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zebaz1988 on 02/27/2014, 12:51 PM - view
Awesome! are the boxes are a permanent addition to the shop? or they are seasonal? please say yes to permanent addition! make us all happy :)

These boxes are a permanent addition.
Hello OP,

Here is what we see for your account activities.

You've made purchases on your main account, they went through without an issue.
Then you've made a secondary account and tried to use 3 different payment options with different information attached to the billing options, for a very large amount of money, in a very short amount of time. These types of activities are usually not a good sign of a healthy account

In order to change your account status, please contact us with more information to show the payment options belonging to you - but as they include sensitive personal information, please do so through our Support tickets or Live Chat.

(Here are other reminders on forum rules that are not okay:
- Calling names and making personal attacks, especially using an extremely offensive term associated with mass genocide.
- Creating/using alternate forum accounts
- Discussing moderation action or making callouts

Also to clarify, we are human and can make mistakes. If you have questions, please let us know. For the record, ERP is okay, but it's usually a good idea to keep them private so that it's not forced on others.)
Minea on 02/27/2014, 10:14 AM - view
Hello OP,

Here is what we see for your account activities.

You've made purchases on your main account, they went through without an issue.
Then you've made a secondary account and tried to use 3 different payment options with different information attached to the billing options, for a very large amount of money, in a very short amount of time. These types of activities are usually not a good sign of a healthy account

In order to change your account status, please contact us with more information to show the payment options belonging to you - but as they include sensitive personal information, please do so through our Support tickets or Live Chat.

(Here are other reminders on forum rules that are not okay:
- Calling names and making personal attacks, especially using an extremely offensive term associated with mass genocide.
- Creating/using alternate forum accounts
- Discussing moderation action or making callouts

Also to clarify, we are human and can make mistakes. If you have questions, please let us know. For the record, ERP is okay, but it's usually a good idea to keep them private so that it's not forced on others.)

Replied but made it float to top for visibility.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: Locking the thread now, Op and we will take this to private communication.

Baby, it’s cold outside. What better way to bundle up than with a new hat? Our new Hat Trick loot box guarantees you a new chapeau with tons of personality. Inside you’ll randomly get one of the following items.

Hat Trick loot boxes are on sale now! Take your head to Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online!
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
(Moving this to Art & Media subforum, will probably make it easier to find. :) )
Grats, Monkeys! Always love to see folks helping others! <3

Also leaving a link to the image in case someone wants to view the larger picture: Monkeys' Nightforge Weapon
Fatwa on 02/25/2014, 02:31 PM - view
So, Bearded One, what makes those skins the greatest?

Cause they are the newest!

Caboozles on 02/25/2014, 05:22 PM
So the skins are being shown off, but will they be released before, after, or are they going to be tied to the tournament?

The Ninja Outfits will be released after Skyring Slam! We are going to be showing off the "Celestial" weapon skins this week. Word on the street is, they will be available really, really soon. Like next week soon :)
On February 19th I posted an update on the things we are doing to address server instability and crashes. Before I get into the second part of the update, let me address one item that came up on the other thread.

Patching Issues and Server Stability are two very different things. Server stability has to do with the uptime of our game servers. Patching issues are separate and there are several different reasons a patch may fail. Because this is a thread directed at server stability, I’m going to remain on topic here. That doesn't mean we aren't aware or concerned about patching issues, but we have other threads on those and you can always reach out to support if you need additional help.

Update Part 2
A little more than two weeks ago we made some changes to all of our servers except Valley of Titans. Since that time we have not experienced any crashes on those servers, but Valley of Titans crashed twice. We made the same changes to Valley of Titans last week, and we have not experienced a crash on VoT since then. In addition, we have essentially seen zero network lag. That doesn't mean that there might not be an issue, and as I mentioned in the other thread the task of reviewing our network are always ongoing so we will keep an eye on it.

It would be foolish for us to say it’s fixed, but for the short term it looks like we have addressed some of the glaring issues that were taking place and our servers are stable. We will continue to monitor, and make changes when necessary to provide the best service possible.

Thank you for hanging in there.

Edit: Of course AV went down today :(
Edited by: Solomon 10 months ago
It went down and we are on it.
(Moving to MT section of the forums.)
Here is a link to our FAQ on how to make changes on your elite status (change/cancel, etc.) with step-by-step instructions in case you want to take a look.

As for March's elite gift, it will be announced later today or tomorrow. :)
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: confirmed for later today. :)

Elite players are busy players, running around the world of TERA under the hot, hot sun.

Announcing Bacon—your March elite gift!

Bacon makes people happy and fun, and it contains a Pig Pen loot box, guaranteed to contain one of our plucky pig mounts. Ride atop a bale of straw on the back of one of our fat yet fast little piggies.

Plus, we’ve woven some of that straw into a second gift—an exclusive straw hat. Enjoy the shade, and enjoy the ride!

The fine print:

• This elite gift delivery starts February 28 at 7 a.m. PST. All users who sign up or renew elite status between then and March 30 at 7 a.m. PST receive this gift.
• Users who sign up or renew elite status before February 28 at 7 a.m. PST receive February’s gift—an EX-TRM mount.
Haradrenith on 02/26/2014, 01:53 PM - view
i have the same problem guys + after a few restarts of the launcher the whole game downloads again besides the fact that its verifying god knows what for over 45min when i restart the launcher.

I was in the game playing when it crashed and when i tried to log back in i got the "unable" part and then the game downloads again.

I sent a ticket 2 days ago and still no answer and spent my entire evening perving the forums what i can do to fix this thing ...tried everything and nothing works.

Heya Haradrenith,

We checked your ticket and our Support Team replied to you yesterday but received no further information back. Could you make sure to doublecheck your inbox on the Support website for our response? Thanks!
Please please please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help. We do our best to reply back as quickly as we can.
(Hey all,

I'm going to move this to Off-Topic as the focus of this thread is not TERA.

@VanillaYogurt, Good luck with your PC building!)
This is a super awesome contest, will be really cool to see!

I'm personally waiting to see the baraka, castanic male and high elf male dances! :D

(Also a reminder to not share your personal information on the forums. Thanks!)
Oh wow, the dark hair, horns and the dark suit combo looks really awesome. I love the intense look on the character's face too, very well done! *swoon*
(You already know this has gone on longer than it should have, so thanks for stopping. Let's stick to the topic on hand next time.)
What the others have said. :)

Hope you've figured it out already, but if not, a bit more detailed information with pictures can be found in our FAQ here.
Welcome to TERA! It's a smart decision to wait until you're done with your exams. :)

As for the class, I think you should give everything a try. Tanking in TERA is a bit different from other MMO's since you actually have to use the blocking skill to block - as in you use that skill to raise the shield.

But then again playing a healer in TERA has a whole new meaning as it's not just clicking on people's names and pressing a button.
Hello, Pocky!

Your name reminds me of this! :)

If you are still experiencing the issue and have tried the FAQ suggestions, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help. When submitting a ticket, please include as much information as possible - this helps us track the issues better as the ticket can contain a lot more information than a forum post.

Created in May 2012, the Arete is a long-respected guild on Celestial Hills. We had a chance to catch up with their guildmaster, Jaron, about the secrets of leading a long lasting and successful guild.

First, could you introduce the Arete to everyone who may not be familiar with the guild? How would you describe the guild and its players? What’s the in-character story behind the Arete?

Hi! My name's Jaron (aka Akuo and Dyre), guild mistress of the Arete!

The Arete is a tenured role-play-centric guild that also dabbles in PvE and PvP content, providing a whole-game experience to those that profess interest in those aspects of TERA. Our goal is to provide an engaging, wholesome experience to our members and those who would seek to associate with us!

The guild itself from an OOC (out-of-character) standpoint is very outgoing, a tad insane, and by all rights entertaining. Though we pride ourselves on a variety of personalities, everyone works exceedingly well together toward the common good of the guild.

The Arete from an IC (in-character) angle is a neutral-aligned “contracting” organization that specializes in a myriad of fields—from your run-of-the-mill mercenary work to entertainment, bartending, research and development, and most other odd jobs. Basically, if your character has a talent, it can be put to use for the betterment of the company and a modest paycheck!

Could you give us some examples of the fun events and activities the Arete has hosted/participated in the past? Most memorable moments?

The Arete has participated in and executed several popular server events—a date auction in 2012, a massive summer beach party in 2013, and a spooky murder mystery event for Halloween in 2013. I'm also planning another large server event in the near future, so look forward to that!

As for in-guild events, we have bi-weekly meet-and-greets where new and old contractors can meet and enjoy a drink. Have a friend outside the guild? No problem! Bring them on over! We also have our “Anything Can Happen” nights, where one of our members of leadership plays dungeon master for an epic adventure where—you guessed it—anything can happen!

Along with our routinely scheduled events, members are encouraged to set up their own unique takes on character-centric happenings—such as a fortune-telling night, archaeology expeditions, and utilizing the rest of the company as test subjects for their latest scientific concoctions!

Probably one of our most memorable moments would include the creation of a giant bacon-monster that sought to eat our protagonists during a round-robin storytelling event. Or a fancy dinner banquet that led to several contractors becoming ill and subsequently to the rise of a supervillain that required the entire company's efforts to take down.

Along with the great environment for role-play characters, the Arete also excels in end-game content and has a strong presence in the alliance. What do you do to promote different interests and focuses within the guild?

The Arete consists of a very strong PvE force, driven by an officer-led “PvE Academy.” Each week, we allot certain days that don't have an event scheduled for raids and dungeons, and ask who might be available and what their interests would be! Based on the responses, the PvE officer schedules and sets the roster for the particular evening. Want to learn a dungeon? Need glyphs and want to join our Sirjuka's Gallery/Temple of Temerity farming team? No problem! Once they've been approved for the PvE Academy, members are encouraged to post their interests in the designated forum for appropriate scheduling.

On the PvP front, the Arete has recently changed from being allied with the Iron Order to Free Traders Collective to better align with the IC implications of noctenium trade. With that said, our members are chomping at the bit to explore our new territory and contribute as much as we can! In addition to alliance participation, we have a designated night every week devoted to premade Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon battles.

What advice do you have for fellow guildmasters who want to create a positive community like the Arete? What can we expect from the Arete in the future?

Humility, patience, and persistence. Don't ever give up, and when you feel like giving up, make sure that someone (or multiple someones) has your back to keep your head in the game. A positive, friendly, open-minded guildmaster begets a similar aura around the guild, so chin up! Drama happens, but so long as you remain versatile, kind, and willing to compromise, it passes swiftly! I'm also usually available via En Masse forum private message, in-game mail, or in-game whisper if new guildmasters would like to have a chat.

As for the future, The Arete has been and will continue to be a strong role-play force on the server. Expect great things from us, from server events to raids, dungeons to battlegrounds, and alliance participation to overall awesome sportsmanship.

If the Arete currently is recruiting, what are the steps someone should take to join the guild? If you aren’t recruiting at the moment, what other guilds would you recommend on Celestial Hills?

The Arete is perpetually recruiting interested individuals! Our recruitment process is a bit more involved than most guilds, but is simple enough for those vested in role-play. A website application submitted to http://www.the-arete.com followed by an in-character interview with one of our leadership team is all it takes to become a member of our company.

For those who've read this far and find that their character may not necessarily be cut out for contracting, look into other awesome role-play guilds on the server: Umbra, Band of the Phoenix, Sad Mask Privateer and Trade Co., the Empyrean Divine, Desire, and Black Dawn Society to name just a few.

Anything you’d like to say to the guild members, Celestial Hills, or En Masse?

To my guild: I love you guys, and thank you for making the Arete a wonderful guild to lead. Thank you for making my very first and only attempt at leading a guild so amazing. I don't know what I'd do without you.

To Celestial Hills: You stay classy!

To En Masse and Minea: Thank you for your stalwart dedication to excellence and making TERA the place to be in the MMO community. Also, thank you for providing this opportunity to a role-playing guild to better exemplify that role-play does exist!

Our thanks to Jaron and the Arete for taking the time to answer our interview questions!
We'll announce this on Wednesday. :)
Are you ready to SLAM?

This Friday, we are going to do a live seeding of the Skyring Slam tournament brackets! This is a 32 team single elimination 3v3 tournament, and the fate of these teams hangs in the balance! This seeding will decide the first round of the tournament!

We are also going to show off our newest and greatest weapon skins: "Celestial Weapon Skins". So come on by our Twitch channel this Friday at our usual 3:00pm Pacific time!

(This is your last warning. Keep the comments civil and within the rules. That means making a constructive post that contributes to the overall topic. Thanks.)
(Moving to Guild Recruitment section. Good luck with the guild! :) )
Welcome back. Don't worry about imaginary upvotes/downvote karma :).
We did have amended support hours last night (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Amended-chat-support-hours-Friday-February-21st), but hours should be regular now.

I know, for me to say "contact support" isn't the answer you want to hear, but it will be the best answer to resolve your problem. Contacting support will allow them to get information from you that we wouldn't want on the public forums and expedite the solution.
The first gift was the dyeable steampunk costumes. The current gift is a character bound EX-TRM mount.

The next gift .... will be revealed next week!

If you sign up now, you will receive the EX-TRM mount, and on your next renewal, you will get whatever is revealed next week.

Let's go through some of the changes in the most recent patch, 25.05! We will talk about and show the changes to:

-Solo Dungeons
-Smart Boxes for Wonderholme BoP Weapons
-Inventory Enhancements

We will also talk about the rest of the changes to the patch and as usual, we will give away some awesome stuff. This week we are looking to give away some of the White Satin and Black Velvet party boxes. So drop on by our Twitch channel at 3:00pm!

Hello, you two.

Could you try the steps listed on our FAQ page here?

Hope that helps, but if not, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help.

Always love to hear stories like this, hopefully I'll get to team with the same folks in the future. <3
(Folks, we have some good in-depth discussion going in this thread so I'd hate to have to lock it. Let's keep it civil and free of personal attacks. Thanks.)
This thread may be helpful too.
(Moving this to Languages as the original post was non-English. :) )
There will be amended chat support hours on Friday, February 21st. Live chat will be available from Noon to 6:00pm PST. Standard chat hours will resume on Saturday the 22nd.
You can resize it, but it's a little buggy (it's on our known issues list in the patch notes).

You'll see that below the bottom right corner of your inventory is arrow that looks like it belongs on the inventory window itself. Hover your mouse to the bottom right tip of that arrow and you should be able to resize things.


Hope this helps
I'm going to pull a Minea, and lock this thread and re-direct you to another one with the answer :)

byobsoad2 on 02/20/2014, 12:06 PM - view
this is about what I was coming back to say.

Can we get some kind of more specific idea of what exactly isn't allowed? I see some awful things in global, yet those people are still saying awful things days later. Can we remove those players, as well as the signs, since we're trying to make this friendlier?

the difference between global and the signs is that you can feasibly turn off global and never have to look at it. These signs are very visible and no player has an option to not see them as they go by. They are removable by our GM's but that takes away time they can spend helping customers with actual problems. The signs were already filtered, but our players are very creative.
Poteten on 02/20/2014, 01:42 PM - view
hey guys.

everything is up-to date on my launcher and for some wierd reason tera wont allow me to enter any servers...
and when i click refresh all the servers disapear... halp :c

servers are up right now. please contact support and see if they can help: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit

We’ve adjusted some battlegrounds, added some new things (like solo dungeons), and tweaked some dungeon drops. See everything in this week’s patch notes.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
We're still working on it for a little bit, hang in there please. :)
The servers are not open yet, hang in there. :)
Minea on 02/20/2014, 09:04 AM
We're still working on it for a little bit, hang in there please. :)

Servers are up now, please make sure to exit completely out of the launcher and restart. :)
Confirming what Aliila said, the servers are up but please make sure to exit completely out of the launcher and restart! :)
Seems like some folks are still having an issue with logging in (this would be those who've completely exited and restarted the launcher and tried running as an admin). If you're in this category please know that we are aware of this and are trying a few measure from our end.
(Counterpoint covered everything, I have nothing more to add. xD)
Hello all,

We will be restarting the servers at 11:30 a.m. PST. We will be addressing a few minor bugs (making the premium alkahest searchable and removing another territory's NPC), and we will also be removing the sign posts. The expected downtime is approximately 30 minutes.

All servers will be under maintenance at 11:30 a.m. PST on Thursday, February 20.

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
The current server restart is to address some of the issues in the new build (including another territory's NPC removal). More info here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/22014-All-Server-Restart-1130-am-PST
Sometimes I get the feeling the world is filled with emptiness... and no sound is ever made or heard. O_O

Just kidding. :)

Server Status subforum is usually an excellent source of server-related information:
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago - Reason: It's open now, we finished a few minutes early. :D
Servers are up now (I am on and see others on too).
All signs that were placed before the restart are removed. The signs you already have in your inventory are kept.
There were TOO MANY folks who were not using this responsibly. We're sorry to see it go too, we thought it could at least be given a chance well but alas, sometimes we can't have nice things.
Unfortunately that's not something we can do or we can do right now as it involves development.

It did have some filter.
There were A LOT of signs that we (as in multiple people) removed for being inappropriate during that short amount of time. Unfortunately I cannot promise anything or give an ETA because I don't have it. This isn't something that we can just change as I've mentioned earlier. Yes, we know you guys want it, yes we want it back too, but it will have to wait until we can figure out a better way that will be implemented. Sorry. :(
Hmm. I'm getting reports from others that loot does drop, so this may be an isolated glitch. Please contact our Support Team and we may be able to investigate further with more information.
Drakonnian on 02/20/2014, 07:14 AM - view
It's not even about walking to the dungeon.
It's about walking to a specialty shop to get a teleport scroll

Yes teleport scrolls are your friends :)
Ginjitsu on 02/20/2014, 08:18 AM - view

Not sure about it being bankable.

They cannot be put into personal or guild banks.

Not all drops rates are 100%, we'll clarify that in the patch notes.
If you are having trouble getting into the game, please exit the game AND the launcher completely and try again.
The servers were up, but someone were having issue logging into the server. If you have trouble since 9:30am and have not restarted, please exit the game and launcher completely and retry again.
mcspankme on 02/20/2014, 12:11 PM - view
So, what if it's a WH weapon? It's class determinable but it still rolls for Intense/Keen etc?

There are 3 different WH weapon boxes, they are labeled as keen/intense/quick weapon chest. So you'll know which weapon tyle you are getting from the name of the box.

Every region controls what and when they release certain items. As mentioned, there are items that are region locked but not many. Also, not all cosmetic items have to be sold, as you have seen we do use certain items for promotional reasons (like the duck for Canyon Clash 2, the afro for Skyring Slam) and the like.

When we do other things for our item releases, like create videos, comics, wallpapers, gifting, etc... all that takes time as well. I know that some of you don't care about any of that stuff and just want the item, but we also see that many of you do care and like all the stuff we create as well. We try to stick to a good cadence of releases so that you know to expect something around certain times.

The angel skins (renamed to celestial weapon skins) will be the next major release. Some accessories mentioned may also be out by then as well. If there are other specific items you have questions on, please ask and i'll try to answer.

Also, please note that actual content/game builds follow a different process and a much higher priority. We won't ever just sit on a build for kicks, and we try to get it out as soon as we can. For things like Rootstock going on now, we did wait a bit for that to go live, if only because running that and the Winter events didn't make sense.
Asyra on 02/19/2014, 10:50 AM - view
Thank you for actually replying. It feels so nice to know that developers actually care to reply!

I don't think I have a list of anything others have recieved that we haven't I can attempt to compile a list for you, but I have a feeling you already have that list in a more comprehensive fashion than I

that is pretty likely :). I just meant if you want any specific items addressed.
The flower eyepatches were just plain missed in the delivery. We'll get them eventually but not as soon as the other hats.

We definitely don't have those pets. I'll ask about them.
Ginjitsu on 02/19/2014, 12:25 PM - view
It would be nice if updates and content weren't bundled together, that way things like class changes don't take up to 6 months as content does to hit NA.

Content doesn't wait for cosmetics, and that was the point i was trying to make in my first post when i said that content/game builds have higher priority.

if anything, a reason some cosmetics don't come any faster is because it was missed in a game build that we wanted to push out.
Edited by: Treeshark 10 months ago - Reason: clarity
Butterstrawkid on 02/19/2014, 05:32 PM - view
Do higher level strongboxes have a higher chance than lower level strongboxes or is it equal chances throughout all boxes?

All strongboxes have the same chance.

The premium alkahest will (at this time) only be available in this event.
zebaz1988 on 02/19/2014, 06:44 PM - view
I love this patch notes, but please EME, regulate the things that you can write on the signs. Like Catonic said, players will abuse them to write offensive comments and all forms of profanity. Limiting the things you can write on them, like you did with the pet names, will be a better solution than just removing them right after their implementation. Don't repeat your mistake (remember the Dragon Fireworks)

The signs cost 50g, you can only put down 5 at a time, and they use the same filter as player names. But, we shall see how it goes.
Working on it.
Valley of Titans is back up.
Over the last few weeks we have experienced server instability, and as a result our servers have crashed several times. Our live service is the number one priority – this means game servers that stay up, web interfaces that remain accessible, and a network that runs smoothly. A poor live service is simply not acceptable to anyone at En Masse.

What caused this?
If I had the answer this wouldn't be an issue. That being said…we've been DDOS’d; not every time, but it has happened, we've had connection issues on our back-end, and our service provider is having some issues which they are working through. All of these items have either led to increased lag or crashes. The fact that all of these issues are occurring within close proximity only makes it worse.

What are we doing to solve this?
Several months ago we hired a new operations manager with 20+ years experience working at companies like Valve, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast, and others. More recently we hired network engineer and are actively seeking another. See enmasse.com/jobs if you are interested.

We are and have been methodically going through our network to investigate areas where we can make improvements. We are working with our server provider to see if there is any way we can expedite solutions. The task of running and reviewing an entire network for an active MMO is not a quick fix. It takes weeks, if not months to review everything, then more time to implement new protocols and fixes, and then time to see if those changes worked. The good news is these tasks are always ongoing. We've already made changes and have seen some success, but there is clearly more room for improvement.

Someone on another thread described our operations team as “useless” and while I wouldn't choose that term to describe them; it doesn't mean that person isn't entitled to their opinion. While you are not familiar with seeing our operations team in action, I am. I see the work they put in during their normal shifts, after hours, in the middle of the night, and when they are called away from spending time with their families on the weekend. Personally, I believe they work their asses off.

The Truth
The only way that we can satisfy everyone here is to go an acceptable period of time without any issues. It’s unrealistic to never have server issues as there are simply too many moving pieces, but consistency should be the norm. We realize that, and will continue to do everything we can to give you this.

We've worked really hard to provide a service that we feel is great. We will continue to strive for this because we love this industry, appreciate every customer we have, and are passionate about what we do.

Most of you have shown patience which we appreciate. Others have been very vocal and while we may not agree we understand. All we can ask is that you hang in there and we’ll get through it.
Edited by: Solomon 10 months ago
(Moving this to Off-Topic as its focus isn't TERA. Thanks.)
As mentioned multiple times already, "NO CAPES".

(Just kidding, I want them too. Mineo will look so cool in the black one. *swoon*)

We’re making the weekend extra-long and filling strongboxes extra-full with premium alkahest! Premium alkahest is a new alkahest with a higher chance of success than extensive alkahest and that also gives higher enchantment correction rates.

This weekend, from Thursday, February 20 after maintenance until Tuesday, February 25 after maintenance, all strongboxes have the potential to yield 1,000 premium alkahests. Lost your key ring? No problem! Pick up a strongbox key (or a stack of 50 strongbox keys!) at Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online.

Break out your keys, flex your muscles, and get ready to open some strongboxes!
Edited by: Minea 10 months ago
CitrusBunny on 02/19/2014, 04:19 PM - view

Also, unless it has changed, you may want to warn people to have enough space in the inventory if they plan on doing this. I remember the last Jackpot event, people were getting the messages they won the 1k Ex. Alk, but because they had less than two inventory slots, they did not have it put in their inventories.

With the new patch tomorrow, items now stacks to a whole number, so 1000 alkahests will be 1 stack instead of 2 stacks. :)

SummerRain on 02/19/2014, 04:57 PM
I'm assuming this applies to all strongboxes? including the old ones that don't drop anymore?

Yes the jackpot applies to all strongboxes. It's a good time to bring out those old locked pet strongboxes.
Edited by: Aliila 10 months ago
Our Battleground server just went down, but the game servers are still up. Are your disconnects happening when attempting to use the instance match system, or while you were in a BG?
Our BG server is down at the moment, and being looked into. Game servers are still up.
Hello OP,

For personalized technical help, please contact our Support Team! The team will be more than happy to help and will get back to you as soon as they can.
Can I join your guild? :D
Hey all!

Thank you for really constructive comments and feedback! It's really refreshing to come across a thoughtful discussion like this. ^_^

You guys are totally right, it was quite a bit more hectic than we wanted it to be due to the large number of players (we didn't expect so many people on a Friday + holiday evening) for a sort of hang out & roleplay event. The Community Team (Tonka, Harmonia and I) had to split into different channels to accommodate the number of folks that showed up, which wasn't initially in the plan. We'll try to designate the areas/channels more clearly next time and also communicate it better to improve everyone's experience. Sorry about the hecticness. :)

During the Single's Mixer, I believe Tonka's channel had the most number of people, and Tonka hosted the trivia questions + handled the prizes while he streamed. In Harmonia's channel, folks chilled and chatted while they hung out & had fun dancing. In my channel, we actually roleplayed, and although it was pretty hectic to group roleplay (I'm a game roleplay novice xD), Mineo got to meet 10-15 people in character. Of course, all of us were also chatting with the viewers on TwitchTV as well. :)

(Also being there for the community-hosted event is something that we'd also love to do when we can! Can't forget the Black Dawn Society's Masquerade on Saturday and more impromptu roleplays later that night. Mineo saw Dedrick propose at the Masquerade (in character), although he never made it to the tavern like he wanted to later that night.)

Community events are always a learning experience and we'll continue to try to improve, so these types of feedback are very helpful. We appreciate it a lot and please share more thoughts. Thanks!

(I don't even know how you got the motes in a perfect heart shape, I have a hard time making a circle... xD)
Hello all,

Instead of the regular weekly maintenance taking place on Tuesday (today), we are performing the maintenance on Thursday, February 20.

We'll try to get the servers up earlier if we're able to. We're still working on the patch notes, they're planned to be published sometime before the patch (I'll add in the link once it's published). Patch notes are here.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PST on Thursday, February 20.

  • Mount Tyrannas - PvP
  • Lake of Tears - PvP
  • Valley of Titans - PvP
  • Tempest Reach - PvE
  • Ascension Valley - PvE
  • Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience.
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(Welcome to TERA! :)

I'm going to move this to Tempest Reach server forum so that more relevant people will be able to view it.)
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It's back up now.
We treat these chats very seriously regardless of the intention. If you see or hear anyone saying anything regarding suicide or depression, please notify a GM as soon as possible.
What I can say is:
1) this was not a rogue GM.
2) appropriate individuals related to this have been dealt with.


By "appropriate" individuals we mean anyone that either caused or participated in this.
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We are bringing the servers down at 11am pacific today for a brief maintenance. The downtime is expected be an hour or less.
Downtime is expected to be less than a hour. Official thread here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/21714-Server-Maintenance-11am-Noon-PST
Azafel on 02/17/2014, 11:22 AM - view
Will there be an extension on the 12pm nexus time? Was looking forward to getting some scrolls.

We should be up before noon.
As others have mentioned it could be a browser setting for internet explorer. It also could be if you are clearing history / cookies, or flushing your dns. These things would reset account armor.
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Servers are up again, see you in game. :)
We are investigating this and disciplinary action will be taken against the players responsible.
We are investigating this and disciplinary action will be taken against the players involved.

Please have the person reach our Support Team so that we can help. Our team will get back to him/her as soon as they can. Thanks.

GM Harmonia, Tonka, and me in our Valentine's Day outfits.

Hope everyone is having/had a great Valentine's Day! :)
Yeah, it looked good to me, so I removed the OP link, just to be safe. <3
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