helpful when playing, and it would be cool if any new players were as well, but again... not a requirement!
On occasion, we hold a guild contest (members obviously) where I (Guild master) will award things like gold, rare or superior items, Once gave away a Masterworked item and also pre-enchanted items. (Contests happen when I get the urge to do so)”

Bound By Fate

Guild Requirements: We do not have any strict requirements; however, we do mainly focus on endgame activities. That being said, we still accept players of all levels and are willing to help with quests or BAMs.
Guild Contacts: Celestiri(GM), Llao, Cheesey
Website: www.xboundbyfate.guildportal.com
"We are a very laid back guild and mostly enjoy doing things together, whether it's running dungeons, battlegrounds, or just loitering in cities. We are happy to offer teaching runs for Wonderholme and Manaya's Core. Truthfully, a guild is only as good as its members, and I believe we have some of the best members on the server.”

Legion del Fenix [South America]

Guild Requirements: Be polite. we dont like toxic people. if u are 50+ would be a lot better. and we are a latin american community so the main requeriment would be that u use raid call and speak spanish so you can understand us.
Guild Contacts: Maxter.Ponce, Kehimer and Kenamaury and Loreleine
Website: http://apipeponce.wix.com/legion-del-fenix
"More than a guild we are a brotherhood - a family and we try to help each other to achieve their own goals, come and reborn as a phoenix with us and make a new improved you...”

Latinos [South America]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: D.Pool (GM), Bambiette, Katssuttay
Website: Latinos Tera Online
"Somos una guild latina sociable muy activa, en crecimiento, se acepta cualquier nivel y se ayuda con cualquier duda.”

Astral [International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Archein,Dabriel,Drogga and Eiael
Website: N/A
"We enjoy kawaii cute funny and friendly people! If you believe you are one of them, you are qualified! Join us if you wanna put a :) on our face, or you want a :) on yourself everyday.”
Promo video: http://youtu.be/H4mk6wu9Xmg

Maulight [Latin America]

Guild Requirements: ESPAÑOL
Guild Contacts: Joseph.Ali(GM), Marthaf (Co-GM), Elizabethsawyer
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tera.online.clan.latino.maulight
"Hola chicos, bueno antes que nada priorizamos a personas que se mantengan constantes y comprometidos con los fines del guild, siempre se les ofrecerá la ayuda que llegaran a necesitar, el cual se quedara todo por wisper o en tal caso previa coordinación desde nuestra página oficial, hacemos videos de DUNGUEONS o portales como lo prefieran, del cual todos pueden ser partícipes y así llevarse un pequeño recuerdo, como también de fotos de algún lugar en especial, en pocas palabras un PLUS de nuestro guild XD, y bueno aparte de todo eso y más que nada lo tendría como requisito principal SER BUENA ONDA”
Guild video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roOXGTv9vro

Debauchery Teaparty [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: We would like all of our members to be over the age of 18 to help control some of the drama. New members must be willing to be in team speak if they are a part of a guild raid. You will not be required to talk. Team speak is optional other than that. Being registered on the guild website is a must. We recommend that you use it but will not force you to. The website will have most of the guild news on it including any past meeting between the commanders of the guild. We will not repeat something that is already on the guild website. Repeating it to every guild member would take way too much time away from our commanders.
Guild Contacts: Ana.Dragoran/Dark.Shiroe(GM), Lauralie, Hot.Crits, Firsthandarcher, Angelic.Heals
Website: DebaucheryTeapartyguild.guildlaunch.com
"Debauchery Teaparty is a casual gaming group, by casual we do not mean that we are not competitive. What we mean is real life will always come first with us. We do our best to stay drama free so everyone in the guild can enjoy the game. We also offer team speak and a guild website”

Kuchizuke [Latin America]

PvE and Leveling
Guild Requirements: Be an active player
Guild Contacts: Withering.To.Death, Synthe.Lycaon
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/664981803566502/
"English: We're a spanish speaking guild that seeks to socialize with its members, help those who want to learn more about this game, and create a more united community.
Spanish: Gremio de habla hispana que busca socializar con sus integrantes y ayudar a quienes quieran aprender sobre el juego, además de hacer una comunidad más unidad”

Borealis [NA East Coast]

PvE with some PvP and leveling
Guild Requirements: All I ask is for players to speak english fluently as we are an English guild. Nice, friendly and fun/active members are always welcome no matter the level!
Guild Contacts: Midnightbloom, Avalon.Frost, Little.Haru, Ishiki, Sammon.The.Lame, Arteris, The.Seventh
Website: http://boreal.shivtr.com/
"Borealis is a very friendly welcoming guild! We do daily dungeons, battlegrounds and participate in alliance activity/pvp/guild deathmatches. We try to have fun with everything we do and are willing to help newcomers and veteran players reach end game and learn how to fight in harder dungeons. We also use raidcall occasionally as well as make use of guild chat. We have some hilarious awesome members that I feel people would enjoy to be in guild with so join us!”

Afterglow [EU and U.S. east coast]

PvE, Leveling and gearing newer 60’s
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Hopeless.Valentine, Ishtian, Fraught, Bonet
Website: http://www.afterglow-tera.enjin.com/home
"Afterglow is a casual guild that is willing to help newer players, and make a comfortable playing atmosphere for everyone.”

Celestial Hills

Mytharria [NA, AUS]

Guild Requirements: Must speak English. Need to be open to getting a voice chat program. (Microphone and vocal communication is not required!) Have proper etiquette. No trolling or bullies allowed!
Guild Contacts: Shaeila(GM), Burrrrito, Yukime, Dalvik, Kaylla, Lemonoso, Niz.Jr
Website: http://mytharria.enjin.com/
"We are an easy going, casual, close nit group of players that battle together, accomplish goals, raid dungeons, and delve in a multitude of activities! Family is key and we treat one another like family! We keep up with each other, we help nurture others and become better stronger players! So, if your looking for a crazy-fun-bunch'o'gamers? Then we are for you! Also, We do not discriminate on races, faces, ages or genders! We welcome everyone and anyone who wants to enjoy Tera and make friends along the way! Caution: Did I mention we are slightly crazy!?!?!?? :D”

Homebound [NA West]

PVE, PVP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: N/A
Guild Contacts: Yaldabaoth (GM), Gaxinua (Officer), Limstella (Officer)
Website: www.homeboundtera.com (website is under construction but WILL be completed before the guild fair)
"We are Homebound. An in game guild that puts friends and community second to game content. All of our members are very close with one another, which makes every in game encounter a joy and nothing short of pleasant. Don't think for a moment that just because our philosophy isn't game-focused that we're a bunch of weenies! We're MCHM capable and have several fully geared members with Nightforge! All we ask is that you play nicely with others, we'd love to have you!"

Fenrir Knights [US East]

Guild Requirements: Be friendly and be open minded!
Guild Contacts: Kazumi (GM) Ayazami (Officer) & Jaquli (Officer)
Website: http://fenrirknights.webs.com/
"We are a handful of reliable people looking for people to join us! We want to experience things with each other and learn together. ”

Blank Space [NA East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, Open to RP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: FuuChan(leader), Tzukun(co-leader)
Website: N/A
"Blank space is a fun little guild just freshly made looking for new and older players to join us. The more we grow the more thing will happen and positions open such as dungeon runs and training runs, BG, and random BAM grinds and as I said before we’re still growing and have a lot of inexperienced players who are willing to learn the higher lvl dungeons.so feel free to join blank space!”

Adamantium [NA East]

RP, Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: Be active and social, Must be interested or committed into any of our sectors (RP, PVE, or Leveling)
Guild Contacts: Harrowing.Gale (GM), Giovanni.Rex, Mikoh, Scarlet.Soul, Draga.Noir, Blade.Thing, & Miss.Stab
Website: N/A
"Adamantium is a free-for-all roleplaying guild that is currently focusing on action and Dungeons & Dragons-styled roleplays. Our guild-wide roleplay events occur every Saturday at 6PM EST but we encourage everyone to roleplay at any time until their hearts content. Our guild consists of 116 friendly and welcoming members, and we are still counting! We would love to hear new feedback and ideas from newcomers that are interested in the roleplaying world. If roleplaying is not your forte, we enjoy helping you level, do certain quests that involve boss monsters, instances, and guiding new members to victory (endgame)! ”

The Surge [NA]

RP, PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Must be mature, at least level 20+, active ,talkative.
Guild Contacts: Carrie.J (GM), Kianya, Irelia.Zelos
Website: N/A
"The surge is a casual guild that is looking for highly motivate active personals to aid us as we enjoy each moment by moment of Tera from dungeons,nexus,Event/parties,Role playing, Raid Call,and much more come take a chance and explore like champions ”

Jesters [NA]

Guild Requirements: Sense of sarcasm.
Guild Contacts: Demon.Jester,Minnu,CaseyKinz,Unmei
Website: N/A
"Join Jesters, because why not?”

The Black Dragons [US West, BR]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Alaice (GM), Rose.Crossvine, Isrin, Syrovekavy
Website: N/A
"The Black Dragons are a friendly family like active guild. We recently have had an increase in our number due to a change of guildmasters. We run nexus, CS and dungeons daily and help teach and gear new and endgame players. We are currently in the alliance Iron Order and try to get everyone to participate in conflict or dailies. Everyone is very friendly and we hope to see you in our family.”

Euphora [US East]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Aariesa (GM), Tseichi, Miyu.Shiro
Website: N/A
"Euphora is a welcoming laid back guild looking for new members.
We work together whether it be for PvE. or PvP. We like to laugh and enjoy TERA to the fullest as a team.
Playing alone can be lonely but in Euphora we welcome everyone to have fun.”

Shadowforce [Latin America]

RP, PVE, PVP, 3-5-7
Guild Requirements: Spanish
Guild Contacts: GM Kokobo, GMeX: Buffita
Website: N/A
We are a small friendly guild, we help our new members to face the darkness of the world, teamwork is our greatest weapon, everyone is welcome.

Somos un guild pequeño y amigable, ayudamos a nuestros nuevos miembros a hacer frente a la oscuridad del mundo, el trabajo en equipo es nuestra mejor arma, todo el mundo es bienvenido, ”

Fluffy Tails [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Starkitten, Lady.Tsunade, Meiyukii
Website: N/A
"We are a fun and nice guild, we will help each other out.”

Ignis [NA]

Guild Requirements: The new recruits will need to read the Guild Rules that are posted on out RaidCall.
Guild Contacts: Sir.Charming (GM), Kuroyama, Peekae, Sevetta and Triggerflow
Website: N/A
"We have free health care and a VAMPIRE PUPPY!
...and fire, lots of fire ...hahahaha-mwahahahaha-bwahahahahahahaha! You should join us.”

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee [US]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, Endgame, Events
Guild Requirements: Be yourself, work together, participate, recruit, rank up! Easy Peasy! Last and most importantly, have fun!
Guild Contacts: Kantura (GM), ienneth, Alpha.six, Ceryce, Jaeh
Website: N/A
"Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee is a friendly, active guild looking for players that enjoy having fun. We're a social guild that helps all lvl and we're looking for you! Come and join the silly, crazy, and goofy IBK guild! We can't wait to meet you!”

Sloth [NA]

All Purpose
Guild Requirements: Must be level 30 or higher, and you must conduct an interview with a representative before being accepted into the guild.
Guild Contacts: Venshi (GM), Rhimeah, Airaya, Zonetan and Seyris
Website: http://sloth-guild.enjin.com/
"Our guild is considered an all-purpose resource, willing to help with both PVE and PVP needs.
We don't do a whole lot as the guild name implies, but when we actually try, our Sloth guild is a close-knit PVE and PVP guild willing to help new or returning players get into the swing of things. Have a question or need some help? No pressure, we will work with you to achieve your goal (no faster than 3 mph of course)!”

Untamed Souls [NA East/West]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Phaythe.Holy.Hands/Perma.Phrost (GM)Zolark, Leinda, War.Lancer, Mui.Aiba, Josanie
Website: http://untamedsouls.enjin.com/
"We are one of the most friendly families that appreciates everyone for their different merits. We are capable of doing every dungeon in the game and would love to teach everyone! We like to joke around and have fun.”

Guardians of Pora Elinu [NA, EU]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Elioren (GM), Zaer, Aruewna
Website: N/A
"We hope to recruit players looking for a fun, friendly, and helpful guild experience when playing TERA. There are no requirements, no level or race restrictions, all players are welcome! The only thing we ask is that members are not too inappropriate.”

Needless [NA]

Social, RP, PVE, Events
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Silmasil (GM), Svv, Noiir
Website: http://needlesstera.enjin.com/home
"Needless is a fun and friendly guild willing to meet new friends to play and have fun with! As a guild, we run instances, dungeons, battlegrounds, dailies and have events from time to time. We focus on the social aspects of playing tera, not only leveling up or helping with dungeons or doubts, but also on meeting new people from all around the globe.

Needless' community is always friendly and helpful, specially when a guildie doesn’t know how to do something in the game.

We also have events, with incredible prizes. so far, our events have been successful and always fun to participate in.”

Teras Twerk Team[US East]

RP, Leveling, Helping, Twerking, Socializing
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Likrus (GM), Forsaken.Fate, Pheather, Arya.Snowstorm
Website: N/A
"Teras Twerk Team is a fun, friendly guild, started by Likrus and Forsaken.Fate. We are helpful to all those who come to our guild, and we love to have a good time. We want to build an active, non-discriminatory environment, specially for the LGBTQ Community. We love to joke around and have a good time, whether it's in game or on Raidcall. We want all of those who like to have a good laugh to join us and help us make this a great guild for all!”

Adorabus Crusaders [US East]

Guild Requirements: To join the Adorabus Crusaders, all of the three Officers must agree that you are adorable, or handsome, enough to join our ranks! (We won't discriminate on race, and costumes are /not/ required, so feel free!)
Guild Contacts: Antikythera.Cogturn (GM), Zhao.Zi, Kitsune.Kisses
Website: http://adorabuscrusaders.guildlaunch.com/
"Adorabus Crusaders is a casual-RP guild that also helps with PvE things like dungeons and the like. We're extremely helpful, and always ready to answer questions! WE also host open events every Friday where you could win a costume or other EMP item!”

Dead Mouse [US Mountain & West]

RP, Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements: Be in it for Laughs!
Guild Contacts: Lolly.Oll (GM), Rolly.Oll, Squeeze.Pot.Pie, Molly.Oll
Website: N/A
"Siamese Puddy Supervisors for Hire; Rolly is so cute (costumes encouraged!)”

Ayakashi [International]

Alliance PVP, Battleground, PVE, Social
Guild Requirements: At least lv 30, active, respectful and friendly. Is willing to participate in both PvE and PvP.
Guild Contacts: Mikoruru, Reward (Officer), Hawtshot (Officer)
Website: N/A
"Ayakashi is a guild merged from members of Aoi and Crooks. We consist of people who are friendly, social, fun, active, and helpful. The merge took place back in early April, and the guild has already grown into a medium size of over 120 characters. We are regulars of Nexus, Battlegrounds, end game dungeons, and now we will soon be pushing into full on alliance PvP. We are not hardcore gamers, but we sure share a passion to spend a lot of time with the guild in game and out. Join us if you feel like to take an adventure with us!”

The Waffle Squad [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, Events
Guild Requirements: Be social, be patient, and never be afraid to ask for help.
Guild Contacts: Ice.Cream.Sunday (GM), Tulaa and Mistress.Rin
Website: N/A
"We are a new social guild finding new people who want to have fun.”

Safe Haven [NA West]

RP, PVE, Leveling
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Mikasa.Awesome , Okada.San, Silent.Siren
Website: N/A
"We are a Social guild for friends to talk to each other, help in quests,dungeons, or other fun stuff.
We are a guild looking for friendly game play and starting of new friendships that last forever.”

West Wind Whisper

Focus on RP, PVE
Guild Requirements: Be fun-loving, and be active!
Guild Contacts: Seiseryn(GM), Euroile, Utsukushi.Hikari, Yify
Website: N/A
"Our guild is a friendly, family based guild. We will never be rude to others, and we try to help out whenever we can! We always accept new members and new friends”


Guild Requirements: Level 50+, is able to communicate in English, is able to get into TS3 (HM Dungeons only).
Guild Contacts: Poposorc (GM), Kadenza, Freezingfire, Popomonk, Rage, Reeyana, Vaelir
Website: N/A
"Iratus (EU Alliance) is an endgame PVE/PVP guild. We are currently recruiting active lvl 50+, gearing them up for endgame. We are casual, friendly and easy going guild that has many capable members who are able to run MCHM and WHHM. We have a TS3 server for communication (mic not necessary). We run 3/5/7, CS and nexus on a regular basis. Whisper Poposorc or Kadenza in game for more information! We are actively looking for LANCERS for COF, WH, and MC.”

Messorem Coalition [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: guild Leader: Rose.Messorem Officers: Eualyn, Zelwyn
Website: N/A
"The Messorem Coalition is a brand new RP guild that intends to find friendly and fun people to join their ranks. We intend on being a very active RP guild with weekly events as well as much larger events possibly once a moth. As far as PVE we want to enjoys TERA to its fullest, gearing, leveling and of course taking on dungeons just for fun or for some gold! We are brand new and are looking for loyal and fun people to join us as our RP community and TERA its self grows!”

Anjos do Brasil [BR]

Engame PVE, PVP : A Guild se concentra em sua aliança (Wonderholme normal/hard guild runs and 5 man, Dgs e Bgs).
Guild Requirements: Ter em sua primeira linha de vontada a diversao, lvl 30+
Guild Contacts: Lady.Venon - Setmo - Eternal.Br - É necessario o uso do Raidcal: 4719114
Somos Guild Brasileira voltada há um bom divertimento.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175326672660769/
"Uma breve descrição de sua aliança e por que as pessoas devem participar.
Somos A Guild interagem com os players novos e velhos de qualquer lvl, em trabalho em equipe exemplo: Alliance,GVG e PVP Raids.”

Raven [NA, AUS]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, Social
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Xeroshu(GM), Calliel.Dunrael , Lulu.Lekach
Website: N/A
"Do you like Anime and Video Games? Well Raven is the place to join. Raven is a Fun friendly helpful guild dedicated to help out all new comers of Tera . Raven is apart of the Enlightened Union Alliance , We specialize in leveling and from time to time we do guild PVP, Along with end game dungeons to help new level 60's obtain Gear. Feel Free to come online, hang out with many of the members.”

Dark Prophets [NA]

Guild Requirements: We’re mainly endgame and would prefer 60s. You don’t need to be geared to the max. We also require you don’t be a butt.
Guild Contacts: Kassim(GM), Bashin, Seiker, Taveth, Northfoureightfive
Website: N/A
"Dark Prophets is a PvE/PvP based guild of players wanting to have fun. We’re a close knit group of friends that enjoy each other’s time on not only Tera, but other games as well. We’re open minded, friendly and our play times range from morning to night. We also steal all the pantsu.”

Soulfyre [NA West]

Endgame PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Aiping (GM), Death.Void, Shura.D.Wolf
Website: N/A
"We are a small close knit guild with primarily lvl 60's and belong to the Iron Order Alliance. But we also have lower levels and all 60's are told to help the lower level members level. We help guildies to gear up, run training runs on all dungeons, esp. MCNM and MCHM. We also help with fodder and alkies. PVE side is focused on the end game. PVP side is focused on the Alliance. The officers also run dungeon training runs for guildies and help them gear up.”

Desire [NA, EU]

Guild Requirements: Age Limit is 21 plus and a positive attitude, Desire has a zero drama tolerance rule
Guild Contacts: Ero (GM), Boniqua (Co-GM), Merralyne, Macki and Riva (a.k.a. Legs)
Website: http://desireguild.enjin.com/home
"Desire is one of the oldest guilds in the server. We focus on PvE and RP (none of which is mandatory) and we have a help-and-get-helped philosophy. We won’t just let you out to dry because you don't fit into some arbitrary mold and we know how to tackle those pesky endgame dungeons ;)”

Clensing Flame [East EU / Siberia]

RP, PVP, PVE, Leveling, Hanging Out
Guild Requirements: Just be friendly, no ERP, and respect others, if u have any problems contact me :)
Guild Contacts: Divine.Madness(GM), Aarrow, Usamii, Warmi, Shyech
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/655709297799479/
"We are really friendly guild, with lots of good people playing together all the time, we help out each other all the time, we have team speak server, and our main aim is to have lots of fun with each other ^^”

Champions Of Games [NA]

RP – Players Choice; PVP – Growing Quickly; PVE – Highly Active with over 100+ Members; Leveling - Always
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Magnificent.Terra (GM), Fallen.Prince, Wartales, Sinister.Saint, Kiri.Senpai, Silencia, Asakurai.Delaurel
Website: championsofgames.enjin.com
"We are a newly formed guild, Friendly and active members and a drive to be better then tera has ever seen. as we grow we learn and as we learn we strive for knowledge is the key to success. and we hope to see you soon :)”

Swiper The Fox [NA West]

Guild Requirements: Be willing to help out as you can, and be nice :D
Guild Contacts: Miyomi (GM), Phaira, Yukke
Website: N/A
"We focus mostly on PvE/PvP, we're a pretty laid back guild looking for nice players to teach both PvE/PvP to. We focus mostly on endgame PvE, as we're also getting ready for T15 and new content.”

Heaven And Hell [NA]

Guild Requirements: No real requirements. We take new and old players. He help shape new players and give homes to veteran players. We're definitely looking for more active PvP players but we have room for PvE and PvP alike! Only thing we really require is enjoy yourself, have fun and teamwork with your guild mates.
Guild Contacts: Demon.Edge (GM), Malvolance, Gaelerys, Sephie, Sniperoth.
Website: http://heaven-and-hell.enjin.com/
"H&H is full of helpful and friendly faces who are always around to help and we do pretty much everything as a guild from Alliance to dungeons to various battlegrounds. Our motto is "The Family" because once you're one of us, we treat each other like family.”

Elite [US East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must Speak English or Spanish. Bilinguals are welcome as long as you know one of the required languages. All Levels and diversities accepted.
Guild Contacts: Curative/Kendoo (GM), Mr.Skills, Franco.El.Gorilla,Zukis
Website: http://elite-ch.enjin.com/
"My guild accepts players of all levels, offering knowledge about the game along with assistance through out your progress. The Leaders of the Guild are Bilingual who speak both English and Spanish so we are open to both English and Spanish players allowing versatility and diversity. It is a family that will build up slowly into a bigger and stronger Guild with the help of its members.”

Valkyrie Profile

RP, PvE, leveling, and being friendly and helpful
Guild Requirements: Friendly and active
Guild Contacts: Gina.War(guild Master) , Aust.Dias (officer) , Rouin (officer)
Website: valkyrieprofile.enjin.com
"Valkyrie Profile is a fairly new guild, only a month old but we have 250 member and are looking to fill last spots with active friendly people.”

Inn of the Last Home [NA East]

PVE, RP, Battlegrounds, Gearing.Raiding
Guild Requirements: Be fun and friendly and willing to get D-R-U-N-K
Guild Contacts: (GM) Moonrays Officer (Tsukawaki) Officer/Barkeep (Tika.Waylan)
Website: N/A
"Inn of the last home is a PvE Guild with light focus on RP. We aim to be a Tavern type guild, Kind of like a place to pick up mercenaries and recruits, but also a place hang out and have a good time getting smashed. Light RP Is encouraged but not required. (You don't need to have a full character background, but following the theme of the guild would be great).

We are looking for active members and officers alike. This is a new guild which i hope to build into something great.”

The Empyrean Divine

PVE, RP, Social
Guild Requirements: 18 years or older, all levels, classes, and playstyles are welcome
Guild Contacts: Dedrick (GM), Amergin (Officer), Lady.Ranana
Website: N/A
"The Empyrean Divine is an old veteran guild that started during the closed beta phase of TERA. It has since then expanded into a large multigame guild spanning many games. After a small hiatus, our TERA guild is now rebuilding, and we want YOU. Our primary focus is social activity and our #1 rule is to have fun. We house many players in all walks of life, from around the world. If you do not speak English well, don't worry. We will accommodate you. We support PVE, PVP and RP playstyles, with systems set up for each, so we have something for everyone. Also, by signing up on our website, you will have access to 2+ years worth of information that will help in any research you need for TERA, you will be able to keep in contact with our other members playing in other games, and you will have access to our TS3 VoIP server. Please check out our website for more information about our guild and it's rules”

Novellus [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP, RP
Guild Requirements: There are no big requirements to join the guild. We ask that anyone who is joining for solely PVP/PVE that there are roleplayers and I want the roleplayers to understand there are others who want to focus on the game. Both parties are required to respect one another.
Guild Contacts: Mina.Harker / Two Officers: Sinigard and Kougun
Website: N/A
"Novellus is a small and friendly guild. Though, we are a roleplay guild with a plot, we do not shun anyone who wishes to mainly partake in PVP/PVE. We are hoping to expand just a tad, but want to keep that close-nit family atmosphere. All levels are welcome. Old and new members are as well. We run everything from low level dungeons to MCHM. We also offer training runs.”

Amaranthine Sodality [NA Central/West]

Guild Requirements: The requirements to join our guild right now are level 40+ and you must be active and participate in guild chat and nexus
Guild Contacts: Ivny(GM), Natalie.Wynter , Eddy.G
Website: N/A
"Our guild is a close group of Social players, We Host nexus daily and we enjoy other PvE based dungeons and events, you should join our guild if your looking for a group who enjoys having fun more then being the best in the game.”

Eternal Hysteria

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: We have no requirements for the guild, but we highly encourage all members to utilize Raidcall, as it is a good way to establish a connection with our active and most helpful players.
Guild Contacts: Snowette - Guild Master, Iona.Chan, Nukesquirrel, Lovro, Biran.Hershall
Website: Eternal Hysteria Site
"Eternal Hysteria was founded in April of 2013 by a group of friends determined to master the world of Tera and help others grow and learn. We enjoy PVP and PVE alike, encourage members to level different classes, and maintain a close friendship throughout it all. We utilize Raidcall for chatting, a website for contests, and Facebook for general chit-chat and goofing off. Overall, Eternal Hysteria is meant to be a family, and this family is always looking to grow.”

The Arete [NA]

Guild Requirements: Website application and in-character interview.
Guild Contacts: Jaron(GM), Alysse or Kuyo
Website: http://www.the-arete.com
"As featured in EnMasse’s ‘Guilds In Your Neighborhood’ in February 2014, The Arete has been one of Celestial Hills’ longest standing roleplaying guilds and a constant force in the community. The Arete strives to provide not only a hospitable, creative roleplaying environment, but also maintains a reputation for an adept PvE team capable of completing all endgame content. For inquiries and other comments, please feel free to contact Jaron / Akuo in-game!”

Lightning Foxes [US East]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Foxwiz (GM) Audrahimee (officer) Xomafai (officer)
Website: N/A
"Focuses on hanging out, chating, roaming, fighting for fun.”

Angel Beats

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be active we do not expect you to be on 24/7 because we know you have a real life. Must be level 20. Help each other and help the community meaning help others even if they are not in the guild. Play to have FUN
Guild Contacts: Loli.Dolly (GM), Muirinwolfwraith and Deseriee.Sil
Website: http://www.angelbeatsguild.enjin.com/
"Angel Beats is an Old Guild with a new focus. Our focus is on PVP, PVE and End-game. We are about having fun and helping others. Angel Beats is open to RP and not based necessarily on the story line of the Anime. However the guild as a whole is based off the ideals within the Anime Angel Beats. We are about reaching out to those around us inside and outside the guild to help others to reach the next level. One last thing RP is not required to be part of this great guild nor will it be forced on to anyone.

Our primary objective is to Level and having fun, while our secondary objective is to reach out to the community both within our guild and outside our guild. Both are no more important than the other. We do understand you have a real life and that should always be first. One last thing our guild supports the LGBT community. ”

Latin Hollow [Latin America+Spain]

Leveling, Helping, PVE, PVP, Gearing, Alliance
Guild Requirements: Spanish. Be helpful with other members, be active, and the most important of all: Have fun in our community.
Guild Contacts: Zeshoumaru(GM) Harky(Officer) Dark.Specter and Diokai(Officer)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LatinHollow/
We are a united family in order to help all members grow and become stronger. We incite good teamwork to have fun and have a good time together. The doors are open to anyone who wants to be part of our family, "Latin Hollow."

Somos una familia unida con el fin de ayudar a todos los miembros a crecer y ser más fuertes. Inculcamos el buen trabajo en equipo para divertirse y pasar un buen momento juntos. Las puertas están abiertas para todo aquel que quiera formar parte de nuestra gran familia, "Latin Hollow."”

Recruitment Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5Oj_pEedac

Godsend [NA, International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Absolutely no multi-guilding. Be active both InGame, and on Guildlaunch, Facebook Group, Skype, or Voice Chat (Raidcall).
Guild Contacts: Pretty.Toy, Harpsdethsong, Sekiko
Website: http://www.godsend.guildlaunch.com
"Our guild philosophy is simple. There are two kinds of guilds that succeed in the dog eat dog world of guilds. Guilds with Good People & Guilds with Good Players. This is a guild that we intend to have filled with Good People, not Good Players. Why? Because Good People can become Good Players. But not all Good Players are Good People. Let this guild be your home. Let these special players be your family. Trust us and we will trust you. Respect us and we will respect you. Help us and we will help you. You get back what you give. What you get out of this guild is completely up to you. Happy Gaming! <3”

Moneymakas [NA East, UK]

Leveling, PVE, In Game Welth
Guild Requirements: You must be atleast lvl 10, active, and is in the US time zone Central (CST) to UK (WET).
Guild Contacts: Wolfrum(GM), Quiver.Enclave, Yossi.Bear, Mike.Dred, Lyndiee.Loo, Genocillia, and Pro.Healer.
Website: N/A
"We are part friend guild and part money-making guild looking for members. We help in lvling, in-game wealth, and story quests.”

Beautiful Heart [USA]

RP & PvP
Guild Requirements: Must be familiar with the United States Constitution (does not mean you have to be a US citizen) that way you understand the rules of the guild. Must be a good person (standard examples are Martin Luther King or Gandhi). And follow the rules of the Constitution of the guild regardless of who's in charge for the term of office
Guild Contacts: Fonzy (GM), Sunnie & Lulupop
Website: N/A
"We mostly focus on role-playing in democracy where everyone has an equal share in what they guild does other than that we CS for fun and help people make lots of Gold from following our unique advice.”

Forbidden [USA]

Guild Requirements: Friendly and respectful people, level 25 and up.
Guild Contacts: GM is 'Miss.Veronique' and officers 'Emerose' and 'Astilia'
Website: http://forbiddentera.enjin.com/
"We are a guild that trys to promote a friendly, loving, respectful and healthy atmosphere on the server.”

Clensing Flame [EU, NA]

Guild Requirements: No ERP in chat, politics, discrimination, trolling. Respect and be nice to others.
Guild Contacts: GM: Divine.Madness, Officers: Fairy.Slash, Usamii, Warmi, Aarrow
Website: http://clensingflame.shivtr.com/
"We are guild who looking for all active wonderful ppl. We hope that you are join us :3”

Sad Mask Privateer and Trade Co [US East/Central]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: GM: Noel.Cadence Additional Officer Contacts: Mchale,
Snuggleguts, Sage.Redthorn, Shululu

Website: http://sadmask.enjin.com/
" We're a diverse guild with a wide range of interests and playstyles, and we dabble in every aspect of the game. Sad Mask Privateer and Trade Co. is dedicated to creating a close-knit community of players that want to get the most of their Tera experience. We're taking on comers of all levels, and are more than happy to lend a hand to any players still trying to get their bearings. We treat our own like family, so if you're looking for a enjoyable and welcoming community to throw your lot in with, look no further than right here.”

Dark Matter [NA West]

RP, Leveling, PVE
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Cuniculus, Malufen, Ariophi
Website: N/A
"This guild is perfect for beginners and all characters, its not too busy but you'll get what you need!”

The Loli Vampire Bund [NA]

Guild Requirements: We prefer to get some more level 60s to run Raids,Corsairs' Stronghold, and Nexus's with but other levels are more then welcome.
Guild Contacts: Stelleia(GM) Almighty.Oss and Zmo
Website: N/A
"The Loli Vampire Bund is a sort of New but old guild that was made for just friends, but we are looking to expand to more than just a small group of friends, we are looking for new souls with out-going and fun personalities that like to be helpful to others, but also likes to PVP and PVE and have fun.”

Moonlight Demons [EU]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Yunetta(GM), Elsa.Scarlett and Rajanek
Website: http://moonlight-demons.weebly.com/
"We are a small guild but what we lack in numbers,we make up for in heart. We enjoy helping those newer to the game with members in all level ranges.We always have someone to help with any need.

We enjoy dungeons,raids and PvE content and are starting to branch out into PvP.

We stand with a smile and cookies to welcome you to your new home if you want to join our family.”

Finding Valor [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP(optional)
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Flora.Potencia (GM), Ryuhei and Shinraixz.Herhubby
Website: N/A
"Finding Valor is a family designed to make othesr comfortable and united. We aim to become a big guild that others will know our names. We aim to treat people with kindness and any drama between guilds will be squashed in a friendly manner. Finding Valor is a home to those who don't have one. I believe our guild is perfect for most people because we're based on kindness and dedication. We are here to wash each others backs and we currently have a guild goal of all reach 60 and getting skilled in endgame DG's so we can help others. Finding Valor is looking for the dedicated and fun members of Tera. We aim to make a positive impact on Tera and the CH server . ”

Sanctus [NA]

Heavy RP, PVE, PVP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: First and foremost, one must be a roleplayer. Don't be a stranger either...this is a guild after all, and we are all here to socialize and roleplay together. Beyond that, one must apply on our site and roleplay with an officer before a formal invitation can be extended.
Guild Contacts: GM: Lareau / Officers: Tsaeri.Jtyr ,Yselta, and Rouuk
Website: http://sanctus-guild.enjin.com/
"Sanctus is a trading company focused on the distribution of goods and services. We are wholesalers as much as producers; facilitating the exchange of wares that we have procured, contracting skilled artisans to design quality merchandise in our name, and employing a variety of individuals who provide noteworthy services. A private militia backs the organization to ensure safe trade routes, secure storefronts, and furthering our influence by mere presence and the occasional show of force.”

Yummylicious [US Central]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: All races, classes, and levels are welcome.
Guild Contacts: Mzyumyum(GM),Ricin, Jujubi, Tarakudo, Zennie, Donavato, Garook
Website: http://yummylicious.enjin.com/
"Yummylicious is a guild where the members are united by the love of all things that are yummy! I am the current Guild Master, Mzyumyum. I am a tradesman of sorts that traverse in the business of sweets peddling. I started this guild originally to have an easy audience for my sweets auctions, but then I thought - why not all things yummy! Now the guild is more of a free market for all those who wants to trade in yummy goods (no questions asked on how you obtain your merchandise). I hope Yummylicious can be a community where new friends meet and old friends gather. Make yourselves at home!”

Nocte Luxuria [AUS]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Lyra.Leigh, Alistair.Vexen and Cain.Highwind
Website: nocteluxuria.enjin.com
"Nocte Luxuria is a relatively new supernatural creature themed PvE/RP guild. We recruit all levels and races. We are a close family and will help out members of all levels, we're friendly, active and always looking to recruit.”

Shadow Strike [NA East]

Leveling, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Wileia(GM), Reaperskullz, Femtlen/The.Femtlen
Website: N/A
"As a starting out guild we, Shadow Strike, are looking for active (in all aspects like forums, in-game chat, and voice chat) members. We like to make the game fun and help out each other. We don't pressure to get to level 60 quickly, we try to encourage to level at you own pace and have fun. Enjoy the game and make friends. The friends/family we make in the game lasts longer than the game itself. ”

Royal Cupcakes [NA]

PVE, Social
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Zundavar, Sashasa, Ellriel, Calandra.Hex, Getas, Alsae
Website: http://royalcupcakes.guildlaunch.com
"We are Royal Cupcakes; a (mostly) English speaking social guild with wonderful people. As cupcakes often come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors (colours to the people in UK) our members are prideful of their diverse nationalities. We welcome any and all. We value individual strength, then support it with selflessness and cooperation. With us, you may find Tera to be a much sweeter place.”

Black Dawn Society [International]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: An application filled out and approved is required to join and can be found over on the website, http://blackdawnsociety.enjin.com/recruitment We are as well an 18+ guild and have a minimum level requirement of 30.
Guild Contacts: Milesian (GM), Aetheyr (officer), Kirane (officer)
Website: blackdawnsociety.enjin.com
"Black Dawn Society is primarily a smaller, close-knit group of friends running the hardest content together while enjoying an active roleplay enviornment.”

Northern Winds [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must speak English. Must be matures, friendly, respectable, active and determined. Using voice communication is a plus (TS3)
Guild Contacts: Hero.Senpai(GM), Ixajaw.Tiamat, Ryvvik
Website: N/A
"Northern Winds is a PvE Progression Guild, based on assisting our members (new and experienced) in preparing
for endgame content, while helping to gear and teach the mechanics of TERA within a friendly and active
environment. We look for dedicated players who are both seeking to learn about what TERA has to offer,
as well as taking part in the guild hosted events. We host daily guild runs through the end game dungeons,
while also teaching the content to newer players. We look forward to helping everyone achieve the most
out of TERA while we progress through the current and new content to come.”

Tiny assasins [NA]

Guild Requirements: Must have an open mind, be respectful to one another, have fun, and be bro-choice! :P
Guild Contacts: Nanine, Cilarra, Dark.Artemis
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/tinyassassinsguild
"Tiny Assassins are Tiny in name but large where it counts...Our Hearts! We are one big goofy family and are open to any new or experienced players. ”

Omniscient [EU]

Mainly RP, PvE, Leveling
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Prince.Loki (Kiyia), Daora, Luna.Magika
Website: N/A
"Omniscient is a small, but quickly growing guild that aims to explore all aspects of Tera, including end-game content, PvP and more. There is a place for everyone in our guild, whether they enjoy light or heavy RP, PvP, or even just being helpful. Our members are fun and friendly, welcoming new and experienced players alike. If this sounds like what you're looking for, you will not be disappointed!”

Onyx [U.S. and Canada]

End game content
Guild Requirements: Must be active and level 60.
Guild Contacts: Riea, The.Raptor, Com
Website: http://theonyxguild.shivtr.com/
"We love to get together and challenge ourselves to beat our set goals. We clear all the end game dungeons from Manaya's Core, Wonderholme and Guild Nexus. Not only do we do just dungeons, we host guild events from Lancer Dodgeball, Freezetag, Horseraces, and more! This guild has been together for over a year now, and we plan to keep going just as strong. Come join The Big Family!”

Sky Strike [North America]

Guild Requirements: Currently, we are recruiting individuals interested in Champions' Skyring (i167+)! You need a good reputation in Killing Spree, and have the ability to voice chat with us for team queue. The ability to do MCHM is an asset.
Guild Contacts: Strategy, Cutest, Robotics, Karpy
Website: www.SkyStrike.net
"Sky Strike is a PvP-focused guild so we spam any active BG. We maintain a friendly and kind environment so that we can focus on what we enjoy the most, and that is PvP! We have Mumble for voice chatting and laughing. The officers' focus for Sky Strike's development is that our guild body feels comfortable doing anything together while enjoying doing so!

Active play-times on any day will be between 6pm PST/9pm EST till 12am PST/3am EST and our main language is English.”

Little Busters [U.S.]

PvE and PvP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Eris, Cpt.Iza, Orica
"A small silly end game (MCHM etc) guild that tries to improve ourselves while having fun. Open to RP. Willing to teach and help new players.”

Lake of Tears

Cookiez [NA & EU]

Endgame PVE
Guild Requirements: Lvl 50+ or having another character of that level, not having current or future infamy, being friendly and nice
Guild Contacts: Whippy (GM), Hemoplague, Nopoopi
Website: http://cookiez.shivtr.com/
"Cookiez guild has gone through a lot.The clan started as an alternative to help new players learn about the game. We then required new members to be of a higher level in order to get more active players. We finally switched to a PVE oriented guild, with a PVP side consisting of bgs, ally conflict and duels. Being a non-infamy guild on a pvp server, we are a one of a kind clan! We do events to keep our members awake, going from tera quizzes to smack the guild master. ”

Kim Jung Un [Canada, Korea, US]

Invisible Bam Farming, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Must farm invisible BAMs.
Guild Contacts: Kim.Jung.Un (GM), Kimchi, The.Goatt
Website: N/A
"We are professional Invisible Bam Hunters. We specialize in killing Bloodtalons, Dracoloth and Drake. ”

Bunnyland [International]

Alliance PVP, PVE
Guild Requirements: Must be able to use TS3 and speak english or spanish
Guild Contacts: Coneja(GM), Blackname(Officer), Triada(Officer), Kirie(Officer), Erza.Skarlett(Officer), Dreamie(Officer)
Website: http://bunnylandtera.com and https://www.facebook.com/bunnylandlot
"We seek real playmates, no matter what level you are, where are you from, or how much you know about TERA Online. If you can speak spanish or english you are welcome to Bunnyland."

Aoba [NA East]

PVE, PVP, Leveling
Guild Requirements: Must be friendly and considerate.
Guild Contacts: Mark.cannon (GM), Iris.Black (Officer), Gunagontar (Officer)
Website: http://aobaobeytheblue.webs.com/

Catsumi [NA, UK]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: active members
Guild Contacts: Rimusta (GM), Sabry, Elizae
Website: http://catsumi.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=370649
"Our guild is relatively new and looking for new members you don’t have to be a pro to join just interested on p[laying the game and want to join our guild community.”

Amirit [NA]

Guild Requirements: Level 58 and above
Guild Contacts: Diversion (GM), Apophosis, Exokia, Kucioku
Website: N/A
"An active and fun PVE/PVP focused guild. Looking for people interested in learning/practicing endgame content. (GVG's, PVP, dungeons, etc.) We use RC but it's not required.”

Apathetic [NA]

Leveling, Endgame PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Yusha.Desu(GM),Tuffer,Aven.Callus
Website: N/A
"We're a very new guild looking for more members and friends, join us as we conquer every aspect of Tera.”

Log Horizon [US West]

Guild Requirements: Anyone may join.
Guild Contacts: Rinshan(GM) Kaihou, Recipe, Dakara
Website: N/A
"They should join our guild for free cookies.”

Tea Time [NA]

Guild Requirements: Be competent or be square
Guild Contacts: Macarons (GM), Violated, Penguins.Rule
Website: N/A
"We're a small group of veteran players that chill out in game and would randomly do dungeons or battlegrounds. You should want to join because Tea Time is an adorable name and we have a cute guild icon and if you want to be in a relaxed friendly environment.”

After Ages [International]

Guild Requirements: accepting old and new english speaking players
Guild Contacts: Mariarta (GM), Ethria, Chibi.Feli
Website: http://afterages.enjin.com/home
"After Ages is seeking active and friendly people who wish to learn more about the game and progress. Our guild is part of FTC alliance.”

Wrath [NA]

Guild Requirements:
Guild Contacts: Stryker.Samson (GM), Ptolomeos, Lolimeg
Website: N/A
"Wrath is a friendly and tight knit guild that is searching for like minded individuals: independent and driven towards end game content. We pride ourselves on being helpful to our members and being able to share our Tera knowledge and experience with guildmates.”

Pandora [NA]

Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Have to be lvl 20+, negotiable if an active player and could lvl up faster.
Guild Contacts: Nurfed(GM), Darlingtsuki, Balzamon, Eiveui, Kettaika
Website: http://pandora-tera.forumotion.com/
"Our guild is friendly, small, we are a family of close knit friends who want to enjoy playing Tera together and build a better community for players who are first starting the game. To make their play experience fun and enjoyable. Soon we hope to grow bigger to assist those who need help and to be role models for other players on the game. We believe in fair treatment for all.”

Obsidian Council [NA East]

Community, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Requirements are posted at the top of our recruitment form on the website. Please read the requirements through completely to ensure that your application does not get cancelled.

Guild Contacts: Tedot(GM), Joy.Cee, FighterXP, Inexorable, Invictas, DiscreetX, Cold.Gaze, AbnormalTitan, Maktak
Website: http://obsidian-council.enjin.com
"The Obsidian Council is structured guild to create a drama free environment ensuring the enjoyment of all of its members. Our reputation as a guild is very important to us and we are known to excel at being organized. We are leaders at all aspects of the game such as PvP, PvE and are proud of our Obsidian Council community. We understand that this is a game, and our rules are only in place to ensure we can focus on having fun. We take our guild seriously, and are looking for members that want to have fun, but take the guild rules seriously as well.”

Twilight Brigade [NA East]

RP, Leveling, PVE, PVP
Guild Requirements: Be nice, be friendly, don't start any drama
Guild Contacts: Shadownekos (GM), Vincent.Wd, Panaceia
Website: N/A
"Main friendly guild, rare to find on this server, mostly unconditional help for everyone new to the game, mostly focused on leveling and PVE along with RP. If you want to be part of the family you should join this guild”

Rain [USA]

Guild Requirements: None.
Guild Contacts: Disalleandra (GM), Pandir, Examine, Jessyca, Damodi, Kerbiter, Iske, Skwidod
Website: N/A
"Hi! Rain is a friendly guild with more than 70% players active over 24 hrs! Join us as we grow together and help each other to become better! Guild provides regular guild buffs and also helps with crafting! Rain does battleground and instance matching most of the time if not helping others in times of need.”
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May 13 is the launch of Reaper NA.

DarkSuccubus on 04/30/2014, 07:31 AM - view
i wanna get echelon 1, 2 or 3 with my 4 chars in the same account

can i log in conflict and logoff with all chars and get reward with all of them ?

is this considered kind of cheating ? can i get banned ?

can i have an official response from GM ? pls

There's nothing wrong with logging in with your characters and taking part in the normal game mechanics that exist.
Skilliard on 04/27/2014, 08:54 PM - view
Might wanna clarify the difference between afking and botting. If I go afk, and my character sits there, its no big deal. If I go afk, and use a program to farm mobs or gather while I'm not there, then I am botting and can be banned.

You are correct. You can go afk and park your character somewhere. You don't have to log out every time you stop playing.
Edited by: Solomon 7 months ago
The reaper's launch date will be available soon. Very soon, but not immediately soon.

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New loading screens are in. (Like "I just saw" topic)
What Darkhobo and Aryachan said.
(Moving to Player Guide section. Good luck with the achievement! :) )
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TERA’s second anniversary sales have begun, and today you can buy the following account-bound mounts for 50 percent off:

• Blaze
• Squawk
• Gourmando
• Munchhausen

Each day from Monday, April 28 at 11 a.m. PDT until Thursday, May 1 at 11 a.m. PDT, a popular item is on sale at Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online—and today it’s mounts.

While you’re there, don’t forget you only have until 11 a.m. on Friday, May 2 to pick up these classic favorites, back in the store for a limited time:

• Blackheart weapon skin
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• Boneshaker mount

Reapers are almost here, and there will be thousands of new and returning players joining the game looking for a good home. To help guilds get their name out there, and allow players to find a good home,TERA is hosting a guild fair on Saturday, May 17, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. PDT on the Island of Dawn.

Guilds must pre-register for this fair. Once your guild has been accepted to the fair, you will be given a location on the Island of Dawn where you can recruit. Don’t worry: Guilds won’t be spread out too far—this is a fair after all!

Looking for a Guild?

If you are looking for a guild, just come by the Island of Dawn during the event time. You’ll see boards advertising the guild and representatives of the guild to answer any questions—or recruit you!
Also, check out our official guild list posted on our forums. Even if you miss the event, you may find a guild that suits you right here!

Are You a Participating Guild?

If your guild is planning to participate in the guild fair, you must pre-register to get an official spot on the Island of Dawn. Guilds that miss the registration phase may still show up to this event, but will have to look for a spot of their own to recruit!

To register for the fair, please send an e-mail to community@enmasse.com by Sunday, May 11 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Your e-mail must include the following:

1. Your guild's name and server.
2. Your guild's leader’s name as well as at least two officers or contact points.
3. Your guild's website, if applicable.
4. The region your guild primarily hails from (east coast, west coast, Brazil, Canada, etc.).
5. The content your guild focuses on (RP, PvP, PvE, leveling).
6. A short description of your guild and why people should join it.
7. Optional: Any requirements to join your guild?
8. Optional: A guild recruitment video or image.
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