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Theballsquid on 04/01/2014, 04:02 PM - view
I understand that completely. Using averages was daft and EME admitted that which we all appreciate. But if they are going to change it to total dollar spent, but keep to average hours, then that still seems unfair.

Please stick with a total on both points 1 and 2; that way there will be no room for anyone to complain.


We decided not to draw a line in the sand on total time played because the players that received the mount for time played was much closer to the intent of the program than those with dollars spent. This is why we only corrected dollars spent. Yes, there were some that received the mount that would not have if we would have done it correctly, but we have decided not to remove their mount. I realize this doesn't remove the feeling of being left out (again, not our intention), but we will correct this on future programs.
Zuvel on 04/01/2014, 04:10 PM - view
Considering that most companies just act like they did nothing, is very good responde from their part, so I appreciate the response.

Still they just could do "Rewarding Tiers" like some games.

We are not opposed to this. We've tossed the idea of a more formal "rewards program" around. Not saying it will happen anytime soon, but we certainly want to make sure it's not a manual process like this one. We also would want to be very clear on the tier structure and what you can do to achieve each one.

So hopefully one day!
nrob on 04/01/2014, 04:15 PM - view
solomon should be promoted to head of PR lol, smooth

Not sure that would be a promotion.

kaikitsu05 on 04/01/2014, 05:26 PM - view
What you should probably consider in the future is to include accounts that have been with you guys since release, that are still active in game , as part of future "player appreciation." because really, we've been with you guys from the start and are still active in game .-.

We don't disagree. As mentioned previously in this thread we have tossed around the idea of reward programs and veteran programs. Unfortunately this one didn't hit that mark for reasons already discussed. If we do implement a veteran rewards program you can believe that we will be completely transparent on the criteria and who is eligible. With this giveaway mistakes were made and lessons learned.
The additional couple thousand mounts that I referenced in the original post have been added to the accounts and are available in the item claim. Reminder: These are account bound, and you will have to log completely out of the launcher and back in to see if you received one.
The additional couple thousand mounts that I referenced above have been added to the accounts and are available in the item claim. Reminder: These are account bound, and you will have to log completely out of the launcher and back in to see if you received one.
(Keep the thread constructive and on topic please. That means no personal attacks and no contentless or inflammatory posts.)
Yes, and like Saphir said, don't forget to enter it backwards for the extra stuff. For more information, please see this post.
Guys, to clarify, what Treeshark did was to explain the method - using the statistics/data we had and making the cutoff. Some of the factors we considered may have overlapped for some and maybe only one factor counted for some others, but it was just the explanation of the method that was used.
For those who are expressing their thoughts in a consructive manner (which seems to be the case at the moment except a handful), thanks! :)

(And if you are not, please follow the forum rules and avoid making inflammatory posts or personal attacks.)

We always appreciate the feedback, both negative and positive - I can't remember an event/contest/etc. that we've only had positive feedback on our forums. As knoxxer said, what we can do is to learn from your feedback and see how we can improve them in the future and we'll continue to try. (This goes back to giving constructive feedback/suggestions.)

kamizuma on 03/31/2014, 10:16 PM
Solution: stop giving stuff to people. Give a dog a bone and he'll want the entire steak. People will always be hungry for more and feel that they are more deserving than others and that will just cause anger and conflict in the future.

I honestly don't think this will help, nor do we want this. :)
(Guys, thank you very much for posting the thoughtful feedback, but I really need everyone to stick to the existing thread and not duplicate another on the same topic. All these different threads make it harder for everyone to track the discussion. :()
Hey all,

I think we need some clarification in this thread. Bluehole Studio is the developer of TERA, located in Korea. They develop (program/create art/etc.) the game, and we at En Masse are the North American publisher of the game.

Now, TERA is a global game, which means we have many different territories published by different companies with different audiences. This also means that while BHS tries to do the best for all of the territories, it's not always possible to cater to all. We do our best to take our community's feedback, and as Knoxxer said, there are notable differences that you've made. One big one would be having the different server sets to begin with - PvP, PvE, and RP, as KTERA doesn't really have the distinction and PvP starts at a much higher level. Some other specific feedback you guys have made that became implemented include having the broker, currency being divided into gold/silver/copper, more robust achievements, having the trade chat channel, the dueling platform place outside of Velika, etc.

We communicate and work with BHS as closely as we can, and both BHS & EME do the best we can. Of course this doesn't mean things are perfect or can't improve - not anywhere close. Maybe there even isn't such a thing as a perfect game, who knows? But we try and we will continue on trying to make TERA the best game we can.
(Folks, keep the thread constructive and remember not to make personal attacks please. We were doing pretty well for a while too.

Also thanks for keeping me company for the last 3 hours of my birthday. :P)

Attack of the bees, new tier 14.5, bug fixes, and more!

Check out all of the changes in this week’s patch notes!
Your forum post was in poor taste considering how others are upset about a specific topic, not a prank fitting April Fool's.

If you have comments on moderation, as always, send me a PM and follow the forum rules please.
Good morning!

Thanks for the thoughtful post! Last night was probably the longest last 3 hours of my birthday ever, but it's always good to see people feeling passionate about TERA and its community. We're not perfect (and I need sleep coffee), but what we want to do is to take your feedback and continue trying to improve. So for everyone who's been carrying on the discussion in a constructive manner, thanks! It's very helpful for us and we appreciate it!

Looking forward to the Friday stream as well! :)

(Also redirecting to the existing thread. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, it's helpful to keep the main thread going for feedback.)

We're sorry for the miscommunication and the way we've worded our posts, not to mention the fact that this caused our community to feel divided. As we've mentioned, this was far away from our intent and we will continue to take your feedback and try our best to improve.

It's fine to continue the discussion and post your thoughts, but some of you've crossed the line when you made personal attacks and derailed the thread off-topic. Knock it off.
Tonka already fixed the callout by taking the name out, so we're good! The reason we don't want callouts on the forum is that because we're human, our eyes are naturally attracted threads with our names on it (like Minea, EME,e tc.). We think that it's better to have descriptive and accurate thread titles without names so that it's easier to tell what the topic is, so that we can pay the same amount of attention to all threads rather than the ones with our names in it. Example of thread title with callout even if it can be positive: "Look, Minea!"

Thanks for the warm wishes! <3 Let there be cake!!! :D

Hey guys,

I wanted to stop by to clarify that it is against our corporate policy to not identify oneself as a staff member when we're making game/company-related comments. En Masse staff members are not allowed to post on the forums without the correct company tag. We strictly follow this policy to avoid astroturfing and astroturfing is illegal in some parts of the world.

Now that's clarified, keep this thread on topic.
Hey all,

Here is our updated thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Gold-Wolf-Giveaway-Recap-Lessons-Learned

Redirecting all related discussions there. Thanks!
It seems to be working for me. I was able to select the payment method and to the PayPal page as well. Have you tried using another browser?
After hearing how many of you feel regarding the glimmerheart and communication surrounding it, we want to sincerely apologize. Our intent with this giveaway was to reward a small number of players with something exclusive, not to make the players who didn't get a mount feel devalued. Ultimately that is what we did due to our poor communication and opaque rules. We are committed to constant improvement - sometimes through learning from our mistakes. The way we plan on fixing this is to develop a set of transparent criteria that would qualify a player for getting a reward like this (and potentially more cool stuff). Once these rules are established we will publish them here. Many and most of you have made significant contributions to the TERA community and we humbly thank you for your passion.
We provide constant feedback to the developers but they have to prioritize the feedback with 5 other territories. You all have helped shaped the game in a variety of ways both by community feedback - but more importantly by your actual play. We constantly look at the data for how our community plays TERA and discuss it with Bluehole.
We wanted to do something nice for a group of players we felt were going above and beyond in multiple areas of the game or community.

Each person on the list was chosen for a reason, if they claim they do not know why they received the mount - that is up to them to claim.
Minea on 03/31/2014, 09:35 PM - view
(Keep the thread constructive and on topic please. That means no personal attacks and no contentless or inflammatory posts.)

I will try...
Plot on 03/31/2014, 09:39 PM - view
Thing is though, is there a possibility of error or something? In all honesty I don't think Treeshark chose the right words for this situation.

There was no error, we verified the list after the script ran to deliver the items and it was correct.

Treeshark will be the first to admit saying "top 1%" wasn't what he meant to get across in terms of how we chose these folks. He didn't take a list of TERA players and draw a line at 1% than laugh maniacally. It was determined off what we felt were key numbers within the variables he listed - time and purchases - with a wild card for community involvement or leadership.

We want to reward players we feel are going above and beyond. Odds are we will do this again - especially if these chosen folk continue to be good advocates in the community and continue to play TERA.
LSOLive on 03/31/2014, 09:48 PM - view
This is a prime example that EME needs to do something to fix this situation ASAP. Any 'event' that creates this sort of behavior within the community should not have happened at all.

If you want to stop 'events' that creates [filtered] behavior we might as well shut down the internet.
Yesuna on 03/31/2014, 09:52 PM - view
I like you EME, and I think you do good things for NA Tera that makes it much better than say, EU. However, I really really do not think you should ever run something like this again. We know you appreciate us by all the little events you've been doing and your presence on our forums.

I am sure to the majority of people, this event did not come off in the way you've intended it to, and hearing you speak of possible repeats in the future seems to me to be a very bad idea.

Just my two cents.

Thank you for the thought out response. If you look at any good service based business, they reward their top customers. Airlines, department stores, gas stations, all of them do something to reward their customers. This type of program isn't anything new.

And for those asking for the formula we aren't going to give the exact numbers.
LSOLive on 03/31/2014, 09:59 PM - view
They also usually have clear criteria to becoming a 'top customer'

The criteria is very clear but it is internal. We aren't going to go out and say anyone who spent $XXX,XXX will earn a mount.

We could work on developing some sort of bar that shows your progress to a gift such as this. That may help in your progress, but the actual formula - since it doesn't involve money spent - should remain internal. This type of thing isn't easy to develop but we will look into it.
Hayaiouji on 03/31/2014, 10:03 PM - view
I think to myself...What have I started?

It was bound to happen.
They on 03/31/2014, 10:06 PM - view
Protip, just stop replying to this thread, you're only going to make recovering from this harder the more information you give out. Information is power.

I promised Treeshark I would wade into the front lines for a bit...
Banim on 03/31/2014, 10:08 PM - view
So you guys already predicted this kind of thread?

I'm becoming convinced y'all are just gonna yell APRIL FOOLS at some point.

Not April Fools, although it was planned for tomorrow so we pushed it up one day early to avoid any confusion. Probably should have done it at the end of the week.

And yes it was predicted because whenever one person gets something and another doesn't we get complaints. This is more complaints than expected so we will take the feedback and re-evaluate it and make it better the next time.
Keishah on 03/31/2014, 10:07 PM - view
u just contradicted ur self, so none of this is based on USD spent? i could have sworn its been mentioned thats its part of it . infact let me assemble the posts to be clear.

Purchases were factored in - I just meant we aren't going to publicly give the USD amount.
Yesuna on 03/31/2014, 10:16 PM - view
That's not a valid comparison. During that event, the rules and procedures were clearly defined, and everyone knew them.

There has been many story changes, from "amount spent in the store" to "no USD involved," to "valued customer."

I stand with my original point. The amount of backlash this is getting, I would say is hardly worth the effort put into making this an event in the first place.

While I understand your point about rewarding "top customers," by alienating the non-priority, not-top customers, you may be digging yourself into a hole. I would hate to see EME go down in the opinions of players, because I know you all work hard.

"Top customer" is itself contradicting the points being made earlier by staff. In my definition book, and I am sure many other people's, a "customer" is one who "buys." If you were to set up a clear tier system for game contribution or "customer ranking," I am sure less people would be disappointed.

I would really advise against a repeat of this in the future, even though I am not a PR expert.

The messaging could have been smoother. As I said we will take what we learned and do better next time.
LSOLive on 03/31/2014, 10:17 PM - view
I'm honestly still shocked that I had this sort of response from an executive producer. As someone who loves the game, loves the events that EME usually do (exception of this one), I'm not going to stop playing the game. If this was any other business, they would be losing my business for good.

I am merely pointing out that we see this type of behavior in everything we do, it is the nature of the business. There are always [filtered]s that want to ruin things for other people, just for the sake of ruining it.

Deliria on 03/31/2014, 10:21 PM - view
Instead of doing better next time, why don't you fix the mess that you just caused?

We can't go back and re-message this. We have explained ourselves by now. We will work on how we message and communicate it better next time.

The mount isn't being added or removed because we already verified it met our criteria.
Let's stay constructive.
Hey Engenheiro,

Have you contacted PayPal to ensure everything is correct? If you've done this and are still unable to complete the transaction please contact support. A GM can look into the issue for you to confirm the problem blocking the transaction.

Hey Inquity,

Just as counterpoint said this is something the support team can resolve directly. A GM can assist you with getting everything in order, just submit a support ticket and be sure to select "I can't log into my account".

I'm not saying he is, but I present you with THIS evidence!

It's uncanny!
randehs on 04/01/2014, 01:37 PM - view
ohhh who's the cute bear in the gif? Is that you Harmonia? *swoon* =3


It's the one and only TONKA, he of the glorious ginger beard, #1 archer NA and super streaming pro! If you haven't seen the past livestreams, you should check them out (that's where the gif originated)!


In before Tonka locks thread for calling out his ginger beard...
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!1!!!

It is not a mistake.

Similar to the Christmas Cards we sent out over the holidays, select players are being awarded with an account-bound mount for their time in TERA. All those receiving it will receive an e-mail about it shortly.
It is not strictly time, or by founders, or any criteria like that.
3:45 p.m. PDT

Redirecting to the pinned update thread here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Gold-Wolf-Giveaway-Recap-Lessons-Learned


We ran a formula that took into account time played, purchases, and other community considerations - on all our players. When I said "time" previously, I didn't literally mean time was the only factor. Then we took the top 1% of that list and that was who got the mount. Was any RNG involved? No. Is it unfortunate that the cut off was at 1%? Yeah. But if we made it 2%, then it would be unfair for the people at 3%. And if we gave it to all, then there's really no prestige to this at all.

Also, we can only send e-mails to you if you are opted into our newsletter. If you haven't logged out of TERA in the past few hours, you could have the mount and not know it, since it is an account-bound item and will only appear if you log out/in.
Edited by: Minea 8 months ago - Reason: Redirecting to http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Gold-Wolf-Giveaway-Recap-Lessons-Learned
I just made a #2 post, and I'll repeat it here:
We ran a formula that took into account time played, purchases, and other community considerations - on all our players. When I said "time" previously, I didn't literally mean time was the only factor. Then we took the top 1% of that list and that was who got the mount. Was any RNG involved? No. Is it unfortunate that the cut off was at 1%? Yeah. But if we made it 2%, then it would be unfair for the people at 3% and so on. And if we gave it to all, then there's really no prestige to this at all.

Also, we can only send e-mails to you if you are opted into our newsletter. If you haven't logged out of TERA in the past few hours, you could have the mount and not know it, since it is an account-bound item and will only appear if you log out/in.
Please remember that this is the official TERA Forums, and the discussions need to be focused on TERA.

If you have comments or topics regarding TERA, please keep them constructive and free from overly dramatic content.
I myself do Shattered Fleet every day for the elusive earring on my mystic and it is quite rare for people to kill the adds for me on the first boss. This can be okay if the DPS is excellent, and somewhat scary if people don't cooperate together. I've always used IMS and I don't think this is a server-specific issue - not to mention I don't think it's good to generalize an entire server... If it gets pretty hectic I usually speak up to let them know that I can't heal when the adds are knocking me down/interrupting my heals & the motes are there to help them out, so hopefully something like that will help. :)
Market forums? You mean to trade with other players? Please feel free to use the server-specific forums for this, as it just makes sense to reach the most relevant people. :)
Morning, folks.

Drama can be fun, but the thread ends when constructive discussion stops and/or inflammatory posts + personal attacks begin.
What Jstevens said. For the changes we made when we moved from PST to PDT, please see this post. :)
Good luck! It's really great to see our community members supporting a worthy cause! :)

(Moving to Events from Community section of the forum)

Are you a big part of the fan art community? Maybe you make images for yourself, but don’t share them? Well, your time has come! TERA’s second anniversary is just around the corner and we would love to feature your artwork!

Submit your original piece of spring or anniversary-themed TERA artwork by Sunday, April 13 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, and one of your characters could win a brand new wolf mount. Plus, if your artwork is selected, it will be featured as one of our loading screens, with your character and server name displayed below the image!
The top five submissions will be featured as TERA loading screens and win the artist an awesome wolf mount!'

Contest Rules:

1. Submissions must be original art (no screenshots, please) sized 1920 by 1200 pixels, 24-bit RGB in .BMP or .PSD format.
2. Submissions must include your character name and server name, in order for you to receive a prize. (You may also include an optional caption up to 160 characters, which EME reserves the right to edit as needed.)
3. Submit your entry as an email attachment to community@enmasse.com with the subject “Spring Loading Screen Entry.”
4. Your entry must be received by Sunday, April 13 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
5. Standard EME contest rules apply.
Edited by: Minea 8 months ago
Hey all,

Firstly, sorry for my late reply. Sometimes I'm caught up in other stuff and miss some things. I'm only human (despite what the rumors may be!) so always feel free to nudge me to a thread via a PM.Things like that are pretty helpful! :)

So, on topic, bringing back the old FW rating system is not something that we can do. We'd like to if we can, but unfortunately it's not possible for us to do. That said, please continue the conversation on other potential ways to improve Fraywind.
I believe Rootstock event is being extended until our morning maintenance on April 29. :)
(Moving to Events from Community section of the forums)
This thread will answer your question. :)
I recommend trying out all of the damage dealing classes and select whichever you like playing the most. Liking the class you play should be the top priority! :)

(Also moving this thread to Classes in TERA section of the forum)
Such an awesome idea, thanks for organizing this, Bitsy + BDH! <3

Spring is here, and it’s time to load up on some new looks for your characters in TERA.

While there are already plenty of styles to choose from over in Valkyon Outfitters, the new spring fashion event starts tomorrow—and all players will be able to try on some completely new threads.

These new clothes are a bit different than the kind you’ll find in Valkyon Outfitters. Instead of sneaky ninjas or dapper business suits, these costumes reflect the style of TERA you’ve grown accustomed to. The leather-wearing classes get cuirasses, metal-wearing classes get hauberks, and cloth-wearing classes get robes.

Each week will bring in new fashions and designs, so be sure to get the coupons you want for the week before the next week begins!

How long will these coupons be around?

Each coupon will last a week, and the event ultimately ends on Tuesday, April 29. New coupons become available after maintenance each Tuesday. The schedule looks like this:

• April 1 to April 8—Luxurious Fashion Coupons
• April 8 to April 15—Elegant Fashion Coupons
• April 15 to April 22—Stylish Fashion Coupons
• April 22 to April 29—Fantastic Fashion Coupons

What can I get?

Each week brings a new set of costumes for you to wear—five costumes for each armor class, each week. Each costume is only temporary (30 days) but you’ll be able to combine the same costume together to increase the overall duration. The Fantastic fashion coupons also yield a permanent costume you can obtain.

How do I get the fashion coupons?

To get the fashion coupons, you’ll have to compete in the battlegrounds or take down specific dungeon bosses. To open the store, all you need to do is right-click the fashion coupon!

When you complete a battleground, coupons will automatically appear in your inventory. If your inventory is full, coupons will be mailed to you by parcel post. After killing the boss in the dungeons listed below, the boss will drop coupons and you will have to pick them up—so be sure to have room in your inventory.


• Kumasylum—35 coupons per win or loss.
• Corsair’s Stronghold—40 coupons per win, 30 coupons per loss.
• Fraywind Canyon—50 coupons per win, 30 coupons per loss.
• Champions’ Skyring—45 coupons per win, 25 coupons per loss.


• Manaya’s Core (HM)
--- Killing Shandra Manaya rewards five stacks of 50 coupons each.

• Kelsaik’s Nest X/XX
--- Killing Kelsaik X rewards 10 stacks of 40 coupons each.
--- Killing Kelsaik XX rewards 20 stacks of 40 coupons each.

• Golden Labyrinth
--- Killing Baracos rewards a stack of 20 coupons.

• Saleron’s Sky Garden
--- Killing Laknerus rewards a stack of 20 coupons.

• Akasha’s Hideout (HM)
--- Killing Akasha rewards a stack of 20 coupons.

• Necromancer Tomb
--- Killing Vedilith rewards a stack of 20 coupons.

• Cultist’s Refuge
--- Killing Bhaozurbas rewards a stack of 20 coupons.

• Sinestral Manor
--- Killing Malgarios rewards a stack of 10 coupons.

• Bastion of Lok
--- Killing bloodbound vulcan rewards a stack of 10 coupons.

This event only lasts until April 29, so gear up, team up, and get in those dungeons and battlegrounds now!
Edited by: Aliila 8 months ago - Reason: Removed the monsters that don't drop coupons.
You can find more info in the other thread, which can still be found on the first page of the General Discussions.

Cryzies on 03/31/2014, 04:40 PM
Got an email just a second ago.

Glad you guys in CA are all okay. Always stay safe and make sure to get under the desk and away from the windows if it ever happens again. Oh and don't forget a few days worth of water/non-perishable food along with a radio just in case. *worries about you* :)
(Please keep all non-English posts in Languages section of the forums. Also for technical help, please contact our Support Team so that we can provide personalized technical help. Thanks!)
If you are able to do something that you can't do without actually being there and performing those actions yourself, we don't think it's fair. Sorry you disagree, but this was our decision and the following part deserves to be mentioned:

"I am sorry but this account suspension will not be removed. Your character was observed, repeating the exact same actions repeatedly, and did not respond when contact was attempted. "
Aome on 03/29/2014, 01:10 PM - view
You can use an Amazon gift card for EMP purchases? How can I do this? Because I can't seem to find the option.

I basically went to Amazon.com and searched for TERA and En Masse. You can purchase EMP from Amazon - link :)
Hey All,

You'll notice that some things were removed from the Federation Bill Store, and others changed. Let me explain why.

First, the Ghost Knight Helm is removed permanently. This was an oversight on our part for including it. The Nexus Warhorse, Aeolian Zebra, Death Charger, and the Kelsaik Mask are removed temporarily. With all the feedback we received, we think it is ok to keep it in the Federation Bill Store, but only after fixing the mount speeds and the mask to receive different text. BHS has agreed to this and while we have no ETA, we will try to bring them back as soon as possible.

You will also see that the price of all the Quandary Bazaar and Santia templates have been lowered drastically. For better or worse, once the Reaper comes, templates is one of the things she will be reaping. Any templates you have already applied will remain, but any you have just sitting around will become useless. It makes more sense to make it cheaper and possible for you to get within that time left, so that change has been made.

And yes, Dafi is the black duck.
Sanova on 03/28/2014, 12:53 AM - view
They reduced the amount of EMP you get per purchase by about 10%(more at the higher levels) and now we instead get 25-250 federation bills

We lowered the amount of EMP per purchase, and then we lowered the prices of everything in the store to compensate for this. Then we lowered prices even more and that's where we came up with the 5% figure. And then we added a Federation Bills bonus.
Hakked on 03/28/2014, 01:08 AM - view
What do you mean?
So.. it's a waste of me to buy it now (Lvl37) to save for my character to use when I reach lvl60?
Why does she reap them? : /
btw, she's not going to be op, is she? (she seem a bit op in my opinion xD)

I was just having fun with words. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

If you are able to use the templates before the patch hits you will be fine.
PastelGoth on 03/28/2014, 01:33 AM - view

As well as that there have been comments said about not just our perception of the store has changed, but the actual percentage values do not add up.

Can you clarify this statement?

- People still think there should be an extra 20 EMP taken off loot boxes

This too? If you take the old EMP amounts and divided by 165 (the old loot box price), and then did that to the new EMP amounts and divided by 150 (the new loot box price), you are getting exactly the same amounts.

For the most part when determining prices, we looked at the equitable value and rounded up or down to avoid having a price like 364 or something of that sort. In the vast majority of cases we chose to round down. In some cases we rounded up.
Sanova on 03/28/2014, 02:01 AM - view

I'd like to suggest making the change more prominent in-game so people understand what's happening. I was admittedly one of those who heard about this in chat and joined the rage frenzy without fully understanding the changes. Had I understood it better I probably wouldn't have gotten as angry as I did in that other thread.

Well we put up the news post, linked it in the launcher. Short of changing the new "TERA: Rising" image that everyone loves when you get in the game, I'm all for ideas! :)

If there is anything confusing in the news post itself, please let us know what is missing or confusing and we will try to clarify.
Some stuff may not be there by accident. We are trying to fix some issues with the store. Harley and Captain boxes should show up soon, as with the foodie skins.
Tofuru on 03/28/2014, 09:08 AM - view

Prices as a whole have been decreased roughly 5% BUT 9%&gt;5%

Is this some kind of joke EME? How can you say that you are offering us savings/better value when the value of newly purchased EMP is clearly lower? Trying to hide a price increase of 4% behind the guise of more transparent store prices is I think very unethical and insulting to us.

I have spent a considerable amount of money on EMP in the past but I am not sure I want to continue supporting this kind of behavior on the part of your company.

Someone please correct me if my math is wrong.

The part where you are wrong is where we calculated the 5% price drop. In the news post we say "After lowering all the prices to reflect the new ratio, the new prices were then adjusted to offer an average savings of 5%." This means that yes, EMP amount dropped by 9%. We also lowered all item prices in the store by 9%. Then we further adjusted prices and that's where we came to the 5% decrease. We also said that not everything received a drop, but most items. So yes, some things went up, most things went down.
Theballsquid on 03/28/2014, 02:25 PM - view
That's odd, my browser is still showing 495:S. Changes things, but not a lot. Pre-change, it was a lot cheaper to buy a stack of 3 boxes as a bulk deal, now you save nothing buying 3, meaning they have still gone up, just not as much as I thought

Nothing changed here. The old prices were 165 for 1, or 495 for 3. 165 x 3 = 495. Now the prices have been divided by 1.1 to get 150 for 1 and 450 for 3. With the current EMP denominations, you will get exactly the same amount of loot boxes for your EMP as before.
The stream is over, but you can catch the VoD here: http://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment/b/515097592

Happy last friday of March!

Today, we are going to try our hand at WHHM and see how many times I can die. If you are interested in carrying me, I will be playing on Singlebear.Fan.Club on TR... I hope you can lead :P

We will also be showing off the new Wolf Mounts that are coming soon to a server near you!

As usual, we will be streaming on our Twitch channel at 3:00pm Pacific! Come on by and you might even win a ninja outfit... or maybe even a wolf

Edited by: Tonka 9 months ago
Mystletainn on 03/28/2014, 10:04 AM - view
Seriously .... my elin upon a vicious wolf mount. EPIC.

Whisp my Tonka I'll carry you : 3

Kaai is setting up the group, I let him know you wanted in so the spot should be secure :D
Error Code 201 means there was an issue with the payment processing between our billing provider and PayPal. This can happen for several reasons. The resolution to this is give it 10-15 minutes and then reattempt the transaction with the same billing information, or new billing information if using the old continues to fail. If you continue to have issues we can try to pinpoint the root cause if you contact us, but since it could be anything from time frame, to your financial institution blocking the charge to others its difficult to say over the forums.
Windy10 on 03/28/2014, 08:44 AM - view
I checked and even though my country "Panama" is on the scroll menu when I select it it switches to "Palestina" which should be right before Panama but for some reason its not on the scroll menu... someone messed up the country list and I am unable to buy EMP now

Good find...looks like we didn't catch this. We are reporting it to our devs to get corrected, but it could take some time. Hopefully today, but I can't guarantee it and may have to wait until next week. Support will not have a way to push this through manually.
We welcome a culturally diverse player base. There are currently no plans to create language specific servers.
We fixed and deployed the issue with selecting Panama as a country.
DontStop on 03/28/2014, 01:04 PM - view
Since the change, I have issues with buying EMP too. Error 201.
Not sure if it's the same issues with countries, but Sweden here.

This doesn't seem to be related to the same error as the Panama issue. Sweden doesn't change between the billing entry, and payment confirmation screens when selected. Looks like yours was resolved when you switched payment methods from PayPal to credit card.
They are different maintenances that we can't do at the same time. :)

We love you. We wouldn't do maintenance if it weren't necessary. xD
Ariasora on 03/27/2014, 10:09 PM - view
Totally forgot about maintenance...

I was in the midst of using an Appearance Changer... will it still be there when I log back in? :X

Yep, as long as you didn't finalize and click on the button you are fine. :)

Valkyon Outfitters is currently undergoing a significant maintenance, and upon restoration, you’ll see several changes. This update affects both EMP and the items in our store, so we want you to be fully aware of all the changes.

First, our previous EMP-to-USD conversion was annoying. In order to get an idea of how much something really cost you, it required a spreadsheet with several tabs open to run the calculations. After the maintenance, we’re switching to a straight $1USD to 100 EMP ratio, so $10 now gets you 1,000 EMP. Higher tiers will continue to provide a bonus to your EMP purchase, so it still pays to buy in bulk. But now when you are browsing the store and see an item for 995 you can know immediately that item is worth $9.95.

Due to this update, the EMP prices for items across the store have been adjusted. We have taken this time to make tweaks based on your feedback and the data we have gathered. After lowering all the prices to reflect the new ratio, the new prices were then adjusted to offer an average savings of 5%. Not all items have gone down by 5%, as some prices will see a larger savings and some have gone up slightly. Ultimately our goal was to give you a better value than before.

It’s important we stress that any existing EMP you have will not be affected in any way—in fact your current EMP balance is now worth more! With this change you will need to reenter your payment information the next time you purchase EMP, but we are offering you a reward for doing so. As a special promotion until the end of April, federation bills will be provided as a bonus when you make EMP purchases. You can redeem these federation bills for cool items at the federation bill store in game.

As always, we are open to feedback so please continue providing it—for better or worse—and we will do our best to continue providing you with an awesome experience in our store.
Edited by: Treeshark 9 months ago - Reason: clarity
Forums/login system and the game servers are up and fully operational. Thank you for your patience.
Morning, folks!

Currently you can still use the PaySafeCard for elite subscription since we have the same billing service provider.

PaySafeCard is no longer available as a payment option for EMP purchase because our billing service provider does not accept PaySafeCard as an option. For EMP purchases without a credit card or PayPal, other potential options could be a pre-loaded Visa card or Amazon gift card.
Hello everyone,

If you're having an issue purchasing EMP, we have a compiled list of possible causes: FAQ on EMP Purchase Error

It also includes our recommended steps to resolve the issue categorized by the specific error, so this is a great place to start if you're experiencing an issue.
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago - Reason: We've updated our FAQ page to add more possibilities.
In case you didn't see Solomon's reply in the other thread :) :

Solomon on 03/28/2014, 09:05 AM
Good find...looks like we didn't catch this. We are reporting it to our devs to get corrected, but it could take some time. Hopefully today, but I can't guarantee it and may have to wait until next week. Support will not have a way to push this through manually.
Yes. Tonka will be announcing it sometime next week. :)
(If we can't have a respectful and constructive thread, it doesn't stay open. Show's over, folks.)
Welcome to TERA, Ms.Simple!

I'm Minea and I mostly play on CH as well. Nice to meet you!

Yeah, my lowbie lancer is probably the hardest class I've played so far personally, I think I may prefer healing or playing a damage dealer class, but there's something just very attractive about tanking. :)

If you run into Mineo or Minea, say hi! Hope to see you around!

Every month, En Masse gives TERA’s elite players a free gift. This April, your free gift is a peck o’ pirate plunder!

Elite status players will receive two pirate costume bundles with their monthly swag—in the form of the pirate costume smart box and the peg-leg pirate costume smartbox.

But remember: Only elite players get a share of the treasure! If you haven't signed up for elite status quite yet, you'd best get your name on the rolls, before this deal sets sail without you.

The fine print:

• Gift delivery starts Sunday, March 30, at 7 a.m. PST. All users who sign up or renew elite status between then and Tuesday, April 29 at 7 a.m. PST receive this gift.
• Users who sign up or renew elite status before Sunday, March 30 at 7 a.m. PST receive March’s Bacon gift.
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago
Good afternoon, Raile!

You are absolutely right, playing with friends is one of the most fun parts of MMORPG's! I still have really wonderful memories from years ago, so good luck in finding great friends!

(Unfortunately I had to remove the steam ID since personal information shouldn't be posted on a public forum like ours, but I'll move this to the MT forums so that more relevant people will be able to see your post! :) )

Been dying for a fresh look for your favorite TERA character? Maybe something a little more...animated? This weekend is your best shot: You can take 100 EMP off selected back-slot items in Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online:

• Wind-Up Key (Permanent)
• Monarch Wings (Permanent)
• Azure Butterfly Wings (Permanent)
• White Butterfly Wings (Permanent)

Remember: Our last patch animated these back-slot items, so the wind-up key turns and the wings flap!

This sale starts Friday, March 28 at 1 p.m. PDT and continues until Monday, March 31 at 1 p.m. PDT. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online and pick out your new favorite back-slot item!
ScottL on 03/28/2014, 02:50 PM - view
When I try to submit a payment on the pop-up window that takes me to PayPal even though I selected credit card.

After I enter my credit card information, my web browser informs me that while the page is encrypted the information being sent is not encrypted and could be intercepted by third parties. I don't feel secure making any further purchases until this is resolved.

Can you tell me what browser and version are you using?

added: Also double checked myself and the team, the PayPal window when you select credit card as the payment option is correct and intended as Counterpoint said. You will see that in order to actually pay with the PayPal account/payment option, you have to select the PayPal tab on top. (The tab choices are 1) Pay with PayPal or 2) Pay with credit or debit card.)
Edited by: Minea 9 months ago - Reason: second paragraph added
Hey all,

Getting to meet and playing with a lot of different people are one of the reasons we play MMORPG's. As Salmonman said, we currently don't have a plan to change our server/service settings. Also personally I've seen a lot of different people coming together to make or break a great team regardless of the language they speak, and it's not good to generalize groups of people. :(

Please note that we hear your concerns but as of right now there is no plan for changes. (Features such as an in-game dictionary/translator is not something that we can create/implement on our own.)
Solinova on 03/28/2014, 05:42 PM - view
Why is PaySafeCard no longer available? oO

Hello Solinova,

Unfortunately PaySafeCard is not an option our service provider has. :( Please see my earlier post below for a bit more detail + potential solution.

Minea on 03/28/2014, 09:12 AM
Morning, folks!

Currently you can still use the PaySafeCard for elite subscription since we have the same billing service provider.

PaySafeCard is no longer available as a payment option for EMP purchase because our billing service provider does not accept PaySafeCard as an option. For EMP purchases without a credit card or PayPal, other potential options could be a pre-loaded Visa card or Amazon gift card.
We offer some bonus EMP depending on the amount and currently we have the federation bill bonus. :)

Actual real money price went down on average 5%.

This is in addition to each item's EMP price being readjusted to the new ratio of 1 to 100.
Edited by: knoxxer 9 months ago
Everyone who already owned EMP got a bump in value - this is a good thing.

As for price drops/adds you can't announce that kind of stuff ahead of time. This is how we always have handled sales on our store for things such as weekend sales.
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