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What Ryou and Alma said. :)

I'll see you at 3 p.m. PST outside of Velika, Wolf!

(Redirecting to the announcement thread)
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Hello there,

Thanks for the suggestion! :) We do our best we can with the given resources. Some of the ideas we'd love to try out can't happen because it's just not possible for us to do it whether it's due to the tools or resources. We understand that not every event can be enjoyed by everyone, too... Like you mentioned, people have different schedules in real life. :( But we'd still like to do our best to have different events for the various members of the community, so I believe having this spawn event will still have a positive impact in our community. A similar line of thought goes to our other community activities as well. We will still hold art contests even if not everyone's an artist, and hold tournaments even if not everyone is competitive.

I agree that events can always be better and we will take the constructive feedback to improve it in the future like the time window. So always feel free to give us your ideas and suggestions and we'll continue working on bettering them. Thanks.

(Guys... Guys... When we have an existing thread, please use that thread to discuss the topic, like the announcement thread. xD)
Hello, OP.

Thanks for your thoughtful post. But in the future, if you have questions/comments on in-game moderation action, please contact our Support Team. Also please remember that we do not share the details of moderation action to protect everyone's privacy.

Please avoid callouts and discussion of moderation action on the forums as they are against the rules.
Wanted to stop by and clarify that we don't get to control the tax. :( I think it usually depend on the state, and personally I've always had to pay taxes on all purchases I've made for TERA. Even if En Masse gift card of some type was available at a store, you'd be paying taxes when you purchase them. (Yeah, I like even numbers too, so that'd be cool. :))
Hello all,

Sorry about the confusing statement, the event/token redeem NPC's were available until the scheduled maintenance this morning which was why it was to January 2. We'll work harder to make the times clearer next time.

We're also working to get the Wintera token exchange NPC's back in the game, but please note that this may take up to 1-2 hours. I'd also advise you to exchange the tokens as soon as possible since in case of a server restart for any reason, they will not automatically return. Also, the token exchange NPC's will only be available in game until our next scheduled maintenance next week.
(Shameless self quote to make this more visible. :))

Minea on 01/02/2014, 10:40 AM - view
Hello all,

Sorry about the confusing statement, the event/token redeem NPC's were available until the scheduled maintenance this morning which was why it was to January 2. We'll work harder to make the times clearer next time.

We're also working to get the Wintera token exchange NPC's back in the game, but please note that this may take up to 1-2 hours. I'd also advise you to exchange the tokens as soon as possible since in case of a server restart for any reason, they will not automatically return. Also, the token exchange NPC's will only be available in game until our next scheduled maintenance next week.
Here's a warning for creating non-constructive, inflammatory comments and/or personal attacks, Kistune, Tazusa, and kirsch.

@OP, You are warned for creating a callout thread when you really should know the rules by now.

And this thread is done.
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FleurDeCerisier on 01/02/2014, 02:38 PM - view
Thank you very much Minea, I just logged in right now. But the Snowmans were not there yet. What time the NPC event will be back? I just dont want to miss it again. Thanks again for your response.

They are all in, I just double checked on LT. :) There is one in Freedom Plaza in Velika, and one in each of the alliance halls.

We'll have some in-game announcements letting everyone know about this as well.
Sorry about the confusion, guys! We'll try harder to make the duration clearer next time.

As Fleur mentioned, Colbrrr is currently available until next week's maintenance. But I'd recommend redeeming the Wintera Tokens as soon as you can and not wait until next week, since Colbrrr won't automatically respawn if there is a server restart.

Colbrrr is located in Velika's Freedom Plaza and each of the alliance halls.
(Hi there! Welcome to TERA! I'm going to move this to Newcomer Discussions, I think this thread will feel more at home there. :) )
Hi Violin,

This can be resolved by resetting the quest instance, or a GM can assist you as well. Here are the instructions to reset the instance yourself: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/how-to-reset-an-instance or you can contact our support team for GM assistance!
Glad to hear! Usually this type of issue can be resolved by resetting the UI in the options menu, or our support staff is always happy to help via a support ticket.
Hi Lotusblossem,

If you are unable to load one character after a crash it's most likely corrupt game files. Please run the repair tool in the TERA Launcher. That should resolve the issue blocking you from logging in. If you contact our support staff and provide the character name and server name a GM can relocate your character, however corrupt files will continue to make you crash in that location so I recommend running the repair tool.
Ah, you're welcome! Glad to hear it :D
Some images are TERA concept arts, so they might not be 100% accurate or complete.

And many loading screens were from a "Winter-Themed" fan art contest, and since it's still winter, they'll be around for a bit longer :)
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The URL you listed is going away. If you've saved it you should replace it with http://support.enmasse.com/tera. This is the URL that we direct to now for support. From there you can submit a ticket if the bug is causing immediate game play issues.

If its just a general bug that you've found and doesn't impact your ability to play TERA then you can report it on the Bug sub-forum located here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/bug-report

As interesting as anonymous internet reports may be, you are simply trying too hard, OP. Your main argument isn't even supported by/related to your reasoning.

Also don't insult other people because they may have different opinions.
Hey folks,

I'm going to let this nearly 3-month old thread retire now. :)

As for the level up event in the future, we'll be sure to announce it when we have more information.
Welcome to TERA! I think it's adorable that you use your favorite pokemon names as your character names! :)
Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about the robbery. I can't imagine how it'd feel to have all the prized possessions stolen. Hopefully it's all settled now. :(

I have removed the email address from your posts since we request our users not to share personal information on the forums to protect everyone's privacy.

And good luck with TERA Talk! I've watched/listened to your first one and I appreciate how you enunciate things clearly and it seemed like you already had the topics to talk/discuss in mind, which was also great!

Hello, folks!

We've had a great year and hope you've all been having a great holiday season.

Use the code happynewyear in your account page for the "Happy New Year" fireworks to celebrate in TERA!

(Please note that the firework code gives 3 different fireworks - "Happy", "New" and "Year". The code is redeemable once per account.)
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If you see anything you think is inappropriate, please report it and we will be sure to review the case. There can also subtle but important differences depending on a situation.

(Also thank you for avoiding callouts for the characters. :) )

Let's not discuss moderation action or rules on the forums. Please stop. If you need clarification, contact us.

@Dum, We've already stated that "To be clear, AFK'ing in BGs can and has in the past lead to account suspensions and terminations." If we deem something is preventing others from enjoying the game and/or is against the spirit of playing the game, we will take action. We will decide what that is, as written in the rules. So please stop spam posting arguments on how something is or isn't against the rules. This type of behavior or attitude does nothing for our community. :( Also please stop posting random images unrelated to the topic or does not provide constructive content to the thread. Thanks.

@OP, Thank you for your constructive feedback with suggestions. It is a topic that we are constantly thinking of.

Now let's get the thread back on track.
Contact our Support Team to report and we'll take the appropriate action. Thanks.

For any in-game moderation-related questions in the future, please submit a Support ticket as it's against the forum rules to discuss moderation on the forums. :(
We don't share what type of moderation action is done to protect everyone's privacy.

If you have questions on in-game moderation or wish to report inappropriate behavior, please contact our Support Team with as much information as possible and we'll review the case to take appropriate action. Thanks.
All of the honorable mentions and winners' works are available on our announcement post.

Just click on the artwork you want to save and it will open up that image alone. You can click on it again to zoom in and view its original size. Then it's right click to save. :) (>> For Windows and with Chrome)
It will be back up soon.

Edit: It's up.
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yes we know and we are working on a fix.

Ok the losses in Fraywind and Skyring were off so we are fixing it.

However, Mayfair's score is still correct.

Previously the contribution was capped at 120 and win was 85. So that gets you 205. We doubled everything, so now the contribution is at 240, and the win is at 170. Since Mayfair got 15300, it was 153 pts added to get 323.

HOWEVER, after maintenance is over, we are going to double the rate you get points as well. So Mayfair would have gotten the 240 pts with 15300 score (306 capped at 240).

We will not be retroactively handing back points.
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MitaraiKeiko on 12/26/2013, 10:44 AM - view
What maintenance? Another one?

We will be doing a short one in 8 minutes to fix the problems raised in this thread.
There's an issue with Alliance ranking not resetting in 7 days. They are still on the 7 days cycle and will not reset until next Tuesday.

We are still working on fixing the cycle duration.
The points for losing in Fraywind and Skyring will be fixed. The rate of getting contribution points will also be doubled with the maintenance.

Also, we will not be retroactively handing back points.
Edited by: Aliila 12 months ago
There are a lot of gray areas in this matter, but for the most part we have not found anyone to really violate the spirit of the rules. Putting up your videos of TERA gameplay is fine. Having ads on the video is fine. Putting up our gameplay and calling it "Budaki4 Online made by me!" may not be so fine.

Anyway, we do peruse youtube from time to time, but it is see what the community has made and enjoy it and not with intentions of taking anything down. I came here because I think you wanted an official response, so here it is! Youtube away.
Reflect charms were taken out of Corsairs b/c it was broken and abused by tanks. This last patch fixed how reflect is supposed to work so we put it back in. If reflect is still broken, then we will look into this again.
We get all the optimizations put in that Korea gets. What we said was that we did not expect them to do much for our market, along the lines of what TwilightAngel09 said.

As far as lag goes, we have been working on it every week for the past month or so, which is part of the reason we have taken longer maintenances than usual on Tuesdays for a while. Some say it's getting better but we know it's not perfect so we'll keep working on it.

Edited by: Treeshark 12 months ago - Reason: grammar
Again, to clarify, what I said is:

Minea on 12/20/2013, 11:19 AM
We can never satisfy everyone with an event but we'll continue to try. Sorry you feel that way about our staff change, but job changes happen like in any job and industry. People come and go and we make friends and get experiences.

Meaning, I'm sorry you feel that way about the particular staff not being with us anymore. Nothing more. We do not discuss in what circumstances an employee has left a company to respect their privacy and also because it's against the law. (I also don't know the details.)

Additionally, I didn't rule out anything for the future. I clarified what our GM's and CM's do and what their priorities are. For example, usually when we play on CH we try to incorporate a roleplay aspect like we did during Festival of the Sun where Tonka and I roleplayed on CH.
Please please please remember that this is the internet and be careful. We can't guarantee what other players will do.
There are no dyes that can change the character's skin color. The only way to change it would be through an appearance change voucher, gender change voucher, or a race change voucher. :)
If you wish to gift someone, you can also follow the steps in our FAQ page.

Happy holidays! :)

Back up now, sorry about that!


We're working to bring it back up now, will take 5-10 minutes.


Looking into this, thanks!
Edited by: Minea 12 months ago - Reason: MT is back up
MT is back up again. Sorry about that, folks! See you in game! :)
Heya KHA0S,

This is my first time reading an issue you're experiencing, so I highly recommend you to contact our Support Team. They offer personalized technical help, and do their best to get back to you as soon as they can.

TERA has just the thing for those post-holiday blues!

From Thursday, December 26 until Thursday, January 2, we'll double your Killing Spree and Bellicarium experience and credits every time you participate in any of TERA's most popular battlegrounds:

Champions' Skyring
Corsairs' Stronghold
Fraywind Canyon

But wait, there's more! Not planning on hitting the battlegrounds? No worries. Every time you log intoTERA from December 26–January 2, you'll get a free firework: a different one every day for the whole week! Did you miss a day? Don't fret: You can pick up those fireworks from the firework merchant.

Bring the new year in with a bang—or, better yet, a whole bunch of them!
This was the cutest thing I saw this week! Had lots of fun, thank you! :)

Trying to line up together

A circle of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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A lot of things to clarify in this thread.

- Halrath was mainly a forum moderator (more on the different at the end). He did a fantastic job but he is off to a new grand adventure now and lives far far away. We miss him as he was a good friend too, actually just mailed him a holiday card yesterday. ^_^
- We are still stopping by in game, it was less than 2 weeks ago that I personally spawned dragons outside of Lumbertown and Island of Dawn and I got on & chatted a bit in-game yesterday while I was preparing for today's event. I know Aliila also spawned some dracoloths recently causing chaos not to mention Treeshark is famous for being mischievous.
- Because we have twice as many servers than we used to, it may seem like you see less of us, but we are still around. :)
- We play our private characters as well which will not be visible since they're not in the En Masse guild, I did about 7-8 snowfights last night (trying to get the Rudolph nose) on my priest on TR and did several zone/BAM quests on my sorc on CH.
- We do get bombarded with a lot of questions (legitimate and random) and requests for help whenever we're on. We try our best to help.

In our community team interview, we explain the difference between a GM and a CM (Also we don't have multiple CM's, just me) and what each of us do + what our priorities are. I think this will shed a lot of insight for how we work in the team.

As for smaller events such as hide & seek, we did receive quite a bit of negative feedback on that, so we've been trying to come up with ideas to improve that. Always feel free to give us suggestions on what types of events you'd like to see through posts, PM's, whispers, etc. :)
If you have the "repair' option, please try it. If it doesn't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team for help.

As others have said, KR, EU, and NA versions of TERA are published by different publisher companies, and do not share any character/server data. (Also Korean characters don't work in NA TERA, so it does seem like you are experiencing a weird bug. :o)

Yep, what Counterpoint said. We have a special icon in chat, our character names appear in gold/yellow color which is different from regular players. For an example, here is a happy Halloween screenshot from the GM's we took back in October.

As for the times for each server, it was included in the newspost/forum post:

Minea on 12/19/2013, 02:16 PM
Ascension Valley—4 p.m. PST
Lake of Tears—4:30 p.m. PST
Mount Tyrannas—5 p.m. PST
Tempest Reach—5:30 p.m. PST
Valley of Titans—6 p.m. PST
Celestial Hills—6:30 p.m. PST

Your idea of having a hide & seek activity sounds great! Ickles will really appreciate that! :)

@Yams, You haven't watched our interview that explains what GM's are/do and their priorities yet. :) Our GM's are our Support Specialists that help you with tickets and Live Chat, etc. and that's their priority. Let's also not forget that we are a small start up company with 50ish people including everyone in HR and the CEO. We can never satisfy everyone with an event but we'll continue to try. Sorry you feel that way about our staff change, but job changes happen like in any job and industry. People come and go and we make friends and get experiences.
Edited by: Minea 12 months ago

Stop fooling yourself and get out of that swimsuit. Winter is here, and it’s snow suit season. To help you bundle up all nice and warm, we’re offering 50 percent off all snow suits from Friday, December 20 at 11 a.m. PDT until Monday, December 23 at 11 a.m.

Check out Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online to pick up outfits to keep you warm all season.

Season's greetings, everyone!

As the new year fast approaches, the Internets quickly fill up with end-of-year lists of this and that, to let us reflect on the year that was. In looking back at the past twelve months for TERA, I present my own list in reflection of all the good memories we shared with you, our community, in 2013.

1. We added unique dungeons and raids. Wonderholme, Shattered Fleets, Kezzel's Gorge, Kelsaik's Nest XX, and more. This year brought in more challenges and variety for players to enjoy: changes in group sizes like 10- and 20-player raids, small parties without healers or tanks, plus crazy fight tactics and dungeon puzzles.

2. Players duked it out in brand new battlegrounds. Champions' Skyring. Corsairs’ Stronghold. To compliment Fraywind Canyon, these two new battlegrounds brought more challenges to players as they learned to fight both as a small group and as a large team. Tanks and cannons always make things more fun as well.

3. We celebrated our one-year anniversary… which lasted a month. New and existing players joined as we celebrated our full first year online with gifts, mounts, and weekend challenges as a thank you for all the amazing support we’ve received from our community.

4. We shook up the world of free-to-play. The biggest change in TERA was more than new content and events, but letting everyone experience TERA for free back in February of this year. In making this change, we focused on keeping the entire experience free for players by never restricting content. In doing so, we hope to have created the best free-to-play experience in the MMO world.

5. We were amazed by our community. From the forums to in-game to Twitch to our socials, I'm always humbled by the level of support we get from our community. Not only that—we're constantly amazed at the talented people we have playing TERA, from the 500 players that battled to the death in Canyon Clash 2, to the players who submitted their artwork for our loading screens (now on display). We're showing 20 screens, and even then it was hard to decide. You all are the reason we do this, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We were also excited to join our community for 24-hours of marathon streaming during the Extra Life stream event. Together, Team TERA raised over $10,000 for children’s hospitals. This was a feat that could not have been possible without our awesome community.

For us, 2013 was an eventful year, and we're even more excited to see what 2014 will bring to the shores of TERA. There are a few things coming up on the horizon, and I'd like to share them with you.

In January, we're excited to introduce a brand new battleground concept called Kumasylum. For the first time ever, players will transform into BAMs, and defend their riches from being looted by a band of seven other players. If you've ever wanted to dive into the boots of a kumas and hurl your own lightning bolts, this is your chance! Additionally, we are enhancing the perks you receive as an elite status member. Our beloved jeweled lion has about run its course, and it's time to debut a new exclusive mount in its stead. We'll also be increasing the number of buffs everyone receives along with additional gifts which we’ll release more details on early next year. Also, look forward to our upcoming festival event, Rootstock, soon taking place in TERA. You can already see some of the setup in Freeholds, and soon you'll be able to take part in the festivities as well! All this, just in January.

Further into 2014, you can expect there to be a slew of new dungeons and raids that will challenge even the most decorated gladiators in TERA. And last but not least, I’m excited to reveal that we’ll be introducing a brand new class into the ranks with her own set of skills and weapons. There's not much I can say yet, but we're looking forward to the damage she'll wreak on some BAMs come springtime.

I hope that you’re as excited about the new year as we are. 2013 was a great year of change for TERA and En Masse, and we’re confident we can deliver even better service to you, our community, in 2014. Stay tuned.

—Treeshark out
Hey all,

Just to clarify, these winter tokens are bankable so feel free to do the snowfights on any other characters (at least level 11) you may have and combine them for the item you want. :)

@Guppy, I'll make sure GM Harmonia sees your post! In the future, please feel free to PM me or her and we can share it on your behalf. :)

@Kymaera, We have different folks within the community team with different domains to help us cover more places. For example, you'll see me most often on the forums while GM Harmonia is usually on social media, and Tonka is either on stream or working behind the scenes to prepare for events/contests. More information on how the En Masse community team works can be found in our TwitchTV interview. :)
Hello all,

The maintenance is taking a bit longer than we planned. But we're bringing the servers back up now, so you should be able to get online soon.
Servers are up and I see people online and chatting. Back to TERA we go! :)

Thank you all for your patience and sorry about the inconvenience!
The maintenance ran a bit longer than expected, the best time for an update is in the Server Status forums. :)

They're up so we can all head back to the snowfight now! Sorry about that, folks.
(Moving this to Off-Topic as its focus is not TERA-related.)
The meme for GM Harmonia. :)

We've seen your thread in General Discussions too, but we don't have a plan to remove the daily limit for the Wintera Snowfield.

(Also we currently have 3 staff members in the community team, GM Tonka, GM Harmonia, and me (not a GM, but a CM). :) )
Hello, dibsuzbl.

A GM has already responded to your ticket with the correct steps to cancel the elite subscription. After reviewing your account, we see that you are already set to "manual" subscription, meaning you've followed them correctly and will not be charged after the current term expires.

That is why you don't see the steps to 'cancel' anymore. So no worries. :)

(Btw, here are our hours for Live Chat from the FAQ: "Live chat is available for elite status subscribers and founder game accounts. Live chat is available Tuesday - Saturday 12:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific and is closed on Sunday and Monday.")
Oh no. :(

We had a maintenance earlier today, so please make sure to exit completely out of the launcher.

We also have some suggestions on connecting to TERA in our FAQ page.

If they don't resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help.

Get into the holiday spirit and come see Father Tonka in wintery Westonia!

On Monday, December 23, eight tiny noruks will deliver Father Tonka and his elves along with tons of holiday cheer to a server near you! Get your picture taken with Father Tonka, tell him if you’ve been naughty or nice, or just come and enjoy the frosty fun!

Father Tonka will be inside Acarum in Westonia, and only for a short visit. Bundle up, and be on time! Father Tonka is very busy and with a blink of an eye and a twitch of his nose, he’ll be off to visit the boys and girls of another land!

Ascension Valley—4 p.m. PST

Lake of Tears—4:30 p.m. PST

Mount Tyrannas—5 p.m. PST

Tempest Reach—5:30 p.m. PST

Valley of Titans—6 p.m. PST

Celestial Hills—6:30 p.m. PST

Don’t miss the chance to talk to Father Tonka in person! But if you can’t make it yourself, you can watch all the festivities live on our official Twitch.TV channel!
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(Moving this to Languages section of the forum. Please keep all non-English posts in the Languages subforum. Thanks.)
Fixed the typo, thanks! :)

Tonka can be a scary Santa! In fact, he beats naughty children with a coal club!

*looks around* Oh crap, he's reading this post! Halp, nooo!
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Hello all!

For the next two weeks, our weekly maintenance will be on Thursdays instead of the regular Tuesdays. Each maintenance will last about two hours, starting at 7 a.m. PST.

All servers will be unavailable from 7:00 a.m. PST to 9:00.a.m. PST on Thursdays, December 26 and January 2:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE
  • Valley of Titans - PvP

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience!
Edited by: Minea 12 months ago
(Moving to CH server forums. :) )
Cutest raid group ever! You guys have to do this again :*)
This issue was resolved with today's maintenance. If you kept the supply crate, it should work now. If you destroyed it please contact customer support with the name and server of the character that had the supply crate.
Hello all,

As always, generalizing a group of people is not the best way to promote a healthy community. There are good AND bad players in all groups. People make mistakes and people learn. (The first time I did ToT with a new guild, I drank my potion too quickly - I was a mystic too. Sorry, guildies! >_<)

We are always looking for more ways to strengthen the TERA community and although currently we have no plans to change the TERA's service, please know that we are aware your concerns on communication. Thanks.
Let's try to utilize the existing and active threads instead of creating another on the same topic. Thanks.
Hello folks,

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow morning (Thursday, December 19) starting at 7 a.m. PST. We expect the maintenance to last approximately 2 hours, but will aim to finish it sooner.

We will be addressing the following issues with the latest patch:

- You will be able to queue for battlegrounds after completing 10 Wintera Snowfields.
- "Making the Rounds" quest will give the correct item that is usable.
- The cooldown time for rejoining a guild will return to 6 hours (from 7 days).

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST on Thursday, December 19:

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
Hey Everyone,

In honor of the new Wintera Snowfield, we will be throwing snowballs at all of you at 3p.m. Pacific this Friday!

We will be on Valley of Titans, but don't worry, you can still queue up from from your home server which may allow you to get into our battleground.

As usual, we will have some nice prizes to our twitch viewers, so make sure that you are signed into your Twitch.TV account and are following the channel for a chance to win!

We will see you on Friday at 3p.m. Pacific on our official Twitch.TV channel!

Let me clarify...

Botting -- playing the game unattended with or without the use of a third party program. For example: installing a mod that gathers for you is botting. Setting up mouse controls to jump every three seconds while you eat dinner would also be considered "botting". More accurately it could be described as unattended macro'ing.

AFK'ing -- While it's not against the rules to leave your character logged in we ask that you do not AFK in BGs or instances because it takes away from other players attempting to participate. If you do not want to participate in BGs then you can choose not to. If we see a character continually AFK'ing we can, and have in the past taken action against that player.
Edited by: Solomon 12 months ago
dumdedumdedum on 12/17/2013, 10:17 AM - view
"not against the rules" "ask" thank you for proving my point. asking isnt the same as demanding in a rule and not against the rules just proved my point. and while your hear you might want to clarify on what i said , about technically not being AFK as AFK implies leaving the computer , and not attacking. when in my method you are technically doing both. hence again no rules are being technically broken. im a fan of doing things that are just barely in the realm of legality if it gets me money/faster XP and wont get me punished , so i frequently read any and all rules and find loopholes with them to stay within the confines of those laws and not be punished for what others might call "transgressions".

To be clear, AFK'ing in BGs can and has in the past lead to account suspensions and terminations.

We are continuing to work on this patch after running into some issues. We don't have an ETA yet but we will update you in this thread in an hour (around 11 a.m. PST).

(First post is also updated to reflect the message.)
We are opening the servers for everyone now. Please see the known issues for this patch.
The token exchange NPC's (Colbrrr and Ambrrr) are near the bank & broker in Freedom Plaza in Velika city.
Jacll on 12/17/2013, 11:29 AM - view
Ascension Valley

ign: Jack.Berseker

I'm on AV right now on my regular character, and I was able to interact with the NPC's (just got the snow fight quest). Could you try logging out and exiting completely out of the launcher?
Sorry about that, folks! *patpats ratedX* This is one of the issues we ran into during the maintenance and the maintenance lasted longer than we planned. :(

Redirecting to the known issues thread.
Hmm... Very similar but a bit closer to Korean translation:

Have wished the world to be very peaceful.

But war is like this flame that burns hotter as time goes.
It seems all are truly sad.

This is not an official translation in any way, just something I did now. :)

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Thanks for letting us know!

(Redirecting to the pinned Known Issues thread above.)
Ginjitsu on 12/17/2013, 02:08 PM - view
Its unofficially official! Finally, En Masse does something.

Incorrect on "unofficially official". It was my personal direct Korean -> English translation based on personal experience as a translator. If you've watched our Community Team interview stream, you would have known that I used to be a production assistant/translator at En Masse. :)

Btw, Espei did a much better job of conveying the mood of the text. It's always a struggle as a translator, whether to lean towards a direct translation to not lose a meaning or to create a great and flowing work that doesn't sound awkward in the target language. :)
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For folks who can't queue after 10 snowfights, do you guys have a screenshot of the error?

We've a screenshot, thank you all!
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Hi Systricks,

This has been reported to the game developer!
Hi Cassieopeia,

Please contact our support team with the name and server of the stuck character, a GM can help you get unstuck :)
Hi guys,

EME is a publisher and does not develop the game or fix bugs ourselves, but the information has been passed to the developer.
Hey guys,

This issue is included in the official known issues thread, please refer to that for updates:

Edited by: Minea 12 months ago - Reason: It's been fixed now, it's very near the bank in Velika. You can't miss them. :)
Hi KatsumotoRage,

The repair function will identify any fix any corrupt, missing, or modified files. This process can take up to an hour to run, and you should let it complete once started.

If running the repair function does not resolve the issue, please contact our support team for assistance!

Hi NagShasty,

It sounds like you may be experiencing some connectivity issues, and our support team is happy to help you troubleshoot this type of technical problem. This is a substantial patch to download, so it may take some time to download and check the files but the behavior you're describing is not normal.

Do you guys have any good screenshots yet? I can't wait to see pics of everyone chasing down Tonka when he streams the BG on Friday!! >:D
Hi there,

This is listed on the known issues thread, so I am going to close this and direct you there: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/v2405-Known-Issues.

However, please also contact our support team directly if this issue is affecting your character. Let the GM know your character and server name, and they will help you out with a replacement.
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Alliance points will not reset tomorrow, you will keep the points you have accumulated. All points since the last Exarch cycle will be used to calculate the next Exarch cycle on next Tuesday 12/24. Individual point contribution will determine the next Exarch on 12/24.
ShennyNerd on 12/16/2013, 08:11 PM - view
Is the alliance season resetting tomorrow?

Alliance points will not reset tomorrow, you will keep the points you have accumulated. All points since the last Exarch cycle will be used to calculate the next Exarch cycle on next Tuesday 12/24. Individual point contribution will determine the next Exarch on 12/24.
Please list any issues you have encountered here.

- Exarch cycle length is 14 days instead of 7 days.
- Exarch calculated today (unexpected).
- Alliance quests reward does not list the amount of contribution points will be earned.
- Cooldown for rejoining guilds is 7 days instead of 6 hours. - Fixed with maintenance on 12/19
- "Making the Rounds" quest is giving players the incorrect item, the item cannot be used. - Fixed with maintenance on 12/19
- Harry Porker is restoring stamina.
- Unable to queue for any Battlegrounds after completing 10 Wintera Snowfields. - Fixed with maintenance on 12/19
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Cecilla on 12/17/2013, 10:53 AM - view
People can't seem to find the NPCs Ambrrr and Colbrrr. Where are they?

Ambrrr and Colbrrr should be in Freedom Plaza in Velika now.
Jacll on 12/17/2013, 11:15 AM - view
near the broker right? The problem is we can't see or interact with them, it looks like you forgot to put into the game or something, can you check for us?

I was able to interact with them just fine on TR? Which server are you on?
JaydenxStrider on 12/17/2013, 12:00 PM - view
Echelon Mounts are gone. (The mount you get for being Echelon 4 or better). Before maint I was/am still Echelon IV. I am also currently rank 6 in my alliance for when the next reset happens I should be echelon I or better. However after logging in today my Alliance Horse is gone, no where to be found. It still says i'm an Echelon on the Alliance Info and my personal page says i'm rank 6 and echelon IV and overall individual rankings show me there as well. What happened?

Character: Acalinia 60 Berserker
Server: Celestial Hills (RP)

Echelon IV no longer gets the mount, there was a mistake in the patch notes, it'll be fixed shortly.
Edited by: Aliila 12 months ago
Jacll on 12/17/2013, 01:40 PM - view
it seems like after i reached my number of daily wintera battles i can't do CS because when i try to click it on instance match the window that pops out is wintera's one

Investigating the issue right now about unable to queue for CS after 10 Snowfields.
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DareDuck on 12/17/2013, 03:12 PM - view
The elin dyeable snowbelle wrap doesn't let you have your hair down. It forces you to have your hair up. QQ

You may need to log out of the game and re log back in to see the effect, check it and let me know :)
Argeus99 on 12/17/2013, 03:47 PM - view
Can't queue in any battleground matching after complete 10 times in snowfield

Is it just battleground? or for dungeon queues as well?
thebicboy on 12/17/2013, 03:02 PM - view
After logging on today i notice that people who had MI ( Murderous Intent ), including myself, had issues with animation glows with the weapon.

If you have the MI skill, it cancels out the glowing animation with your weapon (doesn't show the color of your enchantment after MI active ends and additionally at random times). Additionally the black fire no longer shows with the weapon (only shows when MI is active).

Just a small bug to put out there :P, thanks again for viewing.

Thank you for catching this, there was a bug fix not listed in the patch notes (will add it shortly) that Murderous Intent's visual effect should stop after the skill is expired. We'll look more into the weapon glow effect on it.
We will get them this week.
They are up here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/patch-notes

Twas a little late today. =*(
We're working on them, will be posted as soon as they're ready. :)
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