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The wounded world of TERA added four brand new dungeons: Rift’s Edge, Ghillieglade, Lakan’s Prison, and The Abscess. Plus lots of new gear, more crafting, enchanting changes, and more. Check out the patch notes for the full rundown of changes, fixes, and additions.
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We're looking into this right now guys, should have an update for you soon!

Edit: Server is now up, thank you for your patience everyone.
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We know you're going to be busy with barbecues and fireworks this weekend, but don't let that distract you from getting the most out of your Independence Day weekend.

This weekend, beginning Friday, July 4 at 11 a.m. PST and continuing to Monday, July 7 at 11 a.m. PST, all of TERA's dungeons have doubled their drop rates! Double your chances means double your haul for the really good stuff!
Oh ho ho. ^_^

(Tell me more about the forums acting up? Is it still?)
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We think we found the issue. It should be fixed in 10 minutes or so. If you continue to experience the issue after restarting the launcher, please let us know.

It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and En Masse is celebrating our freedom to slash prices! From Thursday, July 3 to Tuesday, July 8 at 1 p.m. PDT, you can pick up some of TERA’s more popular items at savings up to 50 percent off.

We’re starting off the fireworks by bringing two popular bundles back to the store for a limited time (before the new 2014 swimsuits arrive):

2013 Swimsuit Bundles and Loot Boxes—bikinis, jerseys, duckies, and deep blue Vs!
Pot o’ Green—the only way to pick up a dyeable Princess Arin outfit!

Looking for something a little less casual? Here’s the full list of items being discounted for TERA’s Fourth of July weekend sale:

• Nightfall costumes
• Bloodshadow costumes
• Party attire
• Twice-Maid bundle
• Maid to Work bundle
• Pirate costumes
• Ninja weapon lootboxes
• Ninja weapons
• Twice-Cured lootbox
• Once-Cured lootbox
• Strongbox keys (×50)
• Race change voucher
• Name change voucher
• Bank expansion bundle (×3)

You’ve only got a few days to take advantage of these great savings—so get on over to Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online as soon as you can!
It seems like it's related to ISP's but we're still looking into it. Importing Harmonia's post from Reddit:


Hey everyone,

It seems that issues with Charter service (possibly weather related) may be causing this issue.

July 3 Update: 2:30 PM Pacific

We're still looking into the issue to ensure there's nothing on our end, and it's possible that other ISPs may have some trouble as well with the weather concerns.

What can you do if this is affecting you?

Contact your ISP to let them know you're currently unable to reach our service.

If you are unable to reach our Support Team, please respond to this Reddit thread with the following information:

- Have you successfully logged in/played in the past or are you new?
- Where are you located (Country/State)?
- What is your ISP?
- Run the launcher in debug mode if you can and include it in the Support Ticket. (If you cannot reach Support, you may direct message HarmoniaEME the files if you are unable to contact support.
It was really fun trying today. I'd er recommend reading a guide before trying the hard mode though. Both of the bosses hit pretty darn hard. ;_;

@Chrysti, We had candy at the very end! M&M's. ^_^

(It seems like the issues some folks are experiencing are related to ISP issues. Please see this post if you are having an issue with connecting to TERA or our websites/Support.)
Well, the sacrifices need to go somewhere. Chomp chomp chomp. :D
Hey Everyone,

The 4th of July is this Friday, so we will be moving our stream to this Thursday (tomorrow!) at 1:30 PM Pacific. This will be our final preview of the new Wounded World dungeons before they launch, so come chat with us and get your fill of the new dungeon!

We are going to be throwing our corpses at the Hard Mode bosses after we complete the normal mode, so make sure to laugh at our despair....

We are going to be live at 1:30pm Pacific on our official Twitch channel

See you tomorrow!

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(Thank you for sticking to the forum rules. Also please be sure to report them so that we can investigate and take action. <3)

(Just re-read your post and it said you couldn't create a ticket? What error were you getting? Do you still run into the issue even when you select the 'can't log in' options in the ticket creation process?)
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Nice screenshots! The one on the pegasus is such great timing!

(So I'm guessing MegaMouse is today's sacrifice for the Sky Whale. :D)
Hornbuster on 07/02/2014, 12:43 PM
Hello there, since I don't play ZMR but I am signed to its Newsletter, I thought I'd share this free code I got, so it doesn't go to waste, enjoy ;)

Corpse Caller Grenade (7-day):

Quoting to share the code for Hornbuster. Thanks for sharing! :)

Today we have another excellent guild interview lined up. Meet Midnight, a friendly guild known for being helpful on Lake of Tears!

Please introduce Midnight to the TERA community. How did the guild start and how did the members meet?

Konichiwa, we are Midnight! The first members came from an older guild on the server that eventually came to an end. The remaining active members decide to start fresh with a new guild and so Midnight was formed. We eventually started picking up our friends and continue to do so as some are returning players, while others we have met along the way and invited them to our family.

What would you say the focus of the guild is? What are the characteristics that set Midnight apart from others?

I wouldn't say we have a set focus other than just enjoying the game and having fun. What sets us apart from the rest is that we're simply more relaxed and laid back rather than trying hard at everything. After all, the game is only as fun as you make it. You’ll find us in outskirts mainly, always dueling or conversing. We also enjoy battlegrounds and PvE content, while alliance is very limited to us.

We’ve heard that Midnight is an active and helpful guild. What are your secrets in maintaining such supportive and caring atmosphere?

There are no secrets to maintaining a caring atmosphere. We are a family and together we treat each and every member with utmost respect. We are not only limited to our guild members, we host Nexus raids and help other friends who are absent from Midnight. When a member needs help with the game or with gear, we all make the effort to aid them in the process (such as creating Wonderholme raids and running them through dungeons). We really have no formal rules to dictate how Midnight is run, but we do strive for the best in all that we do.

Do you have any advice for running a successful guild? Or any advice for other players in terms of PvE or PvP in TERA?

Well, since this is the first guild I have run, I don't have much knowledge to offer but the basics. Keep the drama and bad-mouthing very limited. I don't assign officers in the guild; everything is decided as a guild and everyone's opinion is valued. No one is left out and someone is always willing to help with something if needed.

Is Midnight currently recruiting? If so, how can a potential applicant contact you? Are there any requirements in joining the guild? If currently not recruiting, what other guilds would you recommend on Lake of Tears?

We are always open to new recruits and potential applicants can contact any guild member to get back to the guild master. Requirements for the most part are based off of personality as well as getting along with the other guild members. As for gear and skill, that's something that can be improved with a little TLC. We know we may not be the right guild for everyone, but there are many options on our server depending on what you’re looking for in a guild.

Anything you’d like to say to the Midnight members or En Masse?

All of the starting members would like to thank our wonderful friends who joined and helped us start such a friendly relaxed guild. Thanks to Alneriya, for always welcoming back people when they log in, every time. Also, I'd like to give thanks to a member who is no longer with us anymore, who created fun memories: Mercelia (Hmph). As guild master, I would like to give my personal thanks to those who had the patience to help and teach me back then: Cogie, Jellybee, and Yulie. And Midnight gives our thanks to EME for giving us this opportunity.

Thank you for sharing your guild’s story with us and good luck!
AllyLolly on 07/01/2014, 08:21 AM - view
It looks way better actually O.O and where is this skywhale that everyone speaks of? D; I've been playing for a year and have yet to see it

When you have that weird feeling that something is out there and we are not alone in the universe, look up in the sky and you'll see the almighty Sky Whale.

Just remember that the first character that sees it each day will become the sacrifice to the generous Sky Whale.

Power Hour is powering up for summer! From 5–10 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights in July, you can earn double credits in either Champions’ Skyring or Fraywind Canyon.

Check out the schedule for the month of July:

Wednesday, July 2–Sunday, July 6: Champions’ Skyring
Monday, July 7–Sunday, July 13: Fraywind Canyon
Monday, July 14–Sunday, July 20: Champions’ Skyring
Monday, July 21–Sunday, July 27: Fraywind Canyon
Monday, July 28–Wednesday, July 30: Champions’ Skyring

Hello everyone,

We've been using this thread to share how our plans were being formed with your feedback. We plan to make the costume tokens available for completing some of the instances through Instance Matching System, battlegrounds (Fraywind and Champion's Skyring) and hunting BAM's. (This will be included in the instance patch on 7/8.)
(Moving to Off-Topic as its focus is not TERA or its community)
(Moving to Off-Topic. I feel that this discussion's focus is a bit off to be in General Discussions as it's not TERA or its community.)
Added on 6/30:

Starting tomorrow morning after the maintenance, the July elite gift box will contain the tradeable version of Slash as one of the potential gifts.

1. If your elite status/s July subscription has renewed already,
2. AND you received the untradeable version of Slash,
3. AND you want the untradeable Slash to be replaced with a tradeable version,

Please contact our Support Team.
The items listed in the Elite box are tradable. The reason we say "for life" on some boxes is that there are similar boxes... that are not for life.

I would like to elaborate on the 2012 Retro Swimwear smart box though. The smart box itself IS tradable, and will yield another box - Crate of <your race> swimwear. This "crate" is not tradable, but will yield a permanent swimsuit for your race/gender that is of random color. That swimsuit itself IS tradable. So unless someone wants a specific color, just trade the smart box :).

I hope this will clear up any confusion!
Good Morning!

Today, we are going to try our hand at the brand new 10 person raid known as "Rifts Edge". We are going to start by running it on the normal mode, and when (not if!) we defeat it, we will give hard mode a go!

So come check out the stream at our regular 3:00 p.m. Pacific time over on Twitch.

Stick around after the stream for some ZMR PvP, and you could win a First Blood pack!


We are currently experiencing an issue with our Support Ticket system where submitting a ticket gives an error page. This is a known issue we are working to resolve and we will continue using this thread for updates on the issue. Thanks.
This has been resolved. :)
In case you are still having an issue, I PM'ed you.

Summer is here, and TERA's elite players receive a sweet new gift box.

Every month, En Masse gives TERA's elite players a free gift. This July, each elite player will receive the Elite Status Gift of the Month, containing one of the following goodies:

Suited for Life Smart Box—A smart box containing a permanent black legitimate business suit.
Bloodshadow Ninja for Life Smart Box—A smart box containing a permanent Bloodshadow ninjagi.
Retro Swimwear Smart Box—A smart box guaranteed to contain a swimsuit from TERA's 2012 swimwear line.
Slash Wolf Mount—The deathsteel wolf with a movement speed of 280.
20 Artisan Additives—Increases critical success chance by approximately 15% for crafting artisan items.
Twice Cured Loot Box—A loot box guaranteed to contain two or more Crafter's Cures or sometimes up to two Crafter's Cure Alls.

If you haven't signed up for elite status quite yet: What are you waiting for? Join the elite and get your summer gear now!

The fine print:

• Gift delivery starts Saturday, June 28, at 7 a.m. PDT. All users who sign up or renew elite status between then and Monday, July 28 at 7 a.m. PDT receive this gift.
• Users who sign up or renew elite status before Saturday, June 28 at 7 a.m. PDT receive June’s six-emerald gem bag.
Redirecting to: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/Check-Out-Julys-Elite-Player-Gifts
We're getting both (normal and hard) instances at the same time, on July 8. :)
Treeshark on 06/27/2014, 01:30 PM - view
The items listed in the Elite box are tradable. The reason we say "for life" on some boxes is that there are similar boxes... that are not for life.

I would like to elaborate on the 2012 Retro Swimwear smart box though. The smart box itself IS tradable, and will yield another box - Crate of swimwear. This "crate" is not tradable, but will yield a permanent swimsuit for your race/gender that is of random color. That swimsuit itself IS tradable. So unless someone wants a specific color, just trade the smart box :).

I hope this will clear up any confusion!

Moving to the top for visibility.


Added on 6/30:

Starting tomorrow morning after the maintenance, the July elite gift box will contain the tradeable version of Slash as one of the potential gifts.

1. If your elite status/s July subscription has renewed already,
2. AND you received the untradeable version of Slash,
3. AND you want the untradeable Slash to be replaced with a tradeable version,

Please contact our Support Team.
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Entries are always judged on a few merits. Is this an original entry? Does it actually fit the theme? Did the entry follow any rules specified? How creative is the entry?

We aren't looking for a screenshot with times new roman text on it. We want people to be creative, come up with a fun name for your fake movie. Some entries may win on technical skill, and obvious time commitment alone. Other will win on how amazingly unique their entry is.

Generally, we have 3-5 judges internally on which should win. We compare our picks, and the winners are decided. In specific styles of contests (like cosplay) we include other people who are/have been involved with the style of contest that is being run.

The theme of the contest is "classic movie poster". We provided an example of what that means, but just googling "movie poster" and looking at the images gives a lot of good examples as well. The great thing about movie posters is there can be tons of different styles of it. Be creative!

I know some people feel like they never win, but you have to remember that we receive hundreds of entries into our contests. We never pick our winners on any sort of preference, and sometimes it's really tough to pick one entry over the other. Obviously, everyone wants to win, but try to have fun with it too. This isn't supposed to be a pinata, it's supposed to highlight how cool our community is. Even if you don't win, we still like to show some extra entries, and post them on facebook as well!

Try to enjoy, and if you don't enter, keep on the lookout for the entries, we've already received a dozen over night :)
We aren't going to disqualify hand drawn art because it's hand drawn. But if you take a look at our example, you will see it was done in photoshop.

The theme is to make it look like an actual movie poster, so I'd focus on more photoshop than hand drawn.
Good morning,

Could you try the suggestions listed on our FAQ page? If they don't resolve the issues, our Support Team is here to provide personalized technical help.
(Nice idea! Really clean design too. :) I'm moving it to Fansites subforum as I feel the thread is more appropriate for the section.)
Thanks for letting us know, we're in the process of correcting some and verifying the others. :)
Good morning,

I recommend contacting the Support Team as Counterpoint said, as they are the only ones who can help with the issue.
I'm looking forward to the content and playing with others. Not sure which class I want to play first though. xD
(This thread seems a bit more appropriate for Off-Topic. :) )

Summer movie season is well under way, and no doubt you have seen your fair share of amazing movie posters. Well it’s time to give the world of TERA the "Hollywood blockbuster" treatment—and we need your help.

Create a movie-themed poster for TERA, and you could win yourself an awesome set of prizes. Your poster can be any theme as long as it has that "classic movie poster" look to it! The top five winners will receive a smart uniform smart box, plus Felicity—the new TERA pet that gathers resources for you!

So get those creative juices flowing and send your submissions to us by Sunday, July 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT!


1. Submit your movie poster entry to community@enmasse.com with the title “Movie Poster Entry.”
2. Submissions must be sized no larger than 1920 by 1200 pixels, in .JPG or .PNG format. Please keep file sizes under 4MB.
3. Submissions must include your character name and server name, in order for you to receive a prize.
4. Your entry must be received by July 6th at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
5. Standard EME contest rules apply.
News post will be going out today
SummerRain on 06/24/2014, 10:03 AM - view
translation: "We derped and added them on accident. Now thinking of message on how to make you believe we did it on purpose for you guys"


More like: "Tonka decided a news post on the day of the event would be just fine." :P
Meh, we should have announced it yesterday instead of today. That's pretty much all there is to it. I don't think anyone is calling for my head for the poorly timed post(I hope?), so all is gravy. The news post will go up shortly, we had to make a quick change to the body.

Hang tight :)
Thank you for sending in the report, we will investigate and take the appropriate action. As you know, we have and we do take action against players that use non-legitimate means to gain an advantage in gameplay. If you see an exploit, please be sure to report the incident with as much information as possible (character/server names, time, screenshots, videos, etc.)

(I advise against calling people out on the forums though as it is against the forum rules. :( )

TERA is proud to announce the return of two exciting summer events:

Festival of the Sun

Journey to Balder’s Refuge and help the Consos Clan get their temple back in order.

Fight off the Monsters

From sloths to ghilliedhus to snakes, your first trip through the festival’s quest line finds you winding your way through the many rooms of the Temple of the Sun, taking out the inhabitants that have moved in.

Temple Cleanup

Later, when you go through the temple again, you’ll be tasked with helping clean up the mess—droppings, garbage, and graffiti are all fair game for this group of daily quests. Help the Temple of the Sun shine the way it was always meant to.

Ice Treats

If all that work gets you ready to cool off with a snack, you’re in luck—as long as you don’t mind doing a little extra work first. You can make yourself a sweet iced dessert, just as soon as you finish a questline to pick up all the ingredients.

The daily quests are randomized, so you won’t know what you’re in for on any given day until you log in. Festival quests are for level 58 and up. The festival is only here for the summer. Check back every day to see all the quests while the festival is still here!

Beach Party

Visit Dragonturtle Beach to soak up some sun and play some beach games.

Splash Cannon Mini-Game

You can find the splash cannon mini-game on both shores of the party—they’re on Dragonturtle Beach and Kerozen Isle, respectively. Speak to the mini-game coordinator, and shoot water at the demons out in the surf for points.

Watermelon Mini-Game

These watermelons sure are mouthy. Speak to the mini-game coordinator to tie on a blindfold and get to smashing them. Don’t confuse them with the barrels, though—they sound just like the watermelons, but don’t give you any points.


Fill your pockets with sand—intentionally, this time! Grab sand from around the beach and build as many sandcastles as you can. Build enough, and you can get magic items that let you build sandcastles anywhere—permanently.

The beach party starts on June 24 (after maintenance). We’ll make summer last as long as we can but it won’t last forever—so get some sun while you can!

Note: While the mini-games and sandcastles are available to all levels, any quests associated with the beach party are available only to characters level 48 and higher, so level up quick to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
(Moving to Off-Topic as its focus is not TERA or its community)
Thank you for letting us know, we'll fix it shortly. :)
Sedax on 06/23/2014, 12:11 AM - view
When's the next Fraywind Canyon or 3's tournament? :D

I believe we're planning to make them into annual events. So guessing around the same time last year?
If you see an inappropriate behavior, please be sure to report them as you have. The moderation action may not be done immediately, however, we review every report we receive and take appropriate action. Continuing to repeat the bad behavior also may increase the moderation term and/or severity, and we have permanently banned multiple players due to their offensive and toxic behavior/chat in game. We really appreciate your help.
(Moving to Off-Topic)
We'll forward the information. Thanks for letting us know.
Happy Friday!

Today, we are going to preview a couple of the new dungeons that will be launching in July! I will be joined by a few awesome folks from the EME offices, so come check us out!

Immediately following the stream we will be streaming some more ZMR at 4:30pm. ZMR Closed Beta is live, so make sure you have signed up on PlayZMR.com! You can also get a get a free code from lots of different sources, so keep your eyes peeled!

See you at 3p.m. Pacific on our official twitch channel!

Edited by: Tonka 6 months ago
(Moving to Priest section)

Coming in July, TERA introduces the brand new Wounded World set of dungeons—but starting Friday, June 20, we preview the four new dungeons for you on Twitch.

Tune into our Twitch stream this Friday at 3 p.m. PDT We will show off the first two dungeons included in our Wounded World dungeon patch!

If you can’t catch the stream live, you can check out the Past Broadcast section for a complete VOD of the stream. And make sure to follow our channel to receive alerts any time we go live!
Dinayru on 06/20/2014, 10:47 AM
Hey all, I always enjoy looking at other people their lovely characters, so I figured I could start a new character parade of sorts ^-^

I'll start of with my newly created hooman female warrior~

(Linking from here)
Grats! Your character and the cat pet look super cute together. :D
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ETA = July
(Moving to Archer subforum :) )
Hello, Daniel!

Sounds like a fun idea! Could you update the post with a different link please? (Right now it's taking me to the events for the specific person logged in, not to the actual event. ^_^;;)

The artisans at House Summerbloom seek to make a name for themselves, and have created more elegant weapons for a somewhat less civilized time.

Starting Thursday, June 19, you can purchase a Summerbloom smartbox, guaranteed to contain a golden rose weapon skin specifically suited for your character. And as a special gift to our elite players, each and every Summerbloom smartbox is 25 percent off for the first week. So don't delay! After Thursday, June 26, this discount goes away.


Eager to pick up your own new Summerbloom weapon skin? Head on over to Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online today!
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Mimzim on 06/18/2014, 03:32 AM - view
Thank you - but I have already done this and been waiting a little while. We are just keen to play thats all :)

I've upgraded to Elite, still can't access live chat - it seems that a post was made a year ago stating they are 3 days behind so they have removed Live chat. Feeling a little lost and certainly like I have been mugged for the game cost now.
Live chat is available Tuesday - Saturday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific and is closed on Sunday and Monday. If you haven't received a reply to the ticket in a few days, please let me know and we'll see what happened.
What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.
So for some irrational reason I've decided to work on a new priest I haven't played in a very long time. It's not max level yet (around level 40) but I will be concentrating on PvE content once I hit max level.

What type of innerwear and etching stats should I be aiming for? At Wonderholme? Would it be different with t15?
Bird fashion on humans can be just as er.. unique?

(This has been fixed, thank you for letting us know!)
Good point. I'll prioritize endurance. Thanks all! :)

Stay tuned to the stream this Friday. :)

Also, if you want to be technical, there are 6 dungeons including the HM's. There's the solo one, the 5 man (Lakan's Prison), a 10man with NM and HM, as well as another dungeon with a 7man as the NM, and the 5 man as the HM aka MCHMv2.

Visually, there are 4 distinct dungeons.

We can stream a dungeon per week if you would like... ask Tonka!
Leiloni on 06/17/2014, 01:35 PM - view
Gahhhh.... what does "we can" mean? I mean if you're able to do that that means the patch is weeks away, but if you're currently not planning to then I have to assume it's sooner? I have no clue..... you are the master of mysterious responses. ;(

Twitch streams are planned around patch dates and not the other way around. It is also possible for Tonka to stream new dungeons *after* a patch is released as well. I mean, that would just be mean to ban him from streaming the new dungeons with the players. How else will he get carried in MCHMv2?
(Moving to Slayer subforum. Keep it on topic (= slayer) and remember to keep the posts civil please.)
Hey OP,

People play games they want to play and for me personally TERA offers action combat that brings a very different type of challenge and gameplay than other MMORPG's. I understand that you find it frustrating to see some aspects of the game have changed, but other players are not here to "defend" the game for you, nor they should. A MMORPG is always living and evolving and we try our best to make it better.

Also remember to keep all of your posts civil and constructive to follow the forum rules. The Official TERA Forums exist to encourage and build the community.
We are aware of the issues in Kumasasylum and have forwarded the feedback as well. We do and have taken action against exploiters in Kumasylum. Please be sure to report the players with as much information as possible! (names/server, screenshots, videos, etc.)
The improved coupon event will be included in the new instance patch.
ETA is the month of summer. We'll start previewing them soon on our weekly Twitch streams on Fridays too. :)

Heh, this can be pretty subjective. Some may be good at 3v3, some may be excellent in a bigger group support, some may show their potential only when he/she knows the group's play style, etc. whereas some may be decent at all situations but not as great as the previous person when they're comfortable.

(Btw, please don't create/use alt forum accounts. This is against the forum rules. :/)

Spam is only good in the mysterious meat form.
Now you know the tru.... I mean,

(Hey all,

All forum posts need to be respectful and civil. Please take this as a warning.)
Hey Again!

It's Friday, so that means it's time for another stream!

This week, we are going to preview the new Maid/Butler Weapon Skins, as well as show off the newly available World Cup themed tiger mounts.

Come on by and enjoy the Friday the 13th fun in our official Twitch channel. We will be live starting at 3 p.m Pacific as usual.

Immediately following the TERA stream, we will be jumping into some ZMR and playing with you guys.

Have a great Friday!

Meldita loves you all! And from what we saw on stream today AV loves Meldita back! :)

(fixed the title)
We've received a few reports and are looking into it. If you guys haven't received the email in 30 minutes and don't see the email in your spam/junk folder, please contact our Support Team! We'll help you through this!
Polls from today's stream:


I think this FAQ page should help you with that. :)
What Leiloni said is correct. We no longer offer digital edition of the game as it is free. Purchasing a physical copy is the only way to obtain founder status.
I'd be interested in watching some PvE healer action too. :)

Presenting four different mounts in varying uniforms and colors. Each tiger mount has four variants: one that restores MP, one that restores HP, one that restores stamina, and one that just makes you look cool! The lineup lootboxes are guaranteed to yield a mount. Two of the stamina-restoring mounts also have account-bound versions available for purchase.

And the best part is they're available right now—but only until July 15. Don't wait until halftime; get yours now from Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online.
Ryou's correct, it should be power. We'll fix the text bug in the future.

We appreciate the time and effort you took to report the case. Please be assured that we investigate all reports, and our investigation may or may have not required us to use your submitted video. We are all humans so we can make mistakes, but I encourage you not to just assume the response was a lie based on the video view only.

Please also note that the appropriate method to give feedback on the Support Team is through the Support Ticket. We do not share the moderation action taken with anyone except with the individual to protect everyone's privacy.
Hello everyone,

We will be performing a backend maintenance tomorrow morning, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. PDT.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, June 12.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thank you for your patience.
The servers are up, can you check after restarting the launcher please?
eridian on 06/10/2014, 01:48 AM - view
Well I fixed it, had to re-install the entire game so that took 6 hours. Really wish I could have at least gotten a response from support. The day I posted this I also put in a help ticket, still not heard back from them lol.

Hey Eridian,

I checked with our Support Team and we replied to your ticket 2 days ago and asked for diagnostic information. Could you check the response after logging into our website, under Support section, then selecting "My Support Tickets"?
If you've tried these suggestions listed on our FAQ page, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help.
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Here is the comment I left for you in your other thread, in your first post:

"Reason: For technical help, please contact the Support Team. For comments on the Support service, please submit a ticket so we can review them. If you want to change your forum name, PM me, as it is against the forum rules to create/use more than 1 account."

It seems like you've already tried the suggestions listed in the FAQ, and are already working with our Support Team for a working solution. We try to respond as quickly as we can, so thank you for your patience.
If you're experiencing this issue, please contact our Support Team for personalized technical help.

(Just in case you're installing from CD's, please use the download available from our website.)
I like the mystic skin! It's my second favorite after the Celestial one. :P
(Moving to Languages section of the forums.)
Hmm, an interesting idea we can consider, OP. Also thank you for keeping the discussion constructive, everyone!
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Could you send your trace route and diag report to our Support Team in a ticket? These information really help us figure out what's going on and our Support Team provides technical help. We appreciate it.
Stopping by to clarify: entering the physical copy of TERA's code backwards still gives the bonuses. (Just make sure they are new, and unused by others.) :)
May not be immediately, but we'll make them available outside of Valkyon Outfitters.
Hello all,

We will be performing the weekly maintenance tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. PDT.

All servers will be under maintenance at 7 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, June 10.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thank you for your patience.
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Adding: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/player-guides/topics/-TERA-Abbreviations-Acronyms-Vernacular?page=1
Awww! As a fellow GoT fan, I should start thinking about GoT during Corsair's run! :D

If I end up with the crystal room defense, I'll start reciting the oath!
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