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Hey everyone, the potion shack information is up! :)
Information will be posted soon!
If you have not already done so, I'd recommend that you submit a Support Ticket so that our Customer Support Agents can assist you if the issue persists after the Maintenance has completed.

I would also highly recommend that prior to submitting your request, that you run the Repair feature in your TERA Launcher.

( If needed, http://support.enmasse.com/tera/repair-tera-to-resolve-common-issues )

The reason the Repair is needed, is due to the fact that sometimes some file corruption in your TERA installation might occur when a crash happens, or if something went wrong during the process of moving your character from Island of Dawn to Stepstone Isle.

Keep in mind, that the Repair itself might not resolve the issue 100% by itself.

Additional steps may need to be taken by Support in order to restore access to the character, which is why a Support Ticket would be a good route to take.
This maintenance, like Tuesday's maintenance is extended and will affect our web services as well as the game servers. This is due to the extensive work that is being performed on the physical servers and has nothing to do with TERA.
stiffman2 on 10/14/2015, 03:32 PM - view
Any info at all regarding the potion event?

Yes, it begins tomorrow as announced! We'll have more details available tomorrow morning :)
The use of any third party technology to allow your character in the game to perform any particular function without you being present is not permitted.

To clarify, the Felicity pet is not a 3rd party technology, and thus is allowed.

We will be performing an extended server maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning. This maintenance will conclude the work that was begun during our extended Tuesday maintenance this week, and will also remove a placeholder achievement that has been causing a miscalculation for laurels. The estimated downtime is 6 hours. Thank you for your patience.

All game servers will be under maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT on Thursday, October 15 and web services may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)

We will be performing an extended server maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning. This maintenance will conclude the work that was begun during our extended Tuesday maintenance this week, and will also remove a placeholder achievement that has been causing a miscalculation for laurels. The estimated downtime is 6 hours. Thank you for your patience.

All game servers will be under maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT on Thursday, October 15 and web services may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window.
Kossploss on 10/14/2015, 02:37 PM - view
That filler achievement is worth how much points if u can answer that?
We're going to remove a filler achievement that is clogging up the points tomorrow during maintenance. This should let it calculate everything correctly for the laurels.
Yes, Thursday :)

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Discussing disciplinary actions on the forums is not permitted, but I can say if you feel unwarranted action was taken against your account, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to look into it for you.
Can you post a few screenshots of what you're seeing? This should help us figure out if there's something off with your keybindings or a systemic problem.
Hi GasaiYunoYandere,

Have you contacted our support team for assistance with this problem? They'd be happy to help you figure out what the issue is. You might also want to try a different web browser to see if your current browser might be the problem!

More popos, please!! :D
Friendly reminder to keep this thread constructive and not derail it with personal attacks or antagonistic remarks.

To anyone experiencing this issue please continue to provide your PC specs (specifically graphics card model and driver version) in this thread. If you've seen any improvements after changing your driver version please do let us know.
Every character select screen needs at least one popo! These are great <3 :D
No, we were all here! :)

The current wait time for assistance is roughly 2-3 days.
Kristabella on 10/13/2015, 03:38 PM - view
Emm....What about Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack? When?v_v

Thursday :)
One small update to provide on this:

We're lowering the requirement to level 5.
Banim on 10/13/2015, 02:34 PM - view
I'll give you a hint. In Tours of Duty there seems to be dummy achievement that can't be achieved by players, probably for test purposes... or maybe to artificially bump up the laurel requirement, since a little bird told me this achievement is worth 650 points.

Yes that is it, and we're trying to figure out why it didn't activate, or how to activate it for everyone.

If you all can give me screenshots of being stuck at Diamond, that will help too.
We are looking into this. I think we should be able to find a quick fix for this.
They should be there now.
Our understanding is that this is fixed in the build deployed today. We were unable to verify the fix however, as we did not experience the issue on any machine in-house.

You might give it a shot and see. I'd be curious to confirm if it is or not.

This change is listed in the patch notes as well.

Just in time to jazz up your character’s harvest costume, TERA presents four new products—covering six new back-slot items—to help unleash your inner angel!

Visit the TERA Store starting Tuesday, October 13 at 11 a.m. PDT to pick up your pair of either the pristine White Wings or the ominous Black Wings back-slot items.

Looking for something more exotic? Grab a Guardian Angel loot box for a chance at the glamorous Pink Pinions wings or the fabulous Purple Pennons wings. If you’re hoping for something even more eye-catching, pick up an Avenging Angel loot box, and you might just find yourself the proud owner of a pair of Golden Gliders wings, or the Fiery Feathers wings!

(Please note that these wings are purely cosmetic; they do not allow your character to fly…although you might fall with more style.)
GM's can get you unstuck if nothing else is working! Make sure to tell them the server and character name.
Wings are up in-game and on the web: https://store.enmasse.com/tera
Potion Shack starts Thursday, October 15.
The wings will be released shortly. The Halloween event/Potion Shack launches on Thursday, October 15.
Servers came back up at 10:30, if you're unable to log in please close your launcher and open it back up!
Maintenance is going to run about 30 minutes longer. Expected up-time is around 10:30 a.m. PDT.
It's going to be an intermittent issue for (likely) the entire evening through tomorrow morning's maintenance.
Hello all,

We're aware that the TERA website is currently inaccessible. We are working diligently to resolve this issue but it will not be a quick fix. We estimate that the TERA website will be unavailable through tomorrow morning's extended server maintenance and will provide updates as they become available.

We know players are excited to read tomorrow's "The Lost Isle" patch notes, so for the meantime we have posted them to the official subreddit and you can read them here.
kitcalie on 10/12/2015, 04:25 PM - view
it also says "tomorrow" then says thursday. tomorrow is tuesday i think someone copy past failed

^^ accurate. (also: fixed! :) )
Hang tight, they should be up soon :)

We will be performing an extended server maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning. During this time "The Lost Isle" update will bring StepStone Isle to TERA!

All game servers will be under maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT on Thursday, September 24 and web services may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window.

The estimated downtime is 6 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)

We will be performing an extended server maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning. During this time "The Lost Isle" update will bring StepStone Isle to TERA!

All game servers will be under maintenance starting at 4 a.m. PDT on Thursday, September 24 and web services may be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window.

The estimated downtime is 6 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)
Hi BeeTheKiller,

Zenobia is not one of the North American TERA servers so you won't find players here with codes available for that server.

You may have some luck on the official EU TERA forums, though. Good luck!
This week's "Stuff" is a preview of what's to come with Tuesday's patch!

The Lost Isle
Tuesday's maintenance will bring "The Lost Isle" update to TERA!

Patch notes will become available Monday, but you can also get a preview of what's coming from our news post and by viewing today's livestream.

Halloween is Coming!
Halloween arrives in TERA next Tuesday, and candy cannons aren't all the season has in store!

Later next week Kyra will be bringing back her potion shack, and closer to Halloween the winning designs from the community costume design contest will be released. It's going to be a spooky, fun month!

Wings: Flying into the Shop Next Week

Though no male characters are pictured below, these wings are not gender restricted.

Gold and Dungeon Drop Changes
The previously announced gold changes will be arriving with next week's patch. Dungeon drop changes will not be coming with this patch but are being worked on and will be implemented soon.

Autumn Loading Screen Contest
Don't forget to enter the Autumn Loading Screen contest! All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on October 13.

Ongoing Performance Issues
Bluehole is continuing to work on resolving the performance issues that arose with the recent "Go Berserk" update. Though we don't have any detailed information to share, there are several updates being worked on for implementation that will help improve framerate issues.

Previous "Stuff of the Week" topics can be reviewed from the list below.


Previous weeks:

Hey Dan,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! For billing issues you really do need to contact the support team. They can assist you with identifying what's causing the issue and help you get your elite status subscription set up.

PS: check your private messages

If your game is crashing our support team is happy to help. Please send them a support ticket with a screenshot of the error so they can assist you with identifying the technical issue!

You can reach the support team here.
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Yes, you can provide more than one picture per person so go for it!
Please keep the thread on topic and refrain from posting personal attacks. If this thread doesn't get back on track, I will be forced to lock it.
It's dangerous to go alone!

Are you new to TERA and looking for a mentor on your new server? Are you looking to make some friends or mentor new TERA players? You've come to the right place!

Please share and request BuddyUp codes here, but refrain from bumping this thread. Updating your post to reflect claimed or new codes will help new players find you. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Important notes:

- Full details on the BuddyUp system
- Each code is valid for 30 days, so do not try redeeming any code older than that
- Make sure to include your server!
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Don't worry, if you miss the live stream you can still catch the video on demand :)
AugustoC on 10/05/2015, 03:40 PM - view

Very soon.


(next week)
Due to the escalation of personal attacks and the fact that this topic has stayed derailed for a while, I am locking this thread.

Please follow the forum code of conduct and rules everyone!

Join TERA Producer Treeshark live on Twitch this Friday, October 9 at 3:00 p.m. PDT, as he walks you through the upcoming Lost Isle update ahead of its release next Tuesday, October 13!

The new Stepstone Isle! Six new winged back-slot accessories! Kyra's spooky new Pop-Up Potion Shack! Get the inside scoop on these updates and more tomorrow on the official Twitch channel starting at 3:00 p.m. PDT! Don't miss it!
This thread has been derailed from the initial topic. Due to the amount of personal attacks being posted, I am locking this thread.

Please follow the forum code of conduct and rules when posting in the forums!
@Streetdog, yes but in order to establish a pattern we need more data.
Gubiciel on 10/08/2015, 10:30 AM - view
Yea, right... All European and Asian providers suddenly messed something up not to be able to play Tera and only Tera. Everything else works fine. Except Tera.

Not all, but there's a solid trend right now that a few players from certain regions are experiencing the issue, while the majority of players are connecting to all services without issue. Keep in mind that reaching a server in Texas is different than reaching our servers which are located in Chicago. Just because you can reach one without issue does not mean your connection to the other is equally solid.

If any players experiencing the issue this morning have run the diagnostic tool and can provide specific information about where their connections are struggling that would be very helpful.
Hi Protoshadow,

This is something players have reported before and it might have several causes. You could try verifying the file integrity through Steam, or also close Steam completely and check to see if they've issued any updates.

If you're able to launch the TERA launcher directly, that's a great sign and it means you're not actually having any connection issues with the game servers.

Have you been able to log in before through Steam, or was this the first time you'd entered your information?
Hi Bglzaborg,

Can you send us a support ticket with the following details:

- Your GM name
- Your Guild name
- Your server
- A screenshot of the error you see when it fails to add the guild

This information will help us figure out what's going wrong and get your guild registered :)
Can you give me some details on what happens, so that I can investigate?
Hello Malhein,

You were pm'ed about why your previous posts were deleted. Please check your private messages and review the forum rules.

This thread will be deleted shortly, but I'll leave it here briefly in the hopes that you'll see the response.
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Ginjitsu on 10/07/2015, 03:11 PM - view
Items don't have attributes that can be check marked ¬.¬?

haha. check marks. good one.
Treeshark on 10/07/2015, 01:48 PM - view
We are making headway into changing the catalyst so that it's stackable and distributed like cosmoshards. It's going into test later today or tomorrow. No promises yet though!

It works! Drop amounts and rates will now be revisited though.
Please follow the forum rules and code of conduct everyone. If the personal attacks continue, I will be forced to lock this thread. Also, let's keep things on topic!
Istede on 10/07/2015, 01:54 PM - view
Well, okay. It seems a little odd to me that removal of a few achievements would greatly harm participants' crusade scores. Did achievements really have that much weight?

News to me too! Not really compared to the other dungeons. I wouldn't say achieves are perma-removed, but they will be removed for the foreseeable future.
We'll have more details available soon, we're excited to see Kyra return, too! :)

You can follow this existing thread on Kyra's return.

I'll lock this thread since it's a duplicate.
We are making headway into changing the catalyst so that it's stackable and distributed like cosmoshards. It's going into test later today or tomorrow. No promises yet though!
So here's the update. The reason why we wanted to extend the Crusades season was due to the removal of certain achievements in the build going out next week. This would affect scores in the Achievements section for the Challenger's league. The devs previously told us this would cause much harm, but given our case now, the best course of action is to remove Achievements from Crusades altogether.

This new crusade season will continue, but the length will be shortened back to 28 days, and Achievements will not count at the end of the season. This change will be reflected in next week's maintenance.
We have people that play from the 1-2 hours a day range to the much more hours a day range. I don't think anyone here averages 12+hours a day just playing the game though (they are supposed to be working). It is also rare that we play waving the EME flag, as a lot of us like to play on PVP servers :). It would be hard to see a GM as 99% of the time they are invisible as well.

That said, you are right, we don't know as much as someone who plays 12+ hours a day. We are in constant contact with players who are, and with a combination of everything we are able to get a decent idea of the state of things. The issue is getting things "truly fixed" takes a whole lot of time.

The second question... the honest answer is that i want plans but there are no plans. Araya, me, and the community team will be meeting very soon to discuss how we handle the state of things there.
This thread is not constructive and has been locked. Personal insults are not permitted.
Just to clarify, these changes are to address the current forum spam. In-game gold spam is an entirely different issue, and those folks are not the ones who have recently been active on the forums.
Edited by: Harmonia 1 minute ago
Lyanni on 10/06/2015, 11:59 AM - view
That's a really good way actually.
I hope that, as UdonPasta said, the spamers arent the same as the gold sellers since they use level 60 scrolls.

They are not using the same accounts at least from what we've found.
Mirrormoon on 10/06/2015, 12:06 PM - view
Rewards such as the 5k alk and semi enigmatics weren't sent out fyi,

I spot checked a few guild masters and see the rewards sent. PM me what guild you're in?
We are looking at our options and will hopefully make a decision today or tomorrow. Some of this stuff requires developer input so it doesn't get worse and we are having a discussion with them this evening about it. Will keep you all updated.

TERA’s The Lost Isle update goes live next Tuesday, October 13. This content update unveils Stepstone Isle, the new starting player experience that replaces the Island of Dawn. Alternatively, if you’ve been thinking about leveling up a new alt, you may want to wait until after the update hits. Not only will you get to experience the story behind the enigmatic island hidden from sight by the Mysterium until now, but you may well appreciate the Isle’s more accelerated path to level 11.

Character creation and the character selection screen are also receiving a makeover in The Lost Isle update. Players can now mix and match races and classes on a single screen during character creation, while the character selection screen has a much more dramatic flair, and also allows players to move their characters around on the screen.

In addition, this update gives non-max-level PvPers a new battleground. The Gridiron Academy is a level 40-64 version of the level 65 Gridiron battleground, complete with Vanguard quests and rep rewards.

Lastly, The Lost Isle will introduce a “Returning Hero” tab as part of the Vanguard Requests screen. This new tab is designed to help players with high-level characters hit the ground running when they return to the game after an extended absence. Any player with a level 58-65 character who has not logged in for at least a month gains access to the Returning Hero tab for three days. This tab provides information about class skills to help players relearn their class and allows players to upgrade their old gear (limited to one character per server), so they can remain competitive.

All this and more will be unearthed in The Lost Isle next week.

Also watch for the return of Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack next week as part of our upcoming Halloween events.
Hey there! Have you tried any other web browsers than the one you're currently using? That's my first recommendation, and the quickest/easiest thing to try.

If that doesn't resolve the issue you're having, can you contact our support team? Provide the GM with a screenshot of where you get stuck, or any error message you see and they'll be able to assist you.

Hi Everyone,

In recent weeks we've seen a frustrating increase in forum spam, which is a terrible experience for you, our community. To combat this, we've tightened the account requirements for posting. As of now, an account must have a TERA character that is level 10 or higher in order to post on our forums. If your account does not meet this requirement, your post will simply not get posted and you will error out.

My hope is that this stops the spammers and not legitimate posts, and this is something we will keep our eye on. I thank you for being patient as we find ways to deal with this problem.

I moved the thread to Bug Report and send thread to Customer Support to investigate.
Users have been banned and spam posts have been removed. Innocent threads may have been accidentally removed in the purge. Other threads related to this have been locked and keeping this one open.

We'll see if they come back tonight.
Rikken on 10/02/2015, 04:11 PM - view
Any update on frame rate issues on bosses? loot removal from lower instances? Felicity back to the elite boxes?

No, as stated by Denommenator last week we're working with Bluehole on those topics and we do not yet have any updates to share.
Hi everyone, Harmonia here, posting today's "Stuff of the Week" on Denommenator’s behalf.

This week's "Stuff" is shorter than usual, as most of the main issues under discussion have been feedback and suggestions. Instead we have an announcement, a reminder, and something fun!

Crusade Season Extension:

The current crusade season is set to end on 10/6, but will be extended until 10/13 to coincide with the next game update. More details will become available about this spooky TERA update next week!

Fall Festivals Will End Next Week!

Reminder: Rootstock, Pond Faire, and Bamarama will end next week after regular Tuesday maintenance.

Don’t miss our fun new video!

We're still working with Bluehole on the issues raised in last week's "Stuff of the Week" and don't have any updates on those topics quite yet. You can review those topics from the list below.

Thank you for sharing so much feedback on assorted TERA topics this week!


Previous weeks:
All name selling / trading must happen in this thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/mount-tyrannas/topics/MT-Name-Trade-Thread.
Hi all! We are aware of this issue, it has been reported, and we are currently investigating.
Hi Ruslan, are you still having trouble? Please let us know if you are and we can take a look. PM with your server/GM character/Guild if the issue is continuing.
Ginjitsu on 10/02/2015, 10:16 AM - view
If I buy the costume, do I get to ride the sky whale!?!?!?

Sadly, Skywhale rides are not included :(
Opinions on this have been clearly stated and the conversation is getting more and more personal (and somewhat nasty). Given that, I'm locking this thread.
ErinKitten on 09/25/2015, 06:58 PM - view
Should we be concerned about our privacy? Not necessarily enmasse doing anything wrong with this data but how about others potentially getting their hands on said data...

The game tracks anonymous data pertaining to user's hardware configuration so you shouldn't be concerned about privacy.
My understanding is that characters not on a standard English keyboard will not be accepted in chat, including "é".
Hi folks. Just to update everyone, we discussed it a bit and have decided that despite there being some other definitions or uses of the word, that it is appropriate to block the word from chat in the game. The difficulty we face is in the way our word filter works. If we simply add the word to the block list, it will block all words that contain that letter combination, such as Grape, Drapes, etc...We are looking into alternate ways of blocking just the offensive word without impacting a whole host of other words.
Hey everyone, thank you for the continued feedback on the change from Felicity to Nugget.

Though this doesn't address the OP's question directly, the following information was a part of last week's Stuff of the Week from Denommenator:

Game Improvements - Gold Drops and Max Level Dungeon Loot

Open world gold drops will be reverted to their pre-"Go Berserk" status in our next major build release targeting mid-October.

You can read the full post here.

This was also announced early last month in our Producer's Letter from Treeshark:

"Gold drops were severely altered to combat botting in other TERA regions. We do a pretty good job of combatting botting here, so these changes are not necessarily the best for our community. I’m happy to report that we will be reverting as many of these changes as possible to get things back to the way they were."
Edited by: Harmonia 2 minutes ago
Please keep this thread on track and refrain from posting personal attacks. If things escalate I will be forced to lock the thread.
This is a great thread, everyone! I'm pinning it for the time being for ease of participation.

I also changed the thread title a little to indicate it's a suggestion thread.
Edited by: Harmonia 1 minute ago
I'm locking this thread, but will be happy to looking into the ticket that was submitted so that I can better understand the nature of the concern.
@Aeriad please do PM me if you have other recommendations, or update the thread with more screenshots :)

If anyone else has more ideas, please feel free to add them!
Hey Katzamoto,

The Direct X issue may not be the true problem; due to its newness the diagnostic program does not yet detect DX12 as being a valid option, but it is. Windows 10, while not officially supported, should also be a valid option.

I'm more concerned with the memory issue you described. Can you try a clean boot? This will remove all unnecessary programs and allow you to boot up TERA with the fewest possible background applications. You might also try lowering the in-game graphics substantially to see if this changes the frequency of the crashes.

If you haven't already please do contact the support team so the GMs can assist you. You can find instructions on clean booting here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929135

What other locations are you thinking of? If you can pinpoint a few (or if others have any thoughts!) let us know. This is something that can be investigated.
Ghost, please pm me the code you are attempting to enter so I can look into it. Please also include the name and server of the character you are attempting to use it on.
Please feel free to contact our Support and put in a Support Ticket if your issue remains, and we will be happy to take a look and resolve it for you.
Just wanted to provide a quick update, that the threads have all now been removed.
@Ketoth, it's an improvement to help us resolve some of these recent technical issues players are experiencing so we can get them fixed more quickly and efficiently.
SoulReaper1 on 09/23/2015, 02:21 PM - view
Thank you very much for finally giving this issue some acknowledgement. With all due respect, this matter could of been handled much, MUCH better. As I'm sure you're aware of the many threads involving this issue, or you soon will be reminded of as I redirect all of them in this post. Regardless of what has or hasn't happened yet, I'm eager to come to work with you to find a resolution to this problem and appreciate your time.

Many of the things you've suggested, have ALL been tried as well as documented. For simple reference, please observe these posts.
There's a couple more on the forums, but neither of which are actually useful.

I'm not at home currently, but if we can get a time for someone to be logged into live servers tonight or the next couple days, I'd be very happy to demonstrate how this behavior is happening so it can be documented as well. A simple screenshot of this issue, will not do it justice.

~Soul Reaper~

Yes, please re-post this into a separate thread in our bug forum and I'll have our QA team take a look.
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
Hey! It's me, Denommenator. Back with another stuff of the week. It's been a fairly eventful week, so let's dive right in!

TERA Changing Publishers in Korea

It was announced this week that NHN, the publisher of TERA in the Korean market, will cease it's service of the game once its current license agreement ends.

TERA is serviced in many regions by many different publishers under separate licenses. NHN's decision to no longer service TERA has no impact on the other publishers operating TERA, including En Masse Entertainment. It is also not representative of TERA's performance or the current state of development surrounding TERA.

En Masse Entertainment will remain the North American publisher and operator of TERA for the forseeable future and Bluehole remains dedicated to the product through continued support and content development.

In short, no need to worry, this announcement has no impact on TERA as published by En Masse Entertainment.

TERA No Longer Officially Supports Windows XP

This came up on the forums this week, so I thought I'd mention it quickly.

As Microsoft has discontinued support and development of Windows XP, we cannot guarantee that TERA will be fully compatible or perform well on that operating system. Sorry, Windows XP users!

Client Lag/Stutter as caused by Windows Defender Issue/Microsoft Security Essentials

In late August, the TERA client began to exhibit issues including client freezing and gameplay stutter. It was revealed that this was caused by conflicts with Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials. Bluehole has been working with Microsoft directly since then and as of September 16, Microsoft reported the issue as resolved. Our internal testing seems to confirm this.

As of now, we consider this issue resolved.

This issue is separate from the framerate issues reported by users in high-level dungeons/boss fights, which I'll touch on next.

Framerate Issues in High-Level Dungeons/Boss Fights

This is an issue that has plagued players over the past several weeks. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide much in the way of support regarding this issue, however a few developments have occurred this past week:

1) Tech savvy players identified that deletion/removal of certain game files (relating to UI) and adjustments around process priority in Windows Task Manager improved their performance/resolved the issue.

This has provided us a great lead to put forth to the game's developers in order to aid in their investigation of this issue. We'll provide any updates as we receive them.

2) Additionally, client tracking was deployed as part of this past week's maintenance that may allow for us to better track client performance across different player hardware configurations.

Together, these two developments may help us to gain some traction on this issue. Here's hoping!

Extension of Rootstock, Pond Faire, and Bamarama

As announced by Harmonia here, we will be extending these events one week until maintenance on October 6.

Game Improvements - Gold Drops and Max Level Dungeon Loot

Open world gold drops will be reverted to their pre-"Go Berserk" status in our next major build release targeting mid-October. Improving the max-level dungeon rewards may take a bit longer however. We'll continue to provide updates regarding the status of our progress on these issues as they happen.

Loot Removal from Lower Level Instances When Playing with Higher-Level Player

No updates on this front, but I'll circle back if I have any.

That's it for this week's stuff! I've got some ongoing conversations in last week's thread, so check back there for some additional replies.

See ya next week!


Previous weeks:

With summer almost over, we thought you might like even more reasons to play TERA. Specifically, our fall festival lineup, including Bamarama, Rootstock, and Pond Faire.

Starting Thursday, September 10 following maintenance, and running until maintenance on Tuesday, October 6, TERA's trio of festive festivals are back for your gaming enjoyment.


At specific times during the day, the BAMs come out to play! Talk to Lein (just west of the Rootstock fairground, at the entrance to the arena), and place wagers on which of two BAMs will win in a head-to-head match up. Start by purchasing golden tickets from Teena, Tayana, or Linu (the Bamarama bookies), then place your bets with them. If your BAM wins, you'll get a piece of the purse, via parcel post: more golden tickets, which you can sell back to the bookies when you're ready to cash out! (You can also get golden tickets by completing Rootstock daily quests.)

Golden Ticket events occur every ten minutes, until ten minutes before the hour, when Bamarama hosts a special Diamond Ticket event! Diamond Tickets up the betting amount, so even if you can't make it to the other matches, be sure to be on hand at ten 'til!


Just outside the Bamarama arena, the Freeholds' annual winter harvest festival is going on! The return of Rootstock brings back such events as Kick-Bale, the Pigling Rodeo, Rootstock quests, food, drink, and a whole festival worth of daily event quests!

Pond Faire

Players of level 18 and higher can join in the festivities as baba (baby) tuwangis turn seven years old. Play Drum Away and Hide & Seek, participate in daily quests, and just soak in the heady atmosphere of the Tuwangi Mire!
Copying previous response to this thread as well (sorry for the repetition!):

I just want to offer some reassurances. As several folks in the thread have stated, this announcement won't have any impact on the North American service.
Just to update everyone, we have passed this information along to the developers for review. We will update the community when we know more!
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