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Kaia’s War Update 


  • Added Triumph Trophies
    • Unique rewards for the top-ranking player of each Battleground leaderboard season.
Battleground Reward
Corsair’s Stronghold Corsairs' Stronghold Triumph Trophy
Shore Hold Shore Hold Triumph Trophy
  • Triumph Trophies can be sold to shops for 250,000 gold or exchanged for battleground-specific rewards.

  • Collect six Triumph Trophies to exchange for a Hexatrophy; Collect ten Triumph Trophies to exchange for a Decatrophy.

    • A Hexatrophy can be exchanged for a custom title

    • A Decatrophy can be exchanged for a custom weapon skin.

    • All custom rewards are awarded at the sole discretion of En Masse, and subject to review.

  • The first Triumph Trophies will be awarded after the start of season 13, and any unused Triumph Trophies will be removed from inventory on April 7, 2021.

Battleground Vanguard Requests

  • Increased gold rewards for the following battlegrounds:

    • Corsair’s Stronghold (2,200 Gold to 3,000 Gold)

    • Shore Hold (800 Gold to 2,500 Gold)

    • Champions’ Skyring (200 gold to 500 gold)

  • Added reward: (Random) Skill Advancement XP Tome Box

    • Contains a random Skill Advancement XP Tome worth between 30000 – 200000 skill advancement XP.

    Bellicarium Shop

  • Reduced prices on PVP enhancement materials

    • Resale value of enhancement materials has been reduced by 10%.
Item Old Price New Price
Violet Particle 31,250 3,125
Violet Plate 218,750 21,875
Azure Particle 31,250 3,125
Azure Plate 218,750 21,875
  • Added the following items.
Item Price
Skill Advancement Tome (200,000) 1,000,000
Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust 200,000
Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Powder 200,000
Purified Ring Fragment 200,000
Purified Ornament Fragment 200,000
Honed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane 1,500,000
Annealed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane 1,000,000
Refined Duranium Fragment 10,000


Developer comments
We’ve added some PVE rewards to battlegrounds, with lower drop rates than in instanced dungeons. We've also lessened the grind on improving skills by adding skill XP items to battleground rewards and shops. We will address instanced dungeons at a later date. The stats on battleground gear are lower than those for mythic-rarity items, but this process offers an alternate path to upgrading your gear that maintains your current performance and significantly reduces the difficulty of acquiring upgrade materials. This change also makes battleground gear more useful in Civil Unrest: Velika.

Civil Unrest: Velika

  • Added more prep time

    • Players may now assemble in the Civil Unrest zone starting at 1800 UTC (11 a.m. Pacific)

    • Civil Unrest: Velika’s start time remains the same (2000 UTC / 1 p.m. Pacific)

  • Changed the Valderon token cost for admission by guild size:

    • Small: 700 tokens

    • Medium: 1,100 tokens

    • Large: 1,500 tokens

  • Guilds with fewer than 5 members in the Civil Unrest zone at the start of Civil Unrest: Velika will have their towers automatically destroyed and their members ejected from the zone.

  • Significantly increased the kill points for defeating opponents.

  • Changed reward distribution

    • Increased the gold reward for Rank 1.

    • Gold rewards for Ranks 2–5 are now spread out to Rank 20.

    • Guild supply box rewards have been expanded from Ranks 1–5 out to Rank 40, and the contents of the boxes have changed.

Rank Reward Components qty
1 Regal Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box × 5 ×5
Bellicarium Credits 150,000
Violet Particles 100 – 200
Violet Plates 10 – 30
Azure Particles 100 – 200
Azure Plates 10 – 30
Riding Skill: Tanner ×1
2–3 Princely Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×3
Bellicarium Credits 100,000
Violet Particles 70 – 140
Violet Plates 7 – 21
Azure Particles 70 – 140
Azure Plates 7 – 21
4 –10 Baronial Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×2
Bellicarium Credits 75,000
Violet Particle 60 – 120
Violet Plate 6 – 18
Azure Particle 60 – 120
Azure Plate 6 – 18
11–40 Ducal Guild Supplies Exodor Random Gear Box ×2
Bellicarium Credits 75,000
Violet Particles 50 – 100
Violet Plates 5 – 15
Azure Particles 50 – 100
Azure Plates 5 – 15
  • Bellicarium Credit awards may be increased by Elite Status or reputation boosts.

  • Exodor Random Gear boxes contain either one (1) piece of random rare or superior Exodor equipment, or an Annihilation/Dark Light mask, brooch, or belt.

Rally Quests

  • The top 5 raids/parties now receive guild supply boxes as follows:

    • Rank 1: Princely Guild Supplies

    • Rank 2–3: Baronial Guild Supplies

    • Rank 2–5: Ducal Guild Supplies

  • Increased rally monster HP and changed spawn regions

    • Sabranak - Howling Glacier

    • Anansha - Timeless Forest

    • Frygaras - Screaming Snowfield


Developer comments
Civil Unrest participation has been different than our initial expectations, so we’ve added entrance restrictions and outpost destruction conditions. Also, the guild rewards were outdated, so we’ve adjusted them to reflect the current state of the game, and also extended the new reward boxes to Rally Quests.


Exodor Archipelago

  • Changed mob locations in the following areas:

    • Azart Base

    • Rosema Tribe Residence

    • Kerozen Isle

    • Dark Hollow

    • Crystal Tor

    • Murderwing Monarch Rest Area

    • Murderwing Monarch Hunting Zone.

  • Reduced monster aggro across the board.

  • Reduced HP of normal and medium mobs.

  • Removed Dark Shard Feedstock Boxes from loot tables.

  • Named monsters now spawn randomly while killing mobs, instead of at fixed intervals. (Low probability.)

  • Adjusted named monster loot table.

    • Added Core-Blasted Stone Breaker.

    • Added Improved Dark Shard weapon and armor feedstock.

    • Removed Skill Advancement XP.

    • Boss Weapon Treasure Chests no longer drop for all party members.



  • Gossamer Vault (Hard)

    • Absorption attack damage has changed from being proportional damage to a fixed amount.
  • Corrupted Skynest

    • Reduced the damage of the outer Mana Field from 100,000 to 50,000.
  • The following dungeons have updated drops, and adjusted Adventure Coin costs:

    • Red Refuge – 150 coins

    • Velik’s Hold – 100 coins

    • RK-9 Kennel – 150 coins

    • Velik’s Sanctuary – 100 coins

    • Macellarius Catacombs – 80 coins

    • Antaroth’s Ayss (Hard) – 200 coins

    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) - 200 coins

    • Bahaar’s Sanctum – 250 coins

    • Gossamer Vault (Hard) – 200 coins

    • Akalath Quarantine – 200 coins

    • Corrupted Skynest – 250 coins

    • Corrupted Skynest (Hard) – 250 coins

    • Forbidden Arena– 250 coins

  • The following dungeons (and their associated Vanguard Requests) have been removed.

    • Demokron Factory (Hard)

    • Gossamer Vault

    • Demokron Factory

    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)

    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)

    • Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

    • Antaroth's Abyss

    • Grotto of Lost Souls

    • Ruinous Manor

    • Shadow Sanguinary

    • Dark Reach Citadel

    • Lilith's Keep

    • Thaumetal Refinery

    • Ravenous Gorge

    • Channelworks


UI Changes

  • Added Social Media options to the main menu.

Item Changes

  • Changed the visual effects on item drops

    • Certain items are now marked with a gold, purple, or crimson column of light.

  • New Gear: Exodor Scout

  • Awarded from the Velika Banquet quest

    • Intended to ease the transition into Exodor Archipelago content.

    • Enchanted with Exodor Scout weapon or armor feedstock.


General Leveling Improvements

  • Level 50-55 Quests

    • Reduced HP and damage for quest targets.
  • Akasha's Hideout (Solo)

    • Reduces the amount and frequency of recovery skills used by Shati's priests.

    • Adjusted some debuff skills to prevent enemy resistances.

  • Ebon Tower (Solo)

    • Reduced HP of named bosses.

    • Thulsa’s poison pools now disappear over time.

    • Adjusted some debuff skills to prevent enemy resistances.

Known Issues 

  • Item icons in the Item Claim UI display as placeholder images.

83.01 Update (2020/03/31)

  1. Aktualisierte Anzeige für Wächterlegionsmissionen.

    • Zugriff erfolgt jetzt über den Reiter [Hauptmenü] – [Schnelles Spielen] – [Globale Ereignisse] – [Wächterlegionsmission].

    • Legendäre Marken, Arboreas Goldkristalle, Arboreas Silberkristalle, Tapferkeitstränke und Edelsteine wurden als mögliche Belohnungen für Folgendes hinzugefügt:

      • Schatten der Darmschlitzer

      • Flucht aus Balders Zuflucht

      • Weit geöffnete Augen

      • Knack das Schalentier

      • Tuwangi-Reflextraining

      • Schlechter Tag auf dem Ödfels

    • Schatten der Darmschlitzer und Flucht aus Balders Zuflucht werden jetzt weniger häufig aktiviert.

    • Weit geöffnete Augen, Knack das Schalentier, Tuwangi-Reflextraining **und **Schlechter Tag auf dem Ödfels erscheinen jetzt nur einer nach dem anderen.

  2. Neuer Inhalt: Kopfgeldjagd

    • Zugriff erfolgt über den Reiter [Hauptmenü] – [Schnelles Spielen] – [Globales Ereignis] – [Kopfgeldjagd].

    • Wählt eine verfügbare Jagd aus, um euch zur Ausführregion der Mission zu teleportieren.

    • Sucht und tötet einen mächtigen Boss, um Belohnungen und Ranglistenpunkte zu erhalten.

      • Besiegt Ortan, Besiegt Hazard **und **Besiegt Cerrus erscheinen jetzt weniger häufig, dafür aber mit höheren Belohnungen.

      • Besiegt Joaral, Besiegt Rapharus und Besiegt Lamoureux erscheinen jetzt häufiger, dafür aber mit geringeren Belohnungen.

    • Kopfgeldjäger-Belohnungskisten und Elite-Kopfgeldjäger-Belohnungskisten enthalten Materialien für die Herstellung von Ortans Broschen, Hazards Broschen, Cerrus' Broschen und Broschen der Schattenjäger, sowie sonstige Verbrauchsgegenstände.

  3. Exklusive Instanzen über Gruppensuche

    • Einige Instanzen sind jetzt exklusiv über die Suche zugänglich und können nur über die automatische Gruppensuche betreten werden. Für diese Instanzen wurden die Beuterate um 25 % und der Bonus von Gruppengefühl auf maximal 150 % erhöht.

      • Zerschlagene Flotte

      • Gefräßiger Schlund

      • Kalivans Kriegsgaleere (leicht)

      • Kalivans Kriegsgaleere (normal)

      • Lilitasfestung

      • Syruks Forschungsstation

      • Velika-Untergrundtor

      • Revolutionärslager

      • Lilitasfestung (schwierig)

      • Eingestürztes Velika-Untergrundtor

    • Die Spieleranzahl für eine Gruppe, die in eine Gruppensuche eintreten will, lautet jetzt wie folgt:

      • 3-Spieler-Instanz – 2 Spieler

      • 5-Spieler-Instanz – bis 3 Spieler

      • 7-Spieler-Instanz – bis 4 Spieler

Entwicklerkommentar – Die Ausrüstung von Spielern auf Maximalstufe entspricht größtenteils Ausrüstungsteilen der kreischenden Wut oder besser, wodurch Gruppenanfragen für Instanzen unter Ausrüstungswert 439 schwieriger werden. Dadurch ist es für Spieler, die gerade erst die Maximalstufe erreicht haben schwer, eine Instanz der Stufe 412–439 zu absolvieren. Um dies zu vereinfachen, haben wir beschlossen, das Ausrüstungswachstum zu vereinfachen, indem wir die Beuteraten erhöhen und eine Umgebung erschaffen, die es Profispielern wie auch Nicht-Profispielern erlaubt, zusammen zu spielen. Da durch diese Änderung neue Spieler von TERA bestärkt werden sollen, bitten wir um tatkräftige Mithilfe der erfahreneren Spieler. Zusätzlich werden wir natürlich weiterhin Probleme, die durch Beobachtung des Spielgeschehens identifiziert werden, angehen und verbessern.
  1. Wiedereröffnete Instanz: Mogelplateau

    • Tägliche Eintritte: 1

    • Ausrüstungsstufe 439.

    • Ort: Poporia > See der Tränen > Elins Hain > Teleportal

    • Mögliche Belohnungen: Blonder Afro, schwarze Unterwäsche, Ausrüstungstruhen des Saturn, Smaragde, Diamanten, hochwertige Verzauberungsmaterialien.

    • Für das Mogelplateau gibt es keine Anfrage der Vorhut oder Gildenmissionen.

    • Mogelplateau-Fortschritte zählen nicht mit für den Gesamtfortschritt der Saison.

  2. Zeitlich begrenzte Heldentatsaison 3

  • „Antaros’ Opfer!" ist nicht mehr verfügbar. Der entsprechende Zeitraum ist beendet. 

  • Eine neue zeitlich begrenzte Heldentat wurde hinzugefügt.

    • Heldentat: Nur auf den Blumenpfaden gehen.

    • Belohnung: Fährte: Blumen

    • Zeitraum: 31. März 2020 – 04. Juni 2020

    • Bedingung:a

Erschließt 200-mal einen Verseuchten Blumenkristall.
Baut 200-mal Gestein von einem Fels ab.
Fangt 2-mal einen Goldenen Tintenfisch an der Angelstelle an Serens See.
Verkauft 30 Fische an die Angelmaterial-Anlieferung.
  1. Unterstützungssystem für heimgekehrte Nutzer

    • Spieler, die mehr als 30 Tage inaktiv waren, können eine Kiste für heimgekehrte Nutzer erhalten.

      • Kann nur einmal pro Server erhalten werden.

        • Wählt nach dem Log-In „Geschenke erhalten" aus.

        • Ihr könnt sie auch mit einem anderen Charakter erhalten, indem ihr „Mit einem anderen Charakter erhalten" auswählt.

      • Die Kisten enthalten eine Reliktwaffe (passend zur Stufe eures Charakters), Rüstung, Kristalle und Verzauberungsmaterial.

    • Charaktere auf Stufe 65 erhalten zeitlich begrenzte Saturn-Ausrüstung.

      • Zeitlich begrenzte Ausrüstung kann durch Erhöhung ihrer Gegenstands-EP und Sammeln von Umwandlungsmaterialien in einen permanenten Gegenstand umgewandelt werden.
    • Heimgekehrte Nutzer erhalten außerdem ein Fliegendes Reittier (temporär), Handbuch des Reisenden: Dorfreisen (temporär) und sonstige Verbrauchsgegenstände.

  2. Zubehör des Abgrunds

    • Namensänderungen von Umwandlungsgegenständen:

      • Vorher – Unvollendete Magieinfusion-Schriftrolle: <Halskette/Ohrring/Ring> des Abgrunds

      • Jetzt – Unvollständige Umwandlungsschriftrolle: <Halskette/Ohrring/Ring> des Abgrunds

      • Vorher – Magieinfusion-Schriftrolle: <Halskette/Ohrring/Ring> des Abgrunds

      • Jetzt – Umwandlungsschriftrolle: <Halskette/Ohrring/Ring> des Abgrunds

    • Verbesserungen an der Beuterate

      • Schriftrollenfragmente für Zubehör des Abgrunds können vom dritten Boss in Antaros-Abgrund (Schwierig) (Albtraum-Antaros) erhalten werden.

      • Fragmente können gegen die folgenden nicht-handelbaren Gegenstände eingetauscht werden:

        • [Nicht-handelbar] Unvollständige Umwandlungsschriftrolle: Halskette des Abgrunds

        • [Nicht-handelbar] Unvollständige Umwandlungsschriftrolle: Ohrring des Abgrunds

        • [Nicht-handelbar] Unvollständige Umwandlungsschriftrolle: Ring des Abgrunds

  3. Quest-Verbesserungen

■    Offline-Gruppenmitglieder werden bei der Verteilung von Münzen oder Questgegenständen durch das Besiegen von Monstern nicht mehr einbezogen.

● Anfragen der Vorhut für die Insel der Dämmerung wurden entsprechend aktualisiert.

  1. Jubiläumsevent zum zweiten Jahrestag

    • Zeitraum: (01.04) ~ 30.04.

    • Spieler erhalten den Entwurf: Münze zum 2. Jahrestag, welche dann aus den folgenden Materialien hergestellt werden muss: mit 3 anderen Mischgegenständen kombinieren, um die Münze zu erhalten.

      • Magiegetränktes Metall (kann durch Töten von Kaimaneierdieb erhalten werden)

      • Essenz von Serens Sees (kann beim Angeln in Serens See mit Jubiläumsköder zum 2. Jahrestag erhalten werden)

        • Spieler erhalten täglich 10x Jubiläumsköder zum 2. Jahrestag für die Dauer des Events.
      • Normetallerz (kann im Veritas-Bezirk, der Insel der Dämmerung, Velika oder Val Aureum erhalten werden)

    • Alle Event-Gegenstände (mit Ausnahme der Münzen zum 2. Jahrestag) werden am Ende des Eventzeitraums entfernt. Ungenutzte Jahrestagsmünzen werden 2 Wochen nach dem Ende des Eventzeitraums entfernt.

  2. Fehlerbehebungen

    • Walküre: Doppelimpetus wird nicht mehr unabsichtlich während Blutmond aktiviert.

    • Ein Problem wurde behoben, bei dem eine Fehlermeldung angezeigt wurde, wenn ein Priester oder Mystiker eine Wiederbelebung durchgeführt haben und eine Abklingzeit auf die Elite-Wiederbelebungsfertigkeit angewendet wurde.

    • Stärkungen/Schwächungen anderer Spieler werden nicht mehr während der Flugmission der Wächterlegion angezeigt.

    • Hitboxen für Antaros in Antaros-Abgrund wurden verbessert.

    • Die Quests für Syruks Forschungsstation funktionieren nun ordnungsgemäß.

    • Die Inventaranzeige des Untermenüs zeigt keine Umwandlungsoptionen für nicht-umwandelbare Gegenstände mehr an.

    • Online-Freunde werden in der Freundesliste nicht mehr als offline angezeigt.

    • Die Anzeige des Gesamtguthabens wird nun bei Einkäufen in den Läden korrekt aktualisiert.

    • Der Controller vibriert während der Quest „Geheimnisse, die nicht ans Licht kommen sollten" nicht mehr ununterbrochen.

    • Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das sich die Kamera beim Anzeigen der Begleiterfertigkeit ungewollt bewegt hatte.

    • Die Systemnachricht „Ihr könnt nicht betreten" wird ab sofort angezeigt, wenn ihr versucht, die Schlachtgruppensuche mit dem Zustand „Schande des Deserteurs“ zu betreten.

    • Die Fertigkeiten-Kurzbefehle werden jetzt nach einer Wiederbelebung nicht mehr als inaktiv angezeigt.

    • Das Sammeln in der Nähe der Höhenwacht verwendet nun die korrekten Produktionspunkte.

83.01 Update (2020/03/31)

  1. Mise à jour de l'interface des missions de la légion des gardiens.

    • Désormais disponibles dans l'onglet [Menu principal] - [Partie rapide] - [Évènements mondiaux] - [Mission de la légion des gardiens].

    • Ajout d'insignes légendaires, de cristaux d'or et d'argent d'Arborea, de potions de bravoure et de gemmes comme récompenses possibles pour :

      • Ombre des fouaille-tripes

      • Évasion du Refuge de Balder

      • Yeux grands ouverts

      • Dépiaute le crustacé

      • Entraînement des réflexes tuwangi

      • Triste jour au Rocher de la Désolation

    • **Ombre des fouaille-tripes **et **Évasion du Refuge de Balder **apparaissent moins souvent.

    • Yeux grands ouverts,** Dépiaute le crustacé, Entraînement des réflexes tuwangi et **Triste jour au Rocher de la Désolation n'apparaissent qu'un seul à la fois.

  2. Nouvelle fonctionnalité : Chasse de prime

    • Désormais disponible dans l'onglet [Menu principal] - [Partie rapide] - [Évènements mondiaux] - [Chasse de prime].

    • Sélectionnez une chasse disponible et téléportez-vous vers le lieu de la mission.

    • Trouvez et tuez un boss puissant pour obtenir des récompenses et des points de rang.

      • Éliminez Ortan, Éliminez Hazard et Éliminez Cerrus apparaissent moins souvent, mais possèdent de meilleures récompenses.

      • Éliminez Joaral, Éliminez Rapharus et Éliminez Lamoureux apparaissent plus souvent, mais possèdent de moins bonnes récompenses.

    • Les boîtes de récompenses de chasseur de prime et les boîtes de récompenses de chasseur de prime d'élite contiennent des matériaux pour fabriquer des broches d'Ortan, des broches d'Hazard, des broches de Cerrus et des broches de Chasseur d'ombres, ainsi que d'autres consommables.

  3. Donjons en recherche uniquement

    • Certains donjons passent désormais en recherche uniquement et l'accès se fait uniquement en recherche de groupe automatique. Le taux de butin pour ces donjons a été augmenté de 25 % et le bonus du Plaisir de la fête a été augmenté à un maximum de 150 %.

      • Flotte en morceaux

      • Gorge vorace

      • Cuirassé de Kalivan

      • Cuirassé de Kalivan

      • Forteresse de Lilitas

      • Station de recherche de Syruk

      • Porte souterraine de Velik

      • Camp des révolutionnaires

      • Forteresse de Lilitas (difficile)

      • Porte souterraine de Velik (difficile)

    • Le nombre de joueurs requis pour obtenir un groupe de recherche uniquement a été modifié comme suit :

      • Donjon pour 3 joueurs : 2 joueurs

      • Donjon pour 5 joueurs : 3 joueurs ou moins

      • Donjon pour 7 joueurs : 4 joueurs ou moins

Commentaire des développeurs - La distribution de l'équipement pour la plupart des joueurs de niveau maximum semble être de fureur criarde ou plus, ce qui rend les candidatures aux groupes pour les donjons en dessous du niveau 439 plus compliquées. Les joueurs ayant tout juste atteint le niveau max ont donc des difficultés à terminer les donjons entre le niveau 412 et 439. Pour rendre cela plus facile, nous avons décidé de baisser la difficulté de la croissance de l'équipement en augmentant les taux de butin et en créant un environnement qui permet les utilisateurs experts et non experts de jouer ensemble. Vu que ce changement a pour but de motiver les nouveaux joueurs de TERA, nous souhaitons demander aux joueurs expérimentés de les aider dans la bonne humeur. Nous continuerons de corriger et de répondre aux problèmes éventuellement identifiés grâce à la surveillance.
  1. Réouverture d'anciens donjons : Plateau trompeur

    • Entrées quotidiennes : 1

    • Niveau d'équipement 439.

    • Emplacement : Popori > Lac des larmes > Bosquet d'Élin > Téléportail

    • Récompenses possibles : Coupe afro blonde, Sous-vêtements noirs, Caisses d'équipement de saturne, Émeraudes, Diamants, Matériaux d'enchantement de qualité.

    • Il n'y a pas de requête de l'Avant-garde ou de mission de guilde pour Plateau trompeur.

    • Les épreuves de Plateau trompeur ne comptent pas pour le total d'épreuves de la saison.

  2. Épreuve à durée limitée de la saison 3

  • Le Sacrifice d'Antaros ne peut plus être terminé, car la période de disponibilité est terminée. 

  • Une nouvelle épreuve à durée limitée a été ajoutée.

    • Épreuve : Marchez uniquement sur les chemins fleuris.

    • Récompense : Piste Fleurs

    • Durée : 2020 31 mars - 2020 8 juin

    • Condition :

Contrôlez une fleur contaminée 200 fois.
Minez 200 fois du minéral sur un rocher.
Attrapez un poulpe doré 2 fois au site de pêche du jardin de Seren.
Vendez 30 poissons à la Livraison d'articles de pêche.
  1. Système de soutien de l'utilisateur existant

    • Les joueurs ayant été inactifs pendant plus de 30 jours peuvent recevoir une boîte de récompense d'utilisateur existant.

      • Ne peut être obtenue qu'une seule fois par serveur.

        • Après vous être connecté(e), sélectionnez "recevoir mes cadeaux".

        • Vous pouvez la recevoir avec un autre personnage en sélectionnant "recevoir sur un autre personnage".

      • Les boîtes contiennent une arme relique adaptée au niveau de votre personnage, de l'armure, des cristaux et un matériau d'enchantement.

    • Les personnages de niveau 65 reçoivent de l'équipement de saturne à durée limitée.

      • Une pièce d'équipement à durée limitée peut être convertie en un objet permanent en augmentant ses PEX d'équipement et en récupérant des matériaux de conversion.
    • Les utilisateurs existants recevront également une monture temporaire volante, des guides du voyageur temporaires et d'autres consommables.

  2. Accessoires abyssaux

    • Modification de noms d'objets de conversion :

      • Précédemment - Parchemin d'infusion de magie inachevé : Abyssal <Collier/Boucle d'oreille/Anneau>

      • Maintenant - Parchemin de conversion incomplet : Abyssal <Collier/Boucle d'oreille/Anneau>

      • Précédemment - Parchemin d'infusion de magie : Abyssal <Collier/Boucle d'oreille/Anneau>

      • Maintenant - Parchemin de conversion : Abyssal <Collier/Boucle d'oreille/Anneau>

    • Amélioration du taux de butin

      • Les fragments de parchemin d'accessoire abyssaux sont donnés par le 3e boss de l'Abîme d'Antaros (difficile) (Antaros cauchemardesque).

      • Les fragments peuvent être échangés pour les objets non échangeables suivants :

        • [Non échangeable] Parchemin de conversion incomplet : Collier abyssal

        • [Non échangeable] Parchemin de conversion incomplet : Boucle d'oreille abyssale

        • [Non échangeable] Parchemin de conversion incomplet : Anneau abyssal

  3. Améliorations des quêtes

■    Les membres du groupe qui sont hors-ligne ne sont désormais plus comptés lors de la distribution du crédit d'élimination ou d'objets de quête donnés pour l'élimination de monstres.

● Les requêtes de l'Avant-garde de l'Île de l'Aube ont été mises à jour pour refléter ce changement.

  1. Deuxième évènement d'anniversaire

    • Dates : 01/04 ~ 30/04

    • Les joueurs recevront les patrons suivants : Pièce du 2e anniversaire, qui doit être fabriquée grâce à la combinaison de trois objets mixtes.

      • Métal infusé de magie (peut être obtenu en tuant un voleur d'œufs caïman)

      • Essence du Lac de Seren (peut être obtenu en utilisant un appât du 2e anniversaire en pêchant au Lac de Seren)

        • Les joueurs recevront chaque jour 10 appâts du 2e anniversaire pendant l'évènement.
      • Minerai de normétal (peut être obtenu au District de Veritas, sur l'Île de l'Aube, à Velika ou à Val Aureum)

    • Tous les objets de l'évènement (sauf la pièce d'anniversaire) disparaîtront à la fin de l'évènement. Les pièces d'anniversaire inutilisées disparaîtront deux semaines après l'évènement.

  2. Corrections de bugs

    • Valkyrie : La double impulsion ne se lance plus de manière imprévue lorsque vous lancez Lune sanguine.

    • Correction d'un problème causant l'apparition d'un message d'échec après qu'un Prêtre ou un Mystique ait utilisée Résurrection et le lancement d'un temps de recharge sur la compétence Résurrection ÉLITE.

    • Correction d'un problème causant l'affichage des effets positifs et négatifs lors des missions aériennes de la légion des gardiens.

    • Correction de la hit box d'Antaros dans l'abîme d'Antaros.

    • Les quêtes de la Station de recherche de Syruk fonctionnent désormais comme prévu.

    • L'interface du sous-menu de l'inventaire n'affiche plus les options de conversion pour les objets non convertibles.

    • Les amis en ligne ne s'affichent désormais plus comme hors-ligne dans l'interface des amis.

    • Les totaux de monnaie se mettent désormais à jour correctement lorsque vous achetez des objets depuis les boutiques.

    • La manette ne vibre plus sans arrêt pendant la quête Les secrets doivent rester secrets.

    • Correction d'un problème entraînant le déplacement de la caméra lors de l'utilisation de l'interface de compétence de familier.

    • Le message système "vous ne pouvez pas entrer" ne s'affiche plus lorsque vous tentez d'entrer dans l'interface de recherche de champ de bataille avec l'anomalie La honte du déserteur.

    • Correction d'un problème entraînant l'affichage des raccourcis de compétence comme inactifs après Résurrection.

    • La collecte près de Hautegarde utilise désormais les points de production correctement.

Live 83.01 Update (2020/03/31)

  1. Updated Guardian Legion Missions UI.

    • Now found at [Main Menu] – [Quick Play] – [World Events] – [Guardian Legion Missions] tab.

    • Added Legendary Tokens, Golden Talents, Silver Talents, Bravery Potions, and gems as possible rewards for the following:

      • Shadow of the Gutrends

      • Escape from Balder’s Refuge

      • Eyes Wide Open

      • Crack the Crustacean

      • Tuwangi Reflexes Training

      • Bad Day at Bleakrock

    • Shadow of the Gutrends and Escape from Balder’s Refuge now trigger less often.

    • Eyes Wide Open, Crack the Crustacean, Tuwangi Reflexes Training, and Bad Day at Bleakrock now only spawn one at a time

  2. New feature: Bounty Hunt

    • Access via [Main Menu] – [Quick Play] – [World Event] – [Bounty Hunt] tab.

    • Select an available hunt, and teleport to the mission location.

    • Find and kill a powerful boss for rewards and ranking points.

      • Defeat Ortan, Defeat Hazard, and Defeat Cerrus occur less often but have higher rewards.

      • Defeat Joaral, Defeat Rapharus, and Defeat Lamoureux happen more often but have lesser rewards.

    • Bounty Hunter Reward Boxes and Elite Bounty Hunter Reward Boxes contain materials for crafting Ortan Brooches, Hazard Brooches, Cerrus Brooches and Shadow Hunter Brooches, as well as other consumables.

  3. Matching-Only Dungeons

    • Some dungeons are now matching-only, and can only be entered through automatic party matching. Drop rates for these dungeons have increased by 25%, and the bonus from Joy of Partying has increased to a maximum of 150%.

      • Shattered Fleet

      • Ravenous Gorge

      • Kalivan’s Challenge

      • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught

      • Lilith’s Keep

      • Thaumetal Refinery

      • Velik’s Hold

      • Red Refuge

      • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)

      • Velik’s Hold (Hard)

    • The number of players required for a viable matching-only party has changed as follows:

      • 3-player dungeon – 2 players

      • 5-player dungeon – 3 or fewer players

      • 7-player dungeon – 4 or fewer players

Developer’s Comment – Most of maximum level users equipment distribution tends to be Stormcry or above, making party applications for dungeons below 439 tougher. Because of this, users who just achieved max level are finding it difficult to run dungeons between i-level 412–439. To make this easier, we have decided to lower the difficulty of equipment growth by increasing drop rates and creating an environment that allows expert users and non-expert users to play together. As this is a change meant to invigorate newer players of TERA, we would like to ask for enthusiastic help from experienced players. In addition, we will continue to respond and improve if problems are identified through monitoring.
  1. Returning Dungeon: Manglemire

    • Daily entries: 1

    • Item level 439.

    • Location: Poporia > Lake of Tears > Elin’s Grove > Teleportal

    • Possible rewards: Blonde Afro, Black innerwear, Frostmetal Equipment Boxes, Emeralds, Diamonds, high-end enchanting materials.

    • There are no Vanguard Request or Guild missions for Manglemire.

    • Manglemire feats do not count toward feat season totals.

  2. Time-limited Feat Season 3

  • ‘Antaroth’s Sacrifice!’ is no longer achievable as the available period has been expired. 

  • New Time-limited Feat has been added.

    • Feat : Walk only on the flowered paths.

    • Reward : Footsteps: Flowers

    • Duration : 2020 Mar 31 – 2020 June 8

    • Condition :

Harness an Obsidian Essence Crystal 200 times.
Mine Plain Stone from a Rock 200 times.
Catch a Golden Octopus 2 times at Seren’s Lake Fishery
Sell 30 fish to an Association Fishmonger.
  1. Return user support system

    • Players who have been inactive form more than 30 days can receive a Returning User Box.

      • Can only be obtained once per server.

        • After log-in, select "Receive gifts."

        • You can receive it with a different character by selecting "Receive on another character."

      • Boxes contain a Relic Weapon suitable for your character’s level, armor, crystals, and enchanting material.

    • Level 65 Characters receive time-limited Frostmetal gear.

      • A piece of time-limited gear can be converted to a permanent item by increasing its item xp and collecting conversion materials.
    • Returning users also receive a temporary flying mount, temporary village atlas, and other consumables.

  2. Abyssal Accessories

    • Conversion item name changes:

      • Before – Incomplete Magic Infusion Scroll : Abyssal <Necklace/Earring/Ring>

      • After – Incomplete Conversion Scroll: Abyssal <Necklace/Earring/Ring>

      • Before – Magic Infusion Scroll : Abyssal <Necklace/Earring/Ring>

      • After – Conversion Scroll: Abyssal <Necklace/Earring/Ring>

    • Drop-rate improvement

      • Abyssal Accessory Scroll Fragments drop from the 3rd boss in Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard) (Nightmare Antaroth).

      • Fragments can be exchanged for the following non-tradable items:

        • [Non-tradeable] Incomplete Conversion Scroll: Abyssal Necklace

        • [Non-tradeable] Incomplete Conversion Scroll: Abyssal Earring

        • [Non-tradeable] Incomplete Conversion Scroll: Abyssal Ring

  3. Quest Improvements

■    Offline party members are no longer counted when distributing kill credit or quest items from defeating monsters.

● Island of Dawn Vanguard Requests have been updated to reflect this change.

  1. 2nd Anniversary Event

    • Dates: 4/1 ~ 4/30

    • Players will receive Design: 2nd Anniversary Coin, which must then be crafted from the following materials: be Combining with 3 other mix-items to create the coin.

      • Magic Infused Metal (can be obtained by killing a Caiman Egg Thief)

      • Essence of Seren's Lake (can be obtained by using 2nd Anniversary Bait while fishing at Seren's Lake)

        • Players will receive 2nd Anniversary Bait ×10 every day during the event.
      • Normetal Ore (can be gathered in Veritas District, Island of Dawn, Velika, Val Aureum)

    • All event items (except the anniversary coin) will be removed at the end of the event. Unused Anniversary coins will be removed 2 weeks after the event.

  2. Bug Fixes

    • Valkyrie: Spinning death no longer casts unexpectedly when casting Ragnarok.

    • Fixed an issue where a failure message displayed after Priests or Mystics used a resurrection, and applied a cooldown to the ELITE resurrection skill.

    • Fixed an issue where other players’ buffs/debuffs displayed during Guardian Legion Flight Missions.

    • Fixed the hit boxes for Antaroth in Antaroth’s Abyss.

    • Quests for Thaumetal Refinery now work as expected.

    • The Inventory UI sub-menu no longer displays conversion options for non-convertible items

    • Online friends no longer display as offline in the Friend UI

    • Currency totals now update/reduce as expected when buying items from shops.

    • The controller no longer vibrates non-stop during the Secrets Not Meant to be Known quest

    • Fixed an issue where the camera moved when using the Pet skill UI

    • A system message of ‘you cannot enter’ is not displayed while trying to enter the battleground matching UI with Deserter’s Shame abnormality

    • Fixed an issue where skill short cuts displayed as inactive after a resurrection.

    • Gathering near Highwatch now uses production points correctly.

[Kaia’s Anvil Update]

Class Balancing

  • Priest
  • Increased crit chance for Zenobia’s Vortex.

    • Decreased crit chance for Holy Burst.
  • Berserker

    • Improved Bloodlust II (Outrage)
    • Increased the duration of Flurry of Blows II to 21 sec.
      • Now better aligned with Unleash and Frenzy (Outrage).
  • Lancer

    • Increased all skill damage by 33.3% when fighting field monsters.
    • The effect of Debilitate cannot be resisted.
    • The effects of Guardian Shout and Line Held do not end when knocked down.
    • The effects of Guardian Shout and Rallying Cry do not share a cooldown.
  • Brawler

    • The effect of Jackhammer cannot be resisted.
  • Ninja

    • Reduced the glyph cost of Energetic Circle of Steel from 4 to 2.
    • The effects of Focus and Lethal Lesson do not end when knocked down.
    • The effect of Double Cut does not end when knocked down or staggered.
  • Gunner

    • The effect of burst Fire Force does not end when knocked down or staggered.
  • Slayer

    • The effect of Overhand Strike Force does not end when knocked down.

    • The effect of Rapid Fire Pummel Stack does not end when knocked down.

Dungeon Changes

New Dungeon: Forbidden Arena (5-player)

  • Located in Sienna Canyon, Val Elenium
  • Party Matching: Level 69, iLvl 461
  • Cost: 220 Adventure Coins
  • Entries: 5/week (10 for Elite)
  • Possible rewards: Annihilation/Dark Light Brooch, Undying Fighter’s Ornament Fragment, Exodor gear (rare/mythic), Improved Dark Shard Feedstock
  • Achievements:
    • Too Slow…Too Slow
    • You Should Bring your Friend
    • Who’s Next
    • Arena 3 / 4

New Dungeon: Corrupted Skynest

  • Located in Verrak Fortress, Exodor
  • Party Matching: Level 69, iLvl 461
  • Cost: 220 Adventure Coins
  • Entries: 5/week (10 for Elite)
  • Possible rewards: crafting materials, Exodor gear (rare/mythic), Improved Dark Shard Feedstock
  • Achievements:
    • Not This Time
    • Prepared for Immortality
    • How About a Jump
    • Making it Look Easy
    • Draakon Exposer

New Dungeon: Corrupted Skynest (Hard)

  • Located in Verrak Fortress, Exodor
  • Party Matching: Level 69, iLvl 480
  • Cost: 250 Adventure Coins
  • Entries: 5/week (10 for Elite)
  • Possible rewards: Mythic Equipment Chest, crafting materials, Exodor gear (rare/mythic), Hellfire/Frostbite Kelsaik weapon skins
  • Server First Achievements
  • Achievements:
    • We Meet Again
    • Resisting the Immortal
    • Becoming the Immortal
    • Exodor Hero
    • Chasing Butterflies
    • Stay awhile and Listen
    • Above Immortality

Dungeon Adjustment: Cultist’s Refuge (Solo)

  • Decreased the number of monsters
  • Decreased some Boss HP totals
  • Changed the frequency of some monster attack patterns
  • Killing Galanos now opens the door without touching the Western Wardstone

Retiring Dungeons

  • Forsaken Island
  • Forsaken Island (Hard)

New Gear: “Mythic” rarity

  • Complete the quest [Important] Kaia’s Anvil to unlock mythic gear crafting.
  • Combine a piece of Annihilation or Dark Light gear with Heroic Oath gear to create a more powerful item, with the new, higher rarity of “mythic.”

    • Annihilation + Heroic Oath = Kaia’s Fury items (Physical Amplification)
    • Dark Light + Heroic Oath = Kaia’s Wisdom items (Magic Amplification)
  • Black Core Essence may be substituted for a piece of Heroic Oath gear.

  • Enchantment level and random options are transferred to the new gear.
  • Mythic rarity gear has a purple rarity designator, higher item level, and can only be equipped by characters level 69 and higher
  • Kaia’s Fury and Wisdom items have higher Physical and Magic Resistance, and gain special options
    • Kaia’s Judgement: Reduces a target’s Physical and Magic Resistance, with a chance to decrease target’s Crit Resist.
    • Kaia’s Will (Lances and Powerfists): Increased aggro, damage vs. enraged monsters.
    • Kaia’s Blessing (Staff, Scepter): Increased HP recovers on severely wounded allies, increased damage vs. enraged monsters.
    • Kaia’s Defiance (DPS weapons): Increased damage vs monsters with 80% or higher HP.

Item adjustments

  • Quest items from the following Apex quests cannot be stored in the Bank and can be discarded at any time. Discarded quest items can be recovered through the quest log.

    • A Gift for the Goddess
    • The Celestial Warrior
    • The Melancholy of a Designer
    • The Finest Fireworks
    • The Missing Supplier
    • Olivung’s Cooking Class
    • Need a Rest
  • The following items can now be stored in the bank

    • Dragon Scale
    • Alliance Noctenium Infusion
    • Khirian Glyph Box
    • Vanguard’s Glyph Crate
    • 100% XP Boost (15 Days)
    • 100% Reputation Boost (15 Days)
    • 100% XP Boost (1 Day)
    • Vanguard Supply: 50% XP Boost (5 Hour)
    • [Event] Armor Enchanting Scroll [Guardian]
    • [Event] Armor Enchanting Scroll [Twistshard]
    • [Event] Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Guardian]
    • [Event] Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Twistshard]
    • [Event] 100% Reputation Boost (7 Days)

Leveling Adjustments (Level 30-50)

  • Decreased the Kill count for the quest Rotten to the Core
  • Decreased the monsters along the quest paths of:

    • Where’s Kaidun
    • Cleansing Tirkai
  • Decreased the balance/difficulty of monsters for:

    • Where’s Kaidun
    • The Fall of the Betrayer
    • Blightroar


  • End of Season 12
  • Added Corrupted Skynest (Hard) to Season 13

Adventure Coins

  • Increased the cap from 1000 coins to 1200 coins
    • Elite: 1680 to 2000


  • Changed the reset time on the Elite Status bar to 1300 UTC

Known Issues

  • Armor pieces from Exodor gear sets do not display properly on elin characters.
The good news is that the server maintenance page is correctly showing that the PC servers are under maintenance. The bad news is that we are still verifying the game servers so maintenance has been extended.
I talked to a web developer about the server status page this morning and we found the issue (format of status messages changed). We are working on a fix.
We have deployed a fix for the issue. Players should be able to log in using their Facebook accounts.
Facebook log-ins are working again. You should be able to get into the game normally now.

You can reset your password by visiting this page: https://account.enmasse.com/users/password_reset
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the cause of the problem and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have it deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We have received reports from TERA players on Xbox and PlayStation where sometimes they do not receive EMP after purchasing it or sometimes they receive double the EMP that they purchased. Our team investigated the problem and we believe we have found the underlying cause.

We will deploy a fix for this issue in the next few days that will make EMP delivery much more reliable. After we deploy our fix we will review past transactions so we can deliver missing EMP to players who have not received it.
We fixed an issue that occurred last night that blocked items purchased on PlayStation Store from being delivered. The next time you restart the TERA Game App (or if you access the PlayStation Store from in-game), your missing items should be delivered.
There was an issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing items should be delivered.
We fixed the issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing items should be delivered.
Hi everyone. We fixed the issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing Founders' Packs and EMP should be delivered.
Our designer created a 1080p version of the image. You can get it here: http://download.enmasse.com/images/tera/news/godsfall/wallpaper.jpg
TLX wrote: »
I need to report a bug on this webpage of Tera, high elf descriptions have letters with spaces in white at back but unclassified, unordered, not like the other races.

Thanks for the heads up. We are working on a fix for that page.
We have a complete summary of the bonuses here: https://store.enmasse.com/black-friday/emp-deals
I found the error and fixed it. The 35,000 EMP bundle is now showing up correctly in Xsolla and for credit card purchases. Sorry about the delay.
@Shadowbarrage That was my fault. Should be showing up properly for everyone now. Sorry about the delay.
The billing information tab is only required for PayPal and BoaCompra purchases. If you are making a credit card or Xsolla EMP purchase, the billing tab doesn't open. You can click the yellow "Review Order" button to continue your order.
@FaytEsteem The status is showing up incorrectly. We decided to give beta access to people with Founders' Accounts instead of adding them to the beta sign up system. You should be able to download the launcher today from the Kritika Online web site and start downloading the game client.
Thank you everyone for reporting these lag issues to us and for helping us to investigate the ongoing problems. I posted an update to the thread with some information on this week's hotfixes.
Have you tried closing and restarting the TERA launcher?
sraz wrote: »
Pondering this really makes me think there is some sort of back end process or cross server operation that gets hung up waiting on something and just causes delays in game, which would be indeed hard to isolate since logging would not report any issues since the operation does eventually go through, however players actually see a 1-4 second delay in game which we generalize to "LAG." Obviously narrowing this down would actually require ongoing resource monitoring to match up with player reports. However since the lag rarely lasts more than a few seconds, without precise time codes it's really hard to match player reports up with actual server processes.

We have been looking at those possibilities as well. We've adjusted daily back up times and have been monitoring event logs on all the servers to see if there is a process running at particular times that could contribute to lag.

Avi wrote: »
Hi GM! Another person here who is glad the issue is being investigated. The lag has been consistent for a few patches now. I am curious as to if you guys have investigated how other games are running their servers to avoid this issue? Tera has a rather small player base and I have a feeling a lot of people would be okay with downtime if the servers could be consistent. Well, mainly just instance servers. What has changed since maybe SCHMs initial patch to now? I don't think we had as much lag back then if I can remember correctly and I am doubtful that it is the increase in player base. Lag has sadly been the main reason I haven't been able to enjoy playing the game and really look forward to it getting fixed!

We do talk to Bluehole about how TERA is hosted in other regions and members of our team have worked on large scale games from Arenanet, Microsoft, Daybreak, and other studios worldwide.

There are almost weekly changes to TERA servers and services so pinpointing an exact change that could affect lag is challenging. One of the reasons we are asking for more information and diagnostic reports from the community is to help us both identify what areas are most prone to lag and to find better ways of identifying signs of when a server may need to be taken down for emergency maintenance.
Noesis and Halrath have been investigating this issue since it was first reported to us. We couldn't find any changes in our GM tool that would explain why the time changed. We spoke with Bluehole and we believe there is a strong chance that the Elite resets will happen around midnight tonight. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we get them.
Geletron wrote: »
DYJGAM94YD wrote: »
Hi. I'm a south american player, brasilian. Sorry for my bad english. Have you considered a server in miami? Many games have servers in miami for us. I think this can be a improvement in our pings, and give us some chances for competitive pvp. No one suffer with lag spikes like us..

Oi como vai. We have looked at hosting TERA servers in different places. Wonderholm was hosted in a different data center, though we had to add some additional constraints to make it work properly.

There are some infrastructure challenges that make it difficult to host TERA in multiple locations. TERA servers like to run in the same location as the services they rely on. One side affect of that restriction is that dungeon and battleground matches may be limited so that you could only play with people from the same server. That in turn could make some of the end game content less fun.

European here, from Denmark to be specific. Have you considered hosting TERA in a different location altogether ?
Given everything you say you've already attempted, I can't help but think that it seems your datacenter is having issues with its network either internally or externally.
On average, ignoring today's worse than usual lagspikes, I tend to get about 140-150ms ping on the Fey Forest server which, while playable, isn't great compared to other US based games I've played where I might normally see about 80-120ms. Of course there's the "but you're not in America" card to pull, but from what I gather it seems that even a large part of the NA playerbase is having the same kind of ping as I am, which to me is a bit worrying to say the least.

We have considered hosting TERA in different data centers and/or different physical locations. Moving everything, however is a monumental task. It took about a year of planning and months of work to upgrade all the existing hardware while minimizing down time. The Wonderholm server taught us a lot about what it would take to build and move a single world server to a new data center and we are going to use what we learned from that experiment as we plan on how to host TERA moving forward.

Our biggest concern at the moment is finding root causes of lag spikes people have been experiencing on different servers. It makes the play experience bad no matter what your normal ping is.
Our operations team is aware of an outage affecting Fey Forest and they are working to get it backup and running everyone. Thank you for the reports of lag preceding the crash. They will help us figure out what was causing the issue.
DYJGAM94YD wrote: »
Hi. I'm a south american player, brasilian. Sorry for my bad english. Have you considered a server in miami? Many games have servers in miami for us. I think this can be a improvement in our pings, and give us some chances for competitive pvp. No one suffer with lag spikes like us..

Oi como vai. We have looked at hosting TERA servers in different places. Wonderholm was hosted in a different data center, though we had to add some additional constraints to make it work properly.

There are some infrastructure challenges that make it difficult to host TERA in multiple locations. TERA servers like to run in the same location as the services they rely on. One side affect of that restriction is that dungeon and battleground matches may be limited so that you could only play with people from the same server. That in turn could make some of the end game content less fun.
By any chance is the load balancing you implemented dynamically switching players between carriers? i seem to be getting some pretty bad lag spikes (like someone disconnected my modem for a second) and my ping changes as if i'm being swapped from zayo to savvis between them. This makes for a MISERABLE play experience since it swaps between them during dungeons with about a 2 second disconnect while it does it.

It is my understanding that the load balancing is not dynamically switching players between ISPs during a play session but I will need to double check with our operations team to make sure I'm not giving you bad information. Some of the lag from today was due to unusual spikes in CPU usage on different servers at different times. We don't know the cause of the spikes, but we are aware of them and we are trying to determine the cause.
We are aware of the problem. Our operations team will be restarting the server soon if they haven't already done so.
We are aware of the problem. The operations team is either restarting AV now or will be doing so soon.
Hi everyone,

I wanted to come to the forums and provide some answers to common questions players have about lag and what can be done to reduce it.

Q: Why do you always tell us that the problem is probably caused by my ISP?
A: We consider checking your internet settings as the first step in troubleshooting, kind of like how all IT people ask you if you have tried turning it off and on again. However, although this is the first thing we ask as a troubleshooting step, and a common source of lag in TERA, we do realize not all lag-related problems are caused by ISPs and the routing to our servers.

Some lag can occur when there is disruption or delay in data transfer between your computer and our servers in our Chicago data center. Network problems range from trying to connect over a weak Wi-Fi connection to a router in Chicago is having trouble and causing data loss for players in a specific region. It can also be multiple issues at once, compounding to make for a terrible play experience so we ask that you check your network settings first as a way of eliminating even one of the potential causes of lag.

One of the tools we provide in the launcher is the EME Diagnostic tool. It runs a few utilities to get traceroute and basic hardware information. We ask players that run into lag to please run the diagnostic tool and send the resulting log file to diag@enmasse.com so we can see the results. The diagnostic file is in .txt format so if you’re curious, you can open it in Notepad to see what information is sent to us.

Q: Why aren’t you doing anything about the lag?
A: We have been trying several things to reduce lag, and we’re working to do a better job informing players what we’re doing to address the issue. In the past year we have:
• Updated the TERA server hardware (increased CPU, increased RAM, etc)
• Experimented with load balancing between two different ISPs from the TERA datacenter
• Worked with our ISPs and data center representatives to find ways to improve network performance
• Set up an experimental server to test how TERA performs in a cloud-based environment
• Set up new monitoring software to notify us when server hardware performance decreases

Bluehole is also concerned about lag reports and they are working with us to identify causes of lag and possible solutions. This is a high priority item for both Bluehole and En Masse that we actively look at nearly every day.

Q: Why do you rely on us to report lag to you? Isn’t that your job?
A: We rely on customer reports in addition to our monitoring tools to pinpoint the possible lag causes. Our operations team is notified when we see a server crash, when there is an unexpected drop in the number of concurrent players, when any server resource is over-utilized, such as CPU, RAM, Disk, network, etc., or when any game process uses too many resources or crashes. They also monitor all network connectivity into and out of the TERA data center for utilization, dropped packets, etc.

Our tools, however, do not give us metrics for the lag problems observed in the TERA client, such as rubber banding, or when it appears that a dungeon instance freezes for a brief period. We can see it happen occasionally in-game while playing, but identifying the source is more difficult than just experiencing a lag spike. That is one of the main challenges in monitoring for and troubleshooting the causes of lag.

The most useful information for us when submitting a lag report is:
• The exact time you experience a major lag spike
• What you were doing in game when you experienced a lag spike
• What character class you are playing
• What server you are playing from
• Some information on how you connect to the TERA server (what country or region in North America and wi-fi, Ethernet, and ISP).

Please submit this information along with the EME diagnostic report to the diag@enmasse.com email address. While we may not be able to immediately fix what is causing your lag, this information helps us narrow down the root causes and helps us identify potential problems.

Q: What do you do when you get a lag report?
A: We usually do the following when investigating lag:
• We try to narrow down where and when the lag spikes are occurring. TERA runs on a large network of servers (I can’t remember the exact count, but it is more than 30) so narrowing down which servers are experiencing problems is very important. People who are hanging out in Velika on TR are on a different set of servers than players from TR doing a dungeon run which is why we ask for more information on what a character is doing when the lag spikes occur.
• We look at system performance for the servers where most of the reports are coming from and check for unusual spikes in resource use. What we are looking for at this stage are correlations between server resource utilization alerts that the operations team already receives and player lag reports.
• We look at network traffic into and out of the datacenter. We are checking for unusual spikes or dips in overall network traffic across multiple ISPs, as well as looking for reports of packet loss.
• We check the databases of the affected servers to see if there is any database performance problems or bad data that could affect server performance
• We look at related platform systems that could indirectly affect server performance, such as the online store and account servers.

When a server crashes we send a notification to En Masse and Bluehole employees, we generate a crash dump from the server, and we share all the information we have with the Bluehole technical team.

Q: Why don’t we get an official response from En Masse?
A: This is an area that we can improve on. Right now, we delay talking to our players until we have more information on what caused lag or a server outage. One reason why we wait is because saying “We are investigating,” doesn’t feel like a satisfactory answer and usually only leads to more questions. Not every investigation yields a solution, and we know most players just want the issue fixed. We know that players feel we have been too silent about our efforts so far, so we will try to provide more updates to the community moving forward.

We are aware there are lag reports in the following areas in game:
1. High level dungeons
2. Spikes that affect all open world and instance players form that world
3. Average ping/jitter that are different by server, despite being hosted at the same location

Q: What can I do on my side?
A: There are some common things that can cause network performance problems that you can check:
• Make sure that you are not playing over Wi-Fi if you are having lag problems.
• Make sure that you or other people in your house are not doing bandwidth intensive things such as streaming video, downloading large files, etc.
• Try playing at different times to avoid primetime internet traffic from your ISP (usually 9 PM – 11 PM in your local time zone).

Please remember that network lag is not the same as problems with your framerate. BHS is aware of problems in this area as well, but this is not an issue related to our server infrastructure.
We had some account issues last night and early this morning. They should be resolved now. I would try to do the account transfer again today.
I'm the technical producer for En Masse Entertainment. I handle the account management, billing, and integration for all our games. While I do work with a number of developers at Bluehole, I do not work directly with the TERA PC development team or with the TERA PC producers. Here are my answers to your questions:

1. I have between 1-4 weekly calls with people working at Bluehole. Most of my contact is with their tools and platform development teams. We are working together on bringing TERA to Xbox and Playstation so we have a lot of discussions on how to integrate our account systems with Microsoft and Sony and how to handle item purchases and delivery.

2. Multiple times per week in person and nearly every day via email.

3. I have a good relationship with the people I work with at Bluehole. For example, I didn't have an available front-end web developer to complete a project on time so they loaned me a developer for a week so I could meet our deadline. I have a few members on my team that speak both English and Korean so it is possible for us to discuss complicated technical concepts with them.

4. We do not have access to the TERA PC source files so we are limited in what we can change for the game. Every region that publishes TERA gets their own build with certain features enabled or disabled. We are able to make changes to in-game vendors, to control when events start and end, and to localize items in the game.

5. I've worked on a few publisher-driven events while at En Masse. Kira's potion shack, the golden gift boxes, Bamkiller, Skyring Slam, and Canyon Clash were all events that were created and developed at En Masse. We told Bluehole about these events before we started them and we reported to them on how they performed.

Hope that helps answer a few questions.
You still get reward points and credits for EMP spent while the system is down. Reward credits will go to item claim. You get an error message if you try to claim reward credits from item claim, but you should be able to claim them once the system comes back online.

"The best loot drops from dungeons. The more dungeons you can play on any given day, the more loot you're pick up. So getting double the usual number of entries effectively doubles your loot!"

typo (sidenote, I am for hire if you guys want an editor :3)

I fixed the typo. Thanks for letting us know.
We also updated the Elite subscription page. You can see how much Elite Status time you have on your account and when your subscription is due to renew or expire.

We are definitely planning on doing something like this, hopefully this year.
The problem should be fixed now on our live server.
We are investigating the problem. I haven't figured out the cause quite yet so I don't have an estimate on when it will be resolved.
First off. I think it is more logical and organized to have them stackable in your inventory to alleviate the need to constantly empty the inventory for the catalyst. Secondly, The repetitive windows that pop up are insanely illogical accept for the first window. Yet the option should be given on whether to ask again or not. Thus alleviating the need to keep having the window pop up once more over and over again. The next window that pops up is not even needed at all. Why have this window pop up that isn't even an elite status voucher?

The process of claiming catalysts is annoying. There are a few reasons why it works this way:

1. Potion shack is a bit of a hack. We had to re-purpose an Elite Status voucher so there would be an item in game that you could use to gain currency. It isn't ideal, but we wanted to find a way to reward people in game.
2. All the extra pop-up windows are shown because we are using a hacked Elite Status voucher for the catalysts.
3. It turns out Elite Status vouchers and catalysts don't work correctly when they are rewarded in stacks (we found this out the hard way during a past event). We decided to make them non-stackable to avoid breaking the system and to encourage people to use them instead of hoarding them.

I've confirmed that the web shop is working for making EMP purchases. The in-game store, however, is showing a "Price has changed. Please reopen store for current price." error when you try to purchase an item that is on sale. Our development team is working on figuring out the problem now and we hope to have everything working normally as soon as possible.
There was a delay in our item delivery system this morning that lasted from maintenance until about 11:30 am PST. Everything that was delayed should have been delivered by now and new item purchases should be delivered quickly now. Sorry about the delay.
We are investigating a new spike in disconnects that started at about 3:40 pm PST. We believe it may be related to the networking issues we saw earlier today. It looks like AV is about to crash and players are having trouble logging into the launcher. The operations team is looking at the problem now.
We've just received a confirmation from our data center host in Chicago that there is a network connectivity problem in that region that is disrupting connections to servers hosted there. For En Masse, that includes TERA, our log in servers, and most of our web servers.
I have never seen the insert disk error with TERA. The installer TERA initially shipped with would have been able to throw that error since it was distributed on a set of disks, but that was long before we moved to free-to-play. I've asked our QA team if they have seen that error, but they have not been able to recreate it.

Is is possible you have a mod installed? Have you tried running a error check scan on your hard drive? Are you trying to run TERA from an external drive?
We started seeing another spike in disconnects starting at 9:00 am PST and a second set at 9:30 am PST. The operations team is looking into the problem and trying to find the cause. It looks like people are starting to connect normally once again.
Server traffic is now getting back to normal so I want to take some time to give a brief update. It seems that the mass disconnects over the last several days can can be correlated to massive, brief surges in data being sent to our data center around the same time. We are working on tracking down the source of these data surges as well as ways to block them from happening.

Essentially all our inbound bandwidth is consumed when these surges happen so large batches of players are disconnected or see huge lag spikes.
We are seeing a rise in the number of disconnects right now (starting around 12:12 pm PST) and we are investigating.
We saw the ping spike around 4:20 PST as well. We are still troubleshooting the problem to see if we can figure out why people are disconnecting.
Our primary concern is getting server connectivity stabilized. We are planning some form of compensation for the stability problems, but we haven't finalized those plans.
We just turned off our Zayo connection and failed over to one of our other internet providers. We will monitor performance with this change for the next 24 hours to see if the situation improves.
We are seeing the lag spikes again right now and we are investigating, but we do not have clear answers at this point. We have been talking to Bluehole to see if they see anything in the error logs. We have contacted our internet service providers to see if they are noticing problems with our circuit. We are checking all the authentication servers to see if any of them are acting up. We are checking the server hardware to see if there are configuration problems that could be affecting people. We are using network conditioning tools to see if we can simulate the launcher and client issues all of you are reporting.

This is a major concern for us. Our primary goal is to keep as many people in the game as possible so right now we are focusing on actions that will not kick everyone out of the game. Please continue to post your screenshots, and let us know where you are connecting from, what you were doing when you were kicked out of the game. We do look at all these reports and we are trying to pinpoint the problem.
Sorry about that. We normally update the Steam client and the launcher patch at the same time during maintenance. We missed updating the Steam client during maintenance yesterday and we didn't realize how it would affect players when we finished uploading it this morning. This was an unusual circumstance that we are working to avoid in the future.
The version on Steam was running a version behind so we updated it to the live version.
It is the same update that came through the launcher yesterday. We updated the build hosted on Steam to the live version.
We haven't been able to track down what is causing lag for everyone yet, but the information you are providing helps us.

We saw a spike this week in an error that happens when it takes longer than 5 minutes to get from logging into the launcher to getting into the game (authorization tokens expire after 5 minutes). We extended the timeout yesterday to 15 minutes and we are monitoring it today to see if that helps reduce that type of error.

We will continue to monitor the game servers and make adjustments to reduce disconnect errors.
Hi everyone. We are still looking into the number of disconnects that people are experiencing. I have a few questions:

1. Is TERA also taking a really long time to start?
2. Are you running Windows 10?
3. Do you have an exception in Windows Defender for TERA?
4. What are you doing in game when you disconnect?
5. Are you kicked completely out of the game or are you kicked to the server or character select screen?
After looking at a number of support tickets that came in and tracking those accounts down in the game logs, we determined that a small number of accounts lost TERA reward credits and points during a DDoS attack. Our operations team has given me a list of people on MT that were affected and I'm in the process of manually adding back the missing points and credits. I will get a list of the players on the other servers over the next couple of days and credit them as well.
I checked our server logs, game settings logs and talked to our production team, but I haven't found a reason why some players would see their TERA reward points and/or credits change. I confirmed that we haven't performed a SQL server rollback nor did we run any scripts to remove credits from blocks of players. I have some ideas on what could cause balances to change:

1. The total Rewards points that a player has is based on adding up the points earned by completing in-game quests and points rewarded for purchasing items with EMP. The TERA client adds those values together and updates the in-game UI. Occasionally, like during lag spikes, the client has trouble communicating with our account server so point values are not properly totaled. You can check for this error by logging out and logging back in to see if your TERA points values have changed.
2. Sometimes people modify files or install mods that can interfere with the rewards UI. If your UI is showing "VIP" instead of "TERA Rewards", there is a good chance that you may have a file that is interfering with the rewards UI.

If you continue to have problems with reward points or credits, please put in a support ticket. Our support team can help you track down what is happening with your account.
There can be a number of things causing problems with patching. I would start with the steps from this knowledgebase article:


You also want to make sure that you didn't rename files, modify configuration files, or download modifications as all of those can cause problems with the patching process.

If that did not work for you, I would next check the space available on your hard drive. The launcher requires about 80 GB of free space to install and patch TERA.

If that doesn't work, I would next check to see if an anti-virus program is interfering with the install. People have been reporting problems with Windows Defender:


If the patching process for the launcher continues to give you lots of problems, you could consider downloading the game through Steam if it available in your region. Steam uses a binary comparison process to patch the game files instead of the zip manifest system our regular launcher uses.

If none of the above methods work for you, please consider creating a support ticket and talking to our customer service representatives. The wait time right now is a little long since we are still catching up on the tickets from the last patch, but it is the best option if the above suggestions do not fix the problem you are having.
I'm taking a look at our servers to see if I can figure out the problem.
The 0111 errors happen when the TERA client has trouble communicating with a service on our server that lets the client know which servers are available to play on. That can be caused by a number of issues, but most often it happens because of packet loss or other network errors.

I checked out cFosSpeed and I didn't see anything about that program that would be illegal or against our Terms of Service agreement. It just shapes your network traffic.
If the play button is yellow and clickable and if you are able to log in, then the problem could be related to Windows Defender or some other Anti-virus, anti-malware program.

You may want to check out the steps outlined in this thread to see how to add TERA to the Windows Defender exception list.

I see the problem. There isn't a way for players with multiple TERA game accounts to specify which game account they would like Elite applied to. When they sign up for Elite Status, the benefits do not get correctly applied. We are working on a fix for the problem, but it will be a while until it is fixed on our web site.

Please make sure you contact support so they can get your Elite Status set up for you. I'll post an announcement to the forums when the multiple TERA accounts error is fixed.
your server status page still links to the old forums.

Thanks for letting me know about that error. I'll get the link on the server status page updated.
We are looking into this issue. It appears that players that have multiple TERA game accounts that get Elite Status may not get Elite status applied to the correct account. Our support team is manually helping players get their Elite Status right now, but I've assigned a developer to take a look at the issue. I think we can have a fix deployed early next week.
56P9H6LM6A wrote: »

I've been having this message pop up everytime i log into one of my characters. I can log into my other characters just fine but this one in particular it will go to the loading screen, load to 77% then I get kicked. I've tried troubleshooting, updating the graphics card, msconfig, and even had to reinstall steam to my computer. It's really bumming me out! Help?

That error message pops up when the TERA client crashes for a reason not covered by our regular error codes. My guess would be that there is a problem with the data associated with one of your characters which causes it to not load properly. Please submit a help ticket with our support team and let them know which character is causing the problem. They will be able to help resolve this problem for you.
At Ninja launch and for a short time afterwards a lot of players were getting high latency for a number of reasons:

1. Dungeon and Battleground servers were getting a lot of traffic. This was fixed during the maintenance on the 18th.
2. DDoS attack on one of our ISPs (Caused outages last week)
3. Failed router at one of our ISPs (Caused outages last week)
4. DNS problem in our data center (Caused latency this past weekend)

A lot of our time was spent correcting those problems and we did post updates to the forums during the outages. Right now we are not seeing the kinds of problems we saw last week: high disconnect errors, unusually high internet traffic reported on an ISP, router error alerts, or unusually high resource usage on any of our TERA servers.

You can experience high latency if your network connection is coming from a particularly congested location, such as an apartment building, if you are playing over a Wi-Fi connection, or if there is a routing problem anywhere along the network between your computer and our data center in Chicago.
When we initially launched the TERA rewards program, we gave reward points and credits for all EMP purchases made before the rewards program launched, including EMP spent on server transfers. After the rewards program launched there was a 1 or 2 week period where EMP spent for server transfers was not part of the rewards program, but we changed it.

At this point all EMP spent in our web store, in our in-game shop, and on server transfers will reward TERA reward points and credits.
ANBEEFER wrote: »
Ok, somehow my game decided to work 1 day but now, after a short break, my launcher decided to patch back to version 39, LOL. What to do? I'm not interested in redownloading again, would be my 6 time in 2 days.

I do not think redownloading the game would solve your problem, and it could lead to more frustration. It sounds like the launcher is loading an old patch manifest from patch.tera.enmasse-game.com. That can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is if your computer's host file has been modified to map patch.tera.enmasse-game.com to a specific IP address. Please check your host file and remove any reference to patch.tera.enmasse-game.com if one is in there.

Another cause could be the cache on one of our CDN nodes has not properly cleared. Our operations team has just purged all the cached files again just to make sure that isn't causing the problem.

If you are playing from Steam you shouldn't need to download a new patch. We updated the files on Steam during maintenance and the Steam client takes care of updating all the game files.

If you continue to have problems, please contact our support team and provide your launcher.log file. They are going to be able to provide more in-depth troubleshooting steps.
I have an update for everyone. At 2:30 we started seeing an abnormal amount of inbound traffic to our data center (about 100x normal levels) which caused all our servers to take a long time to respond. We were able to adjust settings on our side to get the response time back to normal. At this point you should be able to get back in the game and continue leveling your Ninja.

We are working with our ISP to track down the source of the DDoS attack. We are sorry for the unexpected down time.
JGElin wrote: »
Nah, they just needed to buy more from all the local pet stores to get the big hamster wheels running.

We have the biggest and the best hamsters. Huge.
We found that one of our servers was reporting incorrect subscription information to TERA. We have restarted the subscription service on the bad server so you should be able to see your Elite Status bar now if you exit the game, close the launcher, and then restart the game.
Quick update for everyone. We found that one of our servers was reporting incorrect subscription information to TERA. We have restarted the subscription service on the bad server so you should be able to see your Elite Status bar now if you exit the game, close the launcher, and then restart the game.
Quick update for everyone. We found that one of our servers was reporting incorrect subscription information to TERA. We have restarted the subscription service on the bad server so you should be able to see your Elite Status bar now if you exit the game, close the launcher, and then restart the game.
My team is looking into it now. We are seeing accounts that have Elite status are occasionally reporting to the game that the player does not have Elite status.
Sorry you are still having trouble @WolfieYu. I can recommend trying a couple other things:

1. Try running the launcher as an administrator (Right click on the TERA icon and select "Run As Administrator"). This is especially important if you have installed TERA in a place other than the default location. Windows tends to lock down access to folders.
2. Make sure you have enough hard drive space. The TERA game take up a lot of space, about 40 GB or so, and you need twice that space free to patch properly.

If you are still having trouble, please submit a ticket with our support team. It may take a few business days to get a response, but they are are really good at helping resolve problems for players.
We have an article on our support site that should help you resolve this issue: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-unzip-manifest. Basically your launcher is having trouble updating itself. The article gives you a link to download the latest version of the launcher.
I merged the two suggestion topics. For now we are going to hide the count next to the flag link. We still want people to report posts that are abusive, off topic, or spam. The players that abuse the flagging system will incur the wrath of @Spacecats.
Quick update: I've hidden the number next to the flag link. Spacecats will continue to send out warnings to and/or ban people who are abusing the flag tool.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll work with Spacecats to come up with a solution.
WWPYC5K9RX wrote: »
lol considering ive been downloading other stuff and streaming my internet is fine, no firstworldproblems here.

my problem is why the patches arent included in the full download

I can answer that question:

We usually have two types of patches: 1) developer patches delivered by Bluehole and 2) publisher patches released by EME. We usually only update the full install build when we release a new developer patch since updating the full build can take 4 - 6 hours and can cause longer maintenance times when they are released. Our latest build, 39.07.07.EN4, included the 39.07.07 version released by Bluehole and our EN4 modifications to enable some events and fix some localization problems. That is why it had to download a separate patch after the initial download.
There are no patch notes for this week.
We've updated our product page with the May 17 release date: http://tera.enmasse.com/secrets-and-shadows
Just some feedback for overall forum appeal, but when looking through the current threads, could the "new" icon possibly be moved to the left of the forum title, rather than the right side? It's a small thing, but it always sticks out to me, like a sore thumb, since the icon is bright green. Just thinking it might be a bit more fluid overall, if the icon were on the left side.

Minor suggestion c:

We moved the new tag. Thanks for the suggestion.
We are still looking at the reports of disconnects and trying to run down the causes. The most likely candidate still appears to be the very general "network issues". Since we run, for the most part, physical servers in a physical location, any disruption in the route, such as a slow response from a router or corrupted data packets, between our players and our physical servers can cause disconnects.

We are also checking out other potential problems, such as scheduled tasks that may be running that do not need to run, servers that are returning corrupted data, or even game servers not being responsive. We found a couple of account servers that did not restart properly after maintenance, but those servers were repaired on May 4. So far we haven't seen anything else unusual on our systems that would explain player disconnects. Our next step is to analyse the disconnect reports to see if we can see patterns.

Mobius1 wrote: »
My main problem is that quoting is broken for me.

I'm wondering if it has to do with the mobile version, since I use forums on my Android, and not a PC.

We were missing a plugin to make quoting work properly with BBCode. I worked with Vanilla to track down the correct plugin and get it installed and turned on. Quoting should work much better now.
Mieax wrote: »
H-How were you able to get this item?

Side note, does anyone have any clue when theyre releasing the mounts and pets?
I mean its kinda disappointing they sell the reskined outfits but didnt sell the mounts. ;;w;;

The pets and mounts were released today in the TERA store.
We just posted a small update with more sedate colors and better contrast in the comment box. We are still working on getting the scrolling fixed in the comments and the fullscreen view worked out. We will continue to make small adjustments over the next few days to the forums as people find problems.
We talked to Vanilla about adding an indicator icon like what we had in the old forum, but there was some cost and project delay concerns so we skipped the feature for now.

You can track what we are posting to the forums by checking our comment feeds. The URL is forums.enmasse.com/tera/profile/comments/[username].

For example:
Spacecats: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/profile/comments/Spacecats
Geletron: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/profile/comments/Geletron
That happens every time we add a new item to the dressing room. If you restart your game you will see all the items again.

Also, one of the mounts released today is an account bound version: https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/hellokittysquealeraccount/hello-kitty-squealer-permanent-account-mount
Do'oh. Should be fixed now.
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