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Asumiyan on 03/08/2016, 10:38 AM - view
Right now we're being forced to choose either to get double the credits, or, do 3 IoD for half but get a bonus with the new tokens and such things. Was that the intended outcome of doubling those quests (including TAR) everybody was looking forward to not having to do anymore?

The change was intended to apply to all quests but it looks like we did not correctly apply them. We're looking into why some were left out. It was not intentional.
We'll look into adjusting/re-balancing the remaining quests relative to those that were already changed.
I adjusted these. I'll get a hard fix in for our next maintenance.
Pantsu on 03/08/2016, 10:03 AM - view
After the maintenance, my Guild's rank was moved from 9th to 1st, where it should be. However we're still missing some stuff:

Gold Laurel around guild emblem(The previous #1 guild, which is #2 now, still has the gold laurel.)
Dark Wings skill(We still have Dark Hearts)
Guild Mount(Loyal Black Lion?)(Guild Master is also missing the GM Mount for 1st place.)

And Crusade rewards, but we already received word that they would be redistributed within 1-2 days.

Server: Lake of Tears
Guild: Revolt
Guild Master: Senpai

We'll look into having these restored as well and provide an update ASAP.
Loyal on 03/08/2016, 10:08 AM - view
having the same problem here, not only this but we got our castle back but it won't let me add stuff to the skycastle unless I have 100g in guild bank. I put in gold in guild bank but it still has the same problem.

Not only does it not recognize the gold in the guild bank, the gold in the guild bank is slowly depleting 200g every few seconds. Anyone else having this problem?

That is truly strange. We'll investigate and I'll report back.
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We applied the increase to those Level 65 dailies that were pre-existing, not the new ones. This should have been clarified in the patch notes; apologies for the confusion.

We may re-visit the new quests and make adjustments based on our data and player feedback.
Since there's already a thread about this (linked in OP), I'm going to lock this duplicate.
The team is pretty focused on the morning patch right now, but I'll bring this to their attention.
Bringing this to the team's attention to see if we can get an answer. Thanks for posting this info & the screenshots, everyone.
Nebula3 on 03/08/2016, 08:53 AM - view
Its a very hard, grindy game. The end game dungeons are literally overkill when it comes to how hard it is to beat them. I cant literally do any dungeon in that game outside of Channel Works and KDNM. I constantly die when i do KDHM, FINM, Dreadspire, SCHM, etc

I am literally becoming frustrated with this game cause everything is so hard and grindy!!!
And i simply just want the game to be more and more casual friendly.

While I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated, you must realize that the dungeons you're constantly dying in are designed to be high-risk, high-reward. The greatest challenges should yield the highest reward in any video game.

It's fine to be a casual player, but please realize that Forsaken Island Hard Mode (for example) is specifically designed to be a challenge for hardcore players. There's nothing wrong with fighting in Channelworks and easier to manage dungeons as a casual player. If you're not in a guild, maybe joining one would help you progress to the point where top-level dungeons are more doable. There's a lot of advice out there for players looking to become more powerful in the game.
Ultemecia on 03/07/2016, 05:58 PM - view
No, he will be known as Spacekitten. Saw it in another thread and that is what he shall be referred to as until he's here for awhile and earns spacecats. :D

Spacecats is not even my final form!
We believe we have pinpointed what is causing the problem. We are contacting Bluehole now to see what we can do to resolve the issue. I will post an update to this thread when I have more information.
Hi everyone,

The technology team at En Masse is looking into this problem. We are not hosting servers on Amazon so we cannot pinpoint an immediate cause of this problem.

It would help us narrow down the problem if you could provide us with a little more information:

1. How did you download the game (through Steam, Happy Cloud, TERA web site, BitTorrent, etc)?
2. What are you doing in game when you experience the lag spikes (waiting in town, running a dungeon, browsing the in-game store, etc)?
3. How often are you experiencing the problem?
Danicia on 03/07/2016, 04:26 PM - view
I just sent a note to Denom & Spacecats to verify.

Looks like Quacklemore also got fixed.
Leluvely on 02/25/2016, 09:29 AM - view
Welcome to the community, Spacey! (Is it ok to call you that, because I'm totally gonna call you that if so)

Really loving how frequently you've been posting on forums and actually taking the time to talk to and get to know the players, your sense of humour is spot on as well. You seem to have a lot of motivation and drive towards keeping the community involved and updated, and a lot of great plans for future it seems. Really excited to have you here, man!

Also what a cute cat omg

If I tell her you said so she'll get a big head and start demanding more food.

(Also thank you for the kind words)
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Jettie on 03/07/2016, 03:57 PM - view
Fixed an issue with recently-released account-bound mounts (Socko, Saltyko, Crimsonmare, and Shadowmare).

Did you fix quacklemore too?

I just sent a note to Denom & Spacecats to verify.
We'll verify that's on the list, too.
The patch notes for tomorrow's update are live:


This patch will be applied during maintenance tomorrow, which will begin at 7:00 a.m. PST and is expected to last 2 hours.
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Tyler13 on 03/05/2016, 11:54 PM - view
youre links didnt work. i couldnt click on anytihng. im a founder and dont want to lose my perks by using steam

Your account & login will remain the same even when using the Steam version.
Persephae on 03/06/2016, 11:48 AM - view
Apparently too many people are leaving. There is talk about closing the servers down. I wouldnt think otherwise considering the population.

Banim on 03/06/2016, 11:50 AM
This is really vague. Where are the talks of closing the servers coming from? Sounds like peolpe overreacting.

If you're worried about servers closing down, stop worrying.
Nebula3 on 03/06/2016, 11:32 PM - view
thanks, i guess their probably contacting BHS about this whole issue.

Ashno on 03/04/2016, 05:53 PM - view
So groups that already cleared have to re-clear for chance at title again? Even if no one else on server has cleared?

Edit: Is there a way to check for those who cleared?

There's a 1/2 achievement that shows that you cleared visible only to the player.

Groups that cleared it legitimately will retain the achievement.
An update on our progress:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

We're targeting Tuesday to have this fixed. If we run into any issues it might get pushed out a couple days but we should have it sorted out next week.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

We're targeting Tuesday to deploy some changes to the system. They're still being tested, so I don't want to promise anything quite yet, but an increase to the credits earned from the main Level 65 Vanguard Requests is among them. The full details will be disclosed in Monday's patch notes to be posted at 4 p.m. PST (for reals this time).

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

No progress to report yet. I'll report back when we have something.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We are going to revoke the achievements from those players that acquired them disingenuously. We're still investigating the possibility of re-issuing these achievements so other groups can grab them. I'll report back with any updates as I have them.

Again, thanks for your feedback regarding these issues and your patience while we've worked to resolve them.
Hey all, I posted the following update in post two:

An update on our progress:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

We're targeting Tuesday to have this fixed. If we run into any issues it might get pushed out a couple days but we should have it sorted out next week.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

We're targeting Tuesday to deploy some changes to the system. They're still being tested, so I don't want to promise anything quite yet, but an increase to the credits earned from the main Level 65 Vanguard Requests is among them. The full details will be disclosed in Monday's patch notes to be posted at 4 p.m. PST (for reals this time).

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

No progress to report yet. I'll report back when we have something.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We are going to revoke the achievements from those players that acquired them disingenuously. We're still investigating the possibility of re-issuing these achievements so other groups can grab them. I'll report back with any updates as I have them.

Again, thanks for your feedback regarding these issues and your patience while we've worked to resolve them.
sestina on 03/04/2016, 09:22 AM - view
Make sure you get those mics working too! I hate having to turn my volume up so high and then all of a sudden some BG music plays and blasted my eardrum. But seriously that happened to me which is why I don't like watching the stream so I won't get my ears damaged.

I'm really sorry about that. I'm working hard to make sure it never happens again.
GM: Danipants will be there!
The new forums are still coming, but obviously there's been a delay. What I can tell you is that Danicia herself can't wait for them to arrive. After all, we'll be enjoying them right alongside you guys once they're up and running. Sorry it's taking longer than expected!
"I regret to inform you all that it appears we WON'T make our originally planned March 1st launch for the new forums." -Spacecats (3/3/2016)
Tomorrow we celebrate Harmonia's awesome service to the TERA community, as well as her departure to far away states (Texas) for orcan adventure. And what's the best way to celebrate?!


I'll be joined by Harmonia herself tomorrow for some dance, chat, storytelling, trivia, and on-air games. We'll visit some of Harmonia's favorite spots across TERA and give away some sweet swag in the process.

The in-game fun will take place on the Celestial Hills server starting in Velika. Watch and play along by following the En Masse Entertainment channel on Twitch and tuning in between 3:00 and 4:00 PM PST tomorrow!

See you there!

*non-popos too. But no spiking the punch bowl!
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The cloud accessories will hit the store in a couple weeks.
TrinityDang on 03/03/2016, 07:07 AM - view
Better look into crusade properly, since in Tempest Reach, theres little chance Castanic Brotherhood ranked higher than Floormasters in cutthroat league and theres even less chance/no way valhalla ranked higher than Floormasters as well. If they got the end of season score from their gvg feeding, then it wouldnt make sense since Floormasters ended the season with rank 1 fame points as well.

We have a backup of the rankings pre-patch.
[quote name='Pantsu' at='03/02/2016, 06:14 PM']Want to make Elite Status worth it? Give us these:


We have plans for these.
TERA Community,

We have been closely tracking the community’s feedback to the Dawnfall update following release. We greatly appreciate those who took the time and effort to put forward thoughtful and cohesive opinions and feedback regarding the content and changes in this update. It has been extremely helpful in our efforts to prioritize the various issues raised by the community and begin formulating appropriate solutions.

As of right now, the high-priority issues we are hoping to address in a timely fashion include:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

This issue was raised immediately to Bluehole following release of the build and we are working together with them to come to a suitable resolution. We are committed to setting this right as soon as possible.

We will also be restoring the previous Crusades rewards based on the community’s feedback.

The timeline for these fixes is vague at this time as it requires direct support from the developers. I will post any updates as I receive them.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

The Masterwork Alkahest Box available from the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster is unique to our version of the game. When Bluehole implemented the new Island of Dawn and the cap to level 65 Vanguard Requests, they did so absent of the context of the Masterwork Alkahest Box in our version. While we anticipated a negative community reaction to these changes and discussed potential solutions with the game’s developers in the lead-up to release, we were unable to arrive at an acceptable solution before the build was froze for release.

This is a publisher-specific change and within our means to remedy. We are currently weighing the correct course of action: increasing the amount of alkahests produced from the box, decreasing the price, adding them to other in-game sources such as from other NPC shops or as mob drops, or making Masterwork Alkahest available through other means such as events (which we’ll do regardless).

We understand the sensitivity of this issue within the community and are working to resolve this quickly. We are currently targeting Tuesday to deploy a change which we’ll iterate upon further as necessary.

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

We’ve received your feedback regarding the removal of gold drops from Ghillieglade and the impact on elite status benefits. It’s unclear at this time what solutions we can deploy in response to this change and in what timeframe but we are approaching this with high priority and intend to do something about it.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We’re currently investigating the alleged foul-play surrounding the server-first achievements for Dreadspire across different servers. It’s not certain whether we’ll be able to restore the server-first achievements at this time but we will certainly try our best to do so and set this right. Those players that exploited this will receive some reprimand.

The list above doesn’t represent a full list of the issues we’re looking into surrounding the update, just the highest priority ones. Our GameQA team is currently combing through the forums and our social networks collecting bug reports and feedback. We will tackle each issue in turn, addressing those that we can independently and working with the developers on those we can’t. I’ll try my best to post updates regarding our progress on other issues (eg. the channel count in Northern Arun) but otherwise they’ll be reported in patch notes as they’re fixed or adjusted.

Again, we appreciate your constructive feedback on the changes in this build and your patience while we work to address them.

Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
There's been an update to the Dawnfall Patch Notes.

Previously, the changes under Priest/Mystic stated a damage increase had been applied when attacking field monsters. This suggested that the increases were either general to all skills or to basic attacks only, when in fact specific skills had received the damage boost.

Priest: Damage increse to Divine Radiance, Shocking Implosion, and Final Reprisal.
Mystic: Damage increase to Elemental Shot and Metamorphic Smite.
There's been an update to the Patch Notes regarding Priest & Mystic damage increases, which apply to specific skills rather than basic attacks (which was assumed by some players). Please see Danicia's original post at the beginning of this thread, or the Patch Notes for details.

Thank you!
Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! I have been digging through some of my favorite TERA-related things from social media, and memories from past streams and events over the last few days, and just added a lovely sketch to my original post (see below)

PS: I am not a dalek (proof below, as drawn by @riuschaes)

kirsch on 03/02/2016, 12:03 PM - view
logging in once every day is all they really want from us. the more time we spend playing each day, the more space we take up on their servers.

This is absolutely not true.
Moved to bug report forum. Screenshots are GREATLY appreciated. I'll pass this on to our QA & Production teams.
LancerJiva on 03/02/2016, 03:13 PM - view
I do find it interesting that there's no updates about any of the concerns in this thread as of the patch.


We've been tracking this thread and others and are chasing down the high priority issues/concerns expressed by the community regarding the update. I should have something up shortly summarizing our progress and intentions.
Hello! We encountered some trouble getting automated e-mails into inboxes yesterday. This includes account and password reset e-mails. Some of you posted here to let us know it was happening, and that helped us identify the problem, so THANK YOU!

It turns out the issue was related to spam filters. Some of you may have gotten your password reset e-mails delivered to your junk folder and not realized it. In other cases (depending on what kind of e-mail provider you use) e-mails may have been delayed or blocked completely.

Long story short, we believe the problem is now resolved and e-mails should be delivering normally. If you never received a password reset e-mail, you can request another through the TERA launcher and it will arrive as expected.

Thank you!
We appreciate the feedback, but please move Dawnfall update discussion to the pinned Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback thread.
Robertina on 03/02/2016, 08:22 AM - view
First of all I would like to thank enmasse for the kira event. [Sorry my bad english]

My question is :How new people STARTING FROM 0 can do masterwork alkahest (mwa) and money now?

The new BAMs and Vanguard Requests on Island of Dawn can be completed by a single player. The Idoneal gear you get after completing the Fate of Arun story quests is strong enough to kill the BAMs.

The number of daily Vanguard Requests has been decreased with the Dawnfall update, but changes are coming that will increase the amount of Masterwork Alkahest players can earn.
I'll see if something can be done. Thanks everyone for calling out this activity.
WhitestKnight on 03/01/2016, 09:08 PM - view
Yea fam, just getting 1 box a day ain't gonna cut it. You're only getting 16 mwa for 1 session of farm per character(excluding the rng extra's you get). So here's what I think you should do, based Eme-senpai

Double the base amount of MWA from 16 to 32. That would be 2 boxes worth of crap and would put a band-aid on us butt hurt players. gnome-saiyan?

1) Yeah, I know what you're sayin, but we want to do better than a band-aid. Here's a post that explains where we're at and a few of our thoughts on balancing MWA shortage.

2) We've got a master thread for feedback on the new Dawnfall update. If you've got comments on today's changes after this one, do us a favor and post them there where our production team can track everything.

Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago - Reason: Reasons.
For feedback regarding the Dawnfall update, please post in this thread:


Thank you!
I have an answer! There's no Neophyte for FIHM and there's not supposed to be! It is truly hard mode.
We are investigating reports that emails are delayed, delivered to junk mail folders, or are not being delivered at all. We are working with our email service provider and with the major email services to resolve this issue. You may have trouble receiving the following emails:

Account activation emails
Account armor emails
Password reset emails
Elite subscription emails
EMP purchase receipts
Support ticket emails

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding while the team works on the issues.
Great catch, we have the correct image in here now!

The Power Hour continues in the month of March! Each day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific, and again from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific, you can earn double credits in four of TERA’s most challenging battlegrounds:

- Monday: Gridiron
- Tuesday: Fraywind Canyon
- Wednesday: Corsairs’ Stronghold
- Thursday: Champions’ Skyring
- Friday: Gridiron
- Saturday: Fraywind Canyon
- Sunday: Corsairs’ Stronghold

Note that the March schedule remains the same even after Daylight Savings Time ends on Saturday, March 13.
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Ginjitsu on 03/01/2016, 02:29 PM - view
Sent, check your Parcel!

INTERCEPTED. GM Fun Police strikes again!

Also, checking on the neophyte question.
All the feels!!

Being new to the team, I've only had the chance to work alongside Harmonia for a few weeks, but it's already obvious that she'll be greatly missed by the entire En Masse crew.

Harmonia's been a giant help for me personally getting started. She has an astounding eye for detail. She knows... well... EVERYTHING, and has been extremely kind and open with her infinite knowledge of the universe. Hell, she even helped interview me. She's literally been there since day 0. If we were Vulcans I think a mind-meld would be the most logical course of action, but as magnificent Klingon warriors we'll probably just drink to the future and our glorious deaths in Internet combat.

Have fun storming the castle, Harmonia!

Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago
Fluffnificent on 03/01/2016, 02:12 PM - view
I opened a ticket. No response. Thanks for the wonderful advice. Maybe open up live chat? Jesus

Support is looking into possible reasons for an e-mail delay.
Moving to the bug forums. For the quickest answer I suggest opening a support ticket. Our crew is hopped up on coffee beans today and ready to take your ticket.
Being a community manager *is* a very hard job, but it's also an amazing and rewarding one! Quite simply after 5 years it's time for me to try something new. So new, in fact, that I am trying Texas! :)

@GearsSick carrying Tonka is no joke, you certainly earned that piggy :D
Good feedback, but please address all update-related comments in this megathread:


Also, concerning MWA specifically, I spoke with Senior Producer Denommenator about this, and it's something that will be monitored for further changes. Here's my original post for a more in-depth explanation.
Good feedback, but please post all update-specific comments in this thread:

Greetings TERA community!

I have some exciting/happy/sad news to share with you all today: I have accepted another job and will be leaving the TERA community team this week. I’ll be heading down to the great state of Texas to work on a game I am very excited about, Orcs Must Die! Unchained. My last day will be Friday, and I will be joining Spacecats on the TERA stream for an awesome Popori dance party!

It has been an incredible 5 years here at En Masse, and I have some memories that I wanted to share with you all:

When I first started at En Masse back in 2011, I was a game tester playing TERA before it had even released in South Korea. I was hooked on the combat immediately and had a fantastic time playing as the game tester priest (yes, everything was my fault!). I’ll never forget the first BAM we fought, where our (ok, my) shouts (aka: expletives) brought people out of their meeting rooms to observe us getting stomped by an Oblivion Woods Basilisk. Coming in to work every day was a joy from day one.

Before TERA launched in North America, I accepted a role in customer support so I could stay at En Masse and continue to support TERA with the awesome folks who work here. This was a job I had never done, nor would’ve ever thought to do, but it was an incredible opportunity to learn about supporting and sustaining an online game. Most importantly I got to meet and help TERA players with their questions and issues one by one. At one point I realized I had sent something like 17,000 individual support ticket responses to players as a GM. Holy cow!

Most of you know me as a member of the community team, though. I’ve been running the social media and news posts for TERA for some time now, in addition to being active on the forums and occasionally coming on the live streams. Much of what I do is behind the scenes or through official social media accounts, and it has been a real pleasure supporting the TERA community for the last few years in this capacity.

I am going to miss the TERA community very much but I am looking forward to my personal adventure, and can’t wait to see what TERA and the TERA community team have in store for us for the rest of this year!

For those who are so inclined, you can follow me on Twitter, and I hope I will see some of you at PAX and other gatherings in the years to come!

<3 Harmonia

PS: I am not a dalek
If all else fails, contact Support. They're standing...well..sitting by...to help folks with issues.
Please review the Support FAQ as directed on the 2nd post in this thread.

If you have feedback, comments, or are experiencing issues over expected changes, you should post in this thread so Denom can review and update the community.
Denom is aware and has spoken about it in this thread. Please leave all feedback regarding this Update/Patch in that thread.
Bloodriver on 03/01/2016, 01:17 PM - view
hi im using my slayer for vg killing nagas , and no count , is a vg bug or my slayer are bug :

Do you see the quest in your Vanguard window?
Munching on 03/01/2016, 01:10 PM - view
Once you finish the little story. What do you do? I literally don't get it, no quest. Nothing.

There are repeatable Vanguard Requests to hunt various BAMs on the new island. Some of these are dependent on your item level before they will appear.

It's been fixed! You should be able to go to the Support page FAQ now!
Thanks for letting us know. Moving to bug report forums.
As always, the best thing to do is search the Support FAQs


Conversely, you could scroll up to the top menu and click "Support". You can do a search on the error or issue you're experiencing.
We've got a megathread for the Dawnfall update & path notes to collect your feedback. If you leave your feedback there, it will make it easier for the team to collect responses specific to the class balance and new content. Thanks!
We're aware of the player feedback on this title and it's going to be addressed in upcoming maintenance. It was mentioned at the bottom of the v39 Patch Notes. It just didn't specifically call out Everlasting Mobstopper.
If you have feedback or see issues from the patch/update, you should post it in the thread for it.

Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback thread.
Please review the 2nd post in this thread.
Here are some things you can try if you are receiving launcher issues:

Patch Progress Stuck On "Applying Patch"

Access Denied/Invalid

http://support.enmasse.com/tera/ has a lot of different things you can try for the different issues.

Also, we've notified Ops in case there are issues which aren't being reported in this thread.
We actually have lots of chatter about it in the thread to report issues with the patch and update:

Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback Thread

Try some of the solutions there; if it does not work, you may need to contact Support.
Threads are removed if they violate the Forum Rules. Creating a thread with an insulting title and nothing in the body or "goodbye threads" are all causes for removal.

If folks really want to give constructive feedback, report issues, see Denom's responses to issues, it's best to stick to the thread specifically made for it.

If folks want to discuss the changes, that's fine. They should remain respectful, as in no insults against staff or other players.

We have numerous threads started by players which express their feelings about the updates and such, and those are fine. It's the insults, profanity, and "I quit" which get removed.
The Access Invalid error means the TERA launcher isn't able to access a file that needs updating. This can happen if one or more game files have been modified or removed.

Please follow the steps on this support page if you haven't already.

TacticalGiga on 03/01/2016, 10:59 AM - view
Here is a tip...

Get a test server, instead of constantly testing your bugs on your player base. It's the easiest way to get people frustrated and QUIT.
No one signed up to be beta testers. Didn't know Tera NA was still a beta game after 4 years.

We have a number of test environments. It's just that, unfortunately, it's currently not possible to test the impact of a new build deploy on the live Crusades rankings.
Alse on 03/01/2016, 10:42 AM - view
Care to explain why the new crusade accumulators were retroactivated to last season? thereby messing up the new rankings completely?

We're not exactly sure why this occurred. Unfortunately, the nature of the Crusades' systems structure and dependence on live data makes it difficult to test. While we did take great care around the Crusades settings in this build, it is currently impossible for us to test the impact of deploying a new build on the live Crusades leaderboards.

We are investigating this internally at EME today and I have also reached out to the developers on it. I'll share any further updates in this thread as I receive them.
Moving to bug report forums.
We'll need to work with the developers on fixing the Crusades ranking. I'll post any updates as I have them.
Catatonic on 03/01/2016, 10:19 AM - view
Northern Arun has only 1 channel
Log-in calendar is blank for March
Priest damage doesnt seem to be that much higher on open world mobs
Lancer friend complaining that lancer damage wasnt buffed

Fixed the channel count for Northern Arun.

I'll be updated the login calendar later today.
Fixed this. Your chances are resurrected.
They remain in these chests at the adjusted drop rates.
Thanks, passing it to Denom.

For future reports, please post your issues, bugs, and feedback to this thread:

Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback thread.

Hello all!

Please post your issues, bugs, and feedback to this thread:

Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback thread.

Hello there!

Please post your issues, bugs, and feedback to this thread:

Dawnfall Update Bugs, Issues, & Feedback thread.

Greetings all,

In order to keep things easy for Denom & QA to find, we're going to have one thread set aside for bug reporting, issues, and feedback. Please post all your feedback here, and we'll be tracking it internally and updating as we have answers to your questions.

If you are just discussing things about the update, we'll leave those open. We'll only be closing bugs, issues, and specific feedback that is for Production / QA.

Latza on 03/01/2016, 09:06 AM - view
As someone who's been here since EME forums started up, I have to say, this is very shocking from what I've once seen, and I feel the exact opposite of how I once felt. You just said everything I have to say in a nutshell.

Sad that this post is probably going to get locked or deleted..

As long as it doesn't sink into insults and Rules violations, there's no reason to lock or remove it.
intensified009 on 03/01/2016, 09:04 AM - view
EME has become an absolute and total mess lately. I don't mean this to slander- only to simply ask what and why what had been happening has happened.

The forums and connection to the community is still very lacking. There are TWO CM's and many GM's, yet the players are still not connected with EME. There is a large amount of discontent with the title for FIHM, and the heart drop rate as well. Everything is simply ignored or brushed off by a GM/ CM saying "I'll pass it on to production!" Especially Denommenator, who is supposedly the Senior Producer- yet he has no power; simply the same, "I'll pass it on," or, "I'll look into it!" Of course I don't think that EME should be able to address every problem or concern that every player on the forums has, but at the same time, I think that EME should be able to give answers to things, not just "We'll look into that," or, "This will happen- most likely."

The fact that EME can't give definite answers about anything, or stand by their claims is rather unprofessional as well. Before Black Friday, Danicia on stream said that the build would be ready for the end of January with FIHM, however we all know how that went as it's now March and we are just finally getting said build. Following, we were promised patch notes LAST Tuesday, and every day after we were simply told, "You'll get them soon don't worry :)" If EME can't even stand by posting a text post, what CAN they stand by? Just some food for thought.

Alas, as we're the publisher, not the developer, many times we do not have the information at our finger tips. We sometimes don't know ahead of time the changes BHS implements. Sometimes we have to wait until a build is completely unpacked before we know what changes are in it. We've been working with BHS to have better communications and longer lead times on things.

We're also working to streamline a lot of our processes to try to get answers on things; sometimes we have to wait for a translation so it's not always quick. Which is why we say that we don't know a lot of the time.

We do say "We'll look into that" quite a bit. It is because, that is exactly what we have to do.

Regarding the FIHM, we gave the best information we had at the time. We have addressed why the dates and updates changed.

We didn't promise patch notes last Thursday. We promised that we'd have them Monday afternoon, like all patch notes. We're doing our best to make sure we have patch notes ahead of time for all updates at approximately 4pm the day before release.

Patch notes are more complicated than a text post.

As an aside, you have one fully dedicated CM who's learning the ropes. :) I'm focusing on projects (like getting new forums), plus our other games. I do spend a lot of time with TERA, but that's only one aspect of my role.

As Spacecats settles in, you'll notice better communication. He and Denom are working really well together, and he's been instrumental in getting many outstanding things addressed, or at least, on the Team's radar.

We know that many folks are frustrated, and we get that. We know that many have waited for a while to get better communication and things sorted out.

We're pushing for the team to be more transparent all around, which I believe will help eliminate the frustration, at least in regards to communications.
PeeToPee on 02/29/2016, 08:48 PM - view
And in the end we all decided to jump and die for the last time in this amazing place.

Good catch. We have updated the description in the web store and the in-game shop.
Surabigfox on 03/01/2016, 12:24 PM - view

First, download the replacement TERA.exe file.

That page is 404-nonfound

You are correct. We have uploaded a new TERA.exe file so that link is no longer broken.
Akuarine on 02/29/2016, 08:50 PM - view
Whattttt is this denom heartbeats CHANCE CHANCE????? But but in k tera is 100% drop why we get RNG again? :( seriously what are you guys smoking? -_-

It was a chance to drop in K-TERA as well.
DIONI on 02/29/2016, 07:00 PM - view
Hey denom im having a Dioni Heartbeat here, noct will be removed from 3x3?

Yes, this is correct. I understand this is a change that was applied overseas some time ago.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 07:10 PM - view
yep ill accept high chance too,this vm is really easy to get.
waiting now for denom to answer my last 2 question and i can go to sleep haha.

I'm not sure I'll have an answer tonight, need to dig into it a bit and have some other preparations to do for the patch.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 06:58 PM - view
ok please get back to us about the two last questions,
one last question the deso heartbeat chance to drop is high yea?(even when it should be 100%.. but ok)

Yes, it's high.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 06:42 PM - view
so they need to fix in the patch notes some things:
1:Fihm Drops(Deso heartbeat,Ghostly seal) saw you fixed it in the patch notes but still a question
deso heartbeat is 100% drop yea?
2:Sorcerer flame pillar as much as i want it to be increased and not decreased its shouild be 40% decrease damage.
3:Dreadspire Prizes for lower floors(and i hope the ticket its not only chance and its 100% like ktera)
and Dreadspire 16-20 prizes.
4:The optimization that ktera got about finm and some other dungeons.
5:tell us if they deleted gold from ghilleglade too like ktera(i assume yes.)

and thats not a question but about crystal box haha you need to change it ,it changed from rare to uncommon ^

denom please answer this 5 question thats only what the community wants to know ^

1) The heartbeat has a chance to drop.
2) It is indeed a decrease, I corrected the notes.
3) Like K-TERA, the ticket is a chance to drop.

I'll need a bit more time to verify the other two questions.
bzhen0915 on 02/29/2016, 06:54 PM - view
Will hearts still drop in SCHM, KDHM, and FINM after this patch?

No, they will no longer drop from those dungeons.
FIHM drops heartbeats, in addition to Sea Ash and Ghostly Seals. I added a note, thanks for pointing this out.

The Zerk buff is indeed a damage increase, though very slight.
Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
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